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Spectropop V#0313

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 08/26/99

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       Volume #0313                         August 29, 1999   
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    Subject:     The Hep Stars "It's Been A Long Long Time" CD
    Received:    08/26/99 10:51 am
    From:        David Bash, Baxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Everyone,
    I own the Hep Stars "It's Been A Long Long Time" CD that 
    several people have mentioned, so perhaps I'll be able to 
    illuminate some things...
    1. The songs are sung in English, and very good English I 
    might add. The covers of Boettcher releated and other soft
    pop tunes are top notch, and this CD would be a worthwhile 
    purchase for any soft pop fan.
    2. It does seem, on the face of it, absurdly amazing that 
    a very popular Swedish band, who probably had never been 
    to the States, would end up doing a bunch of covers by a 
    relatively unknown songwriter. However, the album was 
    produced by Steve Clark, who had done some work with Curt 
    Boettcher in the past. One would surmise that their 
    connection probably in large part was responsible for this
    occurrence. The Japanese liner notes allude to the 
    possibility that Boettcher did some of the vocal 
    arrangements, but are never definitive. 
    Perhaps if someone on the list knows how to contact Steve 
    Clark, we may gain some insight. In the meantime, I'll do
    my part to try and get some more info.
    The version of the CD I have is on Keystone Music, Japan. 
    The M&M version has several bonus tracks that don't appear
    on the Keystone edition, making it the version of choice. 
    However, the bonus tracks are not in the same soft pop 
    vein as the album proper, though they are pretty good. 
    I hope this helps!
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
    David Bash
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    Subject:     Candy and the Kisses/Tammys
    Received:    08/27/99 11:09 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    It seems as though Candy and the Kisses recorded a lot of 
    great material for Scepter during the 60s, plus the stuff 
    on Cameo and Decca, why is there no best of series for 
    Does anyone know which Lou Christie comp features 
    some of the Tammys sides? How many, and which ones? 
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    Subject:     Japanese Girl Groups
    Received:    08/26/99 10:51 am
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli, Jimxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi! I recall that I have a few cuts of girl-pop by an 
    artist named Celia Paul-- VERY Spectoresque. I think these
    are from the early 70s. They shimmer very beautifully. 
    Anyone recall her? I may be able to get you all more 
    details from my archives, with titles, etc. 
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    Subject:     Rupert Holmes
    Received:    08/28/99 3:30 pm
    From:        Marie J.
    To:          Spectropop list,
    I have seen two Rupert Holmes album titles that I am not 
    familiar with: Rainy Night In Georgia and She Lets her 
    Hair Down. I am familiar with the songs that the albums 
    were named after but can someone fill me in with any 
    details on these two albums, like when were they recorded,
    track lists, labels etc? 
    Many thanks, 
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    Subject:     Sunshine Pop
    Received:    08/29/99 10:47 pm
    From:        Kingsley Abbott,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thanks to Harvey for the kind words about the Ripples 
    compilations. They are indeed selling very well for a new 
    area of compilation-enough anyway for Sequel to be happy 
    to do all the others. This very week we have pretty well 
    finished the next two - Uptown Girls & Big City Boys and 
    Autumn Almanac. the first being big sounding New York type
    Pop and the second being much more folky. But each will 
    have some soft rock style vocals in there - maybe not as 
    much as Look At The Sunshine, but harmonies in with girlie
    stuff (inc the Tammy St John track recently mentioned on 
    the list). Mick Patrick, a good telephone mate of mine, 
    has had some input on this one, and this will have 
    improved the end product. Expect them sometime in October.
    (Thinks...Must write the notes soon...)
    The Revola product is actually only out this Monday (29th?), 
    so everyone should order copies of SC and EC as soon 
    as possible. Re. Lou Christie - Yes, Joe Foster and I did 
    talk about all the CBS/Columbia LC material that is in the
    vaults, quite a bit I believe. Along with some other ideas 
    we have been toying with, it's on the back burner at 
    present. Joe saw Joey Stec recently at the IPO2 in LA and 
    I know they discussed a lot of ideas. Joey is currently 
    engaged in sorting out some past Millenium financial 
    history with CBS. Future issues may well have to wait on 
    this. In the meantime, I see Collectables have reissued 
    early Lou C. material as a twenty four track 2on1 issue.
    Also just out in Japan on EM Records is a retrospective CD
    of Chris White's mid seventies UK material. For anyone who 
    does not know this, Chris had a medium sized hit in the UK
    with "Spanish Wine", a wonderful B. Boys styled ballad, and
    went on to put out some great stuff. Its a great package, 
    as indeed are all the EM CDs. They did a series of Tony 
    Rivers issues, which I helped with. I'm not at present 
    involved with the planned RPM Tony Rivers retrospectives, 
    put I can assure everyone that TR is delighted with all 
    this sudden attention after all these years. 
    Kingsley Abbott
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    Subject:     Re: Tatsuro Yamashita
    Received:    08/27/99 11:09 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dave Mirich, Dmxxxxxcom wrote:
    >Jamie, can you tell us more about Tats...
    The first time I heard Yamashita's music, someone was 
    playing The Big Wave album, and it just shocked me that 
    someone, anyone would cover Sacramento, Guess I'm Dumb and
    This Could Be The Night - all on one album! All done very 
    tastefully, I might add. Knowing you are the Beach Boys 
    fan, Dave, this would be the album I would recommend to 
    start with. Side two of this LP is all Brian Wilson 
    related covers (and This Could Be The Night).
    I guess the Tats Yamashita story has to do with a Tokyo 
    record store called Pied Piper, the proprietor Yoshi 
    Nagato, and a band called Niagara Triangle. I think 
    Yamashita and Nagato shared similar interest in American 
    pop, and this led to an artist/management relationship 
    between the two of them. (Side note: it was Yoshi Nagato 
    who suggested Foskett record Yamashita's Fish for the Thru
    My Window album). Yamashita is a dedicated student of 
    American pop and has recorded two volumes of Doo Wop 
    covers called On the Street Corner 1 & 2. He also covered 
    the Tradewinds' New York's a Lonely Town, changing the 
    words to Tokyo's a Lonely Town. Yamashita has recorded 
    albums for a number of labels including CBS/Sony, 
    Alfa/Moon, and MMG. 
    At one point, Yamashita worked on a five CD Spector box 
    set while he was involved with the MMG operation. This box
    set was pressed and ready to ship when Spector somehow 
    stopped the release. MMG reportedly destroyed nearly all 
    the copies although a few did survive. I have heard this 
    set and the mastering is superior to the ABKCO set that 
    was released a few years later. When the subject of this 
    box set comes up, occasionally I hear people refer to it 
    as the unreleased Rhino set. I wonder about this though, 
    because I was under the impression that this particular 
    set was compiled in Japan, not in US. Rhino typically 
    would use Bill Inglot and master in LA. The ABKCO set is 
    credited as mastered by Larry Levine and Spector himself. 
    To cloud this issue even further, around this time MMG 
    released the Spector Atlantic productions CD. Have there 
    been two rejected Spector box sets, or are these one and 
    the same? Can anyone clarify?
    I hoped our J-Pop fans would have chimed in here with 
    more background info on Yamashita. Glenn Sadin, can you 
    add anything here?
    Jamie LePage
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    Subject:     Tats Yamashita
    Received:    08/27/99 11:09 am
    From:        Dave Mirich, Dmxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    where can one order a Tats Yamashita CD?
    thanks, Dave Mirich
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