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Spectropop V#0409

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 04/17/00

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       Volume #0409                          April 19, 2000   
                    Pace Setter of the Networks               
    Subject:     Re: barnstorming production
    Received:    04/17/00 1:31 am
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin
    To:          Spectropop!
    >Anybody else on the list got any barnstorming production
    >Jake Tassell
    Wow, I love those type of "Needle Banging into the Red" 
    productions with Maximum compression and reverb too. The 
    more compression, distortion, sibilance and loudness the 
    better, who gives a damn about High Fidelity?? Todays 64 
    track digital recordings sound so sterile and lifeless 
    compared to these powerful records that were recorded on 
    primitive 3 and 4 track tube equipment. Producers like 
    Spector, Greenwich/Berry, Bob Crewe, Shadow Morton, Motown
    and others back then knew how to mix a record to jump out 
    of speakers via AM radio and grab listeners attention.
    I Love British girl group records where UK producers tried
    to copy USA production techniques and wound up with a very 
    unique sound. The Breakaways "Thats How It Goes" where the
    drums are so compressed the snare sounds like a machine gun, 
    The McKinleys "Someone Cares For Me" (love the BOOM 
    ending) and the Orchids "Love Hit Me" are just fantastic 
    records. I love the way the way the compressed handclaps 
    sound on Anoinette's "There He Goes (The Boy I love). 
    After listening to many British Girl Group compilations 
    (thanks Malcom and Mick) you can really hear Joe Meek's 
    influence too.
    Crank it Up!
    Billy G.
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
    Jangle Radio:
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    Subject:     The hit with the black eye
    Received:    04/15/00 12:54 pm
    From:        DJ JimmyB
    To:          Spectropop!
    In a message dated 4/13/0 2:27:45 PM, you wrote:
    >But a lot of the more obscure records take time
    Indeed they take time, that time being time just to find 
    the record, because often for simple lack of promotion, 
    politics or a lucky stroke, the obscure one didn't "make" 
    it. Often the quality of an obscurity is every bit as good
    as a "hit" In fact I like them better because they are 
    newer to the ear. 
    >and some of the obscure records, after a few listens, 
    turn out to be a lot better >than the "hits."
    They don't even need a few listens at this address. If a 
    rekkid is good i know it right off the bat most of the 
    time. But they are indeed often better than the hits. 
    JB/would rather hear "The Guy With The Black Eye" than "My 
    Boyfriend's Back" anyday
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    Subject:     Anita Kerr/"Butch Cassidy" soundtrack question
    Received:    04/15/00 12:54 pm
    From:        Brad Bigelow
    To:          Spectropop!
    Can anyone on this list confirm whether the voices on "South American
    Getaway" on the soundtrack to "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance 
    Kid" soundtrack are Anita Kerr and her singers?
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    Subject:     groovy baby yah
    Received:    04/19/00 2:28 am
    From:        Jack Madani
    To:          Spectropop!
    does Rev-Ola have the coolest home page ever, or what? The
    arrows! and that MUSIC!! What is that music from?
    (where you can find albums by Tony Jacklin, Nichelle 
    Nichols, and David McCallum, among others--what, no 
    William Shatner?)
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    Subject:     Was she from Mars or something?
    Received:    04/15/00 12:54 pm
    From:        Through Zero
    To:          Spectropop!
    Where, oh where is some bio information on Miss Toni 
    Fisher? Two big hits - "The Big Hurt" (1959) and "West Of 
    The Wall" (1962) You able to help?
    A fan
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    Subject:     yes shatner
    Received:    04/19/00 2:28 am
    From:        Jack Madani
    To:          Spectropop!
    oops, sorry, spoke too soon on that Rev-Ola site.  Shatner 
    is indeed there.
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    Subject:     Some comments on #408...
    Received:    04/15/00 12:54 pm
    From:        Jamie LePage
    To:          Spectropop!
    Ian Chapman wrote about Funny How Love Can Be
    >> Imagine loving the Ivy League original! What a travesty
    >> the kitchen sink version would likely be.
    >...the Ivy League version...remains to me one of the most 
    >appealing and poignantly performed records in the "harmony" 
    >genre. And whilst I wouldn't by any means label the 
    >Danny Hutton version "a travesty", I've never quite been 
    >able to get into it.
    Hi Ian,
    As someone who heard the Ivy League original long after 
    the Hutton cover, I found your comment most interesting. I
    do so admire Carter/Lewis' work. I wondered if you had any 
    idea how these Denmark Street writers got their songs 
    placed with Vine Street post-surf artists?
    Charles G. Hill wrote about "Two to Tango"
    >At least one copy made it to my shelf, as Philles 134, b/w
    >"A Man Is A Man Is A Man". No matrix numbers, for some 
    >reason, but "APRIL-2" is scratched into the dead wax on 
    >the Tango side, and "APRIL 3" on the other. 
