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Spectropop V#0039

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 2/6/98

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           Volume #0039                               02/06/98
                          Music Everywhere You Go  
    Subject:     Beat At Abbey Road
    Sent:        2/5/98 12:08 PM
    Received:    2/6/98 12:49 AM
    From:        David Marsteller
    To:          Spectropop Group
    On Thu, 05 Feb 1998, Jack Madani wrote:
    > Does anyone have any thoughts on this new compilation 
    > I've seen, called The Beat at Abbey Road?  
    I'd call it 'fun' rather than essential. My favorite
    track is a  *whomping* version of "When You Walk In The
    Room" by Billy J. Kramer. The notes call it 'unreleased
    in UK'. In any case, the drum rhythm is highly
    reminiscent of "Ticket To Ride", yet this was apparently
    recorded in 1964! The rest of the album is a
    cross-section of British mid-60's beat, some  acts you've
    heard of (Hollies, Manfred Mann), others you probably
    hadn't  heard of (The Naturals) and others that became
    better known later (pre-Procol Harum Paramounts, Rod
    Stewart). Most of the songs are covers, as The Beatles'
    innovation of writing their  own material hadn't worked
    its way into the industry. Other highlights  are The
    Hollies "Come On Back" and Rod Stewart's "The Day Will
    Come" (not  to be confused with "Our Day Will Come".) One
    frustration arises in that  as these obscure singles are
    exhumed, you'd really like to hear the other  side. One
    review I've read mocked the opening track, Cilla Black's
    "Love Of The  Loved". It is a bit of a goofy arrangement,
    but I like it fine, and I  don't know of any other
    versions of the song anyhow and am glad to have it. Jack,
    if you'd like a track listing, let me know.
    /**   "Reach out and grab a fistful of now"                            **/
    /**                                             Thornetta Davis        **/
    /**      David Marsteller                                              **/
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    Subject:     Burt Bacharach
    Sent:        2/5/98 2:57 AM
    Received:    2/5/98 8:21 AM
    From:        Scott Bauman, scottbauman
    To:          Spectropop List, spectropop
    le_page_web wrote:
    > Yes, please do tell. Having taken the family to see
    > Bacharach perform late last year, and with the recent
    > promo 4 disc box that's been circulating around,
    > Bacharach has become a mainstay recently at the
    > homestead. "How Many Days of Sadness" is one of my
    > favorite Bacharach tunes, even though it wasn't a
    > Warwick single and isn't often covered. Figure this
    > one out on piano and revel in its magic.
    What "recent promo 4 disc box" is that? Is this a preview
    of the upcoming Rhino box set or is this something
    different? Since it's 4 discs, I don't expect a full
    track listing (although it would be greatly appreciated),
    but I am curious as to what it contains. For example, how
    many Warwick tracks? Is there more than one version of
    some songs (e.g., Dionne's and Aretha's I Say A Little
    Prayer)? Does it contain rarities and/or early novelty
    tracks like "The Blob"? Any tracks from soundtracks (e.g.,
    After The Fox, Lost Horizon)? Any tracks from Bacharach
    solo albums?
    -- Scott
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    Subject:     Re: Bacharach Box
    Sent:        2/5/98 8:44 PM
    Received:    2/6/98 12:49 AM
    From:        David Bash, BashPop
    To:          Spectropop  List, spectropop
     From:        Ken Williamson, Kentaur
    > Any idea where one might be able to pick this up? 
    > I've been looking for   this for at least the last
    > three years. Thanks. 
    Hi Ken,
    The Bacharach Box was created by The Burt Bacharach Music
    Group, as more or less a non-profit, not for sale
    promotional item.  I called them in my capacity as a
    writer with the intention of reviewing it, but when the
    CEO of the company sent it to me, he said "don't review it
    because it's not sold in stores, nor are there any plans
    for it to be".
    You can call Bob Fead (CEO) at 310 550-1500, or fax him at
    310 247-0195.
    Good luck!
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0038
    Sent:        2/5/98 2:57 AM
    Received:    2/5/98 3:52 AM
    From:        JohnBarone, beachboys
    To:          Spectropop List, spectropop
    Looking for any and all Colin Blunstone fans . Inside
    his Echo Bridge cd their is a discography and I have
    noticed several titles that I have never heard of
