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Spectropop V#0364

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 01/04/00

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       Volume #0364                         January 5, 2000   
       a egalement enregistre - Super 45 tours - microsillon  
    Subject:     What Hits is History, What Misses is a Mystery
    Received:    01/04/00 10:26 am
    From:        jake tassell,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dear Wagnerian Popsters,
    I've been away having a good Christmas - hope you all did 
    too, and The New Year? - Well I'm just glad I don't have 
    to hear the word 'millennium' anymore. I'll try and be as 
    brief as I can on some of the dead and dying strands 
    raised in the last few lists. Once again; apologies to 
    Jamie re: the rather abrupt ending to my reply about the 
    alt. 'Never' release. I think I'd started to 'go off on 
    one' by that point anyway! But I Repeat: This version 
    definitely has more echo on the vocal! Also thanks to 
    Michael and Jamie for clearing up the 'GEMA' question. 
    Presumably an export from GB to Germany.
    To Frank at The End of The Tunnel re: French Pop;- Johnny 
    Halliday, Sylvie Vartan and Eddie Mitchell - ils sont tres
    merdique, c'est vrai! The problem is though - every time I 
    visit my expatriate brother in Paris and want to know 
    about a record I've heard (and I have heard some great 
    ones), I can never find out anything, because when quizzed, 
    somebody always makes a shamed face and says "Oh - you 
    don't really want to know about that! - It's rubbish!" - 
    which is why I voiced my question to the list in the first
    place. No great Gaul pop? With respect, M'sieur, what about
    Serge Gainsbourg's three decades worth of uniquely witty, 
    wicked, sexy, and stylish output? And all the records he 
    made with Jane Birkin, Mireille Mathieu, Brigitte Bardot, 
    France Gall, Anna Karina, Nana Mouskouri, Charlotte 
    Gainsbourg, etc. etc. etc. I can count at least three 
    Francoise Hardy discs that are as good as, say, the best 
    Marrianne Faithfull records, and I think that's really 
    just the tip. I mean sure, the French didn't produce any 
    Led Zeppelin-type 'rock-legends' (you'll never know how 
    glad I am about that) - but then no-one else made great 
    Easy Listening in the way that Francis Lai and Michel 
    LeGrande did etc. etc. Just like everybody else's stuff; 
    French stuff has its own uniqueness, its own flavour and
    its own 'special fragrance' just like Mid-Sixties Detroit 
    Stompers have or Mersey Beat has or New York Acapella 
    DooWop has or California Surf Instrumentals have. This is,
    as always, a matter of one's own personal aesthetic but I 
    don't see why a form should be invalidated purely because 
    it doesn't fit in with some 'official' version of what is 
    and what isn't pop history.
    To Matthew:- My neighbour (Yeah - the GEMA one again!) has
    a Spanish version of 'Yellow Submarine'. I think it's by 
    the same group you mentioned but I'm not 100% sure. He 
    also has a Spanish 'Barbara Ann'. I'll try and get some 
    spec. next time I see him.
    To Billy re: Telstar. There's a RealPlayer interview with 
    Patrick Pink (Meeks' former studio asst.) on The Joe Meek 
    Site (sorry, URL not at hand) in which he says there was 
    someone flushing the lav on the record (Now Children!). If
    you're ever in London, you have to visit the building where
    he made these records - it's half way down the Holloway Rd 
    above what looks like a recently closed-down kebab shop. 
    If you see it - you'll just laugh!
    The Da Doo Ron Ron girl-group club night in London that I 
    mentioned a while ago (didn't go to that one - too busy) 
    now has a website, it's at:-
    No MP3s or RealPlayer files present, but some good pics and 
    top tens, upcoming events etc.
    A Question: Scott Walker has at various times stated that 
    he played bass on a couple of Spector records (If so; 
    probably under the name of Scotty Engel - the name under 
    which he also made at least one pretty good surf 
    instrumental:-'Devil Surfer' - in the 'Lonely Surfer' 
    mould). Is anyone on the list able to verify or deny and 
    if he did, which ones? 
