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Spectropop V#0305

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 08/12/99

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       Volume #0305                         August 14, 1999   
               Vocal With Instrumental Accompaniment          
    Subject:     girl group help
    Received:    08/12/99 9:10 am
    From:        john rausch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I had been asked a question that I cannot find a positive 
    answer to so I pose it to Spectropop:
    "Does anyone know who the Cinnamon Angels were? who the 
    Penny Sisters were? Both did obscure albums on BT Puppy."
    John R
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of Sxxxxxp://
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    Subject:     Modern Girl Groups/Chiffons
    Received:    08/13/99 5:54 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > does anyone here like modern girl groups? rosita, anjelica,
    > period pains, lolita storm etc..
    Hmmm, never heard of them, but I do like some of the more 
    popular sounding groups like TLC, Destiny's Child, B*
    Witched, Cleopatra ZYC, and my fav group of the moment the
    Steps. Has anyone here heard of the Steps? Big in Britain, 
    and soon to be crossing over to North America. Very Abba 
    sounding, but exciting and fresh! They're first album is 
    BTW, I just got a post from former Chiffons' lead singer 
    Judy Craig Mann. She was thrilled to see my web site, and 
    I plan to tell her about the group here.
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    Subject:     survey
    Received:    08/14/99 2:54 pm
    From:        Shelby
    To:          spectropop,
    To: Spectropop members,
    Xoom has been experiencing problems the last week or so. 
    It should be OKEH now. Try:
    If you have problems, click REFRESH.
    I will do a final tabulation vote this week. I will also 
    be putting in a new on-line voting booth on the web-site. 
    We will be going into different chatrooms this month to 
    get a broader range of voting. 
    Shelby Riggs
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    Subject:     The Mercy and Love
    Received:    08/13/99 5:54 am
    From:        Tom Waters,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I just visted a website that features odd albums from the 
    '60's and '70's (mostly). One of the albums is called the 
    Mercy and Love (I think it's the group name too) and I 
    clicked on the real Audio sample song "Hey Jude" on the 
    page and the girls sound, to me, amazingly like Reparata 
    and the Delrons. This this them under a different name or 
    Reparata with a different group? The website is:$spindb.query.exhibit.vinyl.0041
    Take a listen, I'd love to hear what people think! (By the
    way, I don't care what the webmaster of the site says, I 
    love the recording!)
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    Subject:     horns of a dilemma/new releases
    Received:    08/14/99 2:54 pm
    From:        Stewart Mason,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Okay, here's the thing. I got the program for the upcoming
    season at my local theatre in the mail the other day, and 
    November 16-21, the touring company of SUNSET BOULEVARD 
    will be in town. Here's my problem:
    1.  Andrew Lloyd Webber's music makes me physically ill.
    2.  Petula Clark is playing Norma Desmond.
    So you can see why I'm torn. Has anybody seen this show, 
    with or without Petula? Will the opportunity to spend two 
    hours watching one of my idols outweigh the fact that I 
    already know I'm going to hate the music and consider the 
    whole show a desecration of one of my favorite films, or 
    can not even Petula save this show?
    Also, I wanted to let you know about a couple of new 
    releases by current bands who have been mentioned here 
    recently. You might remember the discussion of the Lilys a
    couple of months ago. They have a new EP out called ZERO 
    POPULATION GROWTH. Just to warn you, this record does NOT 
    sound like their last two albums, the Kinks/Move/
    Creation-influenced BETTER CAN'T MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER and
    the Brian Wilson-goes-Mod THE THREE WAY. Instead, it's an 
    all-instrumental evocation of early-70s Krautrock released
    as part of Darla Records' series of ambient instrumental 
    albums called The Bliss-Out Series. I think it's very good,
    but if you're not into extended noodly 
    vintage-synth-and-rhythm-box instrumentals, stay far away. 
    On the other hand, the soon-to-be-released fourth album by
    Outrageous Cherry, Out There in the Dark, sounds like a 
    classic lost West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band/Fun And 
    Games/Sagittarius/Peanut Butter Conspiracy/Pebbles Volume 
     slab of ultra-catchy psych-pop. It's out October 5 on 
    Del-Fi, and I know a lot of folks here who will go bonkers
    over this. I have no affiliation with band or label, of 
    course, but this is the most exciting album I've heard in 
    ***************************FLAMINGO RECORDS***************************
    Stewart Allensworth Mason      
    Box 40172                        "I don't know, we've heard
    Albuquerque NM 87196              things about beef..."        
    *********************HAPPY MUSIC FOR NICE PEOPLE**********************
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    Subject:     Thrill, Brave, Things & living in Kona
    Received:    08/14/99 2:54 pm
    From:        Jerry Riopelle, DOTCxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Will, your interest in Thrill is Gone made me go listen to
    the (very bad) cassette I have of it and I thought it was 
    pretty good too. Clydie just kills. I never heard the name
    Clyde Kirk. I hadn't heard it for so long. It was better 
    than I thought.
    As to "Brave" I think Phil sang it to me at the piano the 
    first time I heard it. Then probably a Cynthia demo. 
