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Spectropop V#0339

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 10/28/99

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       Volume #0339                        October 28, 1999   
                        Total Sound Stereo                    
    Subject:     AM KIEV 870
    Date:        Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:20:29 +0900
    From:        Jamie LePage 
    To:          Spectropop List 
    Nancy Sinatra wrote:
    >These people will LOVE Hal's radio show. They should tune 
    >it in on the www every Sunday from 9:00pm to 12 midnight. 
    >I believe the address is www.kiev870. If that is incorrect, 
    >they can access it by searching for KIEV radio. It is 
    >such a fantastic show and your interview was GREAT! You 
    >know that he plays the kind of music everybody wants to 
    >Love, Nancy
    Thanks for this Carol. I tuned in and found the show very
    interesting. Sound wasn't good, but I noticed on the
    website that as of November, the site will start
    broadcasting for RealAudio G2. Should be an immense
    Hal Lifson is entertaining with his memoirs of 60s TV,
    film, and pop culture of all sorts. He doesn't let that
    interfere with the music, though, and considering KIEV is
    primarily a talk radio channel, that was an unexpected
    Hal said in two weeks his special guests will be April
    Stevens and Nino Tempo! Hey, maybe he will play Boys Town!!!
    I wrote him an email and asked him to play it. Hmmm...
    Here are a few tracks he played on the air just now.
    Winter a go-go - Gary Usher(?)
    Black is Black - Los Bravos
    Honey in your Hips - Yardbirds 
    Imagine the Swan - Zombies
    Theme from "That Girl" 
    Secret Love - Billy Stewart 
    She Knows Me To Well - Beach Boys 
    Heaven is Being With You - Jackie DeShannon
    Nice choices, I think most would agree. Definitely not
    your consultant designed cookie cutter playlist! That
    Yardbirds track, for instance, is a very obscure one
    featuring Clapton that was never played on US radio.
    Winter a go-go was apparently a demo used in the movie!
    The URL is
    Be there or be square, teens.
    Thanks again for this, Carol. Very cool to see a post from
    Nancy Sinatra here!
    All the best,
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    Subject:     BOUNCE Non-member submi
    Date:        Mon, 25 Oct 1999 20:31:00 +0900
    To:          Spectropop List,
    ========= Start of forwarded message =========
    Subject:     Jackie de Shannon Appreciation Society
    Dear All
    The Jackie de Shannon Appreciation Society had now restarted. 
    Having been a member for a couple of years before it was put 
    on hold, I have now agreed to do a webpage for it. I'm nearly
    ready to go public with it, but just wondered if anyone on
    this list has any material or scanned pictures that could
    be included?
    Meanwhile, watch this space for the launch of the website!
    Holmes Chapel, Cheshire
    ========== End of forwarded message ==========
    Anyone wishing to contribute to the Jackie DeShannon 
    website please contact Spectropop Admin
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    Subject:     Disk-O-Tec Holiday
    Date:        Mon, 25 Oct 1999 12:49:26 +0100
    Hello there,
    Tom Waters was asking about Disk-O-Tec Holiday.
    The film is an American version of a UK pop quickie called
    'Just For You'. The UK film had masses of clips of bands
    like the Merseybeats, and the aforementioned  Peter and
    Gordon and Millie as well as  A Band Of Angels,  fabulous
    Brit-girl trio the Orchids and a brilliant clip of Louise
    Cordet. All these clips were actually French Scopitone
    films (a sort of film Jukebox) that some enterprising
    company had strung together with a ridiculous plot about a
    scientist (I think). The American version (thanks Andrew)
    was produced by Frank Slay and added clips of The Rockin'
    Ramrods and Freddie Cannon, both of whom I think Slay
    managed.  The plot in the US one was about some drippy kid
    who'd recorded a dopey ballad and taken it to radio
    stations and eventually managed to perform it on a TV show.
    You get to see DJ Arnie 'Woo Woo' Ginsberg! Other bands
    who survived to the US version were.
    On an entirely separate subject, Holy Mackerel - it is
    great, reissue would be a fab thing.
    See you later, Kieron
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    Subject:     "How Does It Feel" by the Doopees
    Date:        Sun, 24 Oct 1999 18:11:02 EDT
    From:        DJJimxxxxxcom
    In a message dated 10/24/99 1:35:42 PM, you wrote:
    >Can you play 
    >that Japanese cover of the Ronettes you mentioned recently? 
    >I've never heard that. 
    I hope David plays it and since he knew it, I'm assuming
    he can access it. I actually DO have a "copy" of this
    Ronettes song, "How Does It Feel" and it was recorded by
    the Doopees. I have it on a mix tape sent to my by Jill
    Mingo-go, a DJ  and record promoter in Glasgow who has
    exchanged a few soft pop items with me including the LP by
    The Match. Anyone know it? Its fabulash with a stunning
    version of "Spray Colored Glasses"...Just thought you
    wanted to know. 