    Jake Tassell
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    Subject:     clause ogerman
    Received:    01/01/00 11:45 pm
    From:        john rausch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jack Madani:
    I have the RCA BMG issue cd of Sedaka`s Hits and Next Door
    To An Angel is one great track, great stereo which brings 
    out all the things that you mention in this style. What 
    little liner notes there are say that it was arranged and 
    conducted by Alan Lorber. Hope this is of some help.
    John Rausch
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of Sound
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    Subject:     Dock of the Bay
    Received:    01/04/00 10:26 am
    From:        Sean Anglum,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jim Cassidy asked if DOTB was the only one of the most 
    played songs of the century with only 1 hit version and 
    very few covers.
    In reply, I believe that Michael Bolton (yikes!) charted 
    with his version in the mid-80s (I'm at work, away from my
    Billboard bibles right now to verify) and I remember a 
    cover by none other than "Der Bingle," Bing Crosby. There 
    must have been more covers too......I even heard Costello 
    do a verse inbetween songs at one of his shows. I'd like 
    to have heard him tackle the whole thing!
    I'm lurking alot on this list with work constrictions 
    (ouch!), but really enjoying the knowledge (and music 
    collections) you all have!! And Mr. Madani, I still think 
    you should write and publish a stream of consciousness 
    remembrance of your time in "the 60s" would be a 
    hoot, an inspiration, a cash cow, and a damn good read!!
    Keep playin' those B-sides everybody! 
    Raised On Records,
    Sean "It's all happenin' at the zoo" Anglum
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    Subject:     The Dum Dum Ditty--or IS it?????
    Received:    12/30/99 4:49 pm
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I'm listening to the Shangri-Las' version of The Dum Dum 
    Ditty, and all of a sudden it dawns on me that they're NOT
    singing "dum dum ditty." I swear they're singing "run run 
    ditty." But that's plain stupid. How could a heart go "run
    run ditty?" It makes no sense.
    I wonder if there's a story behind this odd change of 
    lyrics. Perhaps some sort of misguided attempt to grab 
    some easy songwriter royalties by adding in "new" words, 
    in the manner of Mike Love "improving" Under The Boardwalk?
    jack "i wanna say yeah yeah" madani
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred." 
     --Henry Cabot Henhouse III
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    Subject:     Doo Wop Groups
    Received:    01/02/00 3:15 am
    From:        Claudia,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Responding to Dave Feldman's comments on the Doo Wop 
    groups, may I add one gentleman who is never mentioned (or
    heard from)...Bill Deal (and the Rhondells). They had three
    pretty darn good songs out in 1969 called, "May I", "I've 
    Been Hurt" and "What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am". 
    Great stuff...("I've been hurt (hurt, hurt), oh, I've been
    hurrrrt (de-oooh!)" All the stuff was up-tempo and quite 
    danceable (as Dick Clark use to say).
    The songs were laced with a heavy horn section, great 
    backup from the Rhondells and at the end of three minutes 
    you were feeling pretty good.
    Does anyone know what's happened to them?
    Happy New Year, all
    "Even though Rock n' Roll is over 40 years old, nobody's ever 
    really tried to make it grow up...Keith Richards
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    Subject:     Keith Green and Gary Usher
    Received:    01/04/00 10:26 am
    From:        Ron Weekes,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Most of us have heard the Gary Usher produced "Go Getter" 
    by Keith Green that is on the M&M records Usher 
    Does any one know if a better quality (from the master 
    tapes maybe) version is available on CD? If so, where? 
    Ron Weekes
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    Subject:     Happy New Year
    Received:    12/31/99 12:35 pm
    From:        Joey Stec, Jxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hoffy new jere! happay new year!
