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Spectropop V#0316

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 09/03/99

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       Volume #0316                       September 3, 1999   
        Expressing the feelings of the young mind of today    
    Subject:     "I Met Him on a Sunday"
    Sent:        08/30/19 5:23 am
    Received:    09/03/99 12:52 am
    From:        Bates, Robert (Cahners-NYC),
    To:          'Spectropop List',
    I'm sure you're all familiar with the Shirelles song "I 
    Met Him on a Sunday" -- at least the one that was on the 
    Rhino Records girl groups comp. A neighbor of mine had a 
    version of that song that was ten times better than that 
    one, on an old record. (I forgot how it was better -- I 
    just remember it was.) Anyone know any information about 
    this, or where I can find it?
    Rob B.
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    Subject:     from Perry Botkin
    Sent:        09/05/19 6:43 pm
    Received:    09/03/99 12:52 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I tell Perry from time to time things that were said on 
    this list (he doesn't really have any time to join this 
    list, sorry), and he said to tell everyone that "Priscilla
    Paris does live in Paris, France" for your information. 
    Perry and I have been great friends for over 30 years and he
    has been composing some of his own fine music, it's great.
    His website is at:
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     New York's a Lonely Town
    Sent:        09/01/19 5:35 am
    Received:    09/03/99 12:52 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB, DJJimxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 9/1/99 3:52:32 PM, you wrote:
    >Yamashita singing Tokyo's a Lonely Town.
    It's good to know that the Japanese have recognized just 
    how precious this song is, which reminds me of Dave 
    Edmunds' singing "London's A Lonely Town" on Pebbles 
    Volume 4 (The Surf One). Fantasssstick Virgin of the tune.
    Also, does anyone know if The Tradewinds ever had an LP out
    on the heels (or toes) of "New York's A Lonely Town" or 
    "Mind Excursion"?
    Thanks in advance
    Jimmy B/Boston's A Lonely Town when you're the only soft 
    pop boy around.... 
    "Jimmy's Easy" airs on WMBR-FM, 88,1, Cambridge at MIT on 
    Tuesdays from 6-8 a.m. It can be heard in Real Time by 
    downloading Real Audio and visiting our website at
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    Subject:     "My World Fell Down" by Sagittarius
    Sent:        09/01/19 1:53 am
    Received:    09/03/99 12:52 am
    From:        WASE RADIO,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    During the summer of 1967, I heard the song "My World Fell
    Down" by Sagittarius on WAKY in Louisville. I thought this 
    was a unique song. It sounds like the Beach Boys crossed 
    with the Mamas and the Papas further crossed by the Los 
    Angeles symphony orchestra. What was also one of a kind 
    about this record was this audio collage that starts at 
    about 1:56. It starts with a clock ticking, a baby crying,
    a horse race bell, a steamboat whistle and a prize fight. 
    Over this din is a solo trumpet then a hugh brass fanfare 
    which segues into a solitary organ. Then slow vocals going
    back into the chorus.
    Years later I bought the Sagittarius album on Columbia (CS
    9644). I listened to "My World Fell Down" which led off 
    side two. And to my amazement, the audio collage and the 
    slow section with the organ and vocals were missing. I 
    thought I lost my mind. I still kept the album which I 
    thought had some excellent material. For example "Another 
    Time" which leads off the album is very haunting, 
    especially with the haunting two note vocals.  
    This song was released as a single, and got some spotty 
    air play on WKLO in Louisville, but never charted. A shame. 
    A great song. I need to find that album again. It is 
    stored at my in-law's house.
    Spectropop rules
    Michael G. Marvin
    Wase Radio
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    Subject:     Re: Hep Stars
    Sent:        09/04/19 3:23 am
    Received:    09/03/99 12:52 am
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I'm glad Dawn answered questions about how Benny & Bjorn 
    got Steve Clark to produce the Hep Stars. Too bad Curt 
    Boettcher didn't wind up producing The Hep Stars, imagine 
    what it could have sounded like, and the influence it 
    could have had on ABBA.
