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Spectropop V#0417

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 05/12/00

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    __________     S  P  E  C  T  R  O  P  O  P     __________
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       Volume #0417                          May 13, 2000   
                  Jimmy Webb Gospel Hour Edition
    Subject:     Mystery Nick
    Received:    05/12/00 12:51 am
    From:        Spector Collector
    To:          Spectropop!
    Since the topic has turned to A&M and Nick De Caro, let me
    ask whether anyone can shed some light on a record of 
    Nick's I found recently. It's a German 45, A&M 210 072, 
    "Happy Heart"/"If I Only Had Time, " and although there's 
    no producer credit on either side, both labels bear the 
    "little man" Phil Spector Productions logo. (The songs are 
    most certainly not Spector productions.) The nearest 
    analog I can think of are the non-Spector sides released 
    on PSI in the '70s. Does anyone know of an explanation for
    this seeming anomaly, or whether there were other 
    non-Spector A&M records similarly released under his 
    banner? I assume this to be at least an endorsement of 
    some sort on Phil's 
    David A. Young
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    Subject:     Re:   Gourmet Gorme
    Received:    05/09/00 2:36 am
    From:        Ron Sauer
    To:          Spectropop!
    My favorite Eydie has always been "Don't Go to Strangers" 
    from about 1966, particularly the song "If He Walked Into 
    My Life". What a torch singer! I read a while back in the 
    liner notes to a Marvin Gaye box set that Eydie was one of
    his influences.
    DJ JimmyB writes
    << In a message dated 5/7/0 2:43:51 AM, you wrote:
     >The name is Eydie Gorme
     And a must have LP for all is her Bossa Nova LP from 1963
     on Columbia. The absolute worst track is "Blame It On The
     Bossa Nova". All other tracks are excellent bossa early
     6T's standards given swingin' bossa arrangements with her
     sassy vocals capping them off. And what a blouse she
     sports on thee cover....JB
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    Subject:     Re: Chris Montez, Randy Newman, Studios in LA
    Received:    05/09/00 3:58 am
    From:        Carol Kaye
    To:          Spectropop!
    Claudia said: To this day..I just adore his voice.<<<< (hi
    He is like his voice, a very sweet non-egoist man....just 
    as down-home today as he was back then too and grateful 
    for his success, and still touring, loves performing for 
    his fans. He's still good-looking too, doesn't look much 
    different, just a few more pounds like the rest of us, 
    still very attractive and nice.
    >>>>(Julius Wechster played on Montez' sessions, no?)<<<
    Yes, I remember he did at the early Gold Star Montez 
    sessions but not sure about the "Call Me" etc. sessions 
    much later on at RCA, don't think he did those but I could
    be wrong.
    About Randy Newman, someone said:
    >>>.....Randy Newman was covered fairly regularly too, 
    which is funny when you think his sarcastic lyrics would 
    clash with the A&M artists' "image"...<<<
    Don't mistake the man for his lyrics. I played on the 
    early Randy Newman things, he's as NICE as nice can be - 
    just had some "quirky" material for those times yes. Also 
    I was happy to do a symphony appearance with him and his 
    uncle Lionel too in Denver about 1986 just before Lionel 
    died - meant a lot to me to see them both again. Altho' 
    Lionel had a GREAT funny sense of humor (they had to hold 
    up the "stop" sign if any woman walked into Fox studios on
    the soundstage there, his Brooklyn wit sometimes got a 
    little dirty...he'd have us all roaring with giggling) and
    was well-loved, this was the last time I saw him....he died
    pretty soon after. 
    We all enjoyed doing many a fine film and TV score for 
    Lionel, and I did the theme and quite a few cues to 
    Airport for the great Alfred Newman too (only time I 
    worked for this big legend-composer)....a great family of 
    Randy is a nice and sweet as you can imagine - full of 
    mischief and energy. Haven't seen him since about 1986 but
    he was just the same man then as when I recorded for in the
    late 60s (or was it early 70s? can't remember, did his 
    first things I know that, he was in the "pool" at the end 
    of all the rock groups I recorded for in the 60s). 
    Remember this was the time when the great Frank Zappa also
    was writing some very almost-porno lyrics and Frank was the
    same way, a very nice sweet man, bursting with talent.
