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Spectropop V#0315

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 09/02/99

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       Volume #0315                       September 2, 1999   
                KBLA Presents the Super 30 Records            
    Subject:     "Rosecrans Blvd" lyric
    Received:    09/02/99 1:28 am
    From:        Mr. Fulton,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I can't make out the whole Rosecrans Blvd lyric - can 
    somebody correct my interpretation? There are a lot of 
    geographical references which I'm not too familiar with
    (actually, where *is* this Rosecrans Blvd located????) 
    This is how I hear it:
    I've passed a lot of exit signs in my time
    While driving down this long freeway
    To San Diego and [Point South/points south?]
    But there was a time last summer
    When I came down from Manhattan
    And though I know I shouldn't
    It was just too hard
    And I made my move at Rosecrans Blvd.
    Rosecrans Blvd.
    Stop [you/your?] calling me
    You know I never loved her anyway
    I just used her over and over
    There were times when she'd laugh
    And I'd think I loved her
    One [??????????] Manhattan beach
    I said things that [???????] to suit her
    Then I held her close and dried her tears
    Rosecrans Blvd.
    Who cares what you think
    [?????????] crazy 
    the way she drove that little car 
    Down Sunset Blvd. at 3 in the morning
    [To?] 90 miles an hour in a 30 mile zone
    And blamed me when she got that ticket
    Then there was that smile
    It was really [what where?] all the airlines go
    She was a stewardess you know
    Shot down on [?????????????] mission
    And though I [fear/hear?] 
    Everytime I drive my car past Rosecrans Blvd.
    I wonder why I did it
    Help me with all the [????] please!
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Popeye Soundtrack
    Received:    09/02/99 1:28 am
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >This listy record fair score: the soundtrack to Popeye,
    >arranged and conducted by Van Dyke Parks! It's like a
    >prototype for "Jump!"....lots of good songs by Harry
    >Nilsson too. Only cost me about $2 :-)
    The Popeye Soundtrack was a major stiff here in the USA, 
    and it was selling in cut-out bins in the 80's for as 
    little 50 cents. I didn't know anything about Van Dyke 
    Parks till I saw a article in Musician Magazine when JUMP!
    Came out.
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Jimmie Spheeris
    Received:    09/02/99 1:28 am
    From:        haoleboy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I have been holding on to my Jimmie Spheeris LPs thinking 
    I'd never see them in CD--but behold, CDNow has three. 
    Including "Dragon Is Dancing" with the song I've loved all
    these years, Blown Out. Otto, who had that record store on 
    PCH in Laguna, told me he was quite the beachboy character. 
    Any history on Jimmie and what he's up to? For that 
    matter, how's Otto? He used to buy from us at City One 
    Eddie Would Go! 
    Archived by Spectropop
                 DA DOO RON RON
    Received:    09/02/99 1:28 am
    From:        CHRIS KING,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dear fellow Spectropop members,
    The next date of my monthly 60's girl group / femme soul 
    club DA DOO RON RON (London) is WED 15th SEPTEMBER when 
    MARK LAMARR is the extra special GUEST DJ.
    Mr. MARK LAMARR - the quifftastic stand-up comic, radio DJ
    and star of countless TV shows including Never Mind The 
    Buzzcocks, Shooting Stars, The Big Breakfast and The Word 
    - is DDRR's supremely special guest DJ on WED 15th 
    SEPTEMBER. Anyone who had the good fortune to hear his 
    long-running Sunday morning radio show on GLR (now sadly 
    deceased), will know that Mark possesses an incredible 
    record collection and is a passionate devotee of all 
    things DDRR. Arrive early!!!
    DA DOO RON RON is a monthly celebration of classic 6T's 
    girl groups, Motown minxes, northern nightingales, Detroit
    dollies, searing soul sirens and playful popstrels. 
    Wednesday 15th SEPTEMBER - DA DOO RONxxxxxNA NA 259, 
    UPPER STREET, HIGHBURY CORNER. N1 London. Venue Tel:-0171-
    359-6191. 9.00pm - 02 .00am. Admission is 3 pounds with a 
    flyer / 4 before 10pm / 5 after.