    I checked my copy and sure enough the matrix etchings are 
    identical. I also checked 135 and 136, and found the 
    135 I'll Never Need More Than This b/w Cash Box Blues
    The I&TT A-side has the matrix number but also has April 
    3G etched in the runoff groove. The B-side, a typical 
    throwaway instrumental (title must be a reference to the 
    failure of RDMH), has "45 B.S. #24", so I assume this was 
    mastered at a different time and available for whatever 
    single Phil needed a B. B.S. must refer to B-side, I would
    136 A Love Like Yours b/w I Idolize You
    The A has a matrix number but also has April 5 etched into
    the wax. The B, which undoubtedly Spector viewed as a 
    throwaway track produced by Ike, has April 6 etched into 
    the wax as well as a matrix number.
    Very strange...It implies that Spector mastered these 
    three singles all within the period of four days! I wonder
    what was up with that?
    >Surely these tracks must have surfaced somewhere else by now.
    Both sides of Philles 134 are on the CD "Phil Spector - 
    Off the Wall". There is a jpeg of the cover and the track 
    listing at the Spectropop website under Phil Spector CDs.
    Michael Gessner wrote about John Tuturro's performance:
    >I thought that the Turturro character is closer to Don 
    I watched the video with a friend over the weekend per 
    everyone's suggestion and took out the soundtrack again 
    for the first time in several years, and I liked both the 
    soundtrack and film more now than when it first came out. 
    Once you get over the fact vs. fiction mental block, I 
    think it really depicts how the Brill Building must have 
    operated. Of course Turturro's role is a Don Kirschner/Al 
    Nivens-type publishing guy (clearly not a record man), but
    his persona is Spector all the way! I remember laughing out
    loud when Turturro replies to Illeana "Phil Spector? He's 
    finished!" The only mention of Spector in a film about the
    Brill Building! I don't have any evidence, but I am certain
    he wouldn't approve of a Spector character in the film nor 
    license any music for it either, so I guess that the only 
    way to work a Spector type character into the film was to 
    make him a different sort of mogul, hence the Kirschner 
    character looking like Spector. The part of the film I 
    didn't like at all the first time and which sat with me 
    only slightly better this time was the scene in Jay's 
    beachfront studio when the band (Redd Kross) are listening
    to the quasi-Smile track. There's Jay, rather short haired 
    and clean cut, and then there's the band, looking most 
    decidedly post-modern (even longhairs didn't have haircuts
    like THAT in 1967!). Because the band looked so wrong for 
    the part, I think the filmmakers missed the opportunity to
    show how, at the time, the "conservative" members of bands 
    rebelled against the "creative geniuses'" experimentations. 
    The snippet of music used in this scene, too, didn't 
    adequately relate an inherent "weirdness/genius", and it 
    seems to me that was, after all, the intended point of the
    scene. A minor complaint; I really did enjoy seeing this 
    film again, and I recommend it to anyone interested in 
    Brill Building pop.
    sheila b commented:
    >>Also, I think "us" types tend at times to champion obscure
    >>songs at the expense of hits. My guess is that if we did a
    >>"blind ear tasting" of 50 random girl group hits and 50
    >>girl group obscurities, we'd favor the hits.
    >There's no argument that the GG hits were not completely 
    >stunning, BUT I'd like to stand up for the obscure records
    >and say that if the public gave songs like Margaret 
    >Mandolph's "I wanna make you happy" or Reparata and the 
    >Delrons "Nobody's baby..." a chance, they really might 
    >have been hits.
    Yeah! I think it is important to remember the quality of 
    hits during this time. There were so many great records 
    coming out all at once, it is no wonder so many classics 
    never charted at the time. Take the Caravelles, for 
    instance. Their "You Don't Have To Be a Baby to Cry" is 
    great, but the lesser known "Other Side of Love" blows it 
    away! Also, I prefer nearly everything else Lesley Gore 
    did far more than It's My Party or Judy's Turn to Cry. 
    Dave is right that collector-types tend to glorify the 
    obscurities over the hits, but in the case of the girl 
    groups, I believe many records that slipped through the 
    cracks at the time have, over time, proven themselves to 
    be more interesting than many of the period's big sellers.
    Some very interesting threads here lately. Thanks everyone!
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    Received:    04/19/00 2:28 am
    From:        CHRIS KING
    To:          Spectropop!
    Dear fellow Spectropopsters & Spectropopstrels -
    A final reminder that DA DOO RON RON my femme-tastic (you 
    won't hear a single MALE lead vocalist!) celebration of 60
    's girl groups & sassy soul sisters is on in London this 
    Friday - GOOD FRIDAY - 21st APRIL Upstairs @ The GARAGE. 
