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Spectropop V#0418

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 05/30/00

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       Volume #0418                            May 30, 2000   
                     LONG PLAYING UNBREAKABLE 
    Subject:     Re: Nick "Italian Graffiti" DeCaro
    Received:    05/30/00 2:09 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB
    To:          Spectropop!
    In a message dated 5/12/0 11:14:37 PM, you wrote:
    >Since the topic has turned to A&M and Nick De Caro, let
    >me   ask whether his "Italian Graffiti" LP from 
    >1974 was an A&M LP. 
    My Japanese re-issue says the hideous "MCA". Are there
    any other DeCaro LP's recommended? I like this one. (but
    what's not to like about a Japanese-selected soft pop LP
    Jimmy Botticelli
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    Subject:     back-up singers saying on "Blue Bayou"
    Received:    05/30/00 2:09 am
    From:        Jim Fisher
    To:          Spectropop!
    Haven't seen any mention of Roy Orbison on Spectropop so I
    hope he's suitable material for a question: What, if
    anything, are the back-up singers saying on "Blue
    Bayou"??...Is it some mysterious Cajon Chant or is it
    simply another of Roy's Dum-dum-dum -de -dums layouts? It
    sounds like words to me but maybe I'm hearing things...any
    ideas?? Jim.
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    Subject:     Dating Problems
    Received:    05/30/00 2:09 am
    From:        Jeffrey Glenn
    To:          Spectropop!
    I'm having trouble dating some obscure 60's 45's that I'm
    going to burn, so I thought I'd put the info on them up
    here to see if anyone could help out.  Here's all the
    info I have (all from the labels of the 45's):
    1. "Over The Hill And Down In The Valley" (ZXSE 12301)/"I
    Will Be Free" (ZXSE 12302) by The Poor Boys (General
    American GA-005).  Both songs written by John Herring and
    published by Sawtell & Herring Music Inc. (ASCAP).  The
    45 was mastered at Bell Sound and also carries the number
    (Delta Symbol)56883 in the A-side runout grooves and
    (Delta Symbol)56883X on the B-side.  My guess for this
    would be 1965-66.  I don't know if this is the same Poor
    Boys who recorded for Rare Earth in 1970 or not.
    2. "Charlotte" (120 GM)/"We'll Make It" (121 GM) by The
    Jordan Brothers on Turbo TU 002 (Turbo Records is a
    division of All Platinum Entertainment).  Both songs
    written by Frank Jordan and published by Gambi (BMI). 
    Arranged and produced by Bert Keyes, and recorded at Soul
    Sound Studio, Englewood, N.J.  The A-side has "ST BK"
    scratched into the runout grooves.  The Jordan Brothers
    recorded for Jamie in the 1966-67 time frame, and I'm
    guessing this single is a little later than this
    (probably 1968-69).
    3. "Yesterday Is Gone" (Richard Bowen & Robert Gilly,
    A-1051)/"Phantom In The Rain" (Robert Gilly & Richard
    Bowen & Harold Finch, A-1052) by The Source on American
    International Records A-141 (American Int'l Records being
    a division of American International Pictures, Inc.). 
    Produced by The Source, and both songs published by Dijon
    (BMI).  Manufactured by Forward Records Corporation, Los
    Angeles, California, U.S.A.  "101  X7927" is scratched in
    the A-side runout grooves; "102  X-7928" on the B-side. 
    This could be from one of the late 60's AIP movies,
    though there's no indication of such on the label.  The
    record definitely sounds like it's from about 1968.
    4. "It's You"/"Darilee" by The Concinnators on D-W
    Records DW 107/108 (P.O. Box 1945 - Glendale, Calif.
    91209).  Both sides written by Vance-Halmy and published
    by Jerilee Music (BMI).  Produced by R. Vance (presumably
    the cowriter), and arranged by Del Kacher.  Scratched in
    the runout grooves is "X-2827  DW-107" on the A-side, and
    "X-2828  DW-108" on the B-side.  The 45 sounds like it
    could be from 1969-70 (in fact since it has a P.O. number
    listed, it can't be earlier than 1968).
