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Spectropop V#0310

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 08/24/99

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       Volume #0310                         August 24, 1999   
              the most exciting sound in the world...         
    Subject:     Boettcher Sunshine Pop
    Received:    08/24/99 7:10 am
    From:        Kingsley Abbott,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    After reading some recent postings refering to Curt B., I 
    thought people would be interested in the following new 
    release information:
    Just out on Revola Records in Britain is an Eternity's 
    Children CD which features both of their albums. Curt was 
    heavily involved with the first of these, including the 
    wonderful "Mrs. Bluebird" single which is on it. Revola 
    are the people who have also recently re-released the 
    Millennium and Ballroom material. 
    Also out as a companion issue is a compilation of The 
    Sunshine Company which is taken from all their three 
    albums. I compiled and wrote the notes for the latter 
    issue. I haven't actually seen the finished product myself
    at time of writing, but Revola's past product has been 
    excellent. Expect them to release a Sandy Salisbury album 
    at some stage as well as part of the series.
    Also out in Britain on Sequel are two summer soft rock 
    compilations in a new series called Ripples. "Look At The 
    Sunshine"(NEM 426) and "Dreamtime"(NEM 427) are the first 
    two, and on them I've collected U.K. versions of the 
    Tokens, Critters, Beach Boys etc type sounds from roughly 
    65-68 ish. They are apparantly available in the States 
    through DNA distribution. We plan another four volumes if 
    all goes well.
    I'd love to hear from other Spectropop members of other 
    similar harmony collections that may be popping up around 
    the globe.
    Kingsley Abbott
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    Subject:     Swedish band which covered Millenium, Sagittarius
    Received:    08/24/99 7:10 am
    From:        David Atlee Phillips,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Holy Mackerel! Check this link out:
    I'll ask my parents if they have this record. Never paid 
    any attention to The Hep Stars before, but I guess I have 
    to now :)
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    Subject:     Cha Cha Charming introduction
    Received:    08/24/99 7:10 am
    From:        Sheila Burgel,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hello to all on the Spectropop list! I recently joined and
    would like to introduce myself. My name is Sheila B. and I 
    publish a fanzine called "Cha Cha Charming" (yes, the 
    title comes from Ellie Greenwich's first record) which 
    celebrates sixties girl groups, Japanese pop, and heavy 
    metal. I am a serious girl group collector (American, 
    British, and French) though my Japanese pop obsession has 
    had my Discoveries and Goldmine subscriptions on hold for 
    I just returned from a two month trip to Japan where the 
    sixties sounds are as popular as ever. I was extremely 
    excited to find out about Japanese sixties girl groups (I 
    thought the Spector sound surely would have infiltrated 
    Japan as well), but much to my disappointment the Japanese
    girls have very sophisticated, lady-like voices and the 
    music is nothing of the Spector-influenced sort. It seems 
    that 80s Japanese music has much more in common with the 
    American sixties GG sound.
    I am very happy to have finally joined this list! Finally 
    a place where I can talk about Andrea Carroll and the 
    Girlfriends without receiving the usual blank stares.
    One question: does anyone know where I can pick up a copy 
    of the Lollipop's "He's the boy/ Gee Whiz" on Smash? I 
    know it's not a rare record but I can't seem to find it. 
    And does anyone know anything about this group- who they 
    And if anyone is interested in those 90s producers looking
    to capture that sixties sound, I'd HIGHLY recommend getting 
    a copy of a single by Japanese female pop duo-Puffy. The 
    single is called "Kore ga watashi no ikiru michi" and IT 
    IS the sixties. Recorded in mono, Beatles sound, 
    infectious melodies, young female singers. Absolutely 
    breathtaking. You can order it from  
    Puffy and New York 90's girl group IT"S MY PARTY are the 
    only groups that give me faith in the recreation of "that"
    Wishing everyone the best,
    Sheila B.
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    Subject:     Joe Osborn's Equipment
    Received:    08/24/99 7:10 am
    From:        Craig Norton,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    snipped from Billy Spradlin:
    > I'm not a bass player, but I'm curious about what kind of 
    > equipment Joe Osborne used on those Association albums. 
    Billy, check Osborn's interesting web site at
    Joe played a 59 Fender Jazz bass, but I once read that he 
    always played with a pick instead of finger style. I think
    that I read this in his interview in Vintage Guitar 
    magazine last year. 
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    Subject:     Top "GIRL" singers
    Received:    08/22/99 2:34 pm
    From:        Shelby
    To:          Spectropop List,
    The top female singers are:
    Results through: 8/18/99 
    1. Ronnie Spector
    2. Patsy Cline
    3. Aretha Franklin
    3. Tami Terrell
    5. Connie Francis
    6. Brenda Lee 
    6. Darlene Love
    Three are tied for 8th place
    8. Skeeter Davis
    Kathy Young
    Patti Page
    Four are tied for 11th place
    11. Cher
    Doris Day
    Diane Renay
    Sue Thompson
    Tammy Wynette
    Those are the top 15 Vote Getters.
    Other Female Singers receiving votes are:
    (In alphabetical order)
    Boy George
    Petula Clark
    Lori Collins (Collins Kids)
    Iris Dement
    Lita Ford
    Leslie Gore
    Francoise Hardy
    Billie Holiday
    Whitney Houston
    Wanda Jackson
    Loretta Lynn
    Rose Maddox
    Janis Martin
    Bette Midler
    Stevie Nicks
    Priscilla Paris
    Linda Ronstadt
    Nina Simone
    Barbara Streisand
    Sarah Vaughan
    Mary Weiss
    We will be doing another on-line ballot for different 
    categories for Male & Female singers beginning 9-1-99.
    Shelby  Riggs
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    Subject:     Teeth
    Received:    08/24/99 7:10 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    David, I had terrible buck teeth as a kid, and we couldn't
    afford braces, so at night-time, I laid for many years *on*
    my front teeth and straightened them somewhat, but they 
    were still bad in the 60s, you just don't see that in the 
    pics. Thanks anyway. 
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     Carol's Smile
    Received:    08/24/99 7:10 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dave Mirich wrote:
    >Carol, those of us who have seen photos of you... 
    >are aware of what a FOX you are. So don't try to put any 
    >fast ones past us around here. We's ex-purts!:) 
    I smiled when I read this. It reminded me of the Endless 
    Harmony video where Carol (circa 1998) is sitting with her
    bass while being interviewed on camera. She stops talking 
    and starts playing a little riff, if memory serves it's 
    from Good Vibrations, then she looks up at the camera with
    this incredible smile that asks "Are you digging this?" 
    That, friends, is what I call "groove," a feeling of 
    emotion that is conveyed through wordless expression; a 
    truly beautiful thing. And of course the answer to Carol's
    question is: Yes, we are digging it the most!
    Groove on,
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