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Spectropop V#0343

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 11/06/99

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       Volume #0343                       November 11, 1999   
        Dedicated to the World's Greatest General Amusement   
    Subject:     The Match
    Sent:        Mon, 08 Nov 1999 11:14:38 -0800 
    From:        "Ponak, David" 
    To:          Spectropop List 
    A big thank you to DJ Jimmie B for recommending the RCA
    LP by The Match. I was thrilled to find that in addition
    to the cover of "Through Spray Colored Glasses," it
    contains versions of Roger Nichols' "Don't Take Your Time"
    and Nichols & Paul Williams' "Morning I'll Be Moving On."
    (Which is the closing song of my radio show every week!)
    Whitebread vocal heaven!!!!
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    Subject:     Reparata
    Sent:        Sun, 07 Nov 1999 23:28:33 -0500
    From:        Tom Waters 
    To:          Spectropop List 
         Hi, it's me again, I've got another question.  I just
    love Reparata and the Delrons and am wondering what
    happened to them, especially Reparata.  I just love her
    voice!  Does anybody know of any collections of Reparata
    and the Delrons that are available to buy and from where? 
    I only have the Whenever a Teenager Cries Collectables CD.
    I heard about a collection called Golden Classics.  I
    think it's a cassette, does anybody know the track list on
    it?  If anyone could direct me to any other CDs or
    cassettes, it would be much appreciated.
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    Subject:     Hello, It's Me...
    Sent:        Mon, 08 Nov 1999 10:35:23 -0500
    From:        "Keith D'Arcy" 
    To:          Spectropop List 
    Hi everybody,
    I'm rejoining the Spectropop list after having been a
    subscriber about three years ago.  I've just spent the
    weekend at the WFMU record fair in NYC, buying lots of
    late 60's melodic psych-pop, and I found some complete
    GEMS!!!  Can anyone give me any more info than I've got on
    the following SMASHING soft pop groups (these are all 45s)?
    I'd be thrilled with any nuggets of knowlege:
    Click - "Dancing Babies/The Fat Lady in the Wicker Chair"
    and "Girl with a Mind/Rainmaker" on Laurie
    Saint Jacques - "She Was Beautiful/Brandy" on GRT
    Mid-Day Rain "Welcome to the Rain/Sunday Mourning" on RCA
    (this is one of the best records I've found in all my days
    of searching...)
    Sweet Charity "Take a Look at Love/I've Got to Laugh" on
    These are all beautiful, gentle records that I would die
    to find more of. If anybody can point me in the direction
    of more, I'd do whatever I could to thank them.  I've got
    tons and tons of obscure gentle pop, folk-pop and
    pop-psych from this period, so if anybody cares to swap
    tapes, let me know.
    ***Find of the Fair: a single on Liberty by a group called
    the Murmaids, doing a cover of the Michael Lloyd/Smoke
    song "SongThrough Perception!"  A complete smash!
    Over to you,
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    Subject:     The (Blue) Orchids
    Sent:        Sun, 07 Nov 99 13:51:04 EST
    From:        "Stos, William" 
    To:          Spectropop List 
    Hi everyone!
    Thanks for the Paper Dolls info Ian!  Now here's another
    question regarding the Blue Orchids.  Some one recently
    asked me about their recordings produced by Shel Talmy. 
    Can anyone tell me about Shel and his relation to the
    Orchids?  This guy is putting together a Shel Talmy web
    site believe it or not!  I'm recommending him to
    Spectropop as a new member, but until then, help would be
    appreciated.  Also, was "Mister Scrooge" ever released on
    a single?
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    Subject:     Unissued Crystals track
    Sent:        Mon, 08 Nov 1999 00:47:30 -0000
    From:        "Ian Chapman" 
    To:          Spectropop List 
    Regarding the unofficial unissued Spector track (Crystals'
    "Chico's Girl") that was mentioned a few posts back. 
    Having listened to it a few more times, I've revised my
    opinion and would say that it is after all Barbara Alston
    on lead vocal, and not Pat Wright as I'd first thought.
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    Subject:     On Broadway
    Sent:        Mon, 08 Nov 1999 01:25:48 -0000
    From:        "Robin Wills" 
    To:          Spectropop List 
    Hi there
    A few months ago, I saw an ad for a double CD on Westside
    called "On Broadway" comprsing Brill Building material.
    Eventhough it was UK issue , I still haven't seen a copy
    of it. Did it actually come out? Also does it contain any
    rare or unreleased stuff? I would aprreciate any
    information on this, even a track listing if possible.
    Thanks for your help
    All the best
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    Subject:     Song of India & Just Let Me Cry
    Sent:        Mon, 08 Nov 1999 22:38:33 
    From:        Jamie LePage
    I was listening to Lesley Gore's "Just Let Me Cry" for
    the gazillionth time and only realized now that it is
    based on Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov's Song of India.
    Just Let Me Cry is written by Barkan/Raleigh. They also
    wrote She's a Fool, That's the Way Boys Are and others
    for Lesley. 
