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Spectropop V#0389

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 02/19/00

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       Volume #0389                       February 22, 2000   
                    joining the legions of fans
    Subject:     101 Strings and 50 Lashes
    Received:    02/19/00 11:28 am
    From:        James F.  Cassidy
    To:          Spectropop!
    Kieron Tyler wrote:
     A couple of tracks on side 2 have
    girls moaning over wind sounds and whip noises. 
    Now that's entertainment!
    Jim Cassidy
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    Subject:     Re: contract groups
    Received:    02/19/00 11:28 am
    From:        Stewart Mason
    To:          Spectropop!
    Paul Urbahns wrote:
    >The last couple of times I saw them they had most of the
    >originals and did a good show. They did mention for
    >several years the name was "contracted out" to a booking
    >agency that sent groups out on the road. One night they
    >were the Association and the next night in another town
    >they would be another group with a totally different show.
    >There are booking agencies that work this way and they are
    >in their rights if they contract to use the name.
    I'm not saying that they're not legally within their 
    rights, just that it's a sleazy practice. I realize that I
    could buy the name Harper's Bizarre and go on tour with it,
    but that don't make me Ted Templeman (much as I'd love to 
    have that hair). I find this practice dishonest, 
    misleading and just plain tacky. 
    >face it most of these groups from the 60s seldom want to
    >do "one night stands" and constant touring when the
    >members are between 50 and 65.
    Then the people who own the name should retire it and not 
    gull people who don't realize that the people onstage in 
    most cases are not the people they remember from the 
    >With a group name, consider yourself lucky to have
    >one original member. 
    Consider yourself lucky to have been gypped? I'm sorry, I 
    just don't see how this is defensible. Billing yourself as
    Person X of Group Y is one thing, but if the band only has 
    one of the original members (especially if this member 
    wasn't the singer or other focal point), then I don't see 
    how you can in good faith call yourself that band.
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    Subject:     Carol Kaye on FZ
    Received:    02/19/00 11:28 am
    From:        Glenn Sadin
    To:          Spectropop!
    >Yes, I did play elec. 12-string guitar on "Freak Out", the
    >other two guitarists were Dennis Budimer and Tommy Tedesco,
    >think we were the only studio musicians besides maybe a
    >percussionist on those 1st two Frank Zappa lps....
    Oh, you played 12-string? You did some nice work on that 
    album, then. There's some very pretty 12-string parts on 
    there. What kind of guitar gear (as opposed to bass) did 
    you use on the '60s? My guess is that the 12-string on 
    "Freak Out!" was not a Rickenbacker, maybe a Fender XXII? 
      Glenn Sadin
      Read about JAPANESE POP MUSIC from the 1950s thru the 1990s:
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    Subject:     Gary Lewis session players
    Received:    02/19/00 11:29 am
    From:        Rex Patton
    To:          Spectropop!
    Carol Kaye wrote
    "It was always Hal Blaine on drums, you can match his 
    sound with the other things Hal cut... I never saw Keltner
    on their stuff at all, it was always Hal, a date wasn't 
    called if Hal couldn't make it period."
    According to an interview Jim Keltner gave to Max Weinberg, 
    Jim became the Playboys road drummer after giving Gary 
    drum lessons. He also played on "She's Just My Style" 
    (listen for the great drum fill in the intro that he does 
    going around the kit backwards) and the album it came from
    . He was only in the band for seven months and spends most
    of the interview praising Hal Blaine to the heavens, so I 
    don't think he's trying to snake one of his credits. But 
    in Hal's book, Hal lists "She's Just My Style" in his 
    credits, so the issue remains muddled. And to make it more
    confusing, Joe Osborne - who also played bass on a ton of 
    hits out of LA in the 60's and 70's - has all of Gary 
    Lewis' hits in his resume. I know, let me say it for her -
    "It will all be straightened out when Russ Wapensky's book 
    comes out" Well, the book is long overdue and a lot of us 
    would love to read it. 
