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Spectropop V#0341

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 11/05/99

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       Volume #0341                        November 5, 1999   
                          Phil & Annette                      
    Subject:     Re: Sequel/Castle releases
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        Derrick
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > So I'm doing this record deal over at Castle Music in
    > England and one of the major perks of doing entertainment
    > law is that you can generally blag some swag.
    Don't pass up their Ivy League and Pinkerton's Colours/
    Flying Machine comps! And if it were me, I wouldn't leave 
    without their Jerry Ross Symposium collection and all the 
    Easy Project titles.
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    Subject:     Sequel girls (& boys)
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        iandrew,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Matthew wrote:
    >Are all nine of of the "Here Come The Girls" collections 
    >essential? I think that I'm going to stay away from the 
    >boy group series, just doesn't have the same thrill.
    I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that a Spectropopper
    would find something appealing on all the volumes of HCTG, 
    so grab 'em while you can. The series bows out with Vol. 
    10, which is a double-set (of mixed quality, IMO) entitled
    "Girls Don't Come" (yes, really).
    Don't be too quick to dismiss the two "Here Come The Boys"
    sets, though. Although they were poor sellers, you'll find 
    some excellent Spectropop stuff hidden away on these that 
    may not appear on CD again for quite a while. Stuff like 
    the Chants' "She's Mine" (the Alice Wonderland/Swans song), 
    their great Frankie Lymon-ish take of "I Could Write A 
    Book", and the stompy 4 Seasons-styled "I Don't Care". 
    Then there's "Bu Bop A Lu Bop A Lie" by Robb Storme (Da 
    Doo Ron Ron influence), Mark Wynter's fantastic surfy 
    Andrew Oldham-produced version of Sloan & Barri's "Can I 
    Get To Know You Better" (for me THE version), plus good 
    quality harmony pop from the likes of the Ivy League and 
    the Sands of Time. And the Searchers' jangling Spectorised
    version of the Jackie de Shannon song "Each Time" is solid 
    gold. Try it, you'll like it!
    Ian Chapman
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    Subject:     commercial music IDs
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        Frank Youngwerth, xxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Anybody recognize the ethereal Tijuana Brass-type music 
    that comes in at the end of those TV commercials now 
    running for e-stamps (where the guy goes out to buy stamps
    and when he finally gets back it's decades later)?
    Also, have the short electronic pieces Eric Siday created 
    in the 60s for radio and TV ever been collected on LP or 
    CD? I would assume he did the one for Mutual news that 
    gets sampled in Roky Erickson's "Creature with the Atom 
    Frank Youngwerth  
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    Subject:     Darlene & "Little Sister"
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        Mark Landwehr,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Just wanted to update everyone on an old thread...Many 
    moons ago, there was a discussion re: the EEOC records/
    Phil Spector/Brian Wilson - When the dust had cleared, it 
    was agreed upon (I think) that Brian wrote the tune for 
    the Ronettes & played piano on the track that Spector cut 
    but eventually gave away for use on the EEOC 
    public-service records.
    Mention was made of the Ronettes doing work on a possible 
    release of the tune, originally titled "Don't Hurt My 
    Little Sister"...Something that never panned out. But, no 
    mention was made of any other artists..
    I have reason to believe (speculate) that Spector MAY have
    thought about using Darlene Love on the cut, pre-Blossoms/
    EEOC...I have an acetate of the instrumental track that 
    Spector cut for "Don't Hurt My Little Sister" (later to be
    used by EEOC), and on the label is printed "Little Sister -
    D. Love" and "Mar. '65"...At least we can conclude WHEN the
    track was cut.
    To Carol Kaye:
    Do you have any recollection of being part of that session? 
    Sorry if I'm repeating a question that someone asked you
    previously...My brain cells are slowly deteriorating. 
    Phil Spector Label Gallery at
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    Subject:     Paper Dolls
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        iandrew,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Will Stos wrote:-
    > Can anyone give me some info on the Paper Dolls (the
    > British girl group)?
