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Spectropop V#0338

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 10/25/99

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       Volume #0338                        October 25, 1999   
            Clean with a slightly damp, lint free cloth       
    Subject:     from Nancy Sinatra
    Received:    10/25/99 12:50 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 10/22/99 4:23:46 PM, writes to Nancy Sinatra:
    >>This was on the Spector List:
    >>Shoot, I'd be happy to hear those toons on SF's crummy
    >>oldies station, KFRC, once in a while. They mainly play
    >>crappy songs from the early '70s and an excess of Motown,
    >>the ones we've all heard a million times.
    >>Thanks to oldies radio, I can't enjoy hearing "My Girl"
    >>ever again.
    I explained the complaint about the "same ol' same 
    ol'" as far as the same ol' hit tunes, and she 
    immediately wrote me back. This is what she says:
    >Hi Lady!
    >These people will LOVE Hal's radio show. They should tune 
    >it in on the www every Sunday from 9:00pm to 12 midnight. 
    >I believe the address is www.kiev870. If that is incorrect, 
    >they can access it by searching for KIEV radio. It is 
    >such a fantastic show and your interview was GREAT! You 
    >know that he plays the kind of music everybody wants to 
    >Hang tough, Carol.
    >Love, Nancy
    from Carol: I had sent a copy of that to Nancy and that 
    was her answer. She's speaking of Hal Lifson, her manager,
    who happened to start a DJ show awhile back, and has a 
    natural talent (and love of oldies that aren't so 
    well-known too) for this radio show he has, he's great. 
    And has interviews on his show from time to time also, 
    he's really into it, a good guy, and very well-versed 
    about all the oldies.
    The interview she speaks of that I did is on my website 
    (click on it at the bottom of the opening page) with Hal's 
    blessing. Nancy is singing better than ever BTW, a 
    wonderful lady too.    
    all the best, 
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     Ripples volumes
    Received:    10/25/99 12:50 am
    From:        Kingsley Abbott,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Regarding ordering Ripples, Sequel inform me that US 
    buyers should either buy over the internet, buy from their
    local Tower, or get a supplier to order via DNA wholesalers. 
    Hope this helps. I've now seen Ripples Vol. 3 & 4 (At my 
    local record store!!!) and as Sequel said, they do look 
    nice. All Spectropopers should check them out to keep me 
    in work!!
    Best to all
    Kingsley Abbott
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    Subject:     Re: Bob Crewe
    Received:    10/25/99 12:50 am
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >I second that emotion. Bob Crewe left us with the Now
    >Generation anthem, "Music To Watch Girls By" the album of
    >which is breathtaking in its production. He toured England
    >to promote the LP and returned to top himself on the LP
    >"Music To Watch Birds By"...
    I own a fair mono copy of "Music To Watch Girls By" and 
    its a lot of fun. I like the cover picture of those 
    "models" (holding instruments and pretending to be the 
    Generation) with Bob on the cover. Sundazed would be a 
    good company to release this album, since they did a good 
    job remastering the Toys album. Even better would be 
    someone like Ace or Westside to release "Girls" and "Birds" 
    as a 2-fer.
    Kingsley Abbott wrote:
    >Billy S asked about the availability of Bob Crewe material
    >(Rag Dolls etc.). Having spoken to Mick Patrick very
    >recently (The guy who compiles all these lovely girl group
    >albums for Ace and Westside), I can impart the great news
    >that a Crewe/Dynavoice/etc. CD is in preparation for
    >release sometime in the new year. Can't wait! I certainly
    >hope that some of those wonderful soulie/pop stompers will
    >get on. I've loved "Dusty" and it's B-side "Hey Hoagy" for
    >years since its original release. 
    Dear Kingsley, thanks for the Good News, its about time 
    someone paid attention. I've never heard "Hey Hoagy" but 
    "Dusty" is a tremendous track, every (from Mp3 & Cassette, 
    wished I owned a copy of the 45!) copy I have heard of 
    this song sounds like it was super-compressed to 100% 
    maximum volume. Crewe was creating "Hot Mixes" for radio 
    (along with Spector, Motown and Frank Guida who produced 
    Gary U.S. Bonds) before the other major labels caught on 
    and started doing it in the early 60's. I hope this track 
    makes it to this compilation CD.
