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Spectropop V#0395

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 03/12/00

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       Volume #0395                          March 13, 2000   
                Headed for No. 1 on all the charts            
    Subject:     girlpop on
    Received:    03/12/00 10:31 pm
    From:        Jack Madani
    To:          Spectropop!
    Billy G Spradlin's got a station on called
    Girlpop. You'll find it listed under the 33k-streaming 
    stations. (but it seems to run okay even connected at 28k,
    provided I sit very still and don't make any sounds). The 
    quality of the streamed feed is such that it's really like
    listening to good oldfashioned am radio. The songs have 
    unbelievably tremendous punch. In the course of about an 
    hour one night, I heard the following:
    Chiffons(!!) What Am I Gonna Do With You
    Shangri-Las I Can Never Go Home Anymore
    Jessica James Outlaws Give Her Up Baby
    Sharon Marie Thinking 'Bout You Baby
    Robin Ward In His Car
    Lollypops Don't Monkey With Me
    Rag Dolls Dusty
    Noreen Corcoran Love Kitten
    Honeys He's A Doll
    Sherrys That Boy Of Mine
    Skeeter Davis I Can't Stay Mad At You
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    Subject:     Expecting To Fly
    Received:    03/12/00 10:32 pm
    From:        David Feldman
    To:          Spectropop!
    Monsieur LePage asked about the credits for "Expecting To Fly":
    I've got my mitts on my vinyl of Buffalo Sprinfield Again,
    and here is the info verbatim:
    "Words and Music -- Neil Young. Produced and arranged by 
    Jack Nitzsche and neil Young. Dedicated to Donna and Vicki. 
    Vocals -- Neil & Richie. Lead Guitar -- Neil Young. 
    Electric Piano--Jack Nitszche. Grand Piano -- Don Randi. 
    Engineered by Bruce Botnick."
    Rather unusual to give such prominent credit to studio 
    musicians on a 1967 album. If you remember, most of the 
    back of the album is a list of "friends, enemies and peole
    we don't know from Adam for their influence and inspiration." 
    Quite a list, including: Otis Redding, Fred Neil, 
    Ricky Nelson, Jim and Jean, Gene Pitney, Phil Spector, 
    Floyd Cramer, Peter Noone, Flatt and Scruggs, Jack Nitzche, 
    John Coltrane, George Romney , Chip Douglas, Felix 
    Pappalardi, and scores more.
    Dave Feldman
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    Subject:     Fifth Dimension Reissues
    Received:    03/12/00 10:32 pm
    From:        Ponak, David
    To:          Spectropop!
    To my knowledge, the 5D reissues are just going to be 
    domestic (US), but I'm sure Japan will soon follow. (I'm 
    surprised they didn't beat us to it.)
    If the remastering is as good as it was on the "Up Up & 
    Away" 2 disc compilation, "The Magic Garden" should be 
    stunning. It will undoubtedly be the most important 
    reissue of the year in my book.
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    Subject:     Brian Wilson
    Received:    03/12/00 10:31 pm
    From:        jake tassell
    To:          Spectropop!
    Dear Spectroppers,
    Current news item from a British music paper:-
    Brian Wilson will return to the live arena next month with
    two live shows in the US, backed by a full symphony 
    Wilson is expected to play the majority of the 1966 album 
    'Pet Sounds', which has just gone gold for the first time 
    in the States and continues to be regarded by many as one 
    of the greatest albums ever recorded.
    It marks both the first time Wilson has toured with the 
    album (on its initial release he opted to remain in the 
    studio rather than hit the road), and the first time live 
    interpretations of the songs, which include 'God Only 
    Knows' 'Wouldn't it Be Nice' and 'I Just Wasn't Made for 
    These Times', have been attempted on such a scale. reports
    Wilsons' manager 
    Ronnie Lippin as saying, "Brian had such a good time on 
    the road last year that he decided to go out again, but 
    wanted to do something a little different. A symphony 
    orchestra only enriches the work, and with it, the 
    possibilities are staggering."
    Wilson is set to play Los Angeles' Roxy Theatre on April 7
    and 8. The performances are to be recorded for a live CD to
    be released exclusively through his new website,
    A more extensive tour is expected in the summer, but as of
    yet no British dates have been confirmed. 
    Regards to All.
    Jake Tassell 
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    Subject:     Another Beach Boys TV Gripe
    Received:    03/12/00 10:32 pm
    From:        Ponak, David
    To:          Spectropop!
    One of my biggest problems with the Beach Boys TV movie 
    was its total lack of acknowledgement of Tony Asher. The 
    "Van Dyke Parks" character is brought in to the story 
    BEFORE Pet Sounds. Brian then tells Mike that he's going 
    to work with another collaborator. It's implied in the 
    film that this would be Van Dyke Parks, who to my 
    knowledge hadn't entered the picture quite yet. If I were 
    a casual viewer, I would have assumed that Van Dyke was 
    the collaborator on Pet Sounds. No mention is made of 
    Speaking of Pet Sounds, the story broke today that Brian 
    will be playing the album in its entirety with orchestras 
    (and the Wondermints) with summer. Here's the link for the
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    Subject:     From CK
    Received:    03/12/00 10:31 pm
    From:        Carol Kaye
    To:          Spectropop!
