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Spectropop V#0400

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 03/30/00

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       Volume #0400                          March 30, 2000   
                      Masterpieces of Emotion                 
    Subject:     Favorite girl group moment
    Received:    03/30/00 1:46 am
    From:        Stewart Mason 
    To:          Spectropop!
    Seven words: "Whaddaya MEAN is he a good dansuh?" My 
    lifelong attraction to women with pronounced borough/
    environs accents can be traced to early exposure to that 
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    Subject:     Grrrl Groups Continued
    Received:    03/30/00 1:46 am
    From:        DJ Jimmy Bee
    To:          Spectropop!
    I guess what I like most about the old 6T's Grrrl Groups 
    was the catty, bratty, slutty and smutty oriented stuff as
    opposed to the dreamier love-laced lyrics. And the 
    cheap-fashion-of-the moment hairdooz and clothes they wore
    while delivering the goods. It's like a fantasy almost, yet 
    I can remember as a young guy getting more worked up over 
    the teased haired babes with rolled up skirts and slut 
    shoes than I did over the ironed-hair acoustic guitar 
    strumming intellectual girls singing about war and peace. 
    But my parents, being middle class expected me to be 
    "collegiate" and wanted me to date the ironed-hair types, 
    not those "cheap grrrls" from East Lexington (MA!)....I 
    guess I met their wishes, my wife is Yale-educated and 
    played acoustic folkie music during the Joni Mitchell era.
    But there's a place in my heart for the "cheap" babes 
    Jimmy Botticelli/hey, at least she's Italian!
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    Subject:     Favorite Girl Group Moment
    Received:    03/30/00 1:46 am
    From:        "Billy G. Spradlin" 
    To:          Spectropop!
    One of my all-time favorite moments is on the Raindrops 
    "The Kind of Boy You Cant Forget" is that great 
    Over-Compressed drum break that jumps out of the mix 
    around 1:47 (according to my Rhino Best of the Girl Groups
    Vol 2 CD). You really need to hear the original Jubilee 45 
    to hear the full impact, it just doesn't sound the same on 
    the stereo mix coming just out of the left channel.
    I'm sure this record blew out a lot of car radio speakers 
    or AM Transmitter tubes back when it was a hit! :-) Also, 
    listening closely to the stereo mix on headphones you can 
    hear Ellie (I think) catching her breath or whispering 
    "Barry.. Barry" around 1:15 during the break. One of those 
    great things you can accidently hear (or don't want to 
    hear) on CD.
    Another great moment is on the Crystals "Girls Can Tell" 
    is at 2:09 where La La Brooks sings "Whoa Whoa Whoa" and 
    then the background choir gives one last "Ahhhhhh" before 
    the fadeout...a goose bump inducing moment!
    PS: Thanks for all the support of GirlPop Radio...More 
    songs are on the way, and I hope to get a webpage set up 
    soon. Also if anyone knows where I can find a clean CD 
    version of Andrea Carroll's "The Doo-Lang" and The Secrets
    "Oh Donnie" please let me know.
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
    Jangle Radio:
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    Subject:     favourite girl group moments
    Received:    03/30/00 1:46 am
    From:        Tom Waters 
    To:          Spectropop!
    I have a few defining girl group moments personally. 
    My favourite is probably the sound of "The Boy". From the 
    moment that piano starts it's pounding intro, I'm hooked. 
    And then the sweet voice of Mary Weiss singing ever so 
    lightly. It's sheer bliss. I just love the build-up at the
    end with the piano, Mary's voice and the ahhhhs just 
    blending perfectly. 
    My second defining moment is the intro to "That's How It 
    All Began" by Reparata and the Delrons. Again, the piano 
    starts in lightly, and Reparata sings "Here we are at the 
    altar, He's putting the ring on my hand, It seems like 
    only yesterday, It all began". Absolutely beautiful. So 
    simple and so sweetly sung. 
