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Spectropop V#0420

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 06/09/00

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       Volume #0420                            June 9, 2000   
         In Your Home...In Your Car...or Wherever You Roam    
    Subject:     The Return of Django
    Received:    06/09/00 2:29 am
    From:        Joe Foster
    To:          Spectropop!
    Hi to all Spectropoppers....
    I'm back on my new Poptones address...
    To answer some questions which have come up...yes, Revola
    has shut down along with it's parent label
    Creation....however some of us are now with
    Poptones.....a Millennium compilation, 'Misty Mirage',
    and both the Joey Stec album and the Sandy Salisbury
    album will be released worldwide by Poptones, except for
    Japan where our friends at Dreamsville and Trattoria will
    be handling these projects....this does mean that the
    Revola catalog will be deleted soon, so now is the time
    to petition importers and specialist shops to get them
    in.....and no, I don't make a cent on them....
    On a different tip, I'm helping out a friend with a
    college course on sound engineering he teaches, and one
    of the kids has decided to do a project on the recording
    of 'Pet Sounds' and 'Good Vibrations'....a definite step
    in the right direction since when the course started,
    these computer generation kids were seemingly shocked
    that anyone ever recorded on tape!!....another kid is
    doing a project on Joe Meek, so I am keen to encourage
    this trend..... I had a bunch of them "analysing" the
    multitracks to what is now 'Misty Mirage'....anybody with
    any info etc. either send it to me or what the hell, post
    it, we'd all like to know.....Carol's memories of all
    this will obviously be  welcome, but come on, let's all
    try & help this kid out!.....
    Joe Foster
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    Subject:     a new girl group compilation
    Received:    06/09/00 2:29 am
    From:        WASE RADIO
    To:          Spectropop!
    Hi all:
    There is a new girl group compilation cd out on Varese
    Sarbande-with a couple of stereo surprises. For example
    "He's So Fine" is now in first time stereo-with the
    background vocals split as such around the lead vocal and
    musical backing. "Sally Go 'Round the Roses" is in
    stereo and even has the organ that was missing in
    previous stereo "underdub" versions. 
    Another first time stereo and to me is one of the all
    time lost oldies-"Whenever A Teenager Cries" by Reparata
    and the Delrons first released on Golden World records in
    1965. The only thing that's stereo is the background
    vocals and hanclaps all on the left. The lead and the
    entire music track was heard in the center. It has a bit
    of that Mirasound grunginess. But still the night I
    bought this cd, I was playing in audition. And I must
    have played "Whenever A Teenager Cries" like eight
    times-not on the air-but only in audition. That song to
    me is one of the all time "lost" oldies. 
    According to Alan Betrock's excellent book "The Girl
    Groups-The Story of A Sound", "Whenever A Teenager Cries"
    was a huge hit in the New York City area. And in the Cd
    booklet They had an ad for the song that suggested that
    the song was also a big hit in the Pittsburgh, Pa area.
    Nationally the song peaked at #60, but judging from my
    previous two sentences, the song was a hugh East Coast
    hit.  A shame.  A great record that copies that Red
    Bird Records sound to a tee.
    Happy listening:):):):):):):):):):)
    Michael G. Marvin
    WASE radio
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    Subject:     ONE recording session
    Received:    06/09/00 2:29 am
    From:        Doug Morris
    To:          Spectropop!
    > Okay you all, here's another query: If you could have
    > been present at ONE recording session for one single song,
    > which would it be? And why? And what would you have
    > changed / suggested, if anything?
    Count Basie's first 1936 Decca recording session with John
    Ooh! wait a minute - this is Spectropop -  O.K.  If it can
    only be one - then I'd have to go with "Blue Angel" - Roy
    Orbison's voice, Fred Foster's ethereal production.  An
    unreal sound.
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    Subject:     Re: Next Question
    Received:    06/09/00 2:29 am
    From:        John Frank
    To:          Spectropop!
    >From: Jimmy Crescitelli 
    > If you could have been present at ONE recording session
    > for one single song, which would it be? And why? And what
    > would you have changed / suggested, if anything? 
    >I'd choose "A Fine, Fine Boy," And what would I suggest / 
    >change? Oh, I think nothing...
    Well, I think I would have sent Sonny out for burgers
    during the recording. I *wish* I couldn't hear his
    caterwaulin' so clearly in that song. The only flaw to a
    near-perfect song.
    Let's see, what would I like to have witnessed?...
    Something (anything!) by my number one girl, Dusty.
    Possibly "Stay Awhile" to watch her being "difficult", i.e.
    knowing exactly the sound she wanted and eking that great
    "Wall Of Sound" out of a staid British studio band. I must
    whine: Do I have to pick just one?? I'd have to be in the
    studio while she recorded the incredible soul number "Go
    Ahead On", which she wrote with Madeline Bell -- just to
    actually see and hear Madeline, Doris Troy, and Dusty
    singing together.
    And, no, I wouldn't change anything about either song.
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    Subject:     Re: Next Question
    Received:    06/09/00 2:29 am
    From:        Gary Spector
    To:          Spectropop!
    What recording session would I liked to have attended 
    and what would I like to have changed?
    1st part's easy. I would have loved to sit and watch the
    the future of Rock-N-Roll change as Phil Spector created
    "To Know Him Is To Love Him". As for a change, I would
    not have changed a thing.
    2nd part is a little tougher for me. I guess it would be
    a recommendation on what happened with my favorite song,
    "I Can Hear Music". As much as I would have loved to sit
    and watch this song being produced, I would have change
    what happened to it. I would have released it with the
    Ronettes or the Crystals as it was originally produced
    and never given it to the Beach Boys. They did a good
    version but I preferred the original.
    Not just another PS fan.
