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Spectropop V#0309

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 08/22/99

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       Volume #0309                         August 22, 1999   
              Compact Edition. For Juke Box Use Only          
    Subject:     Carol's stories
    Received:    08/22/99 1:37 pm
    From:        Dave Mirich, Dmxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thank you for your fascinating answers to my questions. 
    However, I'm going to be suspicious about the things you 
    say from now on, because I'm afraid I caught you feeding 
    us a bunch of bull: 
    Carol wrote in part: 
    >Plus being born poor, being a stutterer, ugly 
    >(buck teeth)...
    Carol, those of us who have seen photos of you (the Pet 
    Sounds era pictures that appear in various publications) 
    are aware of what a FOX you are. So don't try to put any 
    fast ones past us around here. We's ex-purts!:) (Plus, 
    remember, you gave my friend Gary guitar lessons when you 
    lived in Boulder). 
    Dave Mirich
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    Subject:     For Carol Kaye
    Received:    08/22/99 1:38 pm
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli, Jimxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Ms. Kaye, thanks so much for opening up your heart and 
    your soul and your life on this site. Your contributions 
    have been invaluable, absorbing, and fascinating. God 
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    Subject:     re: country/girlgroup links
    Received:    08/22/99 1:37 pm
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    From:        M. Helfinger/D. Grant,
    >Don't worry, Doc - it's not necessarily off-the-wall to 
    >suggest connections between some current female New 
    >Country artists and the Girl Group Sound.
    Sorry that I can't remember Doc's initial post, but I'd 
    concur with the general idea, and (hoping that this wasn't
    already mentioned) would bring up the fact that Faith 
    Hill's recent "This Kiss" is absolutely boffo sixties 
    girlgroup sounding cotton-candy, with only a teeny bit of 
    steel guitar to allow it to pass muster on modern country 
    >Even during the early 60s and late 50s, C&W and Girl 
    >Groups weren't mutually exclusive sets. It seems to me 
    >that there were a number of recordings by female vocalists
    >of that time - Connie Francis and Skeeter Davis come to 
    >mind first - that straddled the two genres.
    Don't know about Connie Francis one way or the other, but 
    you're dead right about Skeeter Davis. I guess I'd also 
    chime in with Brenda Lee as another example. I think that 
    what we're probably talking about is that "Countrypolitan"
    thang that was happening back in the early sixties; chalk 
    it up basically to Owen Bradley, Chet Atkins, and the 
    Anita Kerr Singers. Hope I've got this right--I'm talking 
    off the top of my head here, so if someone can add more 
    better facts, please do.
    Interesting note to ponder in the midst of this C&
    W-slash-girlgroup-pop thread: In Will Friedwald's 
    otherwise *superb* "Sinatra! The Song Is You: A Singer's 
    Art," the author at one point refers to Hal Blaine and 
    Leon Russell as "Nashville rock-style players."
    Another interesting note to ponder: on the Ace "Where The 
    Girls Are" cd is a PURE girlgroup track in the Shangri-La 
    vein, by, get this, Dolly Parton. Produced by Ray "the 
    streak" Stevens.
    jack "don't look ethel!" madani
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    Subject:     Re: Country GG
    Received:    08/22/99 1:38 pm
    From:        Michael B Kelly,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    RE: Country GG
    Michael H.,
    You're right about Debbi Horn. I have a set of her Country
    cassettes. I had the privilege of MCing the Pixies reunion 
    show in '91. She's the best!
    But the ultimate Country GG crossover early 60s artist was
    Sue Thompson! In case you missed my Discoveries article on 
    her, I can e-mail it to you -- or anyone!
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    Subject:     Equipment Joe Osborne used
    Received:    08/22/99 1:38 pm
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >On the rhythm tracks...Hal Blaine: drums, Joe Osborne: 
    Dear Bob & Carol:
    I'm not a bass player, but I'm curious about what kind of 
    equipment Joe Osborne used on those Association albums. 
    The "sound" of his bass playing was very distinctive, 
    almost a "lead bass" sound, very trebly and upfront. (the 
    start of "Windy", or that little lick on "Time For Livin" 
    for example) You dont hear that sound anymore on today's 
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
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    Subject:     Sagittarius/Rarities & 
                 Curt Boettcher/Productions Track List
    Received:    08/22/99 1:38 pm
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    David Atlee Phillips, wrote:
    >Could you please post the full tracklisting? Thanks...
    Here ya go Toby. btw, all misspellings and strange spacing/ 
    punctuation are as the credits appear on the sleeve. Oh 
    yeah, one other thing. The CD is one in the same series 
    as "The Roger Nichols Songbook" CD you reviewed here 
    recently, and the jacket to the Boettcher CD looks 
    nearly identical to the Nichols one; no pics, just text 
    on the front and the following information on the jewel 
    case inlay.
    1.   My World Fell Down (Single Version)
    2.   Hotel Indiscreet (Single Version)
    3.   Libra
    4.   Virgo
    5.   Pisces
    6.   Nabajo Girl
    7.   I Guess The Lord Must Be in New York City
    8.   Dobleck - Moses Lake
    9.   Moses*** - Moses Lake
    10.  Spinning, Spinning, Spinning - Ballroom
    11.  Baby Please Don't Go - Ballroom
    12.  Did You Get Your Fun - Bootigues
    13.  Mr.Man of The World - Bootigues
    14.  The Happies - Candy Company
    15.  Sugar Stone - Candy Company
    16.  I Didn't Ever Know - Jonathan Moore
    17.  London Bridge - Jonathan Moore
    18.  Better Times - Brother Cain
    19.  The Night We Fell In Love - Oracle
    20.  Don't Say No - Oracle
    21.  Oh Don't Come Crying Back To Me - Something Young
    22.  The Words I'm Seeking - Something Young
    1-7  Sagittarius(All Single Only)
    10&11 Ballroom=Pre Sagittarius
    All the best,
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