    Also another Recommendation for re-issue in the UK: The 
    Cowsills-We Can Fly & Captain Sad & His Ship of Fools. 
    Some of the material is silly and hasn't aged well but the 
    arrangements (many by Charlie Calello) are first rate. A 
    Childhood favorite of mine. 
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
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    Subject:     Re: Bob Crewe
    Received:    10/25/99 12:50 am
    From:        Frank,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    DJ JimmyB wrote:
    >In a message dated 10/21/99 12:38:26 PM, you wrote:
    >>I love Bob Crewe's productions, and someone in the UK
    >>really needs to put together a compilation of his
    >>Non-4-Seasons productions.
    >I second that emotion. Bob Crewe left us with the Now
    >Generation anthem, "Music To Watch Girls By" the album of
    >which is breathtaking in its production... "Barbarella",
    >and some work with Mitch Ryder on a version of Frankie
    >Valli's "I Make A Fool Of Myself" that eclipses even
    >"Barbarella" in some minds. An anthology of his non-season
    >work would be just what the doctor prescribed. Great idea.
    I fully agree but never forget the incredible work he did 
    on the soundtrack album from the Broadway play "Leader of 
    the pack", the Ellie Greenwich story. Having Bob Crewe 
    work with Darlene Love in an "homage" to Phil Spector is 
    a dream come true.
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    Subject:     radio
    Received:    10/23/99 3:46 am
    From:        Jamie LePage
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Michael White wrote about his soft pop piece:
    >...a story about soft pop for a Canadian music paper
    > available for everyone to view at 
    > Just click on the cover image to go 
    >directly to the story.
    Great article. Recommended reading to any who have not 
    already seen this. There are several things in the piece
    worthy of further discussion here I would think.
    David Ponak wrote:
    > it is! The first ever email playlist for my weekly
    >show on KPFK, "The Liquid Room." ...You can also hear me on
    >the net at Monday and Wednesday evenings
    >from 8-10, PDT. 
    After perusing David's playlist I was intrigued enough to 
    tune in via internet to the show, and although I caught 
    only the latter hour, I was impressed. The mix of classic 
    and modern works really well, David. Placed between new 
    music like Stereolab and High Llamas, the 60s records on 
    David's show sound fresh and contemporary. Can you play 
    that Japanese cover of the Ronettes you mentioned recently? 
    I've never heard that. 
    This gives me the opportunity to throw an idea out for 
    discussion. Sometimes we discuss fairly rare records, such
    as Boys Town by Nino Tempo. Wouldn't it be nice if one of 
    our DJ/listees played the song on an internet show that is
    archived for streaming. Then, by announcing it on list, the
    recording in question would be available on-line at any 
    time to all with capability of hearing music over the net.
    With the reasonably high quality of RealAudio G2, I think 
    this would be a great way to legitimately mass distribute 
    some of the music we discuss here while remaining within 
    the parameter of being a legit radio broadcast as opposed 
    to an unauthorized duplication and distribution operation.
    Any volunteers? Any other thoughts on this idea?
    PS I mentioned it before, but has an incredible 
    oldies station streaming 24 hr's a day in both Windows and 
    RealAudio formats. A very well produced blend of smash hits, 
    lesser known hits and obscure or rare non-hit singles.
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    Subject:     Re: TreasureIslandOldies
    Received:    10/25/99 12:50 am
    From:        Michael Godin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >>Even most of the
    >>oldies stations are on that stagnant "good times, great
    >>oldies" satellite network that means you'll hear "Be My
    >>Baby" and "I Get Around" 24 hours a day but good luck ever
    >>finding "This Could Be the Night" and "Caroline No."
    >Shoot, I'd be happy to hear those toons on SF's crummy
    >oldies station, KFRC, once in a while. They mainly play
    >crappy songs from the early '70s and an excess of Motown,
    >and always the ones we've all heard a million times.
    >Thanks to oldies radio, I can't enjoy hearing "My Girl"
    >ever again.
