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Spectropop V#0374

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 01/19/00

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       Volume #0374                        January 20, 2000   
                        Do the                    
    Subject:     Re: Soft Pop On CD
    Received:    01/19/00 5:02 am
    From:        David Bash
    To:          Spectropop List
    levin lo wrote:
    > All of this talk about soft pop and sunshine pop fuels my
    > curiosity to no end. Could somebody kindly create an
    > essential listening list for these genres, with regards to
    > compact disc releases? I'd really appreciate it.
    Hi Levin,
    Well, I'm willing to give it a go. Of course, I may very 
    well inadvertantly leave something out, but I'll do my 
    best to list the compact discs which I think represent the
    best of the soft pop genre:
    Proper Albums:
    And Along Comes The Association-The Association (Warner Brothers, Japan)
    Renaissance-The Association (Warner Brothers, Japan)
    Insight Out-The Association (Warner Brothers, Japan)
    Birthday-The Associaton (Warner Brothers, Japan)
    This Is Us-Harmony Grass (EM Records, Japan)
    Around Grapefruit-Grapefruit (Repertoire Records, Germany)
    The Yellow Balloon-The Yellow Balloon (Sundazed, US)
    Save For A Rainy Day-Jan & Dean (Sundazed, US)
    The Cowsills-The Cowsills (Razor & Tie, US)
    You're A Very Lovely Woman/Live-The Merry Go Round (A&M, Japan)
    Give Me, Take You-Duncan Browne (Sony Special Products, US)
    Would You Believe-Billy Nicholls (Sequel, UK)
    Present Tense-Sagittarius (Sundazed, US)
    Begin-The Millennium (Revola, UK)
    Preparing For The Millennium-The Ballroom (Revola, UK)
    Revelations/Attacking The Straw Man-New Colony Six (Listed as "Best Of 
    New Colony Six", but is in fact their two proper albums on 
    Would You Believe-The Hollies (EMI, UK)
    For Certain Because-The Hollies (EMI, UK)
    Evolution-The Hollies (EMI, UK)
    Butterfly-The Hollies (EMI, UK)
    The Parade-The Parade (A&M, Japan)
    Walk Away Renee-The Left Banke (Mercury, Japan)
    Odessey & Oracle-The Zombies (Big Beat, UK)
    Now That Everything's Been Said-The City (Epic, US)
    Ellie Greenwich Composes, Produces, and Sings (Raven, Australia)
    Feelin' Groovy-Harper's Bizarre (Warner Brothers, Japan)
    Anything Goes-Harper's Bizarre (Warner Brothers, Japan)
    The Secret Life Of Harper's Bizarre-Harper's Bizarre (Warner Brothers,
    Kites Are Fun-The Free Design (Teichiku, Japan)
    You Could Be Born Again-The Free Design (Teichiku, Japan)
    Stars/Time/Bubbles/Love-The Free Design (Teichiku, Japan)
    One By One-The Free Design (Teichiku, Japan)
    Heaven/Earth-The Free Design (Teichiku, Japan)
    Sing For Very Important People-The Free Design (Teichiku, Japan)
    Spanky And Our Gang-Spanky And Our Gang (Vivid Sound, Japan)
    Like To Get To Know You-Spanky And Our Gang (Vivid Sound, Japan)
    Without Rhyme Or Reason-Spanky And Our Gang (Vivid Sound, Japan)
    4-Harper's Bizarre (Warner Brothers, Japan)
    The Clique-The Clique (Varese Sarabande, US)
    All Strung Out-Nino Tempo & April Stevens (Varese Sarabande, US)
    Bee Gees 1st-The Bee Gees (Polygram, US)
    Horizontal-The Bee Gees (Polygram, US)
    Idea-The Bee Gees (Polygram, US)
    Salies Fforth..Plus-The Rainbow Ffolly (See For Miles, UK)
    Outward Bown...Plus-The Alan Bown (See For Miles, UK)
    The Pleasure Fair-The Pleasure Fair (Universal, Japan)
    On-The 8th Day (Universal, Japan)
    It's Been A Long, Long Time-The Hep Stars (Keystone Music, Japan)
    Neon-The Cyrkle (Sony, Japan)
    The World In A Sea Shell-The Strawberry Alarm Clock (Universal, Japan)