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    Subject:     Phil Spector TV doc date
    Received:    02/19/00 11:29 am
    From:        Carol Kaye
    To:          Spectropop!
    The documentary, "Phil Spector's Wall Of Sound" is 
    supposed to be on TV Feb. 26th (Saturday), don't know what
    time. Am also trying to find out the TV date for the new 
    Beach Boys mini-series movie, will let you know that as 
    soon as I hear.
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     Spector Documentary
    Received:    02/19/00 11:29 am
    From:        john rausch
    To:          Spectropop!
    Ian wrote:
    >There was mention on the list recently of a Spector
    >documentary.  Has it aired yet in the US?  If not, I'd
    >appreciate details of when it is scheduled and on which
    >channel, so I can get it VDO'd..........
    Hi Ian
    There is supposed to be a doc. on Spector airing on 
    The Learning Channel (TLC) on Feb.26
    John Rausch
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of Sound @
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    Subject:     Jimmy Webb
    Received:    02/22/00 1:28 am
    From:        Scott Bauman
    To:          Spectropop!
    Last week, I went to see Jimmy Webb at the Cinegrill in 
    Hollywood. I had never seen him before, so it was quite a 
    treat even though Jimmy's voice was a little worse for 
    wear (i.e., he didn't sound as strong as on the recent 
    "Ten Easy Pieces" album).
    I was surprised to hear him sing "Up Up And Away" -- not a
    song that I thought would lend itself to just a piano and 
    one voice. When he sang "Didn't We," he dedicated it to 
    Connie Stevens who was sitting in the audience. He made 
    reference to performing that song with her in Lake Tahoe. 
    Sitting in the front row was Hal David, with Stephen 
    Bishop and Leah Kunkel (looking just like her sister) also
    in the audience.
    He told some interesting anecdotes, including several 
    about RIchard Harris and the fact that the title to "If 
    You See Me Getting Smaller, I'm Leaving" came from a 
    comment by Waylon Jennings to the producer of a TV show. 
    Among the highlights were "Crying In My Sleep" "Adios" and
    "Marionette" (the later he described as an example of 
    "Diddley Baroque").
    Of course, with a catalogue of songs like he's got, I was 
    bound to be disappointed with some of his choices. For 
    example, he did a medley of "By the Time I Get To Phoenix"
    "Galveston" and "Wichita Lineman." I think these songs 
    deserve better than a medley containing such segues as "By
    the time I get to ... Galveston, oh Galveston." I was 
    hoping to hear "Rosecranse Blvd." and "Do What You Gotta 
    Do," among others not performed, but overall it was a very
    nice experience and I highly recommend that you see him if 
    he's in your neighborhood. 
    -- Scott
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    Subject:     Carole King- Gerry Goffin
    Received:    02/22/00 1:28 am
    From:        Scott Kohler
    To:          Spectropop!
    Does anyone know where I can find a definitive list of all
    of Goffin-King's songs, including the artists they were 
    recorded by? Also, I have heard about a Brill Building CD,
    and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get it. 
    Scott Kohler
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    Subject:     from Carol Kaye - important
    Received:    02/22/00 1:28 am
    From:        Carol Kaye
    To:          Spectropop!
    There's a rumor floating around that I personally asked my
    fans to send in to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame for me to 
    get in there -- and just wanted to assure you, this is 
    totally off-the-wall untrue!
    I thought it was very caring of my fans to want to even 
    think of wanting to get me in the RRHOF, but as you all 
    know.......I DIDN'T ASK ANYONE TO DO THAT AT ALL! But I 
    spoke appreciatively on my message board of all who
    did try for this as I understand the respect and nice 
    thoughts in back of that nice independent effort.
    There is one possible person who want to "gain" from 
    spreading these false rumors, and won't name names here...
    .but just to assure everyone, I DID NOT ASK ANYONE TO GET 
    ME IN THE ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME at all, believe me, I'm
    thrilled with the great honor of the Women In Music 
    Touchstone Award and the upcoming Lifetime Achievement 
    I'm a jazz musician and as such, I think it's pretty 
    strange to even think of the RRHOF, but am very happy for 
    the ones who are getting you all know, and 
    have made a few statements about that on
    my message board, and other private and public lists also.