    I did produce the Blossoms vocal on Things are Changing 
    and wrote the lyric basically. Phil had the text of what 
    they wanted. It was actually written by Philip, Brian and 
    myself but I never met Brian. He and Phil had written the 
    orig melody with different words. 
    What is Close Your Eyes? I don't remember. Was it the back
    side of Home of Brave or another Treasures single???
    Carol, I am well, living in Kona, Hawaii. I just finished 
    my 12th solo album and Life is Good. I have a band in L. A. 
    and a band in Kona, and I play pretty often when I'm not
    recording (which has been all the time for the last year). 
    I wonder how Ray Pohlman is, and Earl Palmer and Mike 
    Dacey and Jimmy Bond and Larry Knechtel and Hal Blaine...
    Jesus this brings back memories. Good to know you're well. 
    Jerry Riopelle
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    Subject:     Things are Changing
    Received:    08/14/99 2:54 pm
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Since we have Jerry on the list now, mainly for his 
    benefit I repost a couple of things I wrote from earlier 
    digests regarding this remarkable recording. Many of you 
    may want to skip the rest of this post since it is quoted 
    verbatim from earlier digests.
    I am quite certain that Brian wrote "Don't Hurt..." for 
    Ronnie (many claim it was written for Darlene), and Brian 
    gave this song to Spector. The following is from 
    Fitzpatrick & Fogerty's book (Collecting Phil Spector, 
    Spectacle Press, 1991):
    "The backing track, originally intended for a proposed 
    Ronettes version of the Beach Boys' 'Don't Hurt My Little 
    Sister,' was produced by Spector with Brian Wilson on 
    piano. When that project was not completed, Spector kept 
    the tapes and later used them as a contribution to the 
    EEOC campaign to increase employment of minority youth. 
    The song 'Things Are Changing' was recorded over Spector's
    track by the Blossoms, Supremes and Jay and the Americans. 
    (A rumored fourth version, supposedly sung in Spanish by 
    Julio Angel and Lucecita, remains unverified.) Jerry 
    Riopelle recorded the Blossoms' over Spector's track in 
    the only release of the song by Spector's organization."
    Reportedly, 4000 copies of the original 45 edition of 
    "Things Are Changing" by the Blossoms were distributed to 
    U.S. radio stations in May 1966. The recording was issued 
    on a 33 1/3 rpm small-hole 7" disc, with Things Are 
    Changing appearing on both sides (T4LM-8172-1). It came 
    with a picture sleeve, a photoless graphic only sleeve 
    There are no writer/arranger/producer credits on the disc 
    or sleeve. However, if you look at the credits on the Jay 
    and the Americans version (as included in their Legendary 
    Masters CD "Come a Little Bit Closer" - [CDP-7-93448-2]), 
    the song is credited as written by Brian Wilson/Phil 
    Spector, and as produced by Phil Spector and Jerry Riopell. 
    I believe these are the right credits, for surely this 
    was Brian's song, and Phil's rhythm track.
    For a long time I only knew the Blossoms version, and I 
    was really surprised when I finally heard Jay & the 
    Americans' version. The mix is so strange, with the vocal 
    so far in front the glorious Spector track is all but lost.
    Hearing the Supremes version for the first time too was 
    very interesting. The first thing was hearing Diana Ross' 
    voice on Spector's Gold Star/wrecking crew track. That's 
    almost surreal! The backing track is more present than on 
    Jay's version, which is nice, and Diana sings that little 
    "Things are changing (B-D-E-B, B-D-E-D) melody that is 
    also at the very end of Jay's version. That melody is not 
    used on the Blossoms version, which leads me to wonder who
    came up with that line. I guess Jay must have heard 
    Supremes version or vice-versa. 
    Another not so surprising but rather disappointing thing 
    about the Supremes' version is how detached Diana Ross 
    sounds on this, as if she was handed a lyric sheet on the 
    spot and given only one or two takes to get through it. 
    Flo & Mary's parts aren't all that great either. In any 
    event, Diana doesn't sound all that sympathetic to the 
    cause if you know what I mean.
    Darlene Love's version, on the other hand, is absolutely 
    convincing. It is one of her most powerful vocal 
    permormances, similar to Long Way to be Happy. After 
    hearing Diana Ross sing this, I must say Darlene Love's 
    Things are Changing is absolutely the supreme version!!! 
    Soaring, convincing delivery, and even though the rhythm 
    track is pumped to the max on Darlene's version, her vocal
    is locked in perfectly and towers above Phil's powerful 
    >I was even more surprised to find that not only is Phil 
    >Spector listed as the producer of the track, but he is 
    >also listed as the sole author! Do Brian Wilson's lawyers
    >know about this?
    As you know Scott, the writer/pub info printed on sleeves 
    is not always accurate, what with ghost writers et al. The
    crucial point here is whether the song is claimed by both 
    Mother Bertha (Spector) and New Executive (Wilson). I've 
    been trying to search BMI hyperdata on this but their site
    has been down the last few days. Interestingly enough, 
    there is publisher info listed on the Jay/Americans CD for
    every song EXCEPT Things Are Changing, and as I mentioned 
    earlier, this is listed as written by Wilson/Spector.
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