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Spectropop V#0382

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 02/03/00

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       Volume #0382                        February 3, 2000   
              This is the new design in today's music
    Subject:     cake
    Received:    02/03/00 12:35 am
    From:        Nat Kone
    To:          Spectropop!
    John Frank wrote:
    >Nat Kone wrote:
    >>Speaking of recently found records, what can you tell me 
    >>about this apparent girl trio on Decca, called "The Cake"?
    >I've always clearly heard Cher's voice in their classic, 
    >"Baby That's Me"? Is it? Or did one of the group merely 
    >sound like her? (I've been wondering this for years and 
    >would really like to know if my suspicion is true.)
    None of them look like Cher and none of them are named 
    Cher but that doesn't mean it isn't secretly Cher, I 
    suppose. But you better ask Ms.Kaye who played guitar on 
    this one. Actually the credits are quite complete on the 
    back, listing nine guitar players, also including Mike 
    Post, Melvin Brown (rings a bell) and Mac Rebennack. Even 
    the engineers are listed. What isn't listed are the names 
    of the three ladies in Cake. But the credit list is 
    "signed" by three women. Barbara, Eleanor and Jeanette who 
    hope we can "groove behind this album" as much as they all
    did making it.
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    Subject:     it isn't soft pop exactly...actually
    Received:    02/03/00 12:35 am
    From:        Hillary Rodham Hussein
    To:          Spectropop!
    Kingsley Abbott wrote:
    >Of David's list, the CDs I personally would most like to
    >see, in order I guess, are 5th Dimension's first two
    >albums as a twofer,
    Aren't these two already released on "The Jim Webb 
    Songbook" CD? Or is that a bootleg compilation?
    Actually, Kingsley (and Joe), I wouldn't mind seeing The 
    Sagittarius' "Blue Marble" on a Revola CD...
    ...why hasn't that record been reissued, anyway? Is it not
    as good as "Present Tense"?
    Nat Kone wrote:
    >I don't see anyone on this list talking about their 
    >"recent finds" like on the other list I'm on
    Sounds like the exotica-list to me, right?
    Is there an album which draws equally from the soft pop 
    *and* exotica 'genres'? "Smile" belongs to the 2nd category, 
    with all the Martin Denny-ish stuff, but it isn't soft 
    pop exactly...actually, The BB's "Friends" is the album I 
    can think of. 
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    Subject:     Chris & Peter Allen
    Received:    02/03/00 12:35 am
    From:        David Bash
    To:          Spectropop!
    I'd like to publicly thank listmemeber Francesc Sole for 
    tipping me off to the whereabouts of Chris & Peter Allen's
    "#1 Album", one of the LPs on my list of soft pop that 
    should be released on CD. I'd never heard the album before
    but had been told by those who have that it was truly a 
    soft pop classic. I spent quite a bit of money to get it, 
    and I must say it was worth every penny! Trust me, folks, 
    this stuff is *nothing* like the sounds Peter Allen was 
    doing in the late '70s. It's soft pop with a dash of 
    whimsy that fans of Harpers Bizarre will especially love, 
    and it contains, as part of a medley, the only cover of 
    "The Rain, The Park, And Other Things" I've ever heard 
    (unless I'm forgetting one).
    Soft pop fans out there, if this album appears on any for 
    sale lists, definitely pick it up. You won't be 
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    Subject:     Mr. Cupid's flip
    Received:    02/03/00 12:35 am
    From:        Frank Youngwerth,
    To:          Spectropop!
    My reference says the non-Cookies b-side to their Mr. 
    Cupid (WB 7047) is "Hang My Head and Cry" performed by the
    Big Guys.
    Never heard these either, but I sure like "Wounded".
    p.s. I erred: Ernie Freeman arranged but did not produce 
    the Patti Page track I recently raved over. Do any "
    Northern Soul" djs know about it ("Till You Come Back to 
    Me")? It certainly sounds like something right up their 
    alley--or is that scene long gone?
    Frank Youngwerth 
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    Subject:     "This Diamond Ring" - pre-Gary Lewis version
    Received:    02/03/00 12:35 am
    From:        Claudia Cunningham
    To:          Spectropop!
    Regarding "This Diamond Ring" - Maybe I'm going bananas 
    but I seem to clearly recall a pre-Gary Lewis version by a
    soul group...the song was slowed down a notch and had a 
    horn section! Can anyone help me or am I totally 
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    Subject:     "Popsicles and Icicles" by the Murmaids
    Received:    02/03/00 12:35 am
    From:        WASE RADIO
    To:          Spectropop!
