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Spectropop V#0302

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 08/09/99

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       Volume #0302                         August 10, 1999   
                        Danny D. Thanx Thee                   
    Subject:     Re: Manson and "the clique"
    Received:    08/09/99 5:50 am
    From:        Brad Elliott,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jamie LePage wrote:
    >Carol Kaye wrote:
    >>Percussionist Gary Coleman spoke of working the date for
    >>Dennis producing that idiot killer...
    >Hold on there! Carol, are you saying that there WERE
    >Manson sessions which included members of "the clique"?
    >With Dennis (or other BBs) producing? If so, this is big
    >news to me. As far as I know, nothing "released" by Manson
    >has the LA studio musicians backing. And if the Wilson
    >brothers were involved, the dates you speak of have to be
    >Brother Records recordings, and most likely recorded at
    >Gold Star, Western or Sunset Sound. Where are those tapes
    >today? If such recordings exist they would be very
    >interesting to hear. Even more interesting, if such tapes
    >do indeed exist, why haven't we heard ABOUT them before?
    I couldn't say why you haven't heard anything about them. 
    There have been vague discussions about them among Beach 
    Boys collectors for years. Nothing from the sessions has 
    ever been released, either commercially or on bootleg, and
    tapes have not circulated among collectors.
    I can't tell you a whole lot about the sessions; all 
    documentation seems to have disappeared (reportedly 
    shortly after Manson was arrested and charged with the 
    murders). The sessions were done in 1968, apparently at 
    Brian's home studio, and Dennis was the only Beach Boy 
    involved. The tapes do exist -- there apparently were at 
    least two sets of masters -- and at least some of them 
    still reside in the Beach Boys' tape vault. Beyond that, 
    it's all question marks at this time. (No, I haven't heard
    the tapes.) More information is supposed to be forthcoming 
    later this year when a new book on Manson, "Live Freaky, 
    Die Freaky" is published.
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    Subject:     I hate....
    Received:    08/09/99 5:50 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    talking about this, as I don't like to give Manson any 
    publicity.....killers love publicity, makes them feel 
    important etc.
    Gary Coleman (percussionist, father of Lisa Coleman btw, 
    keyboardist behind Prince at one time) first told me about
    recording something for Manson in the studio (I kept 
    remembering it was Brian but no, not Brian at all, it was 
    for Dennis I found out later) shortly after the murders in
    1969, and we studio musicians all discussed this amongst 
    I didn't hear anything more about that until I was over at
    a DJ's house in Denver, Colo. and he evidently had a 
    bootleg of a copy of a tape of that session (which I 
    assumed as scrapped or something, you never heard anything
    more about it) and asked me if I wanted to hear it (about 
    1992) and I told him "no I didn't". That's all I know 
    about it. 
    Carol Kaye  
    I tho't everyone knew about it....that recording date has 
    been discussed a few times before somewhere else then.
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    Subject:     Manson & Beach Boys
    Received:    08/09/99 5:50 am
    From:        Kingsley Abbott,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jamie LePage's recent question about the existence or not
    of Manson and BB collaboration is open to speculation, but 
    I can add a little to the debate. When researching for my 
    "Back To The Beach" reader book on BW & BBs I was told the
    following from a very reliable source:
    "In the vaults there exists an 8 track finished master by 
    Charles Manson that features Carl and Dennis and was 
    produced by them" I was led to believe that it was a 
    finished album, or at least pretty close. Incidently the 
    said "Back to The Beach " book has recently been reprinted
    and is now available again from Helter Skelter (Yeah, I 
    know!!) or from usual ordering sources. ISBN is 1 900924-
    02-1. How's that for working in a plug on my first posting!
    Welcome also to Jerry Riopelle - Jerry- how about telling 
    us the Bonnie story (Home Of The Brave, Close Your Eyes)? 
    Love to hear about it all.