    Wake Up, It's Tomorrow-The Strawberry Alarm Clock (Universal, Japan)
    The World Of Oz-The World Of Oz (Si-Wan, Korea)
    Compilations, Single Artists:
    There's Gonna Be A Storm-The Left Banke (Polygram, US)
    Sittin On A Fence (The Immediate Anthology)-The Twice As Much (Sequel, UK)
    Colonized!-The Best Of New Colony Six (Rhino, US)
    It's About Time-The Kit Kats (Jamie, US)
    The Complete Roger Nichols & The Small Circle Of Friends (A&M, Japan)
    Eternity's Children-Eternity's Children (Revola, UK)
    The Sunshine Company-The Sunshine Company (Revola, UK)
    Let's Go To San Francisco-The Flowerpot Men (Repertoire, Germany)
    The Best Of The Cowsills-The Cowsills (Rebound, US)
    Choir Practice-The Choir (Sundazed, US)
    Anthology-The Critters (Taragon, US)
    The Very Best Of-The Arbors (Taragon, US)
    You've Got To Be Loved-The Montanas (Sequel, UK)
    Flight Recorder-Pinkerton's Assorted Colours/Flying Machine (Sequel, UK)
    Major League-The Ivy League (Sequel, UK)
    Up, Up, And Away, The Definitive Collection-The 5th Dimension (Arista, US)
    Back To The Story-The Idle Race (EMI, UK)
    The Enfields/Friends Of The Family (Get Hip, US)
    The Sun, The Wind, And Other Things (Collectables, US)
    The Best Of Paul & Barry Ryan (Repertoire, US)
    Compilations, Various Artists
    The Melody Goes On, Vol. 1-3 (M&M, Japan)
    Ripples, Vol. 1-4 (Sequel, UK)
    Sunshine Days, Pop Classics Of The 60s Vol 1-5 (Varese Sarabande, US)
    Melodies For You-Universal Soft Rock Vol 1 (Universal, Japan)
    Morning Glory Days-Universal Soft Rock Vol 2 (Universal, Japan)
    History Of American Pops, Vol 2 (Warner Brothers, Japan)
    Now, if you're looking for a list of soft pop which *isn't* on CD, that's 
    another book entirely.  :-))
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
    David Bash
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    Subject:     Goodies=Southern Belles
    Received:    01/20/00 1:36 am
    From:        Ian Chapman
    To:          Spectropop List
    Rob Buono wrote:-
    Recently saw discussion over the song "The Dum Dum Ditty"
    by the Shangs/Goodees. I have a copy of this same song on
    the Amazon label by a group called The Southern Belles.
    Anyone else familiar with this one?
    Yes, it's a reissue of the Goodies record with a 
    fictitious group name slapped on the label, something to 
    do with evading the issue of rights to the track, I 
    believe. Same thing happened with the Ribbons' "Ain't 
    Gonna Kiss Ya" - originally on Marshall Leib's Marsh label, 
    it later turned up on Charger as by the Sandpapers. 
    Strange are the ways of the record biz.....
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    Subject:     Interview...
    Received:    01/20/00 1:36 am
    From:        Carol Kaye
    To:          Spectropop List
    I do and have done a lot of interviews (magazine, 
    newspapers, online, documentaries -- one of which "Phil 
    Spector Wall Of Sound" will be shown in Feb., other films 
    etc.), but there's one lately that has a new slant on it I
    tho't you'd like to know about. 
    It's about working mothers and while this was edited for 
    the length (almost cut in 1/2), it still is getting a lot 
    of traffic -- people seem to like this. I tho't you would 
    too -- some of my early life growing up poor etc., playing
    the jazz/bebop gigs on guitar before ever starting studio 
    work 1957 etc., then switching to bass after almost 6 
    years as a successful studio guitarist in LA, and raising 
    children on my own.
    It's at:  
    Click on (far left) mom @ work, then click on "juggling act" 
    when that comes up.