    I also consider the entire recordings of "Cold, Cold 
    Winter" by the Pixies Three, "The Loneliest Girl in Town" 
    by Reparata and the Delrons and "Born Too Late" by the 
    Poni-Tails and the Shannons to be defining moments. "Born 
    Too Late" by both groups is a spell-binding combination of
    sweet haromonies and voices, great lyrics and suberb 
    arrangements. "Loneliest Girl in Town" has to be one of 
    the most gorgeous recordings ever made. Reparata's voice 
    just glows with plaintive longing. Her voice always melts 
    me, but on this recording, it is incomparable. "Cold Cold 
    Winter" also has that lovely plaintive factor. When it 
    starts in with the booming intro, I know I'm about to hear
    a recording I consider the peak of its genre. Again, 
    there's just something about the singing and arrangement 
    of this recording that I think is in a class by itself. I 
    find that all of these recordings I mentioned get right to
    your heart. Masterpieces of emotion.
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    Subject:     I Can Hear Music
    Received:    03/30/00 1:46 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns
    To:          Spectropop!
    Very possible. It's been credited to Jeff Barry many times, 
    in fact it doesn't show up on the Ronettes Best of on 
    Abkco because the cover proclaims "all selections produced
    by Phil Spector" I have always wondered if Phil produced a 
    version and it was never issued like the Connie Francis 
    "Second Hand Heart". From what I understand Phil's version 
    of that hasn't been issued yet. 
    Paul Urbahns
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    Subject:     The Association Live
    Received:    03/30/00 1:46 am
    From:        Nat Kone 
    To:          Spectropop!
    I really don't want to breathe any new life into this 
    studio musician business but I just heard this record and 
    I have to ask. Does anyone know if the Association brought
    along a backing band or extra singers when they recorded 
    their live album in 1970 (recorded at the University of 
    Utah)? The liner notes don't mention anyone and neither do
    the photos. In fact, the liner notes strongly imply that 
    all instruments - including trumpet, flute, saxophone, 
    organ and all kinds of percussion - were played by the 
    band themselves. The harmonies are slightly more simple 
    than on record and I wouldn't nominate any of them for 
    studio gigs themselves but for a live record, they do a 
    pretty impressive job on such tunes as "Along Comes Mary" 
    and "Cherish" and especially "Goodbye Columbus". But it's 
    only impressive if it really is just them. (And then you 
    have to take into consideration the somewhat lowish 
    standard I have for live rock records.) 
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    Subject:     Re: 'Men Behind the Wall of Sound'
    Received:    03/30/00 1:46 am
    From:        "Richard Chester" 
    To:          Spectropop!
    Dear Spectropop,
    I've been subscribing to this list for quite some time now, 
    but never seem to find the time to contribute to it!! My
    apologies!!! I send this with reference to Alan Ackerman's 
    recent post about 'Men Behind the Wall of Sound'.
    Alan, I'm currently undertaking a PhD at the University of
    Leeds in England, focusing on 60s pop. The Modern Recording
    article you mention featuring the interview with Larry 
    Levine is of great interest to me, and extremely relevant 
    to my research. Would there be any chance of sending me a 
    copy of it?
    If this is possible, then you can email me direct. My 
    address is If you give the go ahead
    then I'll let you have my home address for snail-mailing 
    Look forward very much to hearing from you.
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    Subject:     the best faux Spector song
    Received:    03/30/00 1:46 am
    From:        Rex Patton 
    To:          Spectropop!
    Don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but the 
    best faux Spector song Dusty Springfield didn't live long 
    enough to record is the first cut on the new Shelby Lynne 
    album, I AM SHELBY LYNNE. While the rest of the album is 
    the coolest r&b record since Dan Penn's DO RIGHT MAN, that
    first song, "Your Lies" is a total girl group revel with no
    concessions to today whatsoever. Check it out. 
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    Subject:     The Liquid Room 3/25/00
    Received:    03/30/00 1:46 am
    From:        "Ponak, David" 
    To:          Spectropop!
    The Liquid Room airs every Saturday Morning (Friday night)
    from 3-6 on 90.7 FM KPFK. (98.7 in Santa Barbara County).
    Also check out my show The Nice Age at 
    on Sunday afternoons from 3-6 PM, PST.
    Important news! I'm leaving my day job at Warner Bros. 
    Records. Starting on 4/3, I'll be working for Tokyopop. 