    In fact, and it is on recorded on film in front of a whole
    lot of VIP dignataries in NYC at the Marquis Hotel, Women 
    In Music Touchstone Awards what I said in my speech after 
    Ron Carter and Will Lee presented me with the beautiful 
    Touchstone award and tho't of Motown bassist/innovator 
    James Jamerson right away after a few words:
    "I want to speak about James Jamerson, his great work for 
    Motown, his fine basslines that started Motown Records, 
    and his great hits for Motown --- THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO
    This same rumor goes on to say that I am "jealous" of 
    Jamerson getting in the RRHOF, nothing could be FURTHER 
    FROM THE TRUTH!!!!!!!! People know I'm just the oppostite 
    of that petty small-way of thinking.....but someone has 
    something to gain by spreading this false and horrible 
    rumor which I'm making public statements about to clarify 
    WAS!!!!! And did extend my congratulations to the RRHOF 
    inductees publicly immediately on my message board, on 
    other boards, private and publicly.
    As I've always done throughout the decades, speaking of 
    James' great work for Motown, almost 20 years before the 
    book on him came out, I've respected and thought highly of
    the contribution to Motown and Music in general that James 
    Jamerson made....he paved the way for so many bass players.
    Right is right and it's too bad that other people make 
    money (off of us musicians) who spread rumors of this kind
    of thing. 
    I was very happy to help Jamerson get studio work here in 
    LA in the early 70s when he moved out to LA (probably the 
    only one to do so at that time) and have expressed my 
    happiness at him also getting the RRHOF induction.....
    which I've publicly expressed, not only on my message 
    board, but here, on TBL, other private boards etc. many 
    many times, contrary to what the current rumor being 
    spread at a few places is.
    Just wanted to set the record straight as you know I've 
    said something about it here in the past also. 
    Carol Kaye
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    Received:    02/19/00 11:29 am
    From:        CHRIS KING
    To:          Spectropop!
    This Friday the 18th of February sees the grand opening of
    Club:DA DOO RON RON - a celebration of 6T's girl groups & 
    sassy soul sisters
    When:Friday 18th February
    Where:UPSTAIRS @ THE GARAGE, 20 - 22, Highbury Corner, 
    London N1 (Venue tel:-0171-607-1818)
    Doors:9pm - 3am
    Admission:5 / 4 w / flyer
    DJ's:Chris D King & Declan Allen
    Musical menu:Fab femme only 45's from the likes of The 
    Ronettes, Velvelettes, Chiffons, Dusty, Aretha, Petula, 
    Nancy, Paper Dolls, Marvelettes, Shangri-La's, Supremes, 
    Cookies, Helen Shapiro, Vandellas, Lulu, et al
    For more info check the DDRR web site:
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    Subject:     The Liquid Room 1/22/00
    Received:    02/21/00 1:28 am
    From:        David Ponak
    To:          Spectropop!
    The Liquid Room airs every Saturday Morning (Friday night)
    from 3-6 on 90.7 FM KPFK. (98.7 in Santa Barbara County).
    Also check out my show The Nice Age at 
    on Sunday afternoons from 3-6 PM, PST. 
    The Liquid Room-2/13/00:
    1.The Association-Come On In
    Birthday (Warner Bros.)
    2.Chappie-Chappie's Attack
    New Chappie (Sony Japan)
    3.Francis Lai-Party Music-Show Out
    I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname Soundtrack (Decca)
    4.Arling & Cameron-W.E.E.K.E.N.D.