    Best wishes to all
    Kingsley Abbott
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    Subject:     Welcome Jerry!
    Received:    08/09/99 5:50 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I don't want to go into length about Bonnie and the 
    Treasures' "Home of the Brave," since if you check in the 
    archives, it was a long string of messages, but I do want 
    to say the production is second to none! Hands down it's 
    one of my top ten favs of all time! Welcome to the group! 
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    Subject:     Re:  Welcome Mr Riopelle
    Received:    08/09/99 5:50 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB, DJJimxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Welcome Mr Riopelle and let me add that although I always 
    liked "Sunshine Girl" by The Parade, I had NEVER seen the 
    album ANYWHERE. Until I visited Other Music in NYC last 
    April and paid handsomely for a Japanese import version of
    it. Its good 'n' soft
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    Subject:     'Home of the Brave'
    Received:    08/09/99 5:50 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Welcome Mr. Riopelle!
    A specific topic if I may. 
    Please read the following excerpt from Mark Landwehr's 
    post quoting "what looks to be" the Gavin Report dated 8/6
    >"Officials of the Los Angeles Musicians Union, Lcl. #47...
    >On Wed., Aug. 4...received in the mail a signed contract 
    >for a recording session that had been held at Hollywood's 
    >Gold Star Studios at 3 PM, July 24th (1965). The contract 
    >was signed by Phil Spector, specifying Jerry Riopell as 
    >the leader. The name of Nick di Caro appeared on the 
    >contract as arranger but had been scratched out. Enclosed 
    >with the contract was a check [which] specified HOME OF 
    >THE BRAVE as the song that had been recorded, although the
    >contract itself specified two other tunes.
    >"Phil Spector...stated that...He recorded it with the 
    >Ronettes, but was not satisfied with it and did not 
    >release it. His friend Jerry Riopell liked the song and 
    >obtained Phil's permission to work on it. By using Phil's 
    >arrangements and ideas from the previous track, Jerry was 
    >able to work out an acceptable version with Bonnie and the
    >Treasures. Phil Spector picked up the tab for the recording
    OK. This one we know was a Philles master. But, does the 
    above quoted reference to your working out "an acceptable 
    version with Bonnie" mean that you used the Ronettes 
    rhythm track to get a more favorable vocal? Is the Bonnie 
    rhythm track the same as was used on the unheard Ronettes 
    version? Unresolved debate as to whether you or Phil 
    produced the Bonnie record have not been resolved, so any 
    light you could shed on this would be most appreciated.
    Oh yeah, and what does Nick DeCaro have to do with all 
    Bonnie and the Treasures Rule!
    All the best,
    Jamie LePage
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    Subject:     Jerry Riopelle on Spectropop
    Received:    08/09/99 5:50 am
    From:        Steve Stanley,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Steve Stanley Wrote:
    Wow. Jerry Riopelle on Spectropop. I've gotta contain 
    myself now!! Well, let's get the chatter going by asking 
    Jerry to describe the "Close Your Eyes" sessions (if you 
    remember them). Did Spector have any involvement?
    Also, why was the Parade LP never issued at the time? It's
    truly amazing material and "Sunshine Girl" was a hit for 
    Chrissakes! Thanks for joining Spectropop!
    Thanks to several of you Spectropoppers for your 
    enthusiasm and feedback regarding the new Girl Group comp 
    on Del-Fi. It's doing really well, sales and review-wise, 
    and I'd like to extend my gratitude to all the GG fanatics!
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    Subject:     Spector $$$
    Received:    08/10/99 12:46 am
    From:        David Feldman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Rob Bates, always tight with a buck, asks about Phil Spector's CD's...
