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Spectropop V#0369

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 01/14/00

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       Volume #0369                          January 14, 2000   
    Perfectly safe for playing normal 45 rpm microgroove records
    Subject:     Paul & Artie
    Received:    01/14/00 2:02 am
    From:        Frank Youngwerth
    To:          Spectropop List
    Konishi of Pizzicato 5 (originally responsible I think for
    stirring up Japanese interest in soft pop) always mentions S
    &G as favorites. The reason they're not usually mentioned 
    other places is they're not marginal figures, and their 
    fame and reputation has outlasted changing trends in pop. 
    Same basic reason the Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, and 
    John Fogerty aren't considered garage / 60s punk.
    Forever Changes and Friends are surely soft rock classics 
    (hell, Freak Out is almost in the ballpark), but Love 
    could be really loud too ("7 & 7 Is" is proto-hardcore 
    punk), and Friends is a group-oriented album that I 
    suppose doesn't properly highlight Brian's genius the way 
    Pet Sounds, Smile, and "Good Vibrations" do. You'll notice
    a lot of soft pop discussion revolves around the speaker's 
    obsession with the underrated genius of some or other 
    quirky producer. 
    I happen to feel that the true heroes of Spectropop are 
    the ultra-productive, unpretentious players like Carol, 
    Hal, Earl, Leon etc. They're the ones you can really count
    I like Darlene Love records, and James Darren records too.
    Brian's productions, Bruce & Terry's & Jan's too. 'Long as 
    they hired Hal. 
    Frank Youngwerth   
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    Subject:     Re: soft pop
    Received:    01/14/00 2:02 am
    From:        Nat Kone
    To:          Spectropop List
    Jamie LePage, wrote:
    >So what is it with this evasive genre called soft pop, 
    >anyway? Seems there is no consensus as to its definition 
    >among us pop aficionados. 
    >Certainly Gary Zekley's Yellow Balloon
    >qualifies as sunshine pop, but what about the Beach Boys' 
    >Friends album? Never hear that one name checked as 
    >sunshine pop but it is sunshiny and does have a lot of 
    I thought I was going to lurk a while longer but since 
    this is the subject that got me "invited" onto the list, I
    guess I should delurk.
    I accept the term "soft pop" because that's the going term. 
    I accept it in spite of the fact that a lot of things 
    that are both soft-ish and poppy are outside the meaning 
    of soft pop. I tried to start a movement to call it 
    "bababada" - on the same logic as "doowop" was named - but 
    me and three guys on the Exotica list are not going to 
    dominate the conversation.
    A lot of Beach Boys stuff is definitely within my 
    definition of soft pop. If they're not generally 
    name checked, it's probably because you can't limit them to
    such sounds like you can say "The Love Generation". And 
    that has something to do with the fact that a lot of soft 
    pop bands only made a couple of records, if that.
    And then there's a related issue. Obscurity. It helps to 
    be obscure - or at least "unlikely" - to get name checked. 
    When I started making soft pop tapes, I tried to include 
    as much stuff as I could, even if it wasn't generally 
    name checked. But not everything quite fit, by my terms 
    anyway. I could squeeze in a cut each by Canadian 
    psychedelic folk rockers The Paupers and the Kensington 
    Market but I couldn't leave on the Chad and Jeremy cut. 
    Then again, the same tune "Before and After", made the 
    grade when done by The American Breed, who also aren't 
    really soft pop.
    Maybe it was the trace of a British accent. I tried to use
    some old Grass Roots but that didn't seem to work either. I
    would say that's because "folk rock" doesn't work but then 
    again I did manage to shoehorn in a cut by Jim and Jean.
    I think the term "sunshine pop" is much more appropriate 
    and would probably put an end to some discussions like 
    this one. Then again, it doesn't really matter if someone 
    thinks Bread is soft pop, as long as they don't think 
    Claudine Longet is.