    Myself & DJ partner Mark Norton will spin fab 45's from 
    the likes of The Ronettes, Dusty, Velvelettes, Cookies, 
    Crystals, Helen Shapiro, Petula, Shangri-La's, Supremes, 
    Sandie, Lulu, Darlene Love, Vandellas, Nancy Sinatra, 
    Aretha, Paper Dolls, Barbara Lewis, Tammi Terrell et al 
    Full details below. Kindest regards, Chris King
    Good Friday 21st APRIL - Upstairs @ The GARAGE, 20 - 22, 
    Highbury Corner, London N1 (Venue Tel:-0171-607-1818) 9pm 
    - 3am L4 w / flyer L5 w / o DJ's Chris D King & Mark Norton
    For more info please check out the DDRR Web site:-
    or E-mail me:- 
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    Subject:     The Liquid Room 
    Received:    04/19/00 2:28 am
    From:        David Ponak
    To:          Spectropop!
    The Liquid Room airs every Saturday morning from 3-6AM 
    on KPFK  90.7FM in Southern California.
    Also check out my show "The Nice Age" at 
    every Sunday afternoon from 3-6PM.
    The Liquid Room 4/15/00
    1.The Association-Come On In
    Birthday (WB)
    2.DJ Food with Ken Nordine-The Ageing Young Rebel
    A Dub Plate Of DJ Food (Ninja Tune)
    3.Paul Mauriat-Get Back
    L.O.V.E. (Phillips)
    4.Saint Etienne-How We Used To Live
    Single (Mantra-UK)
    5.Linus Of Hollywood-When I Get To California
    Your Favorite Record (Pop Squad)
    6.Gary Usher-Sacramento
    Single (Capitol)
    7.The MiGs-Honolulu
    8.Pink Floyd-Arnold Layne
    The Early Singles (Columbia)
    9.Les Baxter-Simba
    The Exotic Moods Of... (Capitol)
    10.One Star-Journey To South Paradise
    Triangulum (March)
    11.The Evolution Control Committee-The Whipped Cream Mixes
    7" (Eerie Materials)
    12.The Evolution Control Committee-Rocked By Rape
    7" (Eerie Materials)
    13.Broadcast-Come On Let's Go
    The Noise Made By People (Warp/Tommy Boy) Amazing Record!
    14.Denki Groove-Eine Kleine Melody/Nothings Gonna Change
    Voxxx (Ki/oon Japan)
    15.Haruomi Hosono-Galaga
    Video Game Music (Yen-Japan)
    16.Brian Reitzel & Roger Joseph Manning Jr.-Metropia
    Logan's Sanctuary Soundtrack (Emperor Norton)
    17.Tomovsky-Tengoku Wa Tengoku Ja Nasasoo
    Orange Fiction (Sony-Japan)
    18.Billy Vaughn-Time Of The Season
    Windmills Of Your Mind (Dot)
    19.Towa Tei-Butterfly (Cornelius Remix)
    12" Promo (Elektra)
    20.Marvin Gaye-I Want You
    I Want  You (Motown)
    21.Summer Hymns-Stick Your Mind In The Wind
    Voice Brother & Sister (Misra)
    22.The New Renaisance Society-Tell Me (You're Coming Back To Me)
    Baroque 'N Stones (Hanna Barbera)
    23.Ladytron-He Took Her To A Movie
    Miss Black And Her Friends (Bambini-Japan)
    24.The Box Tops-Neon Rainbow
    The Best Of.. (Arista)
    25.Japancakes-Version 1
    Down The Elements (Kindercore)
    26.Booker T. & The M.G.'s-Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/
    Polythene Pam/She Came In Through The Bathroom Window/
    I Want You (She's So Heavy) Medley-McLemore Ave. (Stax)
    27.Stereolab-The Super It
    The Stereolab Underground Is Coming (Duophonic)
    28.The Kinks-Dandy
    Face To Face (Pye-UK)
    29.Sam Paglio-Nightclub Tropez
    Nightclub Tropez (La Douce)
    30.Michel Polnaref-La Michetonneause
    Les Premiere Annes (Universal)
    31.Mint Royale-Don't Falter
    On The Ropes (Faith & Hope-UK)
    32.Alfred E. Neuman-It's A Gas
    Dementia 2000 (Rhino)
    33.The Heavy Blinkers-Liquid Room Jingle
    34.The Lovin' Spoonful-Younger Girl
    Greatest Hits (Buddah)
    35.YMO-Technopolis (Konishi Remix)
    YMO Remixes (Victor-Japan)
    36.Ann-Margret/Lee Hazlewood-You Turn My Head Around
    The Cowboy And The Lady (Bonus Track-SLR)
    37.Scott Walker-Thanks For Chicago Mr. James
    Till The Band Comes In (BGO-UK)
    38.Sammy Davis Jr.-Ee-O Eleven
    Sammy & Friends (Rhino)
    39.Mouse On Mars-Pinwheel Herman
    Niun Niggung (Thrill Jockey)
    40.Richard Hayman-The Look Of Love
    The Geniune Electric Latin Love Machine (Command)
    41.David Axelrod-The Mental Traveler
    Song Of Innocense (Acension)
    42.Miki Hirayama-Itsuka Dokoka de
    Good Night Tokyo (Readymade-Japan)
    43.Francis Lai-Party Music-Show Out
    I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname Soundtrack (Decca)
    44.Paul Williams-Morning I'll Be Moving On
    Someday Man (Reprise)
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