    Thought I'd make a 'self-serving' comment about the 
    thoughts expressed above. My oldies radio show 
    broadcasting on the Internet since May 1997, is called and I take great pride in playing
    "Lost Treasures", oldies you rarely, if ever, hear on "good
    times, great oldies" radio stations. 
    The feedback is extremely positive with both my regular 
    and new listeners every week. The show, in its 3rd year on
    the Internet, is also on short-wave radio, based out of 
    Germany, on SWRS - the Short Wave Relay Service. The 
    program is so popular (their words, not mine) that this 
    weekend as of 7 p.m. tonight German local time, and 
    running until Sunday Midnight, they are running an entire 
    weekend of shows, each one 
    lasting for 4 hours. Yesterday, they informed me that the 
    show is now Number ONE among their listeners, according to
    a survey SWRS undertook!
    I am very proud of the fact that my 'music universe" is 
    not 600 or 700 always recycled oldies, but a 10-20,000 
    plus music library (all my own) to provide listeners with 
    REAL memories of songs they haven't heard in years. Hope 
    you can check it out sometime.
    Thanks for reading.
    Michael Godin
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     the Rose Garden
    Received:    10/25/99 12:50 am
    From:        Glenn Sadin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Alec sez...
    >The Rose Garden. Good band. Never heard of a West Virginia
    >connection before though. Bios I've seen refer to them
    >originating at Pierce College in Van Nuys. Lead singer
    >Diana Di Rose was English (Blackpool, I believe) and had
    >been involved in the hootenanny scene. The album, despite
    >it's November 1967 recording date, has more of a '66
    >folk-rock feel, with Rickenbacker to the fore. It's
    >notable for featuring two fine Gene Clark songs ("Till
    >Today" and "Long Time") that have never turned up anywhere
    >else. The non-LP 45 "Here's Today" is a particular
    >personal favourite.
    Hey Alec, actually it was YOU who hipped me to the Rose 
    Garden! The last time I was at your pad you mentioned the 
    two Gene Clark toons on their LP, and a few days later I 
    found the LP for $2.95 at Amoeba on Haight St. I've loved 
    their 'Here's Today'/'If My World Falls Through' 45 for 
      Glenn Sadin
      Read about JAPANESE POP MUSIC from the 1950s thru the 1990s:
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    Subject:     Nascimento - Veloso - obsessed with Jacko
    Received:    10/25/99 12:50 am
    From:        Larry Koch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >>26.Milton Nascimento - Beat It (Michael Jackson cover!) -
    >Oh good God, I can't even imagine what this sounds 
    >like :) You have this one, Larry?
    No, I don't have it. I get the impression that Milton's 
    stuff begins to get a little iffy after about 1972, from 
    what I've heard of it. Caetano Veloso is supposedly 
    obsessed with Jacko, for some reason.
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Kim Fowley
    Received:    10/25/99 12:50 am
    From:        WASE RADIO,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    To Glenn Sadin:
     It is true that Kim Fowley co-wrote a song for the Rose 
    Garden. It is called "Flower Town". It is on their 
    original Atco album, and it was the original B side of 
    "Next Plane To London". At that time Kim Fowley was on a 
    "flower power" trip. He (that's right - don't let the 
    feminine first name fool you) released an album on Tower 
    records. I'm sorry to say that the title of that album 
    escapes me. Anyway the whole theme of this album dealt 
    with peace, love and flower power. One highlight is a 
    spoken word cut, where the narrator gets a draft notice in
    the mail. He then gets shipped off and into a war. Likened 
    the conflict to a bad dream, he "wakes up" and proclaims 
    "I'm dead".
     Of course Kim Fowley was always an interesting producer. 
    How many producers can produce a frothy innocent song like
    "Popsicles and Icicles", then turn around and produce the 
    original "riot grrrrls", The Runaways? Then turn around 
    again and produce Helen Reddy's 1977 album "Ear Candy"? 
    For the most part that album is 1970s middle of the road, 
    except for some surprises. One song "Baby I'm A Star" has 
    menacing guitars, backed by a ping pong "wall of sound" 
    backbeat. Another song on that album "Long Distance Love" 
    sounds like the Captain and Tennille. Kim Fowley has 
    worked with so many different artists, regardless of music
                                 Michael G. Marvin
                                  WASE radio
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