    Following are a lot of the names of late 50s-60s-early 70s
    studios I gleaned from my log that I recorded at out here...
    maybe not "all" of them but certainly the bulk of them 
    that were around in those days, from one of my attachments:
    >>>>Studios at which I've recorded over the years: Radio 
    Recorders, Gold Star, Radio Recorders Annex & 10-H (R. R. 
    10-H was later known as TTG), United, Western, El Do (El 
    Dorado), Capitol, Harmony House, Nashville-West, Westwood,
    H-R (Henry Russell), TTG, Audio Arts, Moonglow, Steiners 
    (Formosa St.), Hollywood Sound, Heider's, Conway, World 
    Pacific (later known as Liberty), RCA, International Sound, 
    Neophone, Ted's Studio, Crown Records, CBS, Columbia, 
    Del Fi (Bob Keene's studio), Hollywood Central, Sunset 
    Sound, Rendezvous, Ryder Sound, Stereo Masters, Whitney 
    Studios - Glendale, RPM, Glenn-Glenn, Fox, Universal, MGM,
    Desilu, Columbia Studios both Valley and Fairfax, Paramount, 
    Disney, Warner Bros., CBS Valley, CBS Fairfax, Emperor, 
    American, Ultimate, Louis Jackson's, Bell Sound, 
    McGregor's, Valentine's - No. Hollywood, LA Sound, 
    Continental Sound, Stereo Fi, Goldwyn, RJ, Original Sound,
    Amigo, Venture, Record Plant, Hollywood Sound, Independent,
    Decca, Revolution Records in Toronto Can., Sound Factory, 
    ID Sound, A&M, Sun-West, Studio Center, Dimension, 
    Hollywood Video, Poppi, ABC-Dunhill, MGM-Fairfax, Abbey, 
    Haji Sound, Devonshire. Also some various studios in 
    Nashville, San Francisco, NYC, Kansas City, Ojai, San 
    Diego, and Denver.
    Some Engineers with whom I've worked: Thorn Nogar, Lowell 
    Frank, Stan Ross, Larry Levine, Al Schmidt, Ami Hadani, 
    Henry Lewy, Wally Heider, Pete Abbot, Bones Howe, Walter 
    Gest, John Krause, Chuck Britz, David Wickes, Armin 
    Steiner, Dave Hassenger, Eddie Brackett, Dick Bogart, Hank
    Cicalo, Joe Polito, Buddy Brundo, Larry Brown, Wally 
    Traugott, Bob Costa, Val Garay, Humberto Gatica, Ed Green,
    Bruce Botnick, Lee DeCarlo, Angel Balestier, Michael 
    Braunstein, Ian Eales, Joel Fein, Tim Boyle, Mickey 
    Crawford, Jay Lewis, Murray McFadden, Joel Moss, Don 
    Murray, John Neal, Joe Sidore, Guy Costa, Rudy___ at RPM...
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     another Spectropop-friendly station at
    Received:    05/12/00 12:51 am
    From:        Stewart Mason
    To:          Spectropop!
    Now playing in the pop and 60s sections of 
    is my new station, Needles and Pinza. 
    I created the station out of my own daydreams of what oldies
    radio could be but almost never is (one exception being the
    daily show Lost and Found on Cambridge's WMBR, a show whose
    name back 20 years or so ago was...Needles and Pinza). 
    There's familiar songs here, but they're interspersed with
    cult favorites, uncommon remixes, unjustified obscurities 
    and fringe-pop oddities. To give you an idea, the 
    station's test broadcast consisted of the entirety of five
    of my favorite 60s albums: SMILEY SMILE, REVOLVER, The 
    Bonzo Dog Band's GORILLA, and singles compilations by 
    France Gall and Astrud Gilberto. Artists I've added in the
    last couple days include Van Dyke Parks, Nirvana (the 
    British lite-psych group), Dusty Springfield, Billy 
    Nicholls, Octopus (New York psych on ESP-Disk), the Grass 
    Roots and about 80 others. I think it complements 
    Spectropop and Spectropop Girlpop (two excellent stations,
    if you haven't heard them yet) without covering too much of
    the same ground. 
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    Subject:     Chris Montez and his safe
    Received:    05/12/00 12:51 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB
    To:          Spectropop!
