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Spectropop V#0393

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 03/03/00

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       Volume #0393                           March 6, 2000   
          Exclusive Original Television Soundtrack Album      
    Subject:     The "flick"
    Received:    03/03/00 4:30 am
    From:        Carol Kaye
    To:          Spectropop!
    Well, I'm pretty sure that everyone has seen the BB movie 
    for what it is basically, just Hollywood entertainment. 
    Sounds like they worked hard to get some details correct 
    while taking liberties and sticking stuff in there that 
    was totally wrong....
    Brian is totally portrayed like a horrible monster (imo), 
    that's totally out and many more times 
    before they even come close to getting it right with this 
    gentle giant of a genius-man?! Most of that stuff did NOT 
    happen in the studios at all...we tracked everything, he 
    never offered his gold records, never acted like that at 
    Brian was a totally competent, wonderful producer, sure 
    he'd get into the music sometimes, like all other 
    producers, he was a fine producer, totally professional 
    Now he's got to repair some of the damage this film did 
    him. A star is always a target.
    Brian had a sly sense of great humor, put-on humor, and 
    was totally satisfied and happy in the studios, just the 
    opposite of the movie. NO, never saw Murry like that in 
    the studio, don't remember exactly if he was there -- he 
    may have popped in for a moment, but only that, and no 
    never addressed us. Yes we cut always tracks and never 
    with the Beach Boys....and no, I've never been to Brian's 
    And Phil Spector? Good lord.....sure he was an entertainer
    in the studios, totally rapt also with what he was doing, 
    but he was a human-being, not the silly caricature 
    portrayed. The impact of Brian seeing us was pretty good, 
    I thought, but so much else wrong, it's just a moment in 
    His portrayal was completely wrong for Brian's true have to think just the opposite and then
    you're be more right. Having spent time with my collegues 
    who worked with Brian in the Landy days too, which was the
    most-horrific time he went through, then hurrah for Brian 
    for coming through that period. 
    I fell down laughing during the "drug den" scene! What 
    will think of next? Tho't those ideas went out with the 
    hippie films of the late 60s, yes and they have to blame a
    musician for getting Brian on else uses 
    drugs I guess.
    Sorry, that's a little sarcastic to say "guess no-one else
    ever uses drugs"....our group of fine musicians are just 
    sick and tired of drug-use being blamed on musicians.
    I am sure the actors worked very hard on this movie, and 
    others did too, it's just a shame the way it turned out. 
    Now Brian has to put up with living down this horrible 
    portrayal....thank God the public is getting wise to the 
    motivations in back of this film. For the rest of the 
    public, what started out fairly decent wound up, as a few 
    people told me, not worth even staying up to watch, and 
    they turned off the TV part-way through and went to bed.
    The pretty actress who played me did a good job I thought,
    really paid her dues to learn how to play with a pick and 
    act professional (she is a professional bassist). To put a
    positive viewpoint in here...I tho't the impact of the 
    scene with the musicians in the studio was excellent. They
    all studied our group and were very serious about "getting 
    it right".
    The scene at Western even spooked them a little, felt 
    eerie to them to film there, where so many of us recorded 
    for so many years -- these are real musicians called to do
    the parts. My great respect and compliments to Gary Griffin, 
    the musical conductor on that film as well as to the 
    beautiful actress Tera Hendrickson, a real blues bassist 
    btw but full-time actress, who I heard studied me down to 
    my moves, my clothes etc. What a compliment! And so many 
    worked very hard on that film to make it a serious 
    compliment to that era. 
    Thank God people have the great music and genius of Brian 
    Wilson to listen to, maybe someday they're really get a 
    true picture of the good man in back of it all. 
    Carol Kaye 
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    Subject:     Fifth Dimension Reissues
    Received:    03/05/00 2:35 am
    From:        Ponak, David
    To:          Spectropop!
    According to ICE, the first 5 Fifth Dimension LPs's (Up, 
    Up And Away, Magic Garden, Stoned Soul Picnic, Portrait, 
    and Age Of Aquarius) are all scheduled to be reissued on 
    CD with bonus tracks by Buddah on April 18.
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    Subject:     Geronimo leaps
    Received:    03/05/00 2:35 am
    From:        Ron Bierma
    To:          Spectropop!
