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Spectropop V#0351

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 11/28/99

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       Volume #0351                       November 29, 1999   
        Demonstrated at all dealers the 28th of each month    
    Subject:     cocaine and session musicians
    Received:    11/28/99 9:26 pm
    From:        Poopdeck Pappy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Carol Kaye wrote:
    >the 70s saw introduction of cocaine being used by producers who
    >encouraged their studio musicians to "use" it with them
    Someone on another list wrote something about this.
    Apparently this person was in Santiago, Chile in the late
    70s and met an American guitarist. He claimed he had spent
    years as a session guy in LA although he was pretty vague
    about what he played on. They got to talking and the
    discussion turned to Van Dyke Parks. The guitarist said
    something like: Oh yeah, I've worked with him!  He's some
    kind of genius.  Once he showed me the guitar part he
    wanted--it was so simple I was insulted. It sounded
    horrible! I stopped between takes and said  'Van Dyke!
    What *is* this shit??!!' He said 'trust me.'  Then he
    played my part back with everyone else's and of course it
    sounded fantastic! 
    Another thing he mentioned was that sometimes before
    certain LA sessions someone would come down into the
    studio with a bowl of coke and invite the guys to spoon as
    much as they wanted.
    I have no idea how credible this story is, but it's 
    interesting just the same...
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    Subject:     Carol Kaye
    Received:    11/28/99 9:26 pm
    From:        John Hesterman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dear Carol,
    I decided to post this on the open forum, because it 
    really needs to be there in my opinion.
    In response to your announcement, let me just say it is 
    MORE than deserved. For bass players like me, your work 
    has been a true inspiration for years and upon reading 
    your announcement, I was filled with pride to the point of
    tears. It's truly amazing how those of us who have never 
    met can make such an impact on one another. I salute you. 
    You have MUCH to take pride in :) Happy Thanksgiving and 
    may your house be blessed today, tomorrow and always.
    John H.
    A Grape :)
    Also an Offbeat :)
    With a TRACE of music in there somewhere!
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    Subject:     Congrats Carol Kaye!
    Received:    11/28/99 9:26 pm
    From:        Stos, William,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >Just rec'd the following in the mail, you could have 
    bowled me over with a feather, must be dreaming:
    No one deserved that recognition more than you!
    Congrats again!
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    Subject:     Re: Phil Spector
    Received:    11/28/99 9:26 pm
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >I wish I could help you out with info on [Spector] as a 
    >producer, but I have only seen him in Gold Star Studios 3 
    >times and had a great time watching him.
    Lucky you. Do you recall what sessions those were? Did Phil 
    personally take you down to Gold Star so that you could 
    watch him work?
    >As a person, he was very generous to his close friends and 
    >as a Father he tried to provide.
    >I did not care much for the book by Mark Ribowsky "He's a 
    >Rebel"...The author even had 2 spelling for Louis (the 
    >other Twin). 
    "Father"? "The other twin?" Are you Gary???? :) 
    Very interesting post, SPECTRE! I can corroborate your 
    comment about his being generous to close friends. Rodney 
    Bingenheimer once told me how helpful Phil had been to him
    when Rodney needed some medical work done, and I believe 
    Phil helped Humble Harv out of some trouble too. I quite 
    liked the Ribowsky book, but when reading these rock 
    history books, one has to remember that not everything 
    can be taken as undisputed fact.
    >If you want info on him as a person, let me know. 
    >just ask the questions and I will answer what I can.
    Rumor has it that Phil is back in the studio working 
    with a teenage diva for Ahmet Ertegun. Know anything about 
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    Subject:     DHMLS
    Received:    11/28/99 9:26 pm
    From:        Mark Landwehr,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Brad Elliot wrote:
    >  But
    > there is an early 1965 interview with Brian in which he
    > stated, "And I just did a session with Darlene Love. I
    > wrote the song for her, too."
    > In 1981, BB collector Steve
    > Harvey had the opportunity to ask Brian about his work
    > with Spector. I quote Steve from a letter he wrote me: "I
    > asked Brian about his recording session with Spector.
    > Brian replied that they recorded a version of his 'Don't
    > Hurt My Little Sister' using Darlene Love."
    With documentation like that, how can one refute?!!! 
    Thanks much for the information, Brad - I stand corrected 
    (Whew! Now I can get on with other Spector "mysteries"..)
    Phil Spector Label Gallery - updated 12/1/99 at
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    Subject:     Re: Stea-Phillips
    Received:    11/28/99 9:26 pm
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dear Michael:
    Thanks for the info on Stea-Phillips studios. I have 
    several 4 Seasons re-issues on Ace (they are a better deal
    than the skimpy Curb re-issues) and noticed the name of the
    studio. They were one of the few groups to even mention the
    studio they recorded in and the studio engineer. I think 
    they recorded "Rag Doll" at Atlantic Studios because Stea 
    Phillips was booked for that day.
    It does sound like Stea-Phillips was a 3-or-4 track studio
    until 1967-8, especially when you listen to those early 
    albums on headphones. I like those primitive stereo mixes.
    I have found many original Vee Jay and Philips 45's over 
    the years and I wished that Ace or Rhino could put 
    together a "mono-only" Seasons hit compilation since many 
    mixes seem "tighter" and more compressed than the stereo 
    I'm especially fond of their "Rag Doll" album because its 
    all original material and there's very little filler. The 
    quality of material the 4 Seasons had was so good that 
    many of their LP tracks and B-Sides could have been 
    A-Sides. (Connie-O, Marlena, Huggin' My Pillow, Danger, 
    Marcie, Betrayed, Big Man's World, Pity, The Puppet Song, 
    Raven, and the amazing Silence is Golden)
    I recall a funny story in some rock history book by 
    Frankie Valli (...or it could have been Bob Gaudio) when 
    the group was recording "Big Girls Don't Cry" at Stea 
    Phillips, the building next door to the studio was on fire
    and Firemen or the Police were trying to get the group and 
    studio musicians to stop recording the song and leave. Bob
    Crewe believed this song was a such a smash (or didn't want
    to book more studio time!) they kept right on recording the
    song while fire trucks were battling the blaze and smoke 
    was starting to come through the studio's ventilation 
    system. I have listened to "Big Girls" many times on CD 
    and never was able to hear any sirens or extra noises so I
    guess the studio had excellent soundproofing. Needless to 
    say they cut a very "hot" record! 
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    Subject:     Christmas Songs
    Received:    11/28/99 9:26 pm
    From:        Daniel Rozic,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi, everyone
    Please, would you help me with this.
    My friend gave me a CD called "A Soulful Christmas".
    Does somebody knows from which years are the next 
    Christmas songs:
    1/ This Christmas - Donny Hathaway
    2/ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The Jackson Five
    3/ White Christmas - Otis Redding
    4/ It's That Time Of The Year - The Manhattans 
    5/ At Christmas Time - Luther Vandross
    6/ What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas - The Emotions
    7/ The Little Drummer Boy - Lou Rawls
    8/ What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - Nancy Wilson
    9/ Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - The Temptations
    10/ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
    11/ (Christmas Ain't Christmas) Without The One You Love - The O'Jays
    12/ The Mistletoe And Me - Isaac Hayes
    13/ Silver Bells - Diana Ross & The Supremes
    14/ Happy Holidays To You - The Whispers
    15/ It's Christmas Time Again (The Christmas Song) - The Temprees
    16/ White Christmas - The Drifters
    17/ Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas - The Staple Singers
    18/ Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The Whispers
    19/ Silent Night - The Temptations
    20/ What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - The Orioles
    Thank you in advance.
    Best regards.
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