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Spectropop V#0421

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 06/13/00

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       Volume #0421                           June 13, 2000   
              an intimate collection of today's tunes         
    Subject:     RIP Revola
    Received:    06/13/00 2:30 am
    From:        Jack Madani
    To:          Spectropop!
    >To answer some questions which have come up...yes, Revola
    >has shut down along with it's parent label
    Devastating news.  In the past year I got a whole pile of
    marvelous reissues on the Revola label (Ballroom,
    Eternity's Children, Sunshine Company among others), and
    that web site, well, it was just so much *fun*!
    >however some of us are now with
    >Poptones.....a Millennium compilation, 'Misty Mirage',
    >and both the Joey Stec album and the Sandy Salisbury
    >album will be released worldwide by Poptones, 
    That's good to hear.  Is Misty Mirage available yet on
    Poptones, and how can that be gotten?
    Also, I'm sorry to be so clueless, but where and how can
    those Ripples compilations be obtained?
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    Subject:     session most liked to have attended
    Received:    06/13/00 2:30 am
    From:        geo carlsone
    To:          Spectropop!
    I've always had a time travel fantasy about
    being at both the recording and mixing sessions
    of Don't Worry Baby; and it's an understatement
    to say that I wouldn't change a thing with that
    marvelous song.
    Next task is to pick the favorite non Beach Boy
    session I'd have liked to have been at.
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    Subject:     Which Recording Session?
    Received:    06/13/00 2:30 am
    From:        Kingsley
    To:          Spectropop!
    Oh, it is difficult...but after much thought I'm going to
    plump for "I Wonder" by The Crystals. Change anything?
    Well, yes...I'd just add a few layers to that quiet
    instrumental break...Ther must have been one musician
    somewhere in LA who wasn't on it!
    Kingsley Abbott
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    Subject:     A new (?) soft rock compilation
    Received:    06/13/00 2:30 am
    From:        Dr Hibbert
    To:          Spectropop!
    Is this one recommended? The tracklisting looks 
    interesting atleast...lotsÅ@of unknown artists to 
    me (...Alzo & Udine, huh?????)
    "It's A Soft Rock World" JPN : 1996 Keystone SR 9601 (CD)
    Something Going / Alzo & Udine
    C'mon And Join Us / Alzo & Udine
    I Wanna Be With You / Eternity's Children
    The Other Side Of Me / Eternity's Children
    There's Always Tomorrow / Keith
    Try To See It My Way / Joanie Sommers
    Gettin' Through To Me / Royalettes
    Close Your Mouth / Free Design
    Within You / Inner Dialogue
    Mine Forever More / Collage
    Many Are The Times / Lee Mallory
    Autrefois / New Wave
    On The Edge Of Love / Sundowners
    Love Years Coming / Strawberry Children
    On To Something New / Royal Groove
    The Children Of St. Monica / Don Grady
    Questions And Answers / In Crowd
    When You're Not Here / Sunrays
    Someday / Paper Dolls
    Come To The Sunshine / Van Dyke Parks
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    Subject:     Count Basie?
    Received:    06/13/00 2:30 am
    From:        Lindsay Martin
    To:          Spectropop!
    > From: Doug Morris, Count Basie's first 1936 Decca
    > recording session with John Hammond.... Ooh! wait a
    > minute - this is Spectropop
    Not as off-topic as it sounds, Doug.  By co-incidence,
    I've been listening to some Count Basie from the 30s &
    40s in recent days and remarking on how close some of
    these tracks are to early rock'n'roll.
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    Subject:     holy cow
    Received:    06/13/00 2:30 am
    From:        Jack Madani
    To:          Spectropop!
    This is totally freaking me out.
    You know the B-52's "Rock Lobster," that terrific slice
    of retro-surf-punk-whatever?
    I think they copped several of its essential riffs from a
    Sunrays tune called "Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously."
    I need someone to confirm or deny this for me because it
    really is freaking me out how closely the riffs match up.
    Specifically, I'm speaking of the part in Rock Lobster
    that I used to think was a nod to the classic surf
    instrumental "Out Of Limits."  Followed by the rockin'
    riff during which Fred namechecks all the weird fish
    ("there goes a catfish chased by a dogfish").
    Those two parts both can be found in the Sunrays tune I
    mentioned above. Plus during the turnaround Rick Henn
    sings, "you know you're not the only fish left in the sea."
    And then comes the B-52 riffs.
    How in hell did a band out of Athens GA in the late
    seventies ever hear of what would have at the time been
    an impossible to find obscure single by a band that
    everyone assumed was no more than a one-hit wonder?
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