    I stand by my words. If you remember, I even mentioned 
    flicking my finger at Brian, I am not painting an untrue 
    picture at all - I tell the bad along with the good. 
    If you also remember, our group of studio musicians never 
    heard the phrase "wrecking crew" before Hal brought out 
    his book...he recorded at Brian's house - I never did. 
    We were working for so many people back then, it got 
    ridiculous with work....we did not "lose" the Beach Boys 
    account at all, we simply were booked with others and I 
    chose to turn down dates with Brian and didn't want to 
    work rock groups anymore but always tho't the best of 
    Brian. And didn't know what was happening with him (except
    from other musicians) after 1969 until I worked for him 
    again in 1997 and he told me many things about what 
    happened inbetween as well as some of the studio musicians
    who did work for Brian during the Landy days.
    If people believed all those books out there, every detail, 
    I should think people would be ill with all that 
    negativity by now....Ike told me some things too 
    personally, others did too, Glen, so many others, that 
    didn't fit what the books said. You have to take things 
    with a grain of salt and not get too upset about it all. 
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     Hal Blaine online interview
    Received:    03/12/00 10:32 pm
    From:        Jack Madani
    To:          Spectropop!
    There's an interview of Hal Blaine that you can listen to 
    online at:
    It's cut up into bite-size, 02 to 5 minute readlaudio 
    Hal talks about Phil, Brian, Jay & The Americans, Fifth 
    Dimension, Mamas & Papas, among others.
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    Received:    03/12/00 10:32 pm
    From:        CHRIS KING
    To:          Spectropop!
    Greetings fellow Spectropop folk.
    Next week sees a double dose of DA DOO RON RON. My club 
    that celebrates 60's girl groups and sassy soul sisters 
    has an ace brace of dates in London. So, if you're a fan 
    of The Ronettes, Chiffons, Paper Dolls, Chris Clark, 
    Velvelettes, Crystals, Toys, Vandellas, Maxine Brown, 
    Aretha, Dusty, Petula, Shangri-La's, Helen Shapiro, 
    Supremes, Marvelettes, Tammi Terrell et al check out DA 
    DOO RON RON next Tuesday 14th March & Friday 17th March. 
    See below for full details. Kindest regards, Chris D King
    Tuesday 14th March - DA DOO RON RON @ the downstairs bar 
    of THE SOCIAL, 05 , Little Poertland Street, (off Oxford 
    Street), London W1. (Venue Tel:-0171-636-4992) 7pm - 
    Midnight Admission free. DJ's Chris D King & Declan Allen
    Friday 17th March - St Patrick's night - DA DOO RON RON 
    Upstairs @ THE GARAGE, 20 - 22, Highbury Corner, London N1
    (Venue tel:-0171-607-1818) 9pm - 3am 5 Pounds or 4 Pounds 
    w / flyer. DJ's Chris D King & Mark Norton
    For more info please check out the DDRR Web site:-
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    Subject:     Outrageous Cherry
    Received:    03/12/00 10:32 pm
    From:        Bryan Thomas
    To:          Spectropop!
    For those of you who might be interested in seeing 
    Outrageous Cherry -- 
    the band whom Mr. Phil Spector reportedly raved to Mr. Kim
    Fowley about ["Phil Spector is reportedly considering a 
    return to the studio. It seems the producer heard 
    Outrageous Cherry (a Detroit fuzz-thing with Brian Wilson 
    melodies), on the radio, and announced his intentions to 
    Kim Fowley with the immortal words, 'These guys are f&#$
    ing great.'" MOJO, News Roundup, pg. 12, Jan. 2000 issue] 
    they are -- at the invitation of Ira Kaplan and Georgia 
    Hubley -- playing the following shows with YO LA TENGO: 
    Wednesday, April  5 - Madison, WI - The Annex
    Thursday, April 6 - Champaign, IL - High Dive
    Friday, April 7 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop
    Saturday, April  8 - Newport, KY - Southgate House
    with more shows to be announced soon as the details are 
    worked out, including NY, Philadelphia and Washington DC.
    Bryan Thomas
    DF2K Records
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    Subject:     Brian thread
    Received:    03/12/00 10:32 pm
    From:        David Mirich
    To:          Spectropop!
    REX PATTON SHOUTS FOR QUITE AWHILE, then finishes with this:
    << There were many people around in those days and a lot of 
     them have different perceptions, failing memories, rose 
     colored glasses or a combination of all three. Keep that 
     in mind when you hear someone act as if they are giving 
     the definitive information on a certain topic. As the 
     saying goes "History is hearsay." 
     RP >>
    What is the point Rex, that Carol is out of line in 
    commenting that the portrayal of Brian in the recent movie
    was rubbish? Keep in mind that Carol had a birds-eye view 
    of the man and should be allowed to make her comments 
    without suffering the heavy artilery you directed at her 
    in your reply. You might have a valid point to make, but 
    your approach seemed as if it were something out of "The 
    Practice." This list is not a court of law. Nothing we 
    discuss here deserves the type of rebuke you gave to Carol
    on this matter. 
    Lighten up a little rex, and please, don't shout.
    Dave Mirich
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