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Spectropop V#0325

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 09/21/99

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       Volume #0325                      September 21, 1999   
                Unsurpassed in performance quality            
    Subject:     Begin/ Joey Stec/A&M
    Received:    09/21/99 2:57 am
    From:        Joe Foster,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Further to Joey's comments on his solo album: Alan McGee &
    I did a radio show on BBC GLR as summer replacement, we 
    played 'Do you know?' from Joey's album and received 
    several calls on air asking was this the new Primal Scream
    record! (We probably gave the only daytime radio play ever 
    to the Ballroom 'Baby Please Don't Go' too!).....there is 
    a limited promo edition CD of Joey's album, at $14 inc p&p, 
    available from Joey c/o Sound City, 15456 Cabrito Road, 
    Van Nuys, California, 91406.....'Do You Know' is worth the
    price of admission alone, it sounds like the Millennium 
    meets Traffic, and could be a hit today! Continuing the 
    commercial (though altruistic) tone, Cheeky Monkey should 
    check out the Rev-Ola issue of "Begin" which has MAJOR 
    liner notes with contributions from the band and some cool
    photos, including Columbia's ads for the album, and the 
    withdrawn single sleeve for "It's You" with Joey's "Moby 
    Grape gesture" pre-Columbia's cowardly airbrush.....(it 
    did get as far as the radio copies before they noticed!)
    Regarding an A&M compilation, why not let's all make 
    suggestions, and those of us in the re-issue game can try 
    & push someone into it! BTW the Garden Club also included 
    Ruthann Friedman, who co-wrote 'Spinnin', Spinnin', 
    Spinnin'' with Curt Boettcher, also 'Windy' for the 
    Association, if I remember correctly....Oddly, a cheesy 
    synth version of 'Windy' was the theme music of 'Today', 
    the tv show on which the Sex Pistols outraged the nation, 
    and most Brits can't hear the intro of the song without! Check out Joey's album, an 
    undiscovered pop classic!
    best to you all.....Joe 
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    Subject:     Boy's Town
    Received:    09/21/99 2:57 am
    From:        Ken Frank,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Robin Wills, wrote:
    >A few years ago I managed to track down Nino Tempo's 
    >single "Boystown" (Tower 369). 
    The Spectropop list is great - I never thought I'd see a 
    reference to this song. It's a great song/production and I
    agree very much in the BB style Robin mentions.
    In fact, I had heard that it was perhaps a BW production 
    or that he had some other involvement in it, but I don't 
    have any hard evidence.
    I have both the vocal of this and an instrumental track, 
    which is really interesting.
    I too would also like to hear more about this song, and 
    about other music by Nino Tempo, especially if it was in 
    this style.
    Finally, I think that the "Boystown" referred to in this 
    song refers to the red light district; is that accurate? 
    PS - On the topic of Beach Boy soundalikes/inspired, while
    not having a complex production, the song Surfer Girl in 
    the Black Bikini, circa 1963-65, by the In Crowd, is 
    interesting; does anyone know anything about this group?
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    Subject:     Boy's Town
    Received:    09/21/99 2:57 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Robin Wills wrote:
    >A few years ago I managed to track down Nino Tempo's 
    >single "Boystown" (Tower 369). 
    Lucky you!
    >Now to my 
    >ears, it sounds like Hal Blaine on drums, does anyone have
    >any other info of who else plays on it and where it was 
    >recorded? Also my copy is not in great shape and I would 
    >like to know if it has appeared on any compilations.
    I have only heard this record once over at a fellow 
    Spectropopper's house in Burbank. Unfortunately the 
    dubbing deck was on the blink that day and I have thought 
    about that record ever since.
    It is probably a fair bet that Hal Blaine played 
    on it, maybe Carol too, because Nino Tempo was a regular 
    on Spector sessions and many of his records sound like 
    they were recorded at Gold Star with the same (albeit 
    smaller) group of musicians Spector regularly used. For 
    more, check out Nino Tempo and April Stevens records. Some, 
    particularly the David Gates-penned You'll Be Needing Me
    Baby, are pure faux Spector and wonderful LA recordings. 
    All the best,
    n.p. Michael Godin's Treasure Island Oldies
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    Subject:     Gold Star
    Received:    09/21/99 2:57 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >Michael Marvin
    >WASE radio
    Michael, I'll send you some important attachments about 
    Gold Star where I probably worked 100s of record dates, 
    many many hits there over the years of 1958-1968 and a few
    beyond that (was so busy with other kinds of dates all over
    Hollywood that I didn't record at Gold Star much past that 
    date of 1968).