    In a message dated 5/8/0 12:15:04 PM, you wrote:
    >I hope it's not the same "Let's Dance" that David Bowie
    >recorded in the Eighties...
    Hell no! We used to sing "Hey baby won't you take a chance. 
    I left my safe in my other pants...." 
    JB/also read too much Mad Magazine
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    Subject:     engineers
    Received:    05/13/00 11:38 am
    From:        Bob Hanes
    To:          Spectropop!
    I'm not sure that he worked as an engineer in the mid 60s 
    but I know he did during the early 70s. Go to Smile Shop 
    and email the man that identifies himself as Desmond F 
    Jones. He worked as a second engineer at Columbia (and 
    others) studios. He's quite a character, but his line of 
    bs is sound. No pun intended. I know he engineered the 
    Flaming Groovies lps and as you know the 60s didn't end 
    until disco in the early 70s around 74 or 75
    The Right Reverend Bob, dumb angel chapel, The Church of the Harmonic
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    Subject:     Up Up And Away-The Marathon
    Received:    05/09/00 2:36 am
    From:        David Ponak
    To:          Spectropop!
    My post for the final edition of "The Liquid Room" on 4/29
    never made through cyber land to the Spectropop list, so 
    I'm re-sending it. For my own send off, I played 46 
    consecutive cover versions of the Jimmy Webb classic "Up,
    Up And Away."
    You can still check out my show "The Nice Age" at 
    afternoons from 3-6PM (PT)
    The Liquid Room-4/29/00
    (*) denotes instrumental version
     1. The 5th Dimension-Up,Up And Away (Live) 
     2. The 5th Dimension-Up,Up And Away  (Studio)
     3. The Ventures*-Up,Up And Away 
     4. Johnny Mathis-Up,Up And Away 
     5. Floyd Cramer*-Up,Up And Away 
     6. The Red Birds-Up,Up And Away 
     7.  Probyn Gregory-Up,Up And Away 
     8.  Laurindo Almeida*-Up,Up And Away 
     9.  The Barry Vaughn Singers-Up,Up And Away 
    10. Gene Russel*-Up,Up And Away 
    11. Diana Ross & The Supremes-Up,Up And Away 
    12. Rajput & The Sepoy*-Up,Up And Away 
    13. Bossa Rio-Up,Up And Away 
    14. Roger Williams*-Up,Up And Away 
    15. Andy Williams-Up,Up And Away 
    16. Don Costa*-Up,Up And Away 
    17. Der Weinerschnitzel*-Up,Up And Away 
    18. The Enoch Light Singers-Up,Up And Away 
    19. Dick Hyman*-Up,Up And Away 
    20. Nancy Sinatra-Up,Up And Away 
    21. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Up,Up And Away -
    22. Chris Waxman*-Up,Up And Away 
    23. The Doodletown Pipers-Up,Up And Away 
    24. Terry Baxter*-Up,Up And Away 
    25. The Big Hello-Up,Up And Away 
    26. The Brass Ring*-Up,Up And Away 
    27. Bing Crosby-Up,Up And Away 
    28. The Marble Arch Orchestra*-Up,Up And Away 
    29. Ray Coniff-Up,Up And Away 
    30. Gary McFarland*-Up,Up And Away 
    31. The Four Freshman-Up,Up And Away 
    32. Lady Nelson & The Lords*-Up,Up And Away 
    33. Paul Frees And The Poster People-Up,Up And Away 
    34. The Sounds Of Our Times*-Up,Up And Away 
    35. The Lennon Sisters-Up,Up And Away 
    36. Englegert Humperdink-Up,Up And Away 
    37. Seksu Roba*-Up,Up And Away 
    38. Tony Osborne*-Up,Up And Away 
    39. Dionne Warwick-Up,Up And Away 
    40. Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops*-Up,Up And Away 
    41. The Johnny Mann Singers-Up,Up And Away 
    42. The Letterman-Up,Up And Away 
    43. Mantovani*-Up,Up And Away 
    44. The Sunshine Company-Up,Up And Away 
    45. The Impressions-Up,Up And Away 
    46. The Do-Re-Mi Childrens Choir-Up,Up And Away 
    David Ponak
    A&R-TOKYOPOP Music
    5670 Wilshire Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323) 692-6827
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