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Spectropop V#0408

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 04/14/00

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       Volume #0408                              April 14, 2000   
    This monophonic microgroove recording will not become obsolete
    Subject:     Funny How Tastes Can Be....
    Received:    04/14/00 3:46 am
    From:        Ian Chapman
    To:          Spectropop!
    Dave wrote:-
    > Yep, Ivy League sounds a little wan. I wonder if I'd feel
    > differently if I had heard the Ivy League version first.
    > Imagine loving the Ivy League original! What a travesty
    > the kitchen sink version would likely be.
    Well, Dave, the above applies to me I guess. I, along with
    the rest of the UK listening population, first heard the 
    Ivy League version, which remains to me one of the most 
    appealing and poignantly performed records in the "harmony" 
    genre. And whilst I wouldn't by any means label the 
    Danny Hutton version "a travesty", I've never quite been 
    able to get into it.
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    Subject:     "Two to Tango"
    Received:    04/14/00 3:45 am
    From:        Charles G. Hill
    To:          Spectropop!
    P Woods wrote:
    > On another point, one of the Ike and Tina singles on
    > Philles which was announced in the music press but later
    > pulled was "Two to Tango", apparently produced by Bob
    > Crewe. Did this ever surface anywhere?
    > Best,
    > Paul Woods
    At least one copy made it to my shelf, as Philles 134, b/w
    "A Man Is A Man Is A Man". No matrix numbers, for some 
    reason, but "APRIL-2" is scratched into the dead wax on 
    the Tango side, and "APRIL 3" on the other. Bob Crewe is 
    credited as producer, Herb Bernstein as arranger and 
    conductor. "Two to Tango" is very much in the mood of I&
    T's Sue sides, although Crewe was far more meticulous a 
    studio craftsman than Ike. "A Man..." builds like Otis 
    trying a little tenderness. Surely these tracks must have 
    surfaced somewhere else by now....cgh
     Charles G. Hill  |    |
               "All we are saying is give pizza chants."
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    Subject:     Grace of My Heart
    Received:    04/14/00 3:45 am
    From:        Michael Gessner
    To:          Spectropop!
    Grace of My Heart
    Stewart Mason wrote
    " John Tuturro's performance as the Spector manque is
    completely unsubtle and utterly fearless in its silliness."
    I thought that the Turturro character is closer to Don 
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    Subject:     Precious obscurities
    Received:    04/14/00 3:46 am
    From:        sheila
    To:          Spectropop!
    >Also, I think "us" types tend at times to champion obscure
    >songs at the expense of hits. My guess is that if we did a
    "blind ear tasting" of 50 random girl group hits and 50
    girl group obscurities, we'd favor the hits.
    Ahh..........that one is up for a debate! I believe that 
    most hits (of all eras) are "hits" because they are 
    instant. "Be my baby" - who didn't love this the first 
    time? "Da doo ron ron"- immediately grabs you.
    But a lot of the more obscure records take time, and very 
    often those obscure records (after a few listens of course
    ) turn out to be a lot better than the "hits."
    There's no argument that the GG hits were not completely 
    stunning, BUT I'd like to stand up for the obscure records
    and say that if the public gave songs like Margaret 
    Mandolph's "I wanna make you happy" or Reparata and the 
    Delrons "Nobody's baby..." a chance, they really might 
    have been hits.
    Sheila B.
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    Subject:     River Deep Mtn. High
    Received:    04/14/00 3:45 am
    From:        Carol Kaye
    To:          Spectropop!
    >>>>>Or why it was so popular in England?<<<<
    Having been a bass player on this hit and working for Phil
    on most of his dates (there's many that Larry Levine forgot
    about in his article like Howard Roberts etc. who were 
    regulars on Phil's dates etc.), we were all expecting this
    to be his greatest hit yet. He was a great producer, but 
    kept in that "wall of sound" mode maybe too long and 
    eventually styles did change. 
    The English (I think) are a little more discerning about 
    what they like in music and are just different than 
    Americans who I think can sometimes be impatient and want 
    something "new" all the time, just my guess, I'm probably 
    wrong. At least the Americans and English agree about how 
    great Brian Wilson and his music is.  
    Best, Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     rock & roll movies.
    Received:    04/14/00 3:46 am
    From:        john rausch
    To:          Spectropop!