    Jimmy Botticelli
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    Subject:     Garnett Mimms
    Date:        Sun, 24 Oct 1999 17:26:02 -0700
    From:        "Jim Fisher" 
    To:          "Spectropop List" 
    Hey Spectropopers...anyone have any info on Garnet?Does he
    fit into the Spectropop Profile? Someone gave me a Rhino
    comp. tape and he's on it--a great version of Cry
    Baby---perhaps the original that Janis Joplin styled her
    outing of it on?Is he still around? Also picked up an LP
    titled "93/KHJ Golden 30"--this would be of interest to
    anyone who listened to LA top 40 radio in the 60's,though
    the songs are the standard Chart Toppers of the time (it's
    not dated but it has a picture of one of the Boss Jocks in
    his new 1967 Firebird .) the inner sleeves have a lot of
    interesting photos and text of the jocks mingling with
    sundry pop stars...if there's any old KHJ fans on the list
    who want this one then get in  touch off-list and I'll
    send it to you for cost of stamps only...regards to all,
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    Subject:     Bob Crewe Generation
    Received:    10/28/99 1:26 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns, Pauluxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Besides the Barbarella soundtrack, Music To Watch Girls By, 
    I also have an album on the CGC label CGC-1000 (Stereo) 
    called," Let Me Touch You" and has the following songs: 
    Stella By Starlight; Golden Earrings; To Each His Own; 
    Barbarella (different recording than the soundtrack); Moon
    Rover; Together; Wives And Lovers; An Angel Is Love; Let Me
    Touch You; Two For The Road. From the songs I figured it 
    came out in the late 60s when Barbarella and the movie Two
    For The Road was in release. My copy of the album is from a
    radio station library and it has something that looks like 
    1972 dates written in. Can anybody tell me anything about 
    this, it is very much like Music To Watch LP. They would 
    make a good two fer.
    Paul Urbahns
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    Subject:     Another Morning In The Liquid Room
    Date:        Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:06:14 -0700
    From:        "Ponak, David" 
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Well, I made it through yet another 3 hours of sleep
    deprived bliss on last Saturday's "The Liquid Room."
    Here's the results.
    (The Liquid Room can be heard Saturday mornings from 3-6AM
    on 90.7 KPFK, heard throughout Souther California)
    1.The Committee California My Way Happy Together: The Best Of White Whale 
    Records Varese Sarabande
    2.Fantastic Plastic Machine Take Me To The Disco Brand New Single! 
    Heatwave (Japan)
    3.Yellow Magic Orchestra Behind The Mask (FPM Remix) YMO 
    Remixes-Technopolis 2000-01 Victor (Japan)
    4.Yello Vicious Games Stella Polygram
    5.Katerine L'Appartement Les Creatures Rosebud (France)
    6.Paul Mauriat Silver Fingertips L.O.V.E. ` Phillips
    7.The Raymakers Solar Bubbles s/t Demo
    8.The Gentle People Underwater Simply Faboo Rephlex (UK)
    9.Super Furry Animals She's Got Spies Radiator Flydaddy
    10.Claude Denjean Venus Moog! London Phase 4
    11.Louis Phillipe Le Bal De Laze A Tribute To Polnareff XIII Bix (France)
    12.Steve And Edie Turned Down Day A Man And A Woman RCA
    13.Dionne Warwick Who What When Where Why Dionne Arista
    14.Rupert Holmes Our National Pastime Widescreen Epic
    15.Arling & Cameron Space Beach 1999 Spaceclub Single Emperor Norton
    16.Stan Freberg I've Got You Under My Skin Tip Of The Freberg (Box Set) 
    17.Stereo Total Holiday Inn Juke Box Alarm Bungalow
    18.Jack Jones Blue Green Grey And Gone Jack Jones Sings Michel Legrand RCA
    19.Aluminum Group Miss Tate Pedals Minty Fresh
    20.Beach Boys This Whole World Sunflower Reprise
    21.Steve Douglas Caroline No Reflections In A Golden Horn Mercury
    22.Don Costa Heroes And Villains Modern Delights Verve
    23.Beach Boys Busy Doin' Nothin' Friends Capitol
    24.Wondermints Sting O' Luv Bali Big Deal/Neosite
    25.Claudine Longet Sleep Safe & Warm A&M Digitally Remastered Best 
    Polydor (Japan)
    26.High Llamas Go To Montecito Snowbug V2
    27.The Love Generation Consciousness Expansion Montage Imperial
    28.Beachwood Sparks Make It Together Bomp-Straight Outta' Burbank Bomp
    29.Lee Hazlewood Wind Sky Sea & Sand Poet Fool Or Bum Capitol
    30.Serge Gainsbourg Sous Le Soleil Anna (Soundtrack) Polygram
    31.DMX Crew Get With You We Are DMX Rephlex (UK)
    32.Thelma Houston Everybody's Gets To Go To The Moon Sunshower (Jimmy 
    Webb Prod.!) ABC Dunhill
    33.The Negro Problem Come Down Now Joys And Concerns Aerial Flipout
    34.Isaac Hayes I'll Never Fall In Love Again Black Moses Staxx
    35.Saint Etienne Jack Lemmon The Misadventures Of Saint Etienne 
    36.Mason Williams Baroque-A-Nova Phonograph Record WB
    37.Hi-C Sitting In The Park Skanless Hollywood
    38.Lalo Schifrin The Girl Who Came In With The Tide Mannix Soundtrack 
    (new on CD!) Aleph
    39.Harry & Mac (Harry Hosono) Night Shade Road To Lousiana Epic (Japan)
    40.Bruce Haak Upside Down Listen Compute Rock Home Emperor Norton
    41.The Free Design 2002-A Hit Song Best Of or Heaven/Earth Varese/Project 
    42.Chocolat Hitori Koto Hamster Neosite (Japan)
    43.Petula Clark J'ai Pas Le Temps (French cover of Beach Boys "No Go 
    Showboat") M & M
    44.Magnetic Fields I Don't Believe In The Sun 69 Love Songs (Vol 1) Merge
    45.Gil Trythall Foggy Mountain Breakdown The Best Of Moog Loud
    46.Paul Williams Morning I'll Be Moving On Someday Man WB 
    Also check out my internet show on
    every Monday and Wednesday evening from 8-10 PM, Los
    Angeles time!
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