    Regular DDRR DJ's Chris King and Declan Allen plus extra 
    special guest MARK LAMARR spin femme only tunes from the 
    For further info. please contact Da Doo Ron Ron promoter 
    Chris King. or Tel:-0181-342-
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     BOUNCE Non-member submi
    From:        Spectropop Admin,
    Received:    09/02/99 1:28 am
    To:          Spectropop List,
    ========= Start of forwarded message =========
    Subject:     Re: Hep Stars
    From:        Dawn Eden, Petite Powerhouse
    To:          Spectropop Admin,
    I'm very glad to hear that Boettcher is a topic of 
    discussion once again on the Spectropop list. Has anyone 
    on the list (besides the one lister you quoted) heard the 
    Hep Stars album? After looking for it for 11 years (and 
    owning one 45 from it, "Musty Dusty" b/w "It's Now 
    Winter's Day," on Chartmaker [probably owned by Clark -- 
    it's the same label that put out the Goldenrod album (go 
    to for details
    of this 
    Millennium-related project)]), I finally found it a month 
    ago at Mondo Kim's on St.Mark's Place, in great condition,
    for $19.99. (That's got to be the _longest_ sentence I've 
    typed in a while.) It's decent soft pop, but the 
    arrangements aren't nearly as good as the songs.
    Nearly all of the information I have on this album is 
    circumstantial. I know that Sandy Salisbury was made aware
    of it, as he has a copy of the actual sheet music book that
    came out in conjunction with the album. Despite the dearth 
    of firsthand reports, I can answer the following questions
    with certainty:
    >Did Boettcher himself work on the record (credited to Steve 
    No. By the time this album was recorded, circa 1968, he 
    was long gone from Our Productions. He left Our in mid-'67.
    I think the actual date is somewhere in the Millennium and 
    Ballroom notes I did for Rev-Ola (!).
    >Did Clark/Paxton/Our Productions own Boettcher's publishing?
    Our Productions, which is to say Steve Clark, owned it 
    until Curt left the company. Gary Paxton had nothing to do
    with it -- he only functioned as a studio owner/engineer 
    for most of Boettcher's Our productions. (He played a 
    larger role with Eternity's Children -- have you seen that
    Rev-Ola CD yet?)
    >Did Hep Stars come to LA or did Clark (and/or Boettcher) 
    >go to Sweden?
    They definitely came to LA, but I don't know if the entire
    album was recorded there. It probably was, since it sounds 
    like it was all done in the same place with the same 
    arranger, Mike Henderson. Along with Ballroom member Jim 
    Bell, he did a lot of arrangements and production work at 
    Our, sometimes in conjunction with Boettcher.
    A friend of Boettcher's who knew him in his later years 
    passed on a great anecdote that Curt had told him. (Pardon
    the switching between "Boettcher" and "Curt" -- I'm going 
    by feel.) According to Curt, Bjorn and Benny approached 
    him in L.A. The story goes that they were huge fans of his
    work and wanted him to produce them. Curt said that he 
    refused because he thought their work was "oompah music"!
    I'm sure that story is at least half true, especially the 
    "oompah music" part. However, if Curt were approached when
    the Hep Stars were about to record the "It's Been a Long, 
    Long Time" album, then I don't think it could have been 
    both Bjorn and Benny, as I think only one of them was in 
    the group then -- perhaps someone else could confirm this.
    If it _was_ both Bjorn and Benny, then it would have been 
    after the Hep Stars broke up and before ABBA. To confirm 
    that, we'd have to find out if the two of them made a trip
    to L.A. while ABBA was in an embryonic state.
    >Were these songs recorded by Hep Stars prior to or after
    >the Sagittarius and Millennium albums?
    I'd have to find out when exactly the album come out. I 
    would guess that it was at least after Columbia started 
    releasing the Sagittarius 45s.
    Your lister who offered his hypotheses on the 
    Boettcher-Hep Stars connection sounds intelligent and 
    insightful. If it's a she, I'll die. Despite years of 
    hoping, I've yet to meet another woman who is as obsessed 
    with Curt's music as I am.