    All this talk of High Fidelity and Grace Of My Heart got 
    me remembering a great movie I saw awhile back. Called 
    There Goes My Baby, I recommend it to all on this 
    list. Great early 60s atmosphere about the coming of age of
    a group of high school friends and one of the girls even 
    aspires to start her own girl group. And just for fun,
    there is Hairspray. Also of note on original Saturday 
    Night Live episodes,the late great Gilda Radner does a 
    skit of a Jewish girl group called Rhonda and the 
    Rhondettes, another SNL skit has Gilda, Lorraine Newman, 
    and Jane Curtain doing a song called Chevy`s Girls. A cross
    between Be My Baby and Leader Of The Pack. Truly 
    John Rausch
    Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes featuring Ronnie Spector @
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    Subject:     The Liquid Room 
    Received:    04/12/00 4:02 am
    From:        David Ponak
    To:          Spectropop!
    The Liquid Room airs every Saturday morning from 3-6AM on 
    KPFK 90.7FM in southern California.
    Also check out my show "The Nice Age" at every Sunday afternoon from 3-6PM. 
    The Liquid Room 4/8/00
    1.The Beach Boys-The Little Girl I Once Knew
    The Beach Boys Today (Bonus Track) (Capitol)
    2.The Beach Boys-Add Some Music To Your Day
    Sunflower (Reprise)
    3.The Beach Boys-All Summer Long
    All Summer Long (Capitol)
    4.Brian Wilson-Love And Mercy
    Brian Wilson (Reprise)
    5.The Beach Boys-Till I Die
    Surfs Up (Reprise)
    6.Ladytron-He Took Her To A Movie
    Miss Black And Her Friends (Bambini-Japan)
    7.The Bob Crewe Generation-Wives And Lovers
    Let Me Touch You (Dynovoice)
    8.Yellow Magic Orchestra-Behind The Mask (FPM's 
    Sweet Soul Bossa Nova)
    YMO Remixes-Technopolis 2000-1 (Victor-Japan)
    9.The Negro Problem-Ken
    Joys & Concerns (Aerial Flipout)
    10.Michael Nesmith-Joanne
    The Best Of The Early Years (Rhino)
    11.Mint Royale-Lonely Girl
    On The Ropes (Faith & Hope-UK)
    12.Rupert Holmes-I Don't Wanna Hold Your Hand
    The Epoch Collection (Varese Sarabande)
    13.Saint Etienne-How We Used To Live
    Single (Mantra-UK)
    14.The Gordion Knot-We Must Be Doing Something Right
    The Gordion Knot (Verve)
    15.Tomovsky-Tengoku Wa Tengoku Ja Nasasoo
    Orange Fiction (Sony-Japan)
    Italia (RLP)
    17.Hi-Posi-Jenny Bad Mood
    Single  (Contemp-Japan)
    18.The Tennesee Guitar-I Walk The Line
    7" (Bell)
    19.Puffy-Kore Ga Watashi No Ikiru Michi
    Jet CD (Sony-Japan)
    20.Marpessa Dawn-A Noite Do Meu Ben
    The EP Collection (Barclay-Japan)
    21.JJ Johnson/Kai Winding-Catherine's Theme
    Israel (CTI)
    22.Great Lakes-An Easy Life
    Great Lakes (Kindercore)
    23.Walter Murphy-Dancin'
    Stone Fox (Promo Sampler-Emperor Norton)
    24.Grant Lee Phillips-Heavenly
    Ladies Love Oracle (Magnetic Field Recordings)
    25.The Sunrays-Andrea
    Andrea (Tower)
    26.Blur-For Tomorrow
    Modern Life Is Rubbish (Food)
    27.The Kinks-Waterloo Sunset
    Something Else (Pye)
    28.Beck-Mixed Bizness (DJ Me DJ You Remix)
    single (DGC)
    30.David Axelrod-Song Of Innocence
    Song Of Innocence (Ascension-Australia)
    31.Steve Lawrence-Speak Low
    Swing Softly With Me (ABC Paramount)
    32.The Tiki Tones-Il Vespa
    The Leisure Experiment (Hepcat)
    33.The Mojo Men-Flower Of Love
    Sit Down, It's The Mojo Men (Sundazed)
    34.DJ Food with Ken Nordine-The Ageing Young Rebel
    A Dub Plate Of DJ Food (Ninjatune)
    35.Haruomi Hosono-Indo 2000
    Indo/Pre YMO & Various Artists (Daisyworld-Japan)
    36.LTJ Bukem-Rhodes To Freedom
    Journey Inwards (Kinetic)
    37.Scientific American-3
    Saints Of Infinity (Slabco)
    Skylab #2 (Sony-Japan)
    39.Indian Rope-Downsized/Critical Mass
    Downsized EP (Trattoria-Japan)
    40.Paul Williams-Morning I'll Be Moving On
    Someday Man (Reprise)
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