    Hi Will,
    The trio was lead singer Suzi "Tiger" Mathis, Pauline 
    "Spyder" Bennett and Sue "Copper" Marshall. Their first 45,
    "Something Here In My Heart (Keeps Telling Me No)" on the 
    Pye label, went to #11 in the UK chart in '68, and spawned
    an album, "Paper Dolls House" (the hit, a couple of 
    originals, mostly covers). For a short time, they had a 
    pretty high profile, with some sharp marketing (Paper Doll
    toys, books etc), but no further chart action. They had two
    more Pye 45s, "My Life"/"There's Nobody I'd Sooner Love", 
    and "Someday"/"All The Time In The World". Neither as 
    strong as the hit, but "There's Nobody I'd Sooner Love" is
    pretty cute, and some UK Brit girl collectors may know an 
    earlier version of "All The Time In The World" by Stevie 
    Kimble. The Dolls moved on to RCA in '70 for 2 more 
    singles, a dull version of "My Boyfriend's Back", and the 
    bouncier "Remember December", and that was it.
    Some of their sides have appeared on Sequel's "Here Come 
    The Girls" series, and readers may be interested in this 
    quote from the liner notes of the latest (and last) volume, 
    #10: "We heard some wild stories about the Dolls 
    recently but can't reprint them here in case we end up 
    having to pay our own legal costs". Make of that what you 
    (Little-known fact: In 1980, Suzi Mathis was the vocal 
    coach for the St. Winifred's School Choir and their 
    irksome freak #1 hit "There's No-One Quite Like Grandma". 
    Forgive me, UK readers, for reminding you of this!!) 
    Ian Chapman
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    Subject:     Re: THE COOKIES - I NEVER DREAMED
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        CHRIS KING,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Greetings all. I need your help. I absolutely adore The 
    Cookies skyscrapingly majestic 'I Never Dreamed' & 
    although I have it on CD, I desperately want a copy on 7" 
    vinyl 45, so I can play it out when I DJ. Do any of you 
    have a copy I could buy? If not, can you please point me 
    in the direction of somewhere I may be able to pick up the
    track on vinyl? Many, many thanks in advance, yours 
    hopefully, Chris.
    PS: I am also desperate to acquire the following 45's:-
    The Shirelles - Groovy Guy
    The Sherry's - That Boy Of Mine
    The Lollipops - Step Aside Baby
    Carolyn Carter - I'm Thru
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    Subject:     Susan Rafey in the Liquid Room
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        iandrew,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    David Ponak wrote:-
    > 3.Susan Rafey-The Big Hurt
    > Hurt So Bad (Verve)
    Hi David,
    Nice to see Susan Rafey's "Hurt So Bad" getting some 
    exposure. A great uptempo version of the Little Anthony 
    song, with a strong vocal. Recommend to anyone who likes 
    white girl northern the same class as Nancy 
    Ames' "I Don't Want To Talk About It". (Should go down 
    well at "Da Doo Ron Ron", Chris)
    Ian Chapman
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    Subject:     Re: Shonen Knife
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        Stewart Mason,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    At 09:51 PM 11/3/99 +0900, Spectropop List wrote:
    >Thanks to David Young, I just found a Shonen Knife
    >Christmas single called Space Christmas on red vinyl
    >with a pic sleeve. This is a hoot; I fell in love with
    >it instantly.
    >Has anyone else heard this and if so, do any of their 
    >other recordings come across so cute?
    Occasionally, they're quite cute -- on individual songs 
    like "Riding on the Rocket," especially its 
    English-language remake -- but for the most part, Shonen 
    Knife are a fairly standard bubblegum-punk trio, poppy but
    still quite noisy at times. 
    There's a definite element of deliberate camp in 
    everything they do; they're quite aware that it's just 
    adorable for grown women (their first record came out in 
    1983!) to be singing about jelly beans and choco bars, and
    they play up their human-Sanrio-character quality, but 
    there's also a vaguely unsettling quality to some of their
    songs ("Twist Barbie," etc.) that's also quite deliberate. 