    I suppose everyone has a favorite song from their 
    childhood. Mine was "Popsicles and Icicles" by the 
    Murmaids. I remembered hearing that song a lot when I was 
    living in Germany. I was hearing that on a jukebox at an 
    NCO club there. I remembered the "B" side was an 
    instrumental called "Huntington Flats". Many years later 
    when I got more into collecting oldies, I found a copy of 
    "Popsicles..." at a record store. But the strange thing 
    was the "B" side was another song called "Blue Dress", 
    this time a vocal. I thought I lost my mind there. Well it
    didn't turn out that I didn't. I found a copy with that 
    instrumental B side at a shop that sold old records. The 
    copy had some noise but the music was just as I remembered. 
    The song sounds like one you would hear at a roller 
    skating rink. A Hammond organ plays a simple tune, 
    accompanied by an electric rhythm guitar, a warm full bass
    (Carol, Is that You?), and drums. Very simple song with two
    key changes all in two minutes and fifteen seconds. To all 
    girl group fans read on. For many years I wondered if the 
    Murmaids ever put a whole album-and the answer was an 
    eventual yes. There was an album on Chattahoochee in 1980 
    (?!?). I ordered in May of 1981, and got it. I played it 
    every day till I wore the grooves out. And in 1995 the 
    same album came out on compact disc on Collectibles. If 
    you are a fan of the girl groups this is a must CD for 
    your collection. Another interesting curios on "Popsicles 
    and Icicles" is on the song's ending. The original 45 
    version has that loud organ to go out very cold. On the 
    Murmaids album and reissue 45s of "Popsicles" has a slight
    fade on that organ, but eventually ending cold. In our 
    station library there's a version that has an extra guitar
    flourish and drum roll both which fades out very quickly.
    Happy Listening
    Michael G. Marvin
    WASE radio
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    Subject:     M E A N I N G F U L ! ! !
    Received:    02/03/00 12:35 am
    From:        Jamie LePage
    To:          Spectropop!
    Although I shall write many things about "Priscilla", she 
    can best be described in one word...
    M E A N I N G F U L ! ! !
    Or so says Phil Spector in the liner notes to "Priscilla 
    sings Herself," the Priscilla Paris solo album on York 
    Records (4005).
    I don't know the release date (late '66 or '67?), but it 
    still has that deep cavernous sound first heard on I Love 
    How You Love Me, and Priscilla's vocals on this album are 
    absolutely gorgeous. The direction is away from girl group
    and the arrangements are decidedly restrained. The echo is 
    like being in the Gold Star arena. You are used to the 
    ambience when it is full of people, but when it's empty 
    the hallowness seems so big and a bit eerie. That sound 
    comes through to me on this. The same ambience as on 
    Ronettes' Blues for Baby.
    The spin obviously is "Once-girl-group star Priscilla is 
    now an inspired singer/songwriter artist" you see. I admit, 
    there is great charm in the "non-traditional" chord 
    progressions the (uncredited LA) studio musicians play. 
    Melodically it is playfully simple; Lyrically, it's pretty
    serious. Here's a sample:
    "I'm me
    And me I'll always be...
    But what if I can't be
    The things you want from me
    Then I'll die
    'cause I'm me"
    Phil adds..."These songs are happy and sad...Deep and 
    He sort of has a point.
    I was reminded of this record because it sounds like it 
    was recorded around the time of the Cake's "Baby That's 
    Me." Maybe that White Whale Nino & April stuff too. A 
    latter day booming Gold Star-ish recording if you will. I 
    think we need more of these. The last holdouts before the 
    16s and 24s changed the playing field.
    Produced by Greene & Stone, arranged by Don Peake and 
    Harold Batiste, engineering by Doc Seigel and Stan Ross. 
    This pinpoints Gold Star as one of the studios used. From 
    the sound of it, I'd bet the mix was done at Gold Star, 
    maybe the lead vocal tracking too. Priscilla was 
    undoubtedly very comfortable working with Stan by then I 
    would think.
    Questions: Where did Doc Seigel usually work and what 
    other of his records fall into our area of discussion? 
    Also, York Records was Greene & Stone's imprint, wasn't it? 
    Distributed by Bell, I wonder who now owns these masters. 
    Anyone know a bit more about this label? Priscilla was 
    later managed by Clancy Grass and I believe she married 
    him. Whatever happened to Priscilla? Anyone know?
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    Subject:     The Liquid Room 1/29/00
    Received:    02/01/00 3:38 am
    From:        Ponak, David
    To:          Spectropop!