    Sorry this was so long but it's a big topic. :)
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    Subject:     Re: soft something-or-other
    Received:    01/14/00 2:02 am
    From:        Ron Sauer
    To:          Spectropop List
    In a message dated 1/12/2000, 12:21:52 PM, writes:
    Great essay, Jamie! I would add the sounds of The Sunshine
    Company , Love Generation, Free Design, Spanky & Our Gang, 
    and earlier, The Chordettes (specifically "Soft Soft Sands" 
    and the Poni-Tails to the list. I think that Brian Wilson,
    and Simon and Garfunkel were regarded as "hip" by the rock 
    establishment of the mid to late sixties. This was 
    something most groups in what became known as soft pop 
    either lost (the Association and so some extent The Mamas 
    and the Papas) or never attained. The word "pretentious" 
    seems to be used a lot when referring to most late sixties 
    soft pop. I say who cares, as long as it sounds good. 
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    Subject:     Re: soft something-or-other
    Received:    01/14/00 2:02 am
    From:        Jill Mingo
    To:          Spectropop List
    >So what is it with this evasive genre called soft pop, 
    >anyway? Seems there is no consensus as to its definition 
    >among us pop aficionados. 
    >In Japanese, it isn't even called soft pop, but rather, 
    >sofuto rokku (soft rock). Countless articles (even a book)
    >have been published in Japan on the subject, and the lists 
    >of albums falling under this category often include some 
    >pretty dodgy stuff. 
    Mr. Le Page...
    I don't think it really matters what we call it. Some of 
    this could be called soft psychedelic pop too. I think all
    genre titles fit various styles within the general feeling 
    of the music. Some of it has rock influences but the other
    day when I referred to "soft rock", someone thought I mean 
    Bon Jovi! Which is pretty funny! Soft pop...well, pop is 
    generally soft...right?
    Sunshine Pop? A lot of the music is very bright. Usually 
    this is pop music with lush production and sweet harmonies
    with a 60s feel. I think you can put almost all music on 
    this list loosely in this category and I think we all know
    what we're talking about. I know what the A&M sound is. Can
    I explain that to others...Nah. But lush productions, 
    sugary sweet's a fat production sound. It's 
    And sure, there are songs pre-60 or post 1970 that also 
    fit this genre. I don't define music or collect it, I 
    enjoy it. And I'm sure you do too, Jamie!
    x Jill "Mingo-go"
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    Subject:     Re: Phil Spector doc
    Sent:        11/21/44 4:48 pm
    Received:    01/14/00 2:02 am
    From:        Frank
    To:          Spectropop List
    >The Phil Spector doc ("Wall Of Sound") is supposed to be 
    >shown on TV this Feb. 26th.
    >Carol Kaye 
    I have a request to any good willed member of the list. 
    Being based in France, I obviously won't be able to watch 
    this Spector doc. Is there any body here who could tape it
    for me and send it over here. I would of course pay for all
    expenses VHS cassette, air mail shipment and all.
    Thanks in advance
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    Subject:     Re: rough trade
    Sent:        11/21/44 4:48 pm
    Received:    01/14/00 2:02 am
    From:        Frank
    To:          Spectropop List
    >        x delia x
    >if you'd like to be sent regular new releases emails let me know
    >ph-0171 792 3490
    >fax 0171 221 1146
    >at....130 talbot road  , london , wiiija, u.k.
    Just wondered is this rough trade the same one I used to 
    know ages ago or was it just recently created ?
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    Subject:     The Liquid Room 1/8/99
    Received:    01/14/00 2:02 am
    From:        Ponak, David
    To:          Spectropop List
    Happy new year everybody. The first show of 2000 was a gas, 
    featuring my top 10 of 1999 plus a guest DJ slot by my 
    good friend Mark Wasiel, featuring the booty from his 
    recent trip to Japan. Please check out his homepage for 
    lots of great new release info and other news.
    The Liquid Room airs every Saturday Morning (Friday night)
    from 3-6 on 90.7 FM KPFK. (98.7 in Santa Barbara County).