    I will greatly appreciate any help I could get on these. 
    Thanks in advance.
    The Retros Web Site:
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    Subject:     December 23, 1964 Beach Boys Concert, Houston, TX
    Received:    05/30/00 2:09 am
    From:        Paul MacArthur
    To:          Spectropop!
    Did anyone attend the December 23, 1964 concert in
    Houston. This was the last Brian appearance before he
    pulled himself off the road. If so, please contact me
    privately. For that matter if you know someone who did,
    let me know).  I am working on a piece about the concert.
    Also, does anyone know if Brian ever played in Houston
    Thank you.
    Paul MacArthur
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    Subject:     DOIN' THE DA DOO
    Received:    05/30/00 2:09 am
    From:        CHRIS KING
    To:          Spectropop!
    Dear Da Doo Ronnies - The gang that dig DOO LANG return to
    their girl grotto Upstairs @ The Garage on Friday 19th May.
    Many thanks, Chris D King
    DA DOO RON RON UPSTAIRS @ The GARAGE, 20 - 22, Highbury
    Corner, London N1 (Venue Tel:-0171-607-1818) 9.00pm - 03 .00am.  4 pounds w/flyer 5 pounds w/o flyer Classic 6T's
    girl groups, Northern nightingales, Detroit dollies,
    Motown minxes, searing soul sirens & playful Brit
    popstrels. Regular DJ's Chris D King & Mark Norton spin
    femme only (you won't hear a single MALE lead vocal!)
    platters from the Ronettes, Marvelettes, Flirtations &
    Shangri-La's to Dusty, Nancy, Aretha and Petula. For
    further info please contact Da Doo Ron Ron promoter Chris
    DDRR web site:-
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    Subject:     Curt Boettcher Japanese Release
    Received:    05/30/00 2:09 am
    From:        Ron Weekes
    To:          Spectropop!
    If there is anyone who can help me obtain this recent
    compilation release on the Dreamsville Records label,
    please contact me privately.
    Ron Weekes
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    Subject:     Spector & Harrison
    Received:    05/30/00 2:09 am
    From:        J. H. Ket
    To:          Spectropop!
    Hello Spectropoppers,
    On the next adress you'll find a letter from P. Spector
    to G. Harrison in which he gives his reaction on the
    rough tapes/mixes of "All things must pass".
    Friendly greetings 
    Hans Ket
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    Subject:     New Millennium discs?
    Received:    05/30/00 2:09 am
    From:        Dan Murphy
    To:          Spectropop!
    Can anyone confirm the upcoming release of a couple of CDs
    of Millennium tracks? It appears that a disc titled "The
    Second MIllennium" is due out May 25 on the Dreamsville
    label from Japan. This is the label that released the Curt
    Boettcher "Misty Mirage" disc. It is said to have 14
    tracks of previously unreleased material.
    A second CD titled "The Millennium Continues" is listed
    for a June 21st release on the Trattoria label, also from
    Japan. I believe this disc will have outtakes and
    unreleased songs from the "Begin" sessions.
    Is this the material that was considered at one time for
    release by Creation/Rev-Ola? Is Creation/Rev-Ola now
    defunct? All I see on the Creation web site is a farewell
    message. I would hate to see all the great stuff on the
    Ballroom and Eternity's Children CDs now become
    Thanks in advance for any further information.
    Dan Murphy
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    Subject:     Re:  Carol Kaye's Sick Day
    Received:    05/30/00 2:09 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB
    To:          Spectropop!
    I just scored the Howard Roberts Quartet's "Goodies" LP on
    Capitol. The liners are explicit on when, where, and who
    was on the trax. It even says the hours of the day that
    the trax were recorded. On "Chim Chim Cher-ee it lists
    listeresse Carol Kaye as "out" that day. 'Fess up Ms Kaye.
    What happened that day (July 1, 1965)? Hmmmm???? 
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