    The Liquid Room airs every Saturday Morning (Friday night)
    from 3-6 on 90.7 FM KPFK. (98.7 in Santa Barbara County).
    Also check out my show The Nice Age at 
    The time has changed. I'm now on Sunday afternoons from 
    3-6 PM, PST. 
    The Liquid Room-1/29/00:
    1.The Committee-California My Way
    Happy Together-The Best Of White Whale Records (Varese Sarabande)
    2.Puffy-???? (Can't read the kanji) (Take Me To The Disco Mix by Fantastic
    Plastic Machine)
    PMRX-Puffy Remix Project (Epic-Japan)
    3.Wayne Newton-Live And Let Die/Hard To Handle
    The Best Of Wayne Newton Live (Chelsea)
    4.Luke Vibert & BJ Cole-Baby Steps
    Stop The Panic (Astralwerks)
    5.Air-Playground Love
    The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack (Astrawerks)
    6.Mark Wirtz-Satan Took A Tram Ride
    Kitschinsync (RPM-UK)
    7.Pulp-A Little Soul
    This Is Hardcore (Island)
    8.Dominic Frontiere And His Orchestra-Temple Of Suicide
    Pagan Festival (Columbia)
    9.The Divine Comedy-The Frog Princess
    Casonova (Setanta)
    10.The Walker Brothers-Walking In The Rain
    Images (CD bonus Track) (Mercury-UK)
    11.Rupert Holmes-Answering Machine
    Partners In Crime (MCA)
    12.DJ Me DJ You-Showerball
    Rainbows And Robots (Emperor Norton)
    13.The Eels-Jeannie's Diary
    Daisy's Of The Galaxy (Dreamworks)
    14.The Singers Unlimited-Feeling Free With Patrick D.
    Feeling Free (MPS)
    15.Sissy Bar-Sour
    Songs For Peeps (Mootron)
    Live It Up (Shelf Life)
    17.The Cowsills-Indian Lake
    The Best Of (Mercury)
    18.The Aluminum Group-Chocolates
    Plano (Minty Fresh)
    19.Yoshinori Sunahara-My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
    Take Off And Landing (Ki-oon-Japan)
    20.Yukari Fresh & Pat Detective-Yipee To Kate 99
    Pop Tics (Bungalow-Ger.)
    21.Flip Flap-Tampopo
    Liv La La La Luv (Sony-Japan)
    22.The Beach Boys-Matchpoint Of Our Love
    The M.I.U. Album (Caribou)
    23.Suba-Tantos Desejos
    Sao Paulo Confessions (Six Degrees)
    24.Spanky & Our Gang-Without Rhyme Or Reason
    Greatest Hits (Mercury)
    25.Mellow-Instant Love (Andy Votel Remix)
    Single (East/West-UK)
    26.Yellow Magic Orchestra-Be A Superman
    Technodon (EMI-Japan)
    27.Fay Lovksy-He Don't Love Me Anymore
    Confetti (WEA-Holland)
    28.New Order-Your Silent Face
    Power, Corruption & Lies (Qwest)
    29.Ballroom-It's A Sad World
    Before The Millenium (Rev-ola-UK)
    30.The Fifth Dimension-The Girl's Song
    Up Up And Way-The Definitive Collection (Arista)
    31.Johnny Rivers-Rosecrans Blvd.
    Rewind (Liberty)
    32.Glen Campbell-Where's The Playground Susie?
    Greatest Hits (Captiol)
    33.Dusty Springfield-Magic Garden
    Hits And Bits (Mercury)
    34.Tomovsky-Let's Do It On The Phone
    Single (Sony-Japan)
    35.Lady Nelson & The Lords-Picadilly Pickle
    Picadilly Pickle (Dunhill)
    36.The Raymakers-Solar Bubbles
    At Home With The Groovebox (Grand Royal)
    38.David McCallum-5 O'clock World
    Music: At Bit More Of Me (Capitol)
    39.Denki Groove-Theme From Invaders
    Voxxx (Sony-Japan)
    40.Lee Hazlewood-I Move Around
    13 (SLR)
    41.Edwyn Collins-No One Waved Goodbye
    I'm Not Following You (Setanta)
    42.Pizzicato Five-Serial Stories
    Pizzicato Five (*********-Japan)
    43.Frank Sinatra-What's New?
    Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely (Capitol)
    44.Bjork-All Is Full Of Love (String Mix)
    CD Maxi Single (Elektra)
    45.Paul Williams-Morning I'll Be Moving On
    Someday Man (Reprise)
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