    Their English debut, LET'S KNIFE (Virgin, 1992), is a good
    introduction, featuring remakes of a lot of their classic 
    early songs. 
    ****************************FLAMINGO RECORDS****************************
    Stewart Allensworth Mason     
    Box 40172                       "No, you may not use that in your
    Albuquerque NM 87196             .sig quote."        
    **********************HAPPY MUSIC FOR NICE PEOPLE***********************
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    Subject:     RE: Shonen Knife, "Space Christmas".
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        George Ojisan>
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I read the mailing list as often as I can. I don't have
    much time to "jump in" and follow thru on threads but,
    it's really great here. I wanted to comment on John
    Rausch' discovery of the Shonen Knife Christmas Single:
    john rausch> wrote:
    > ....I just found a Shonen Knife Christmas single called
    > Space Christmas on red vinyl with a pic sleeve. This is a
    > hoot; I fell in love with it instantly.
    It does have that charm, John....
    > The 45 label is a send up of the Capitol swirl label and
    > the pic sleeve is a tribute to the Phil Spector xmas ep
    > sleeve. It even says "A Shonen Knife Christmas Record For
    > You" The b side has a Christmas message from all the
    > girls in the band resembling the Phil Spector spoken
    > track at the end of his xmas lp. It even has some samples
    > from that lp at the beginning and again at the end.
    Very true. Isn't it amazing that all of those elements of
    classic U.S. Pop were recognized, if you a
    recording from (3) girls in this one single
    release! It charted well on the College Charts here in
    the U.S. and it was "Rodney's Pick to Click" at
    Christmastime on KROQ in L.A.. that year. (1991) And, it
    also charted at #1 in the U.K..
    I can't imagine Christmas now, without: "I'm waiting
    for Santa Claus. he's riding on a Bison Sleigh. I'm
    waiting for Christmas gift I wanna get a Space Ship!"
    If you listen to the "Shonen Knife Christmas Message '91"
    a little closer... you'll notice there's ALSO a definite
    tie-in with the Beatles' very first Christmas Message to
    their Fan Club. It's a revelation to hear Shonen Knife do
    the bit in their best Japanese-english Holiday Spirit
    ("Hello-o-o... this is Naoko speaking to you in English!")
    and then listen to the Beatles early creation. The "parts"
    are even assigned with the girls in the Knife, much as
    they were with the Beatles. And it all works terrifically,
    because Shonen Knife are totally natural in the role - it
    becomes an all-new creation with them. Their fans in that
    era would throw Jelly Beans (Jerry Beans...) on stage
    during their live shows even as fans of the Beatles had
    done in their early appearances. So, I thought you would
    enjoy knowing that facet of "Space Christmas" from Shonen
    For years, my favorite Pop Christmas Record was Ray
    Stevens', "Santa Claus Is Watchin' You" I think it was
    the Tuba Player that made it click but after I heard
    "Space Christmas" by Shonen Knife and saw all the
    elements of the "best of rock n roll christmas" packaged
    into this one production - it became my "must-play"
    Christmas record.
    > I don`t know if these girls are trying to be campy
    > or if it just comes across that way to American ears but
    > this is really a great treat. Has anyone else heard this
    > and if so, do any of their other recordings come across
    > so cute?
    Many of their recordings are very cute. If "campy" can be
    applied to three former office workers from Osaka, Japan
    who decided to "do something more fun than business" with
    their lives, started a rock band and taught themselves to
    play - that's fine. The thing is - they write good melody,
    celebrate the little things and challenges in life that
    make it all fun, and deliver it live on stage with a power
    punch. If that sounds like a glowing testimonial, then I
    accept the charge. *smile* 
    I feel Shonen Knife are one of the great girl groups, for
    so many reasons. Many of their CDs, certainly from their
    years on Virgin, including "Let's Knife", "Rock Animals"
    and "Birds and the B Sides" are available. One of the
    best recorded Shonen Knife mixes is their cover version
    of the Carpenters' "Top of the World" - quite amazing
    sonically and in its appeal. That version has legs of
    its own: It was used in the recent Disney (remake) Film,
    "Parent Trap" and previously in the tag for the film "The
    Last Supper." Microsoft used this recording for a
    television commercial, launching their Internet Explorer...
    back in 1995. (My compliments to the Chef on this track!)
