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Spectropop V#0386

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 02/15/00

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       Volume #0386                       February 15, 2000   
     Unbreakable Long Playing Monophonic Microgroove Recording
    Subject:     Chantels
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB
    To:          Spectropop!
    I saw The Chantels last night in Boston. They opened for 
    New Birth and Bloodstone. Arlene Smith's voice is still 
    good after all these years and she put on a touching show 
    of Chantels' tunes, including a nice little rap about the 
    meaning of the word "Maybe", and several well-chosen 
    covers including a surprisingly well-arranged version of 
    The Classic IV's "Stormy". As for New Birth and 
    Bloodstone, Fuhgedaboudit! Simply unbelievably 
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    Subject:     Gary Lewis; The Ventures
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        Lindsay Martin
    To:          Spectropop!
    Thank you to Michael for pointing us to Bob Shannon's 
    "Behind the Hits" online. Further to my earlier speculation
    here about the role of studio musicians on Gary Lewis's 
    recordings, there is an article there about the making of 
    "This Diamond Ring" 
    An excerpt:
     "...the Playboys were almost irrelevant--they weren't 
    allowed to play their instruments and their voices were 
    used sparingly. Snuff [Garrett] wanted a hit, so he 
    insisted on using trusted studio musicians. "I got a piano
    player I knew named Leon Russell to do the arranging. My 
    string stuff wasn't making it anymore, so I [used only] 
    five pieces [authors' note: they included Tommy Alsup on 
    guitar, Leon Russell on keyboards, and Hal Blaine on drums]. 
    I didn't use the Playboys at all except as overtones." 
    As for Gary's lead vocals. .. well, that's not just 
    Gary's voice you hear on the record. To help fill out what
    he felt to be Gary's vocal inadequacies, Snuff brought in a
    session singer, too. His name was Ron Hicklin. Ron did the 
    basic vocal track; then Snuff added Gary's voice, 
    overdubbed him a second time, added some of the Playboys, 
    and then added more of Hicklin. "When I got through... 
    [Gary] sounded like Mario Lanza;' Snuff commented. 
    [No mention of Carol Kaye, but she was there too.]
    On the subject of session musicians: looking through a 
    list of people for whom Carol played, I see the Ventures. 
    One of the most famous guitar groups ever and even they 
    used a session guitarist? I can take only so much 
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    Subject:     Love
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        David Mirich
    To:          Spectropop!
    << I was reading this article about Love and it said the band
     might've recorded a an instant follow-up to Forever Changes
     called "Getsehmane" (sp?), lots of titles exist but the 
     music hasn't been found.....what's the truth? Does the 
     album gather dust in a tape vault or is it only a myth? >>
    Probably a myth, or the bootleggers would've gotten ahold 
    of it by now. I think A. Lee received 8 years in the pen. 
    Started serving time about 3? years ago, so with good time
    .... another couple of years. I don't know about the long 
    lost follow up to Forever Changes, but I felt that DaCapo 
    (1st side) was a worthy follow up to FC. 
    How much of the arrangement did A. Lee do on FC? Was there
    a G. Martin arranging the ornate, delicate, intricate, 
    majestic music on FC? 
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    Subject:     the answer to Love's "Seven And Seven Is"
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB
    To:          Spectropop!
    In a message dated 2/13/0 11:58:33 AM, you wrote:
    >What does the other members of 
    >Love do today? I know MacLean died, but what about the 
    >others? Ken Forsi, John Echols, "Snoopy"
    Forsi went into Forensic Pathology following an television
    addiction to "Quincy" during the 8T's. Echols is making 
    sheckles selling the answer to Love's "Seven And Seven Is"
    via his newly-created website. Snoopy is attending Charles 
    Schultz's funeral and is unavailable for comment.
         JB ;-)
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    Subject:     Re: 101 Strings & Dyingly Sad
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin
    To:          Spectropop!