    This is the first of 2 parts.  
    the entire 2-part interview is:
    Best, Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     Do the Love... baby
    Received:    01/20/00 1:35 am
    From:        Nat Kone
    To:          Spectropop List
    DJ JimmyB, writes
    > I think of Bob Thiele on the cover of a late 
    >6T's ABC LP (the title of which escapes me at the moment) 
    >where his photo graces the cover dressed in a Nehru jacket
    >singing and playing on songs like "Jet Me To 'Frisco". And 
    >Bob--at the time well over 30 and NOT on a low fat diet--
    >looks like the Pillsbury doughboy in that Nehru 
    Jimmy, Jimmy... the record is called "Do the Love" and Bob
    does the love up right. Yeah, Now Sound and soft pop are 
    definitely connected. Soft pop is Now Sound with choirs 
    added, which come to think of it pretty well describes 
    this Bob Thiele record - with the Sunshine Singers - as 
    well as Gabor Szabo's "Earth Sky and Diamonds" with the 
    California Dreamers who "became" the Love Generation. It's
    all a matter of how narrowly you describe it. If you want 
    to look at it that way, then you could probably include 
    some Percy Faith Singers and some Anita Kerr Singers on a 
    soft pop tape. But I think it's just different enough to 
    not quite make it as true soft pop. Now, what was I 
    responding to here?
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     "Do The Love"
    Received:    01/19/00 4:32 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB
    To:          Spectropop List
    In a message dated 1/18/0 1:19:03 PM, you wrote:
    >I think of Bob Thiele on the cover of a late 
    >6T's ABC LP (the title of which escapes me at the moment) 
    I remember it now. Its called  "Do The Love"
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Re: Paul Leka, Lemon Pipers and Peppermint Rainbow
    Received:    01/20/00 1:36 am
    From:        Marc Wielage
    To:          Spectropop List
    Michael G. Marvin wrote on the Spectropop List:
    > The story on "Green Tambourine" is that the vocals and
    > basic backing tracks were recorded at Cleveland Recording
    > Studios in Ohio. After listening to this track, Paul Leka
    > decided to overdub strings and a new drum track and did so
    > in New York. On the back cover of the Lemon Pipers' album
    > (Buddah BDS 5009), Olmstead studios was mentioned as the
    > New York site.
    Actually, the way I've heard the story told several times 
    (in past issues of GOLDMINE magazine), it was Buddah 
    Records prez Neil Bogart's idea to add the strings and 
    drum track to the record. He always took credit for this 
    in interviews, anyway, regardless of what Paul Leka said, 
    and I believe it was Bogart's first #1 hit. Buddah Records' 
    only bigger hit was "Midnight Train to Georgia," six 
    years later.
    I do know the group members of The Lemon Pipers were taken
    aback at the song being changed so radically. I suspect 
    their chagrin was tempered after it topped the charts.
    -= Marc Wielage      |   "The computerized authority   =-
    -= MusicTrax, LLC    |       on rock, pop, & soul."    =-
    -= Chatsworth, CA    |                                 =-
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Re: Walter Raim and Gary McFarland
    Received:    01/20/00 1:35 am
    From:        Nat Kone
    To:          Spectropop List
    At 03:23 AM 1/19/00 +0900, you wrote:
    >Margo Guryan wrote for lots of people in the mid to 
    >late 60's, like the The Walter Raim Concept,
    All right! The Walter Raim Concept. Don't hear them 
    mentioned everyday. I have their record "Endless 
    Possibilities" but none of the tunes were written by Margo. 
    Still, it was worth it to check the songwriting credits 
    for the first time ever, in order to learn that my 
    favourite song on the record "It's Always Somewhere Else" 
    was written by Jake Holmes, whose record I remember having
    for a few weeks many years ago. (That tune is on the soft 
    pop tape I just sent to Chuck so this is one choir that I 
    think fits as "soft pop")
    >One last thought: anyone out there really familiar with 
    >Gary McFarland's productions? That Wendy and Bonnie LP is 
    >such inspired stuff, so gentle and yet so deep and full of
    I don't know the record you speak of but your description 
    sounds a lot like the way I would describe Gary's own 
    "samba/bossa nova" records. I recommend "Does the sun 
    really shine on the moon?" and particularly "Soft Samba." 
    I assume some of it has been reissued. His version of "She
    loves you" on "Soft Samba" is a classic and come to think 
    of it, his version of "Here there and everywhere" on "Does
    the Sun.." is pretty great too. He totally rescues Beatle 
    tunes in fact. He also arranged other classic bossa nova 
    records of the day, like one of Stan Getz's but they don't
    have the same lovely quirky feel that his own records have.
