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Spectropop V#0412

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 04/28/00

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       Volume #0412                          April 28, 2000   
      Incomparable stars of stage, screen, radio and records  
    Subject:     Needing Infomation / Girlpop Radio
    Received:    04/28/00 2:27 am
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin
    To:          Spectropop!
    Last week I discovered a MP3 of the Castanets - "I Love 
    Him' and Like to get some label/producer information about
    the 45. Also last month on the 
    alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1960s newsgroup someone had posted
    a true STEREO version of Diane Renay's "Kiss Me Sailor" and
    I'm wondering what CD compilation it appeared on. I have 
    the Collectables "Navy Blue" CD and its all-mono.
    Also Im still looking for CD-R, MP3 or Tape copies of The 
    Secrets "Oh Donnie", and Tracy Dey's "I Wont Tell" (or any
    other Bob Crewe GG productions), plus Im looking for a 
    cleaner copy of the 45 version of Alder Rays "Cause I Love
    Him" to play on GirlPop Radio. Thanks again to everyone who
    has sent requests, Mp3s and CD-Rs!
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
    Jangle Radio:
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    Subject:     who played what on the Beach Boys
    Received:    04/28/00 2:27 am
    From:        DMD
    To:          Spectropop!
    Michael White wrote:
    > I need to find out who played what on the Beach Boys'
    > "Today!" and "Friends" albums. The info is for a
    > forthcoming 'Essential Albums'-style book being compiled
    > by Mojo magazine.
    In response to Michael White's enquiry re: personnel on 
    said Beach Boys' albums; my somewhat educated guess is 
    that Jim Gordon is on drums on the FRIENDS album; drums on
    TODAY!: tracks 1,2,3,5,6,9 and 11 by Hal Blaine; tracks 4, 08 , and 10 are Denny Wilson; track 7 by Earl Palmer; track 
    12, no drums. otherwise, Russ Wapensky is the man to ask 
    for sure...I don't have a number on him at the moment. 
    Hope this is helpful.
    Dennis Diken
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    Subject:     CJOB
    Received:    04/28/00 2:28 am
    From:        radiopro
    To:          Spectropop!
    >I'm not from Winnipeg myself but I have some close friends
    >from there and they often talk about CJOB, a station that 
    >was apparently inescapable when they grew up. It seems it 
    >had a hugely disproportionate hold on the city. And as 
    >much as my friends all hated the station, it did end up 
    >influencing their tastes. The station that wouldn't play 
    >rock but might play someone's version of rock. Not the 
    >Doors "Light my fire" of course but maybe the Enoch Light 
    >Singers version. The friends I refer to are all filmmakers
    >and have become famous for their warped view of the world. 
    >And they all credit CJOB to one degree or another for 
    >helping them - or forcing them to - see the world 
    Hi Nat:
    Yea...Winnipeg was a magic place in the 60's. CJOB was 
    exactly as you described it. There were a number of us who
    were just beginning in radio and were of an age where we 
    wanted to play rock songs, but of course, couldn't. But we
    could play almost anything else....and did. The Hollyridge 
    Strings Playing The Beatles and even The Beach Boys? Of 
    CJOB-FM, in 1965, became the first FM country station in 
    North America.
    There were also two GREAT Top 40 stations....CKY and CKRC.
    Both were very much into promoting and even recording local
    bands. Bob Bradburn at CKRC recorded The Squires with Neil 
    Young. Another jock recorded Shakin' All Over with Al and 
    The Silvertones aka Chad Allen and The Reflections aka 
    Chad Allen and The Expressions aka The Guess Who at the 
    studios of CJAY-TV. 
    A couple of years ago, Rhino released a number of 
    "Winnipeg Garage Band" records.
    Winnipeg was also one of the first cities in North 
    American to play Beatle records. Capitol Canada released 
    Love Me Do and Please Please Me in mid-1963.
    Many of the on-air people went onto fame and fortune. Jim 
    Hilliard aka Jimmy Darin at CKY later ran Fairbanks 
    Broadcasting in the U.S., Chuck Dann became the "voice" of
    CBS-TV, Ronald J. Morey went to NYC and became the voice of
    General Motors et al. The Johns brothers, George and Reg 
    became influential U.S. radio consultants, J. Robert Wood 
    later was the PD of CHUM Toronto. 
    Of course, Winnipeg was never in anyone's Media Spotlight.