    Nothing earthshaking here, but I did find it interesting.
    Strange that I never realized it before.
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    Subject:     The Liquid Room Playlist 11/6/99
    Sent:        Mon, 08 Nov 1999 10:25:38 -0800 
    From:        "Ponak, David" 
    To:          Spectropop List 
    This week my show was plagued by that darn head cold that
    everyone in Los Angeles seems to have, but the music
    played on.
    The Liquid Room airs every Saturday morning (Friday night)
    >from 3-6AM on 90.7 FM, KPFK, heard throughout Southern
    You can also catch me on Monday and
    Wednesday evenings from 8-10 PM, PST.
    The Liquid Room-11/6/99
    1.The Committee-California My Way
    Happy Together: The Best Of White Whale Records (Varese Sarabande)
    2.The Divine Comedy-The Pop Singer's Fear Of The Pollen Count
    A Secret History-The Best Of The Divine Comedy (Setanta)
    3.Francesco DeMasi-Tema Di Londra
    I Sogni Della Musica (Italian soundtrack compilation) (King-Japan)
    4.Chappie-Welcome Morning
    New Chappie (Sony-Japan)
    5.Fantastic Plastic Machine-Take Me To The Disco (Legendary Disco Allstars
    Single (Readymade-Japan)
    6.Esquivel-Honky Tonky Cha Cha
    See It In Sound (7n/BMG)
    7.u-ziq-The Fear
    Royal Astronomy (Astralwerks)
    8.Milton Nascimento-Beat It
    Crooner (WB)
    9.Arling & Cameron-W.E.E.K.E.N.D.
    Songs For Imaginary Films (Emperor Norton)
    10.The Sugar Shoppe-Take Me Away
    The Sugar Shoppe (Capitol)
    11.Marcos Valle (w/Anamaria Valle)-The Face I Love
    Samba 68 (Verve)
    12.Katerine-Le Appartement
    Les Creatures (Rosebud)
    13.Scott Walker-Only Myself To Blame
    The World Is Not Enough Soundtrack (MCA)
    14.Scott Walker-No Easy Way Down
    Stretch/We Had It All (CD 2-fer) (BGO-UK)
    15.Glen Campbell-I Keep It Hid
    Reunion (Raven-Aus)
    16.The Gentle People-Parfum
    Simply Faboo (Rephlex)
    17.Manfred Mann-Sing Songs Of Love
    Up The Junction Soundtrack (RPM-UK)
    18.Scritti Politti-Brushed With Oil, Dusted With Powder
    Anomie & Bonhomie (Virgin)
    19.Bee Gees-Run To Me
    To Whom It May Concern (Polydor)
    20.Wendy Carlos-Brandenburg Concerto In G Major
    Switched On Boxed Set (East Side Digital)
    21.The Fur Ones-On Vacation
    Odd Numbers (Monorail)
    22.Jack Jones-Nobody Knows
    Jack Jones Sings Michel Legrand (RCA/Laserlight)
    23.Beachwood Sparks-Make It Together
    Straight Outta Burbank Compilation (Bomp)
    24.Cafe Tacuba-24 Horas
    Re (WEA Latina)
    See It In Sound (7n/BMG)
    26.Richard Harris-The Yard Went On Forvever
    The Webb Sessions 1968-69 (Raven-Aus)
    27.Space Ponch-Barefoot In Baltimore
    The World Shopping With Space Ponch (Flavour-Japan)
    28.The Magnetic Fields-The Book Of Love
    69 Love Songs Vol. 1 (Merge)
    29.Paul Mauriat-Silver Fingertips
    L.O.V.E. (Phillips)
    30.Yellow Magic Orchestra-Behind The Mask (FPM Remix)
    YMO Remixes-Technopolis 2000-01 (Victor-Japan)
    31.Kahimi Karie-What Is Blue
    K.K.K.K. (Le Grand Magistery)
    32.Momus-The Homosexual
    Tender Pervert (Creation)
    33.Toog-The Green Giant
    6633 (Le Grand Magistery)
    34.The Lilac TimeA Dream We All Share
    Looking For A Day In The Night (Spinart)
    36.Johnny Ray-The Little White Cloud That Cried
    Greatest Hits (Columbia)
    37.Minnie Ripperton-Completeness
    Come To My Garden (AIM-Aus)
    Expo (Sony)
    39.Alex Gopher-Ralph & Kathy
    You My Baby & I (V2)
    40.Hugo Montenegro-Classical Gas
    Good Vibrations (RCA)
    41.The New Colony Six-Girl Unsigned
    Revelations (Mercury)
    42.Sonny Bono-My Best Friend's Girl Is Outta Sight
    Inner Views (Rhino Handmade)
    43.The Aluminum Group-Jinxed
    Pedals (Minty Fresh)
    44.Bobby Goldsboro-The Straight Life
    The Best Of (EMI)
    45.Paul Williams-Morning I'll Be Moving On
    Someday Man (WB)
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