    A lovely combo of soft pop and soft samba with really sweet
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    Subject:     Thanks Chuck Limmer!
    Received:    01/20/00 1:36 am
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli
    To:          Spectropop List
    I was watching and wondering with a bemused smile as to 
    who was going to post the Enya / Spector connection... 
    thanks! You're right: it's all music. So why just listen 
    to the A-side? (That's my motto.)
    Jim Crescitelli
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Shindig
    Received:    01/19/00 8:38 am
    From:        john rausch
    To:          Spectropop List
    Need help!
    Can any Spectropoppers here help? I need to locate a copy 
    on vhs of the old Shindig series.The one I am looking for 
    was aired on Oct.30th 1965 Had Boris Karloff and Ted 
    Cassidy (Lurch) as guests and Cassidy debuts his "latest 
    dance craze single, The Lurch." I have this 45 produced by 
    Gary Paxton on Capitol and it is a hoot, complete with girl
    group back up singers. I would love to find this episode. 
    The tapes I do find available are all themed like best of 
    Motown, or Righteous Bros. etc...If anyone can help I would
    appreciate it, you can email me privately.
    John Rausch
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    Subject:     Surfin' USA
    Received:    01/19/00 4:32 am
    From:        Glenn Sadin
    To:          Spectropop List
    Carol Kaye sez...
    >Billy Strange, super composer, wonderful friend and great
    >guitarist (solo on Beach Boys Surfin' USA, his own big hit
    >of "Goldfinger" etc.) wrote something back.
    Waitaminnit! That's not Carl Wilson playing that rippin' 
    solo!? That's probably the best guitar playing on an early
    BBs record! I'm not suggesting that Carol is incorrect, I'm
    just surprised to read that Carl didn't play that part.
      Glenn Sadin
      Read about JAPANESE POP MUSIC from the 1950s thru the 1990s:
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    Subject:     Re: madness and genius
    Received:    01/19/00 3:29 am
    From:        Rough Trade Shop
    To:          Spectropop List
    jake tassell wrote:
    >Why is it that so many of the key figures...
    >completely lose it, crack up or go mad after producing
    >their best works? 
    >I, for one, think this is the important
    >question about Phil Spector, about the nature of the pop
    >muse, about creativity in general and I'd welcome some
    >feedback on this.
    hello specpopkids,
    I rekin there's always been a link between 'madness' and 
    creativity........a few theories on this.....people who 
    are 'disturbed' or have chaotic 'mad' brains are more 
    likely to feel the need to create to try and purge their 
    madness.......also 'mad' people usually do have a more 
    interesting take on life, don't they? And it doesn't 
    matter if it's not real in music.........if you wanna 
    bring bizzare things into music it could well make it 
    great (there are probably a few 'mad' people who made 
    completely unlistenable stuff too but anyway.....).
    So, if you're slightly unhinged and you've found a way to 
    deal with part of your personality/soul whatever by 
    creating never before heard bizarre/great music you're 
    gonna be more susceptible to even more madness later on...
    ........especially when the pressures of fame hit you and 
    peoples expectations start worrying you and people EXPECT 
    you to behave bizarrely and you feel that you have to 
    fulfill their expectations and then don't you just go 
    round in a big psychotic swirlygig of music and songs and 
    madness and stress and worry and will it be out in time 
    for xmas? No wonder you lose it completely........and if 
    you're head's feelin' a bit weird drugs REALLY aren't 
    gonna help, are they?
    I realized a long time ago that a lot of my favourite/most
    interesting friends aren't completely 'all there'
     x delia xx
    p.s. hope i haven't offended any body by using the term '
    mad.' I think you know the context in which I'm using it 
    and hopefully realize I'm not puttin anybody down... 
    if you'd like to be sent regular new releases emails let me know
    ph-0171 792 3490
    fax 0171 221 1146
    at....130 talbot road  , london , wiiija, u.k.
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    Subject:     The Liquid Room 1/15/00
    Received:    01/19/00 4:32 am
    From:        Ponak, David
    To:          Spectropop
    The Liquid Room airs every Saturday Morning (Friday night)
    from 3-6 on 90.7 FM KPFK. (98.7 in Santa Barbara County).
    Also check out my show The Nice Age at 
    The time has changed. I'm now on Sunday afternoons from 
    3-6 PM, PST.