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    Subject:     The Nice Age-6/4/00
    Received:    06/09/00 2:29 am
    From:        David Ponak
    To:          Spectropop!
    Sorry that I've been negligent on getting out the
    playlists, but we're getting back on track as of now!
    Be sure to listen to The Nice Age every Sunday afternoon
    >from 3-6PM (PT) at
    P Kraftwerk - The Robots 
    The Man Machine Cleopatra 58772 2000-06-04 14:58:51
    P Claudine Longet - Love Is Blue 
    Love Is Blue A&M 1941 2000-06-04 15:04:18
    P Capsule - Riche Et Belle 
    Parismatic Catskills 003 2000-06-04 15:08:07 
    (Thank you Jill Mingo!)
    P The Mike Theodore Orchestra - Moon Trek 
    Cosmic Wind Westbound WB-305 
    2000-06-04 15:12:42
    G Towa Tei - A Ring 
    Last Century Modern Elektra 62528 2000-06-04 15:17:10
    P Jack Jones - The Windmills Of Your Mind 
    Jack Jones Sings Michel Legrand 
    Laserlight 12141 2000-06-04 15:20:21
    P Sam Paglio - Night Club Tropez 
    Night Club Tropez Irma 497706 2000-06-04 
    P Digital Spacepop Replicant - Ashes To Ashes 
    Pop Artificielle KK 141 
    2000-06-04 15:28:39
    P Bertrand Burgalat - Attention Amante 
    Atomium 3003 Bungalow 61578 
    2000-06-04 15:33:04
    P Curt Boettcher - Tumbling Tumbleweeds 
    Misty Mirage Magic 0024 2000-06-04 
    P Tomovsky - Mr. Step 
    Orange Fiction dohb discs AICT 1221 2000-06-04 
    P Motocompo - Take Me To Your Party 
    Single Poplot MTCA 1001 2000-06-04 
    P Telex - Dance To The Music 
    I Don't Like Remixes SSR 410377 2000-06-04 
    P Kahimi Karie - Pygmalism 
    Journey To The Centre Of Me Polydor Japan POCH 
    1927 2000-06-04 15:56:21
    G Belle & Sebastian - Legal Man 
    Legal Man single Matador OLE-448 2000-06-04 
    G Travis - Driftwood 
    The Man Who Indepediente n/a 2000-06-04 16:05:59
    P The Tornados - Jungle Fever 
    Telstar Music Club MCCD 161 2000-06-04 
    P Puffy - Umi E To 
    single Epic ESCB 2122 2000-06-04 16:11:33
    P Piero Umiliani - Lady Magnolia (Kid Loco Mix) 
    Single Easy Tempo MET 501 
    2000-06-04 16:14:30
    R E-Z Rollers - Walk This Land 
    single Shadow 130CD1 2000-06-04 16:19:21
    P Chappie - Welcoming Morning 
    New Chappie SME AICT 1126 2000-06-04 16:27:03
    P Neil Sedaka - Stairway To Heaven 
    Sings His Greatest Hits RCA 53465 
    2000-06-04 16:30:15
    P Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask (FPM Remix) 
    YMO Remixes Victor 
    VICL 60483 2000-06-04 16:32:56
    P Rusty Squeezebox - Same Old Song 
    Isotopes Eggbert ER80030 2000-06-04 
    P Benny Golson - Cool Whip 
    Tune In, Turn On Verve 559793 2000-06-04 16:44:38
    P Broadcast - Where Youth And Laughter Go 
    Extended Play Warp WAP129CD 
    2000-06-04 16:48:41
    P Dots & Borders - Another Mellow Winter 
    Tokyo Tapes Trattoria PSCR-5810 
    2000-06-04 16:53:20
    R Basement Jaxx - Rendez-Vu 
    Remedy Astralwerks 62702 2000-06-04 16:57:17
    P Lee Hazlewood - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 
    Poet, Fool Or Bum LHI 97100 
    2000-06-04 17:02:48
    P Saint Etienne - Heart Failed 
    Sound Of Water Sub Pop n/a 2000-06-04 
    P Jimmy Webb - I Keep It Hid 
    Jim Webb Sings Jim Webb Epic ESCA 7574 
    2000-06-04 17:12:13
    P Adventures In Stereo - We Will Stand 
    Monomania Bobsled Bob-11 2000-06-04 
    P Flippers Guitar - Coffee Milk Crazy 
    Three Cheers For Our Side Polystar 5046 
     2000-06-04 17:17:41
    P Sylvia - Pussy Cat 
    Pillow Talk Rhino 71987 2000-06-04 17:20:59
    G Paul Weller - Bang Bang (She Shot Me Down) 
    Heliocentric Island 7470 (B-side/Japanese bonus track)
    2000-06-04 17:23:57
    P Mel Torme - Secret Agent Man 
    Right Now Sony 65164 2000-06-04 17:27:49
    P Ute Lemper w/Divine Comedy - Split 
    The Punishing Kiss Decca 64732 
    2000-06-04 17:30:23
    P Ananda Shankar - Jumpin' Jack Flash 
    Ananda Shankar Warner Bros. 72632 
    2000-06-04 17:34:00
    P Billy May & His Orchestra - Marrakesh Express 
    Easy Hits Vol. 2 Kane 002 
    2000-06-04 17:40:23 (Thank you Ron Kane)
    R Denki Groove - Flashback Disco 
    Voxxx Ki-oon KSC2-324 2000-06-04 17:45:04
    R Banco De Gaia - Touching The Void 
    The Magical Sounds Of.. 6 Degrees 10122 
    2000-06-04 17:45:07
    David Ponak
    A&R-TOKYOPOP Music
    5670 Wilshire Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323) 692-6927
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