    .Was wondering if anyone out there may have any of
    these songs. In his interview in support of the
    Zombies box set ,that ran on NPRs Fresh Air show last
    week,he said he was in the process of recording a new
    album. If it's anything like Echo Bridge, it will be
    a treat.
    Anyone who can help can e-mail me privately. 
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 02 /6/98 - 01 :16:42 AM ] ---
    Subject:     Re: The Grass Roots 
    Sent:        2/5/98 6:20 AM
    Received:    2/5/98 8:21 AM
    From:        Alec Palao
    To:          Spectropop Group
    > The one re-recording you have to be aware of is the one 
    > done for the first Grass Roots single "Where Were You When 
    > I Needed You". The original song was done by P.F. Sloan 
    > and fellow studio hands. The original concept of the band 
    > was very much a Sloan studio project. Once the song became 
    > a hit a real group was put together with Robb Grill and 
    > co. This new fabricated group became a force to be 
    > reckoned with and recorded and released some fine material 
    > but they recorded their own vocals over the original track 
    > of WWYWINY for an early Greatest Hits comp. I still prefer 
    > the cool original.
    Not strictly true - while the LA studio mafia may have been 
    involved in the recording of "Where Were You" (as they were 
    on most other Sloan/Barri projects of that time), the 
    'first' Grass Roots were a real group, from the Bay Area. 
    They came from San Bruno, near the airport on the SF 
    peninsula, and were originally known as the Bedouins. They 
    got involved with Lou Adler etc by winning the Teenage Fair 
    Battle Of the Bands in San Mateo in 1965, the prize for 
    which was the Dunhill contract. They appear on about 80% of 
    the "Where Were You" album, as well as the great non-LP 
    flips "These Are Bad Times" and "You're A Lonely Girl" (both 
    mandatory listening for Sloan-heads like myself). The LP was 
    reissued on CD by Varese a few years ago, and includes some 
    unissued material like "Hitch Hike" - which the band 
    performed on Shivaree.
    Supposedly, there was some kind of blowout between the band 
    and Adler/Sloan/Barri, although the way lead singer Bill 
    Fulton tells it, it was manager Jay Lasker who screwed the 
    band and had them replaced by Grill and co (who were an LA 
    band originally known as the 13th Floor). Fulton later ended 
    up with Tower Of Power oddly enough, whilst original Roots 
    drummer Joel Larson of course later went on to the Gene 
    Clark Group and the Merry-Go-Round.
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 02 /6/98 - 01 :16:42 AM ] ---
    Subject:     The Grassroots
    Sent:        2/5/98 2:49 AM
    Received:    2/5/98 8:21 AM
    From:        Scott Bauman
    To:          Spectropop Group
    Speaking of the Grassroots, does anyone know whether
    Sloan-Barri were ever sued for stealing the hook of the
    Drifters' "I Count The Tears" for the Grassroots' "Let's
    Live For Today"? In my expert legal opinion, it's a pretty
    clear case of infringement.
    -- Scott
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 02 /6/98 - 01 :16:42 AM ] ---
    Subject:     This and That
    Sent:        2/5/98 12:15 AM
    Received:    2/5/98 3:52 AM
    From:        Paul Urbahns
    To:          Spectropop Group
    Burt was probably the top songwriter of the 60's
    regardless of anybody's like or dislike of his music. I
    have quite a few of his original hits by the original
    artist. I heard someone mention a four CD set that is
    floating around, who has it, what's on it? I have some
    of his own albums, but honestly his songs were better
    performed by others.
    I am glad to see Richard Carpenter is still around,
    though I honestly have not heard anything by him since
    The Carpenters stuff. I always wished I was in the
    recording business so I could suggest he try some
    recordings with Ronnie Spector. Richard apparently liked
    the girl group sound as I feel that's where the
    Carpenters stuff has it's roots. And the personal sound
    he got out of Karen's voice is the type of delivery Phil
    got out of Ronnie's voice. But honestly, either her voice
    has chanced drasically or no other producer has been able
    to capture the voice of Ronnie in the same way Phil did.
    I think Richard could and put his normal overdubbed,
    layer backgrounds behind it. I did like Take Me Home
    Tonight by Eddy Money and Ronnie.
    Paul URbahns
    Lost And Found
    ---[ archived by Spectropop - 02 /6/98 - 01 :16:42 AM ]---

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