    Music For Imaginary Films (Emperor Norton)
    5.Chisato Moritaka-Tokyo Rush (Duet with Harry Hosono)
    This Summer Will Be More Better (Zetima-Japan)
    6.Singers Unlimited-You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
    Feeling Free (MPS)
    7.Yellow Magic Orchestra-Behind The Mask (FPM Remix)
    YMO Remixes-Technopolis 2000-01 (Victor-Japan)
    8.Tubeway Army-Me I Disconnect From You
    Replicas (Beggars Banquet)
    9.Katerine (with Kahimi Karie)-Jamais Je Ne Tai Dit
    Les Creatures (Rosebud-France)
    10.Fuschimuschi-My Number One
    Single (Rephlex-UK)
    11.Charles Fox/Jack Wild-Pufnstuf
    Pufnstuf Soundtrack (Capitol)
    12.Betrand Burgalat-Glucide
    Dans Le Yeaux D'April March (Tricatel-France)
    13.The Heavy Blinkers-Summer Won't Ask You Twice
    The Heavy Blinkers (Brobdingnagian)
    This is a GREAT pop record. Fans of XTC and Beach Boys 
    must check it out.
    14.Tom Scott with The California Dreamers-Today
    The Honeysuckle Breeze (Impulse)
    15.Georgio Moroder-Chase
    Midnight Express Soundtrack (Casablanca)
    16..The Heavy Blinkers-Crowned Miss Fire Prevention
    The Heavy Blinkers (Brobdingnagian)
    17.Groove Armada-At The River
    Vertigo (Jive)
    18.Cambodian Rocks-A2
    Love Peace And Poetry-Asian Psychedelic Music (QDK-Germany)
    19.Merl Saunders-Michael's Scarborough Fair
    Heavy Traffic Soundtrack (Fantasy)
    20.Angelo Badalamenti And Orbital-Beached
    The Beach Soundtrack (London)
    21.Cornelius-Rock '96
    69/96 (Trattoria-Japan)
    22.Noel Harrison-Strawberry Fields Forever
    Collage (Reprise)
    23.The Cure-The Loudest Sound
    Bloodflowers (Fiction/Elektra)
    24.New Order-Brutal
    The Beach Soundtrack (London)
    Single (Sony-Japan)
    26.Glen Campbell-Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife
    The Capitol Years 66/77 (Compiled by Bob & Pete of 
    Saint Etienne!) (Zonophone-UK)
    27.Yo La Tengo-Let's Save Tony Orlando's House
    And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out (Matador)
    28.Michel Polnareff-Ame Caline
    Les Premiere Annes (Univeral-France)
    29.Wondermints-Silly Places
    7" single (Pop Psycle)
    30.Seksu Roba-Party On Saturn
    Seksu Roba (Demo)
    31.Neil Young-Transformer Man
    Trans (Geffen)
    32.The Golden Orchestra & Chorus-Hydrogen & Helium
    The Space Alphabet (Golden)
    33.DJ Me DJ You-Video City Boy
    Rainbows & Robots (Emperor Norton)
    34.The Jupiter Affect-Ice Cream Lolly
    Instructions For The Two Ways Of Becoming Alice (Eggbert)
    35.The Tokens-Portrait Of My Love
    It's A Happening World (WB)
    36.Seely-Plances Circle Do
    Winter Birds (Koch)
    37.Eels-A Daisy Through Concrete
    Daisy's Of The Galaxy (Dreamworks)
    38.Mark Wirtz-Satan Took A Tram Ride
    Kitschinsync (RPM)
    39.DJ Chebi Sabbah-Shri Durga (State Of Bengal Mix)
    Maha Maya (Six Degrees)
    40.Dave Gruisin-The Girl From Uncle
    The Girl From Uncle Soundtrack (MGM)
    41.Melon-The Gate Of Japonesia
    Deep Cut (Sony-Japan)
    42.The Heavy Blinkers-Dressing Down
    The Heavy Blinkers (Brobdingnagian)
    43.Michael Nesmith-Joanne
    The Older Stuff (Rhino)
    44.The Negro Problem-Come Down Now
    Joys & Concerns (Aerial Flipout)
    45.Paul Williams-Morning I'll Be Moving On
    Someday Man (Reprise)
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