    Also check out my show The Nice Age at http:// Monday and Wednesday evenings from 
    8-10, PST. 
    The Liquid Room-1/8/99:
    First, I started off playing a track from each CD in my 
    top 10 of 1999. (Keep in mind this is completely subjective
    . I may already disagree with my own choices)
    10.Katerine-Au Pays De Mon Premier Amor
    Les Creatures (Rosebud/Universal-France)
    Beacoup Fish (V2)
    8.Beck-Hollywood Freaks
    Midnight Vultures (DGC)
    7.Tom Waits-Take It With Me
    the Mule Variations (Epitaph)
    13 (Virgin)
    5.XTC-I Can't Own Her
    Apple Venus Vol. 1 (TVT)
    4.Pizzicato Five-20th Century Girl
    Pizzicato Five (*********/Heatwave-Japan)
    3.The Magnetic Fields-I Don't Believe In The Sun
    69 Love Songs (Merge)
    2.The Aluminum Grou-Miss Tate
    Pedals (Minty Fresh)
    1.The Flaming Lips-A Spoonful Weighs A Ton
    The Soft Bulletin (WB)
    Then, the two most significant "single" tracks of the year:
    11.Scott Walker-Only Myself To Blame
    The World Is Not Enough Soundtrack (Universal)
    12.Kraftwerk-Expo 2000
    Single (EMI-Germany)
    Then, Mark Wasiel took over the next hour:
    Slow Motion (Natural Foundation-Japan)
    14.Ennio Morricone-Bianco, Roggo E Verdone
    Viva Morricone! (Avanz-Japan)
    15.Denki Groove-Nothing's Gonna Change
    Single (Sony-Japan)
    16.David Frishberg-One Horse Town
    Oklahoma Road (King/CTI-Japan)
    17.The Singers Unlimited-Stone Ground Seven
    Snowflakes (Various Artists-MPS-Japan)
    18.Jean Jacques Perry-Colonie Celeste
    Good Moog (Kosinus-France)
    19.Bruce Haack-Party Machine
    Electronic Toys 2 (QDK)
    20.Yoshie (drummer for Cornelius)-Comn
    De Novo-Trattoria
    21.Towa Tei (w/Chara) Let Me Know (Mighty Bop Remix)
    Lost Control Mix Part 1 (East/West-Japan)
    Then, back to my stuff:
    22.Ray Cooper-Oh You Beautful Doll
    Everybody's Cup Of Tea (Dorre)
    23.Gershon Kingsley-Popcorn (new version)
    At Home With The Groovebox (various artists-incl. Beck, 
    Cibo Matto, Air, etc.) (Grand Royal) In stores 3/14
    24.Gershon Kingsley-Paperback Writer
    Music To Moog By (Audio Fidelity)
    25.Mr. Lif-Farmhand
    12" single (Grand Royal)
    Desktop Romancer (Flavour-Japan)
    27.Lalo Schifrin-Secrect Code
    There's A Whole Lalo Schifrin Goin' On (Dot)
    28.The Jungle Brothers-Freakin' You
    V.I.P. (Gee Street/V2)
    29.Roy Budd-Getting Nowhere In A Hurry (Instr.)
    Get Carter Soundtrack (Castle-UK)
    30.Burt Bacharach & Dionne Warwick-On My Way
    Isn't She Great Soundtrack (MCA)
    31.Tagomago-Flood Lights
    A Sleeping Bee (Transonic/Flavour-Japan)
    32.The Divine Comedy-Moon River
    Rarities (Setanta-UK)
    33.Jim O'Rourke-The Workplace
    Halfway To A Threeway (Drag City)
    34.Chocolat-Wonder Christmas
    Fargo EP (Neosite-Japan)
    35.The Schulte Sisters (Featuring Bridgette Shulte)
    Never Gonna Get Married-Where Has The Music Gone? The Lost Recordings Of
    Clem Clemstock (Mental Giant)
    36.Paul Williams-Morning I'll Be Movin' On
    Someday Man (Reprise)
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