    My guess is that since Curt didn't want to work with them,
    they tried to record his songs anyway, and that led them to
    hook up with Steve Clark. I'm just amazed they got 
    permission from their Swedish record company to go to the 
    USA and cut an album. Most 60's Scandinavian albums I have
    picked up over the years from Garage Sales and thrift 
    stores are pretty cheap sounding, and not pop-rock at all.
    I also know that ABBA's first European hit "Ring Ring" was
    co-written with Neil Sedaka, so I have gotten the idea that
    Benny & Bjorn were actively perusing American writers and 
    producers they had admired to work with them. Judging by 
    ABBA's huge success in the 1970's they certainly did their
    musical homework!
    PS: The link to Delirium's Psychedelic Archive for 
    information on Goldenrod was incorrect. I got a webpage 
    for a Techno/Industrial noise band. Anyway the correct URL
    for Goldenrod is:
    Hope this helps!
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
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    Subject:     Ripples
    Sent:        08/31/19 4:41 pm
    Received:    09/03/99 12:52 am
    From:        Kingsley Abbott,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Re: Jack Madani's question about possible overlap between 
    Ripples and the Here Comes The Girls series, the short 
    answer is Yes. However it will be not very much, as I 
    don't want to duplicate too much. Some tracks just cry out
    for inclusion though. For instance, on Uptown Girls and Big
    City Boys (Vol 4) I have put on Tammy St John and Glo 
    Macari because they are just so right. We've just finished
    the final track listings for Ripples 3 & 4, and I'm going to
    do the notes this weekend. Reaction is good, and it looks 
    like the series may be extended next year. There is also a
    possibility/probability of CDs just on The Freshmen (I had 
    a phone call from a lovely Irishman today, and he is 
    sending me lots of details and photos on The Freshmen, 
    although the sad news is that their lead singer Billy 
    Brown passed away in June this year), a White Plains style
    collection, and...AND a 2cd set of the best of US Sunshine 
    Music. If this comes to pass, it will be about 50 tracks, 
    and I'll do my darndest to include some real goodies that 
    aren't available elsewhere. Dawn, we can talk about htis 
    It also occurs to me that The Hep Stars would be a great 
    re-issue project for Revola in their continuing Curt 
    series. I'll go and talk to them.
    Back to where we began... quite a nice notion... Ripples 
    overlapping girls. CD cover concept for next year maybe!
    Kingsley Abbott- Ripples Co-compiler
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    Subject:     rosecrans blvd. lyric
    Sent:        08/29/19 11:21 pm
    Received:    09/03/99 12:52 am
    From:        Harvey
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Tobias was wondering about the lyric of Rosecrans Blvd. 
    Here's my interpretation. I probably ought to write the 
    whole lyric out, to avoid confusion, and simply because 
    (IMHO) it's one of the greatest lyrics ever written...
    I've passed a lot of exit signs in my time
    While driving down that long freeway
    To San Diego & points south.
    But there was a time last summer
    When I came down from Manhattan 
    & though I knew I shouldn't 
    It was just too hard.
    & I made my move at Rosecrans Blvd.
    Rosecrans Blvd. 
    Stop your calling me.
    You know, I never loved her anyway.
    I just used her over & over.
    But there were times when she'd laugh
    And I'd think I loved her.
    One night on Manhattan Beach
    I said things that moved too fast to suit her.
    Then I held her close & dried her tears.
    Rosecrans Blvd. 
    Who cares what you think?
    The girl was half crazy, the way she drove that little car
    Down Sunset Blvd at 3 in the morning
    Doing 90 miles an hour in a 30 mile zone
    And blamed me when she got that ticket.
    But then there was that smile;
    It was really what made all the airlines go. (Yes!!!!)
    She was a stewardess, you know.
    Shot down on a non-combatant mission.
    And though I hid it,
    Every time I drive my car down Rosecrans Blvd.
    I wonder why I did it...
    I eagerly await your cover version!!
    I've often wondered about its location. Perhaps our LA 
    correspondents can help us out here...
    Regards, Harvey W.