    They're an internet company and magazine that markets 
    Asian pop culture in America. They're starting a record 
    label to release Asian music in the U.S., and I'll be the 
    A&R person. 
    Here's my new contact information:
    David Ponak
    5670 Wilshire Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323) 692-6700
    If you have me in your email address book, please change the 
    address to the above.
    The Liquid Room-3/25/00:
    1.The Association-Come On In
    Birthday (Warner Bros.)
    Man (Warner Bros.)
    2.Beck-Mixed Bizness (Cornelius Remix)
    Single (DGC)
    3.First Born-The Mood Club
    Kinky Beats (Lacerba-UK)
    4.Linus Of Hollywood-Heavenly
    Your Favorite Record (Pop Squad)
    5.Spoozys-Human Control
    Astro 99 (Bad News-Japan)
    6.Gil Trythall-Polk Salad Annie
    Nashville Gold (Athena)
    7.Saint Etienne-Tomorrow Never Dies
    Built On Sand-Rarities 1994-1999 (Fan Club CD-MN)
    8.The Fun And Games-Close To Carmel
    Elephant Candy (UNI)
    Vertigo (March)
    10.Buffalo Springfield-Expecting To Fly
    Again (Atco)
    11.Tomovsky-Tengoku Wa Tengoku Ja Nasasoo/
    Mr. 2050/Itoshi No Wonder
    Single (Sony-Japan)
    12.Haruomi Hosono-Indo 2000
    Indo/Pre YMO & Various Artists (Re-wind)
    13.Richard Hayman-Goin' Out Of My Head
    Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine (Command)
    14.The Heavy Blinkers-Liquid Room Jingle/Crowned Miss Fire Prevention
    The Heavy Blinkers (Brogdingnagian)
    15.Kraftwerk-Tour De France
    Single (EMI-Germany)
    16.The Beach Boys-Bicycle Rider
    Smile (Vigotone)
    17.Queen-Bicycle Race
    Greatest Hits (Hollywood)
    18.Indian Rope-Downsized/Critical Mass
    Downsized EP (Trattoria-Japan)
    19.Scott McKenzie-No No No No No
    San Francisco (Sony)
    20.Beachwood Sparks-Old Sea Miner
    Beachwood Sparks (Subpop)
    21.Peter Sarstedt-I Am A Cathedral
    The Story Of Pop (UA-Germany)
    22.Spanner-? (no titles listed)
    00321 (OW-Japan)
    23.Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band-Apache
    Kinky Beats (Lacerba-UK)
    24.Eels-It's A Monstertrucker
    Daisies Of The Galaxy (Dreamworks)
    25.The Love Generation-Leaves Grow Grey
    The Generation Of Love (Imperial)
    26.Caetano Veloso-Sou Voce
    Orfeau Soundtrack (Nonesuch)
    27.Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends-Snow Queen
    S/T (A&M)
    28.Brian Reitzel & Roger Joseph Manning Jr.-Metropia
    Logan's Sanctuary Soundtrack (Emperor Norton)
    29.La Fiesta Hippie Vol. II-Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
    La Fiesta Hippie Vol. II (RCA-Mexico)
    30.Cabaret Voltaire-Yashar
    12" (Factory)
    31.Mansfield-Mansfield Theme
    Viva La Generation Readymade 2000 (Readymade-Japan)
    32.Lalo Schifrin-Wheat Germ Landscapes
    There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On (Dot)
    The C-Tron EP (Acid Jazz-UK)
    34.Everything But The Girl-Low Tide Of The Night
    Tempermental (Atlantic)
    35.Mike Melvoin-Paperback Writer
    Keys To Your Mind (Liberty)
    Some Dusty (It-UK)
    37.Cubismo Grafico-I'm Still Sleeping
    Escalator Records Tokyo (Bungalow-Germany)
    38.Mieko Hirota-A Lonely Summer
    Good Night Tokyo (Readymade-Japan)
    39.Rick Powell-Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town
    Switched On Country (RCA)
    40.Gil Trythall-Nashville Moog
    Nashville Gold (Athena)
    41.Rick Powell-Steel Guitar Rag
    Switched On Country (RCA)
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