    >So Dawn, we all would appreciate your taking the time to 
    >reply whenever you get the chance. 
    Hope this information helps. It's really nice to know that
    there are other people who love Curt's music so much that 
    they examine his work in such minute detail.
    All the best,
    ========== End of forwarded message ==========
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Unreleased Spector Box
    Received:    09/02/99 1:28 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Paul Urbahns, Pauluxxxxxcom wrote:
    >>I was under the impression that this particular set was 
    >>compiled in Japan, not in US. Rhino typically would use 
    >>Bill Inglot and master in LA. The ABKCO set is credited as
    >>mastered by Larry Levine and Spector himself.
    >Bill Inglot told me on the telephone once he was working 
    >with Larry Levine on a Spector set. Goldmine even ran an 
    >article on it and listed all the tracks. The Rhino set 
    >never came out, no telling how much money people spend on 
    >Spector and have nothing to show for it.
    A photocopy has turned up of Tats Yamashita's liner notes 
    to the unreleased Japanese Spector box set we've been 
    discussing. Here's the deal:
    The first page of the liners indicates:
    Moon Records (predecessor to MMG) contracted the rights 
    from Phil Spector International in 1987, but the box was 
    not released because Spector kept changing his mind about 
    the sequence and song selection. Originally the box was to
    be released in exactly the same format worldwide, but at 
    the time of the writing of the notes (Sept. '89) Japan was
    the only country with release plans; even Rhino in the US 
    had completely given up. Everything about the track 
    selection, sequencing etc. was decided overseas (outside of 
    Japan), and the only digital masters Moon had available 
    were those Spector had designated for the box. Suggestions
    from Moon for additional or alternative tracks were met 
    with silence from Spector's organization. 
    The unreleased Japanese box is credited as having been 
    mastered by Mitsuharu Kobayashi.
    Mystery solved. Indeed, this was the Rhino box, although 
    it appears that Spector had both Rhino and Moon pulling 
    their hair out independently of each other. Thanks for 
    helping clear this up!
    Special thanks to those listers in LA and Tokyo who 
    helped with this research off-list.
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     things I meant to say
    Received:    09/02/99 1:28 am
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I wrote all these unbelievably clever posts to the list 
    but they all got bounced, and like a dope I deleted the 
    originals as soon as I sent them, so all I can do is recap
    in general terms what I was trying to say:
    #1. Jerry Riopelle, cool! I totally dig Close Your Eyes.
    #2. Yamashita singing Tokyo's a Lonely Town. I like that 
    idea because it means he could use the lyric rewrite Dave 
    Edmunds employed when he did *London's* a lonely town 
    ("from [insert Tokyo landmark here] to Pasadena's such a 
    long way....the cars are driving down the street the wrong
    way...."). Did he do that, or did he sing the original line
    "i feel so out of it walking down [insert Tokyo main 
    thoroughfare here]"?
    #3. I was intrigued by discussion of how Brian Wilson 
    ended up playing piano on the Things Are Changing Phil 
    Spector session (namely, that it was because Leon Russell 
    showed up drunk for that session and was bounced). This 
    summer I have read both Darlene Love's and Sonny Bono's 
    autobiogs, and in BOTH books they refer to Russell as 
    being a real professional for whom showing up drunk at a 
    recording date was quite out of character--they then tell 
    the story of one time when Russell DID show up drunk and 
    was disrupting the session, when Phil came into the studio
    and got in Leon's face and said, "don't you know the 
    meaning of the word respect?", to which Leon boozily 
    replied, "yeah, don't you know the meaning of the word f---?"
     Anyhow, I wondered if that story may have had anything to
    do with the story of Brian's one time working in the studio
    with Phil.
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     one more thing
    Received:    09/02/99 1:28 am
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I almost forgot to ask; is there going to be any overlap 
    between the songs on the Here Come The Girls series and 
    this new Ripples series that sounds so interesting?
    Archived by Spectropop

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