    > 2. Why are all his CDs so expensive? Most box sets that 
    > have been out a while end up discounted, but you can never
    > get "Back to Mono" for less than $60. The Best of the 
    > "Crystals/Ronettes/Darlene Love" CDs aren't cheap either, 
    > usually showing up for $17.95. (Although has them 
    > for about $13)
    Technically, I guess you could say that it's easy to find
    Spector's stuff at discount. The problem is his CD's list 
    prices are higher than anyone else's. I have to assume 
    that this has to do with Spector's personal control over 
    the pricing of his catalog. The list price of "Back to 
    Mono" is a silly $74.98. 
     This is very reminiscent of Russ Meyer, who offers his 
    videos at astronomical prices 
    Dave Feldman
    Single of the Week:  "Human" (The Pretenders)
    Word of the Week:  rhesus
    TV Show of the Week:  Total Request Live
    Sad TV Event of the Week:  The retirement of 
        the Backstreet Boy's    "I Want It That Way""
        from TRL
    Best Gender Survey on the Net:  More than 40 new questions
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    Subject:     SMILE cover prints for sale
    Received:    08/10/99 12:46 am
    From:        Brad Elliott,
    To:          Spectropop Mailing List,
    Last year, Surf's Up Collectibles was pleased to offer a 
    limited edition of signed-and-numbered prints of the front
    cover art for the legendary "lost" Beach Boys album, SMILE.
    Each of the 150 prints was individually signed by cover 
    artist Frank Holmes, who created the art 23 years ago. All
    copies of the print were quickly sold.
    Now, with the approval of Mr. Holmes, Surf's Up 
    Collectibles is able to offer for sale a small number of 
    unsigned "seconds" of the print. These prints are 
    identical to the signed-and-numbered edition, except for 
    very slight flaws which dictated they be held back when 
    prints were being selected for Mr. Holmes to sign. However, 
    all flaws are of the bent or creased corner variety; 
    none affect the central image of the SMiLE cover. If the 
    prints are framed, the flaws will be hidden.
    Like the signed-and-numbered edition, these prints were 
    reproduced from a set of original Capitol Records color 
    separations and display the SMiLE cover in precise detail.
    These prints are being offered at $10 each, a substantial 
    markdown from the $30 to $100 at which the 
    signed-and-numbered edition was sold.
    Postage and handling are extra. All prints are shipped 
    rolled in cardboard tubes. Shipments within the U.S. 
    normally are sent First Class, insured. For the first two 
    prints, First Class rates are $5.00 inside the continental
    U.S., $5.50 to Alaska and Hawaii. Postage for each 
    additional print is $1.00. Please inquire for Priority 
    Mail, UPS or Federal Express rates, as well as shipping 
    costs to other countries.
    Anyone interested in purchasing a print should write or 
    e-mail Surf's Up Collectibles. Do not send payment until 
    you have received a confirmed reservation. Payment must be
    made in U.S. funds. Checks and money orders are acceptable,
    or purchases can be charged via MasterCard, VISA or 
    American Express.
    Surf's Up Collectibles
    P.O. Box 699
    Pampa, TX 79066
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    Subject:     IN MY ROOM
    Received:    08/10/99 12:46 am
    From:        Big L,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Subject: "In My Room": music reviews, updated monthly
    IN MY ROOM - Fabulous Sounds, Updated Monthly
    Reviewed this month:
    Burt Bacharach | Joe Henry | Steve Reich
    Stereolab | "Valley of the Dolls" | "Unknownwerks"
    Big L
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    Subject:     Mystery Tune
    Received:    08/09/99 5:50 am
    From:        CLAUDIA CUNNINGHAM,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I have a question to ask the group. I feel kind of dumb 
    but if anyone can answer it you certainly can. At the 
    height of Beatlemania there were many songs released such 
    as Cher under the guise of "Bonnie Jo Mason" singing about
    the Beatles, in Cher's case it was "RIngo, I Love You".....
    One song has haunted me because it is a ballad and believe
    it or not, quite pretty..It is called "The Boy With the 
    Beatle Hair". If anyone can tell me who sang it I will buy
    them a cup of coffee and a one way ticket to Pismo Beach. 
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