    In a message dated 2/29/00 5:46:42 PM, spectropop writes:
    << Jack. I agree 100%, although I do not believe that is 
    really a Spector recording, I sure as hell was blown away 
    by the faux wall of sound. I would love to get ahold of 
    that myself!>>
    And similarly, there were 3 BB segments that I just MUST 
    know the source of...When Nik Venet is viewing the Smile 
    artwork, there is a track that sounds similar to Cool 
    Water, but not enough to peg it. Then Brian is in the 
    studio playing a track with the lyrics "Geronimo leaps and
    bounds for glory in the dustbowl". (Sounds like mock Smile,
    eh?) and then they play a background vocal to "Let the Wind
    Blow" that sounds like a Smile outtake! Very cool! Brian 
    apparently sang the parts of the movie where his actor is 
    sitting at the piano. In My Room sounds like 90s Brian 
    with the choppy end of phrases, but the falsetto is 
    impeccable! Anyone know the genesis of these tracks? EL 
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    Subject:     re: faux Wall of Sound in film (was holy CRAP!!!!)
    Received:    03/03/00 4:29 am
    From:        Jamie LePage
    To:          Spectropop!
    Jack Madani wrote:
    >I'm sittin' here watchin' the Beach Boy movie...when 
    >Brian gets to meet Phil Spector for the first time, and 
    >WHOAH!! What IS that AWESOME instrumental track that the 
    >"wrecking crew" is playing?!?!?!? 
    john rausch replied:
    >[Although not] really a Spector recording, I sure as hell 
    >was blown away by the faux wall of sound...certain parts 
    >were reminiscent of several Spector classics but yet 
    >ambiguous enough to not be sure.
    I had a similar feeling watching the Sonny & Cher 
    docudrama a while back. When they show Spector at work in 
    the studio, you seldom hear Spector related music. Instead, 
    it is ambiguous wall-of-sound ambience that alludes to 
    Spector's music. 
    In the case of the S&C flick, it was a rather superficial 
    facsimile. The only Spector-related song used was I Love 
    How You Love Me, which Cher supposedly first recorded for 
    Phil's guide vocal track, but Spector didn't write that 
    particular song. 
    He typically refuses to license his music for use in films
    which portray him, so it is up to the musical director to 
    simulate the sound; the results vary according to the 
    qualities of the musical director. With the BB flick, I 
    understand Gary Griffin, who produces Jeffrey Foskett's 
    wonderful records, was in charge of the music, and if that
    is so, I imagine the incidental music was every bit as 
    delightful as Jack and John describe it.
    With Griffin as MD, and with people like Elliot Kendall 
    involved, you gotta think this was a good project turned 
    bad. The criticism I have seen all seems to point to a 
    recurring theme in the Beach Boys story, two four letter 
    words and one of them is love....
    Spector portrayed in other recent film/TV movies...
    That Tina Turner film had a few scenes with Phil, 
    including that great scene depicting the recording session
    for River Deep. Yeah, of course the vocal and strings and 
    BG chorus were not recorded simultaneously, and that glass
    vocal booth smack dab in the middle of the (far larger than
    Gold Star) room didn't look all that authentic either. 
    Still, the scene was chilling. Thumbs up on this one.
    One From the Heart. You remember this one from a year or 
    so ago where a Carole King type character ends up meeting 
    and marrying a suicide destined Brian Wilson type 
    character. Can't recall anything specific but the Don 
    Kirschner-type character is the spitting image of Phil. I 
    know a lot of people didn't like this film but I did. It 
    isn't often that we have the chance to hear retro-sounding
    modern music that isn't tongue-in-cheek and all that. It's 
    very rare, if you think about it. The big disappointment 
    there was the pseudo Beach Boys recordings which sounded 
    like '97, not '67.
    tilley5 wrote:
    > any plans on releasing The Wrecking Crew's outakes? 
    > Something like what The Beach Boys did with Pet 
    > Sounds. It would be awesome to listen to.
    A subject often discussed here. ABKCO distributes 
    Spector's recordings, and ABKCO is apparently content 
    with the state of its catalog, including early Rolling 
    Stones, Phil Spector and Cameo-Parkway. Many have 
    expressed the opinion that the catalogs should be reworked
    for new reissues. Don't hold your breath, though. (An aside: 
    I hear new Cameo-Parkway boots are in the works, anyone 
    know about these?)
    The good news is that there are unofficial Spector tapes in 
    circulation among collectors that are similar to those of 
    the Pet Sounds Sessions. Instrumental takes, false starts,
    overdub tracking dates, etc. Spector is far more animated 
    than Brian Wilson is on his session tapes. It is pretty 
    funny sometimes, and always very interesting. 
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    Subject:     Spector doc.
    Received:    03/03/00 4:29 am
    From:        john rausch
    To:          Spectropop!
    I received this message from Raechel Donahue who is in 
    charge of production for the Spector doc. that was 
    postponed on TLC:
    >John -- Unfortunately, we didn't get Phil's final approval
    >before the airdate, so we couldn't run the show. Now, we're 
    >just waiting to re schedule.
    Sounds like Mr. Spector is still up to his old tricks!
    John Rausch
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