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    Subject:     "Rosecrans Blvd"
    Received:    09/03/99 3:19 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Toby wrote:
    >I can't make out the whole Rosecrans Blvd lyric - can 
    >somebody correct my interpretation? There are a lot of 
    >geographical references which I'm not too familiar with
    >(actually, where *is* this Rosecrans Blvd located????)
    Hey Toby, you wrote you were disappointed with this song! 
    Starting to come around? :-)
    Thanks to your post, I have been listening to Johnny 
    Rivers' Rewind album all day. Listening to it as I write 
    this. Just great. Hal Blaine on drums, Joe Osborne on bass, 
    Larry Knechtel on keys and Mike Dacy on guitars. 
    Rosecrans Blvd is one of my very favorite Webb lyrics ever, 
    and I would just like to explain a little bit why it is 
    so touching to me. Part of it is personal being a native 
    Angeleno, but it has to do with more than that. 
    >I've passed a lot of exit signs in my time
    >While driving down that long freeway
    >To San Diego & points south
    When one finally makes the transition from the Hollywood 
    or Santa Monica Freeway heading south, one leaves behind 
    the horrible downtown traffic and a great feeling of 
    release comes over the driver. Heading south, one 
    approaches the LA Int'l Airport exits heading into Orange 
    County and beyond. Rosecrans Blvd is one of those 
    south-of-LA exits.
    >And though I knew I shouldn't 
    >It was just too hard
    >I made my move at Rosecrans Blvd.
    To me, the lyric is the juxtaposition of lust and love. 
    The narrator is attracted to a girl, but knows in his 
    heart the attraction isn't love. Yet, seeing the Rosecrans
    Blvd. exit sign and knowing what waits beyond the offramp, 
    he finds the allure too strong to resist.
    >I just used her 
    >Over & over
    This line just kills me every time. He is reminding 
    himself that his feelings were not really love, and the 
    "over and over" line ensures the listener knows he kept the
    affair going despite his realizing it was not really love. 
    >One night on Manhattan Beach
    >I said things that moved too fast to suit her
    >Then I held her close & dried her tears
    Manhattan Beach is a popular Orange County coastline 
    relatively close to the airport, spacious and clean. 
    A perfect setting for a romantic encounter. The 
    wind, waves and girl race through his mind as the rhythm 
    in the bridge changes meter to an accelerated 123-123-12 
    pattern, slowing for the last line before returning to the
    main theme. Webb achieves this marriage of lyric and rhythm 
    effortlessly here. But what did he say that made her cry? 
    That he loved her? That he wanted to make love to her? 
    Webb leaves this question for the listener to ponder.
    >Rosecrans Blvd. 
    >Who cares what you think
    >The girl was half crazy
    >The way she drove that little car
    >Down Sunset Blvd at 3 in the morning
    >Doing 90 miles an hour in a 30 mile zone
    >And blamed me when she got a ticket
    He continues to struggle, arguing with the temptation of 
    the exit sign by recalling how she would do perplexingly 
    impulsive things such as speed along Sunset Strip in the 
    middle of the night and then get mad at him when she 
    suffered the consequences. The Sunset Strip is a unique 
    stretch of road that is beyond the jurisdiction of the LA 
    Police. It is patrolled by LA Sheriff department who were 
    and are notoriously strict. Remember, this song was 
    written around the time of the Strip riots (For What It's 
    Worth) and the tension of this area was apparently on 
    everyone's mind, especially the new counter culture of 
    which I assume Webb was part of.
    >And though I pity it
    >Every time I drive my car down Rosecrans Blvd.
    >I wonder why I did it
    Recapitulation of the entire lyric in these last lines; a 
    powerhouse ending that abrubtly stops, leaving the 
    listener to ponder why he did it and if, after all, it was
    right or wrong.
    I rarely get analytical with lyrics as I have here, but 
    this is such a personal song and since you, Toby, wrote 
    you were disappointed with it, I thought this may help you
    understand why many consider this one of Webb's best songs.
    As for me personally, well, I have a few "Rosecrans Blvd." 
    exit signs in my memory too.
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