    >*101 Strings: The Romance of Magic Island
    >Exotica-listees probably rave about The 101 Strings...this
    >LP is actually brilliant and "a program of lush
    >instrumentals that set the mood of a tropical paradise -
    >played in the sound of magnificence". It's pure
    >entertainment music, but what is wrong with that?
    My fave 101 Strings is a late 50's/early 60's LP called 
    "Back Beat Symphony" where they took classical melodies and
    did them "Rock & Roll" Style. It was an early "Hooked On 
    Classics" attempt and It is Sooo bad...!
    What makes it horrible is that it sounded like the 
    producers dubbed in a small rock band behind 101 Strings 
    playing 50's R&R style (ala the Platters hits...Triplets 
    on piano) and to make matters worse they added a hideous 
    (white sounding) chorus singing "Doo-Wop" styled background
    vocals! And this did this to every song on the album. It is
    one of the weirdest sounding LP's I have in my collection! 
    >Subject:     Dyingly sad
    >On what LP('s) can I find the tune "Mr. Dyingly Sad"?
    It was recorded by The Critters in 1966 and you can find 
    it on "Anthology - The Complete Kapp Recordings" by 
    Taragon Records. 
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
    Jangle Radio:
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    Subject:     Re: The Critters
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        Hans Ebert
    To:          Spectropop!
    In response to Nat Kone's question, 'Mr Dyingly Sad' was 
    recorded by The Critters.
    If anyone can tell me who was in the band or where I can 
    get both this track and anything by Emmit Rhodes, it would
    be much appreciated
    Hans Ebert
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    Subject:     Mr. Dyingly Sad
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        John Hesterman
    To:          Spectropop!
    For Nat Kone & All:
    "Mr. Dyingly Sad" was recorded by The Critters. While the 
    original Kapp vinyl LP has been unavailable for many years, 
    there is a CD release on Taragon Records (TARCD-1001) 
    called "The Critters / Anthology, The Complete Kapp 
    Recordings: 1965-1976" still available the last time I 
    looked. It includes "Mr. Dyingly Sad" and every other 
    "essential" Critters Kapp recording, and I highly 
    recommend it. The address for Taragon Records is: P. O. 
    Box 1571, Melville, New York, 11747. Enjoy :)
    John H.
    A Grape :)
    Also an Offbeat :)
    With a TRACE of music in there somewhere!
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    Subject:     The Critters did it
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB
    To:          Spectropop!
    In a message dated 2/13/0 11:58:33 AM, you wrote:
    >On what LP('s) can I find the tune "Mr. Dyingly Sad"?
    >It rings a bell but I can't seem to find it.
    >Is it the Association, (among others)?
    The Critters did it..And its on Varese Sarbandes 5-Volume 
    Sunshine Pop series, not sure which volume though...Also a
    note to Hillary Rodham Hussein: If you're really not sure 
    if you dig Mancini, get the CD-Compilation "Martinis with 
    Mancini". You WILL LIKE him! Trust me Hillary...Bill 
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0385
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        WASE RADIO
    To:          Spectropop!
    To Nat Kone:
     "Mr. Dieingly Sad" was a hit for the Critters. It was 
    originally released on Kapp 769. It peaked at #17 in the 
    fall of 1966. One of that group's members, Don Ciccone, 
    was in the 1970s version of the Four Seasons.
                            Michael G, Marvin
                             WASE radio
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    Subject:     Paradise..
    Received:    02/15/00 12:23 am
    From:        Jim Fisher
    To:          Spectropop!
    Hey Spectropopers
    Can someone tell me about this went "...I love 
    my Kooky little paradise"..that's all I can recall of the 
    lyrics I'm afraid. From around '62/63? I keep thinking 
    Connie Stevens but maybe I'm on the wrong track with her. 
    I remember that it had lots of strange "jungle" noises in 
    the background.Sort of Martin Denny wearing tan shoes and 
    pink shoe laces. Any ideas? 
    Best to all, 
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