    But there was a lot going on. 
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    Subject:     RDMH
    Received:    04/28/00 2:27 am
    From:        Doc Rock
    To:          Spectropop!
    I was (and still am) an avid Girl Group and Spector fan.
    But I don't recall EVER hearing RDMH by Spector on the 
    radio in the '60s. However, the version by the 2 of Clubs 
    WAS a radio hit, and I loved it and bought it!
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    Subject:     Re: "I'll Never Need..."
    Received:    04/28/00 2:27 am
    From:        Viceroy Fizzobottom
    To:          Spectropop!
    Phil wrote:
    >I have experimented over the years to work out why, as 
    >you observe, "I'll Never..." 45 is so much more powerful 
    >than the stereo (or the CD reissue for that matter).
    Is the version on the Spector Back To Mono box mono or 
    stereo? Well, the title Back To Mono should speak for 
    itself, but I don't know, so I better ask!
    >My own theory is to do with the complex compression effect
    >of the cutting lathe on 45s.
    Compression effects are nice little stomp boxes nowadays...
    but what did compression units look like in the early 
    sixties? I imagine four engineers (headed by Professor 
    Frink, of course) in white lab coats, trying to handle a 
    huuuuuge black compression monster...also, what did reverb
    and delay/echo units look like, before they became stomp 
    boxes? Can somebody also explain the tech stuff about echo
    Jamie LePage wrote:
    >I don't know who "we all" is supposed to mean, but it's
    >interesting that Darlene, who rattles off Billboard chart
    >numbers as if telling the writer the age of her children,
    >takes it upon herself to speak for "everyone". This just
    >does not sound like Darlene Wright talking.
    Maybe Landy wrote her book too? :-)
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    Subject:     Re:"spectropop radio i hate you"
    Received:    04/28/00 2:28 am
    From:        Fukuchi, Kazuki
    To:          Spectropop!
    Jack Madani wrote:
    >I hate spectropop radio. 
    >I hate it because I heard this song:
    >Yume de Aetara - Celia Paul
    "Yume de Aetara" (If I see you in my dream) is a fabulous
    Japanese record in the 60's girl-pop style.
    This song was produced by Eiichi Ohtaki who is well known
    as one of the Japanese "Spector Children". There is a
    great resemblance in the sound of his works and the
    "wall of sound". He also produced Celia's album which
    included covers of "One Fine Day", "The Very Thought of
    You" and "Oh Why". ("Yume de Aetara"  Celia Paul 
    CD:SRCL-3993 (SONY)) I believe this album is the No.1
    Japanese girl-pop album that I have ever heard.
    Eiichi Ohtaki produced several of his own albums. Among
    his works, "A LONG VACATION" (1980) and "Each Time" (1984)
    are considered by many Japanese as masterpieces.
    If you have the chance to visit Japan, try to find his CDs.
    I guarantee your satisfaction.
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    Subject:     The Bonnets
    Received:    04/28/00 2:27 am
    From:        Jimmy Crescitelli
    To:          Spectropop!
    I have a tape of the Bonnets doing "Ya Gotta Take A Chance." 
    Sounds very 1964-Spectorian... girls, wall, etc. I 
    think Andrew Loog Oldham produced it...? The info is 
    somewhere in my archives which, if this list is any 
    indication, belong ina museum vault somewhere! : ) Anyway,
    I have only about 3/4 of the song, not the greatest sound 
    quality, but the sound is there to appreciate. Great 
    record. I think it even has a false ending... I'll give it
    a listen when I get home from work.
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     The Bonnets
    Received:    04/28/00 2:28 am
    From:        Ian Chapman
    To:          Spectropop!
    Doc asked:-
    > Anyone ever heard of this group, or the song "Ya Gotta
    > Take A Chance?"
    Yes, Doc - superlative uptempo West Coast black girl-group
    Spector-soundalike on Unical 310. Written by Al Allen (the 
    "Al" in Unical!), and produced by him too, I'd guess (
    doesn't actually say on the label) It has one of those 
    quaintly-titled "Sing Along Without the....." backing 
    track-only flipsides.
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    Subject:     The Liquid Room 4/22/00
    Received:    04/26/00 2:37 am
    From:        David Ponak
    To:          Spectropop!
