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Spectropop V#0328

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 10/05/99

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       Volume #0328                         October 5, 1999   
           both in monophonic and stereophonic editions       
    Subject:     Boys Town/Philately
    Received:    10/05/99 12:40 am
    From:        Ian Chapman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Robin Wills wrote:
    >Hey Ian,
    >It was your review that initialy made me seek out Boystown
    >and you don't even have a copy! Actually Mick Patrick
    >played me it about 6 years ago. Will there ever be another
    >Philately? I really treasure those old issues. My copy of
    >Boystown is a promo and so was Mick's, I guess it didn't
    >get a proper release.
    Hi Robin,
    Yep, still searching! Mick and I used to get 45s from a 
    particular dealer (sadly no longer in the biz) who would 
    send each of us packs of singles "on approval" to audition
    - we kept the ones we liked, returned the ones we didn't. 
    Mostly we each got copies of the same 45s, but sometimes 
    if the guy had only one copy of a particular single, it 
    was down to pure luck which of us would get it in their 
    package. And Mick got lucky with "Boy's Town"!! Jealous? 
    You bet I was! But vengeance was mine when I later got the
    Westwoods "I Miss My Surfer Boy Too" and Andrea Carroll's "
    The Doolang". Ha!! :-)
    I get asked a lot if "Philately" will ever make a comeback. 
    I honestly doubt it at present, as Mick is kept pretty 
    busy compiling and annotating myriad girl-group 
    compilations (this on top of a regular "day job"). However, 
    I do know that there is another issue of "That Will 
    Never Happen Again" in the pipeline - a second volume of 
    "Pop/Soul Blondes". I don't know the full details, but I 
    believe most of it is finished. But when it will actually 
    appear is anybody's guess! Rest asssured, Spectropoppers 
    will be the first to hear about it if & when! 
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    Subject:     Diane Renay
    Received:    10/05/99 12:40 am
    From:        john rausch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Diane,
    A friend of mine was going thru some old People magazines 
    and gave me an issue from 1996 which has a nice little 
    article on you. Lots of great pics too! I have never 
    really seen any vintage photos of you aside from the Navy 
    Blue lp cover. I Love the pic of you with the Rolling 
    Stones. I took the liberty of uploading the pics to share 
    with others on this list. Maybe you can comment on some of 
    the pictures sometime?
    Diane Renay
    John Rausch
    Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes at
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    Subject:     "How Does It Feel"
    Received:    10/05/99 12:40 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB, DJJimxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    There exists a Japanese recording (done recently) of on of
    my favorite lesser known Ronettes songs, "How Does It Feel". 
    I want to know the name of the artist who recorded it 
    and where I might obtain a copy of the record, CD or even 
    a cassette copy..Anyone? Jillll? Hellllp!
    Jimmy Botticelli/Feelin' Helpless
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    Subject:     How Does It Feel Abkco
    Received:    10/05/99 12:40 am
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >I only really listen to the mid-sixties disc of Back To
    >Mono, the one with The Ronettes' "Paradise" and Ike &
    >Tina's "River Deep Mountain High". It's Spector in his
    >finest noise/ambient mood. Are there many other equally
    >great/dense/reverby tracks from this period that Spector,
    >for whatever reasons, didn't include on Back To Mono?
    I would have love to have seen "How Does It Feel" on the 
    box set. It's one of my favorite Spector productions since 
    my high school days when I found the 45 of "Walking in The
    Rain" at a local garage sale.
    Its on ABKCO's "The Best of The Ronettes" CD. My only 
    gripe is that there are only 3 songs on this CD that don't 
    appear on the box set. "The Best of The Crystals" has 7 
    songs not on the box set (all B-sides), "The Best of 
    Darline Love" has 5 songs not on the box, and repeats 2 
    songs from the Crystals best-of.
    Also, why wasn't "I Can Hear Music" on the box? I also 
    prefer the original 45 version of The Crystals "All Grown 
    Up" over the Chuck Berry-Inspired alternate take on the 
    box set, luckily the original was used on the Crystals 
    The first and third CD run around a hour, and the second 
    CD has a 53 minute running time, so there was still room 
    for more songs on CD. Perhaps they cut back on songs so 
    everything could be fit on 3 vinyl LP's. I wished they 
    would have maxxed out every CD with a 70 minute running 
    time like Rhino does, but I'm still grateful that Phil did
    re-release all this on Compact disc. Now I hope ABKCO's 
    will get off their lard butts and re-release the 
    Cameo-Parkway material. 
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
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    Subject:     Robin & His Merry Boots
    Received:    10/05/99 12:40 am
    From:        Mark Landwehr,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > I also remember a live
    > action TV version of Robin Hood that came out in the late
    > 50's, so that article might be referring to this also.
    A Robin Hood movie (non-cartoon) came out in 1957, and a 
    subsequent TV series appeared, both starring Richard 
    Greene as the Robin-meister...Neither of these were Disney
    productions as far as I can tell. The TV show was a 
    syndicated UK job.
    > Finally, driving into the seedy side of the city, do 
    > Phil Spector bootlegs exist? 
    Boots of Philles 111 "(Let's Dance) The Screw" have been 
    floating around since the late-70s, and there is a boot of 
    "Paradise" by the Ronettes on Philles (which never issued 
    a single of it). Are there others???
    The Phil Spector Gallery (updated at
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    Subject:     Ronettes on cd/Spector bootlegs
    Received:    10/05/99 12:40 am
    From:        john rausch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Someone wrote asking about the Presenting The Fabulous 
    Ronettes on cd and Spector bootlegs I would imagine Phil 
    is in no hurry to release this classic Ronettes lp on cd 
    due to legal battles with Ronnie,Nedra and Estelle,who 
    have a royalties lawsuit going on since last summer. I have
    a Japanese cd of the original lp in stereo. But it is not an
    official Spector released product and is recorded directly 
    from a clean vinyl source. There is another import cd comp.
    called the "ultimate ronettes" which has most of the lp in 
    stereo and also has most of their Colpix lp included too
    (stereo) and a few other misc. tracks. Also there are 
    bootleg Spector 45s out there.I have "lets dance the screw" 
    and "walking in the rain b/w paradise" on colored vinyl. I 
    am sure there are others that were pressed.
    John Rausch
    Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes at
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    Subject:     sonny bono
    Received:    10/05/99 12:40 am
    From:        john rausch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Here`s a nice site devoted to Sonny Bono,muscian/producer.
    Seems to be very thorough.
    John Rausch
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of Sound at
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