    To all my friends , may i have the pleasure of knowing you
    all for the next 1000 years
    *********************love ya all...
    Happy New Year
    Joey Stec
    December 30 ,1999
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    Subject:     Holiday Hits
    Received:    01/03/00 12:39 am
    From:        Jill Mingo,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hello, Spectropoppers, 
    I was away over the holidays so I missed most of the 
    holiday hits talk. I pride myself on a huge variety of 
    Xmas music that I put on Xmas tapes as presents for 
    friends. I've only done this two years, but I've already 
    made quite a few purchases for next year's tape in Japan 
    where I was able to meet with Spectropop lister Jamie Le 
    Page...ask him about his tiki bar....
    the Xmas song I wasn't able to get off my mind this year 
    was the Flirtations "Christmas Time is Here Again". A 
    Jill "Mingo-go"
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    Subject:     Question and Christmas faves
    Received:    01/02/00 1:13 pm
    From:        Ron Bierma, ELRxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    While spinning Christmas 45s with my chillen last night, I
    happened upon one that I apparently had overlooked before, 
    called "Alfie, the Christmas Tree" by the Frogs. Only 
    interesting here, because it is Arranged and Written by 
    one Hal Blaine. It is vaguely reminiscent of "Space Oddity". 
    Does anyone know anything about this recording? Know 
    who or what are the Frogs? Thanks in advance. 
    Besides the Spector Christmas disc, I also spin;
    Merry Beatmas (very clever)
    Bruce Cockburn (very nice)
    the Chipmunks (very silly)
    the Beatles Christmas CD boot 
    Christmas Kisses (Capitol collection)
    Frank Sinatra (Capitol only!)
    and I must confess I have a weak spot for Country music as
    well...I love the Christmas albums by the following...Merle
    Haggard, Loretta Lynn, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, George 
    Strait, Red Sovine and Walter Brennen. Also, the 
    collections "Christmas on the Range" on Capitol and 
    "Hillbilly Holiday" on Rhino. (please don't hate me...) I 
    am a sucker for Christmas music...I have 227 Christmas 
    discs, 73 Christmas LPs and 165 Christmas 45s including 
    Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country, disco, comedy, classical, easy
    listening, etc...I LOVE IT ALL!
               Merry, El
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    Subject:     The Supremes and Van Dyke Parks concert
    Received:    01/03/00 12:46 pm
    From:        Bleedin' Gums Murphy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I didn't have any records by the Supremes, so I picked up 
    a really cheap compilation CD called [hey, dig those 
    aliterations!!!] "Baby Love" during my vacation. So I put 
    the disc into my stereo today's a horrible 80s 
    sounding remake with NO original recordings! I now notice 
    "re-recordings" in fine-print...does anybody know anything
    about this CD? The record label appears to be Success and 
    the cat. number is "16287CD". The Supremes "line up" on 
    this record is Sherrie Payne, Lynda Laurence and Jean 
    Terrel. I don't know if they were original members or 
    The tracklisting is:
    Baby Love
    Love Child
    Nathan Jones
    Stop In The Name Of Love
    Crazy 'Bout The Guy
    Hit and Miss
    Stoned Love
    I Want To Be Loved
    I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
    Back By Popular Demand
    The annoying thing is that all the *songs* are fantastic! 
    But I didn't expect the production of the "Miami Vice" 
    theme to come out of the can anyone tell me
    what the deal is with this bizarre remake CD, and also 
    recommend a proper Supremes compilation with the proper 
    originals, performed by the proper group members.
    And to the person who asked (Chuck?) a few digests back, 
    yes I went to Van Dyke Parks' concert in London. I've got 
    nothing but over-the-top positive things to say about it, 
    so I'll just settle with saying that Van's show was one of
    the best I've ever seen. I'm biased of course, because I'm 
    obsessed with his music! But I'm sure he didn't disappoint
    anybody in the venue. Van played everything from Song Cycle
    stuff (The All Golden and Donovan's Colours) to OCA 
    selections plus a new song called Paradise Hill, which was
    magnificent, although it did sound like "Orange Crate Art: 
    The Sequel" to me. That's besides the point anyway when 
    the music is this good!
    I co-moderate the VanDykeParks-list together with an 
    Australian called Rob Pemberton. I know there are many 
    VDP-fans here on this list so it would be a big honour for
    us if you knowledgable people would like to join our tiny 
    community of 21 people. The URL is:
    Alternatively, you can contact me privately if you want to
    sign on.
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