    Well folks, I'm taking a little break from "The Liquid 
    Room." I can't deal with the hours (3-6AM) anymore, and 
    KPFK has not come forth with the earlier time slot they've
    been promising. So it goes. The 4/29 show will be my last 
    for the time being; however, I will still be doing The 
    Nice Age at every Sunday from 3-6 PM. 
    I'll keep the playlists coming!
    The Liquid Room 4/22/00
    1.The Four Seasons-Bye Bye Baby
    New Gold Hits (Phillips)
    2.The Happenings-See You In September
    The Best Of (BT Puppy)
    3.Mark Lindsay-Leaving On A Jet Plane
    Arizona (Columbia)
    4.The Divine Comedy-Make It Easy On Yourself
    Single (Setanata-UK)
    5.Roy Orbison-It's Over
    Anthology (Rhino)
    6.The 5th Dimension-Up Up And Away
    Up Up And Away (Buddah)
    7.Soft Cell-Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
    Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret (Some Bizarre)
    8.The Crystals-Dance The Screw (Part 1)
    7" (Philles)
    9.Scott Walker-Montague Terrace (In Blue)
    Scott (Phillips)
    10.Roger Nichols & Paul Williams-The Drifter
    We've Only Just Begun-The Songs Of Roger Nichols & Paul Williams (Almo
    11.Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends-Trust
    The Complete... (Polydor-Japan)
    12.Pizzicato Five-I Hear A Symphony
    Single (Readymade-Japan)
    13.Rupert Holmes-The People That You Never Get To Love
    Partners In Crime (MCA)
    14.Rupert Holmes-Who What When Where Why
    Singles (Epic)
    15.Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66-Like A Lover
    Best Of (A&M)
    16.Dimitri From Paris-Nothing To Lose
    Sacrebleu (Yellow)
    17.The 5th Dimension-The Magic Garden
    The Magic Garden (Buddah)
    18.The 5th Dimension-East Of Java
    Stoned Soul Picnic (bonus track) (Buddah)
    19.The 5th Dimesnion-Rosecrans Blvd.
    Up Up And Away (Buddah)
    20.The 5th Dimension-The Worst That Could Happen
    The Magic Garden (Buddah)
    The first five 5th Dimension LPs are now on CD and 
    sounding great!
    21.Indian Rope-Dead To The World
    Menu 200 (Trattoria)
    22.The Beach Boys-Wonderful
    Smile-The Millenium Edition (Dumb Angel)
    23.Darian Sahanaja-Do You Have Any Regrets
    24.The Wondermints-Spoke Of A Wheel World
    Bali (NeoSite)
    25.Puffy-Kore Ga Watashi No Ikiru Michi
    Jet CD (Sony-Japan)
    26.Harpers Bizarre-Small Talk
    Warner Soft Rock (WEA-Japan)
    27.Burt Bacharach-South American Getaway
    Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid s/t (A&M)
    28.Chris Montez-Foolin' Around
    A&M Remastered Best (Polydor-Japan)
    29.YMO-Tong Poo (12" DJ Mix)
    YMO Go Home (Toshiba EMI-Japan)
    30.Kraftwerk-Computer Love
    The Mix (Elektra)
    31.Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass-Without Her
    Foursider (A&M)
    32.Dusty Springfield-In The Land Of Make Believe
    Dusty In Memphis (Rhino)
    33.Lee Hazlewood-Wind Sky Sea & Sand
    Poet Fool Or Bum (Capitol)
    34.The Free Design-Stay Another Season
    The Best Of... (Varese)
    35.Saint Etienne-How We Used To Love
    Single (Mantra-UK)
    36.Spings-The Way To Another Side
    Picnic (Universal-Japan)
    37.Cornelius-Theme From First Question Award/The Love Parade
    First Question Award (Polystar-Japan)
    38.Katerine-Mon Coeur Balance
    Le Mavaise.... (Rosebud-France)
    39.Leslie Gore-The Bubble Broke
    Anthology (Mercury)
    40.France Gall-Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son
    Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son (Polyor-France)
    41.The Rotary Connection-Respect
    Songs (Cadet Concept)
    42.The Sandpipers-Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
    The Mad World Of Soundtracks (Motor-Germany)
    43.Claudine Longet-Let's Spend The Night Together
    Let's Spend The Night Together (Barnaby)
    44.The Beach Boys-Forever
    Sunflower (Reprise)
    45.Paul Williams-Morning I'll Be Moving On
    Someday Man (Reprise)
    David Ponak
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