    Hope this background is helpful, and accurate with the
    many knowledgeable people here on the mailing list who
    also know of the band. 
    I enjoy the Spectropop list. It's always a good read!!
    dewa mata,
    George "Ojisan" Handlon
    Coordinator, Knife Collectors ~ N. America
    The Shonen Knife NeXuS
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    Subject:     Shonen Knife Xmas 45
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        Glenn Sadin & Mariko Kusumoto,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    John sez re: Shonen Knife Xmas 45:
    >The 45 label is a send up of the Capitol swirl label and
    >the pic sleeve is a tribute to the Phil Spector xmas ep
    >sleeve. It even says "A Shonen Knife Christmas Record
    >For You" The b side has a Christmas message from all the
    >girls in the band resembling the Phil Spector spoken
    >track at the end of his xmas lp.
    Actually, the spoken word flip is a direct cop of the 
    Beatles' Xmas singles that were sent to their fan club. 
    But you're right, it IS a fab Xmas single!
    Glenn Sadin
    Read about Japanese pop from the '50s & '60s!
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    Subject:     Re: Japanese Girl Pop
    Received:    11/05/99 6:58 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    john rausch> wrote:
    > I just found a Shonen Knife Christmas single called Space
    > Christmas...The b side has a Christmas message from all
    > the girls in the band resembling the Phil Spector spoken
    > track at the end of his xmas lp.
    Hi John. Wow! I am so happy you liked this. It's really neat 
    that you (train) spotted all the Spector references. You
    missed one, though. In the runoff groove is etched "Phil
    and Annette", the first of many SK vinyl records to have a
    hidden message in the runoff groove.
    The parody of Spector's spoken track actually begins when
    the "Silent Night" piano loop starts. Before that, the
    script is nearly a word-for-word parody of another spoken
    word Xmas recording - the Beatles' 1963 Xmas fan club
    > this is really a great treat. Has anyone else heard this
    > and if so, do any of their other recordings come across
    > so cute
    As far as their other records, "Let's Knife" is probably
    most representative of their punk/pop sound, but for
    Spectropoppers, I would recommend the album "Birds &
    B-sides". The album is wildly uneven but its high points
    merit the recommendation. Take a look at these quotes from
    AMG regarding the album:
    > "Birds & The B-Sides (1996) - 18 odds and ends from the
    > Shonen Knife '90s catalog [including] contributions to 
    > tribute albums to the Carpenters, Beach Boys, and Nilsson.
    > ...fanatics will appreciate the thoughtfully assembled,
    > thoroughly annotated collection of these rarities...The
    > covers (especially of "Heatwave" and the Beach Boys'
    > "Don't Hurt My Little Sister") generally outpace the
    > original material, which doesn't vary as much as it could
    > or should. -- Richie Unterberger, All-Music Guide".
    Indeed, the covers are the highlights, including  a cover 
    of the Nilsson penned Ronettes side "Paradise". And, the
    arrangement on "Don't Hurt..." resembles "Things Are
    Changing" more than it does the BBs. The "Vivaldi Vibe"
    remake of their original "Little Tree" is a
    nod-and-a-wink to Bob Crewe's "Dawn (Go Away)". But as to
    their later records, caveat emptor. More from AMG:
    > "Happy Hour (1998) - A little Shonen Knife goes a
    > long way, and what seemed so exuberant and
    > irresistible on earlier efforts like Let's Knife
    > now feels cloying and stale; the Shonen Knife
    > aesthetic has become pure formula, and the joke
    > just isn't that funny anymore. -- Jason Ankeny,
    > All-Music Guide"
    Thank you for your post on this single!
    All the best,
    n.p. The John Barrett Tapes - The Beatles
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