    The Liquid Room-1/15/99:
    1.The Comittee-California My Way
    Happy Together: The Best Of White Whale Records (Varese Sarabande)
    2.Mellow-Instant Love
    (single) (East/West UK)
    3.Le Maledictus Sounds-Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly
    s/t (Mucho Gusto-Canada)
    4.Lee Hazlewood-She Comes Running
    13 (SLR)
    5.The Third Wave-Don't Ever Go
    Here And Now (Crippled Dick)
    6.Aimee Mann-Build That Wall
    Magnolia Soundtrack (Reprise)
    7.Jerry Lewis-Rock A Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
    Just Sings (Decca)
    8.Jim O'Rourke-Not Sport Martial Art
    Halfway To A Threeway (Drag City)
    9.Brian Eno-The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    Eno Box II (EG)
    10.Stevie Wonder-Another Star
    At The Close Of A Century (Box Set) (Motown)
    11.Cornelius-Brand New Season (Giant Ear Mix)
    Free Fall (Single b-side) (Matador-UK)
    12.Bjork-Isobel (Deodato Remix)
    single (One Little Indian-UK)
    13.Leslie Gore-What Am I Gonna Do With You
    It's My Party (Box Set) (Bear Family-Germany)
    14.Baxendale-Music For Girls
    Was It Him Or His Music? (Various artists sampler-Le Grand Magistery)
    15.Michel Polnareff-Miss Blue Jeans
    Les Premiere Annes (box set) (Universal-France)
    16.Melon-Quiet Village ('92 Mix)
    Deep Cut Remix (Sony Japan)
    17.M. Frog-We Are Crazy
    Labat (Bearsville)
    18.Ethel Azama-Ringo Oiwake
    Exotic Dreams (Liberty)
    19.Swing Slow (Harry Hosono & Miharu Koshi)-Yuki Ya Konko
    Swing Slow (Mercury-Japan)
    20.Yuji Oniki-Tokyo Clover (Refrain)
    Orange (1 Plus 1)
    21.The Free Design-You Be You And I'll Be Me
    Heaven/Earth (Teijuku-Japan)
    22.Bertrand Burgalat-Sexy Boy
    Au Royaume De Tricatel (L'Appareill Photo-Japan)
    23.Etienne Charry-Raye Du Bottin
    36 Erreurs (Tricatel-France)
    24.Jerry Lewis-I've Got The World On A String
    Just Sings (Decca)
    25.Cibo Matto-We Love Our Lawyers
    At Home With The Groovebox (Grand Royal)
    26.Davie Allan & The Arrows-Shape Of Things To Come
    The Wild Angels & Other Themes (Curb)
    27.Arling & Cameron-Hashi
    Music For Imaginary Films (Emperor Norton)
    28.Isaac Hayes-In Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile
    Truck Turner Soundtrack (Stax)
    29.Pizzicato Five-Goodbye Baby & Amen
    Pizzicato Five (*********-Japan)
    30.The Divine Comedy-Frog Princess (Live)
    Rarities (Setanta-UK)
    31.Scott Walker-Stormy
    Till The Band Comes In (BGO-UK)
    32.Roy Budd-Goodbye Carter
    Get Carter Soundtrack (Castle-UK)
    33.Professor Takeo Yamashita-Playgirl (The Readymade Darlin' Of Discoteque
    Mission 4 (Escalator-Japan)
    34.Yashuharu Konishi-Main Theme
    I Messaggeri Degi Imbecilli Van All Ovest (Wave)
    35.Nino & April-You'll Be Needing Me Baby
    All Strung Out (Varese Sarabande)
    36.The Critters-Mr. Dieingly Sad
    Younger Girl (Kapp)
    37.Mama Cass-The Good Times Are Coming
    Dream A Little Dream-The Best Of Cass Elliot (MCA)
    38.Tommy Roe-Now Its Winter Day
    Greatest Hits (MCA)
    39.The Fur Ones-Organic In The Park
    Odd Numbers (Monorail)
    40.Ketty Lester-Love Letters
    Blue Velvet Soundtrack (Varese Sarabande)
    41.Astrud Gilberto-Where There's A Heartache (There Must Be A Heart)
    Astrud Gilberto (Columbia/CTI)
    42.Paul Williams-Morning I'll Be Movin' On
    Someday Man (Reprise)
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