    Carol Kaye 
    PS. If you look at my Bass Hits and Guitar Hits pages, you'll 
    find a lot of the hits of Phil Spector's, those were all cut 
    at Gold Star, and other artists too. 
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    Subject:     Re:  Paris Sisters
    Received:    09/21/99 2:57 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jack Madani wrote:
    > writes:
    > >the Nitzsche-produced "Sing Everything Under The Sun" 
    > >LP on Reprise
    > Jamie; is this album the source for the Paris Sisters tracks 
    > on the Mercury 2cd GG anthology "Growin' up Too Fast?"
    No. The Mercury tracks came after the Nitzsche-produced
    Reprise album. Just how far after I am not sure, so I
    don't know if the Mercury sides (on Growin' Up Too Fast)
    came before or after Paris Sisters' association with Mike
    Anyone know? Better yet, can anyone point to a Paris
    Sisters discog?
    Priscilla Paris rules!
    All the best,
    n.(still) p. Michael Godin's Treasure Island Oldies
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    Subject:     Ronnie Dove's daughters 
    Received:    09/21/99 2:57 am
    From:        Jim Fisher,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hey Spectropopers
    I had the good luck to meet up with Ronnie Dove's two 
    daughters the other day..."say you over there,my name is 
    Ronnie...I think you're gonna be my girl..." and they told
    me he's fine and still records.The girls live here in LA 
    while he's back east,Baltimore I think.They said they'd 
    tell him about Spectropop so perhaps he'll sign 
    if I could just find my Ronnie LP and dust it off.
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    Subject:     Girl Group collections 
    Received:    09/21/99 2:57 am
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >My thoughts exactly. I like a lot of heavy girl group R&B
    >(Sweet Inspirations, Bluebelles, etc) but the stuff on
    >this comp was mostly just awful. Teardrops, Candy and the
    >Kisses, Ernstine Eady, Silky and the Shantungs, and Dianne
    >and Annita have good cuts on here, but a lot of the solo
    >soul femmes which apparently cut "girl group" material
    >should have been left out. It's a shame this stuff is
    >reissued or saved from the vaults when countless other
    >pieces of great vinyl are left to rot.
    I agree totally with you. I prefer multi-label Girl Group 
    collections unless its spotlighting a particular producer 
    (Jerry Ross) or Record Company. Just because a tune hasn't
    been released before shouldn't justify its release unless 
    the song or production is good/great, or if it has some 
    historical significance. I guess Ace had a good deal on 
    licensing the Scepter/Musicor material so they filled this
    CD up with what they had from their vaults. It's not a 
    waste of Plastic and Aluminum, but don't pay full price 
    for it.
    Except for Dionne, The Shirelles, and Maxine, it sounds 
    like Scepter didn't spend a lot of money on their newer 
    female acts.
    I picked up this weekend (Used! A rarity in East Texas) 
    Sequel's Here Come The Girls Volume 5.-Sisters from The 
    City. Most of it is old R&B, but theres a great Motown-ish
    track by Doris Troy called "I'll Do Anything" that was 
    released on Calla 114. Since the credits are Payne/Gamble/
    Huff...good chance it was recorded in Philadelphia. A 
    great tune that hooked me all week.
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
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    Subject:     sad news
    Received:    09/21/99 2:57 am
    From:        Joey Stec, Jxxxxxcom
    Just a mention that Keith Olsen has had a serious though 
    successful operation on a perforated colon and is still 
    hospitalized but recovering.
    Please wish him well. 
    Joey Stec
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    Subject:     Various..
    Received:    09/21/99 2:57 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Tobias, watch those dreams! I just had a strange dream of 
    Spector the other week too, hahahaha.
    BTW, and....Gold Star had dozens of top recordings besides
    all the Phil Spector (Righteous Bros., Shirelles, Crystals,
    Blossoms, Ronnettes, Tina Turner)....Sam Cooke, Jackie 
    DuShannon, Dobie Gray, Herb Alpert, April & Nino, just 
    tons of now-big names. 
    Carol Kaye 
    by the way, they change that video segment on me every 
    week, 10 segments = 10 weeks on the Experience Music 
    website....those people are the "best" up in Seattle, the 
    museum will be state of the art interactive. 
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