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Spectropop V#0293

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 07/15/99

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       Volume #0293                           July 15, 1999   
     Bringing the finest recorded entertainment into your home
    Subject:     A Bit More on VDP and "Come to the Sunshine"
    Received:    07/15/99 1:55 am
    From:        Dan Murphy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Stewart Mason's post in reply to Don Richardson noted that
    Van Dyke Parks' "Come to the Sunshine" appeared on the 
    Warner Brothers' loss leader DEEP EAR. The liner notes to
    the WB compilation noted that the version included was 
    edited by VDP himself.
    Parks' "Number Nine" and "Come to the Sunshine" were 
    included on an MGM compilation album, "The Core Of Rock" 
    (SE-4669). "...Sunshine" is listed at 2:52 on the MGM album, 
    compared to the 2:32 edit for the WB comp. If I can 
    assume the version on the MGM LP is the same as the 
    original single, then the difference I hear is the removal
    of two verses. The first edit is just after the line "I 
    really doubt you think about me like I do you". The WB 
    edit then goes right into the "come to the sunshine" 
    refrain, while the MGM version has the lines "We could 
    laugh it all off/'Cause I'd act in your be/Half of me 
    would be forever together". The second edited verse is 
    just before the final "come to the sunshine" refrain near 
    the fadeout. I can't quite figure out Parks' lyrics on 
    this verse, although it starts out "Mal de mer..."
    Having gone back and listened to the two versions, I 
    wonder why Parks felt it necessary to edit the track.
    Dan M.
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    Subject:     Al Kooper and the Phoney
    Received:    07/15/99 1:55 am
    From:        James F.  Cassidy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thanks to Paul MacArthur for tipping us off to Al Kooper's
    Top 100 LPs. Al sure knows how to pick 'em. Knowing that 
    he's now a professor (!) at Berklee College of Music here 
    in Boston, I looked for him at the recent Brian Wilson 
    concert, and sure enough, there he was several tables 
    ahead of me.
    On a completely different subject, Tobias wrote:
    >This isn't as off-topic as it may sound, but does anyone
    >watch "Nightstand", the phoney talkshow, starring the
    >equally phoney Dick Dietrich, which makes fun of real
    >talkshows like "Jerry Springer"? There were a series of
    >references in tonight's show to The Grassroots and several
    >songs by Gary Zekley!
    Not that it matters, but the "equally phoney Dick Dietrich" 
    is a friend of mine, Tim Stack. He and I went to school 
    together at Boston College (1973-77). Ultra-tenuous 
    Spectropop connection: once when I was DJ'ing at the 
    Boston College radio station, Tim and his roommate stood 
    in front of me outside the studio window and dropped their
    Just thought you'd like to know,
    P.S.  I thought "Jerry Springer" made fun of real talk 
    shows ...
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    Subject:     cover me....
    Received:    07/15/99 1:55 am
    From:        james fisher,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I'm--once again--weeks behind but I just read the posts 
    about different cover versions of Spectropop-tunes and I 
    got to wondering....what songs from then would you like to
    have seen covered and by whom?? Sort of a fantasy Juke Box 
    Jury kind of thing I guess.. I sometimes hear a record 
    from the 60s and it begs to be re-done by some other 
    artist from the same era. You can hear their version in 
    your mind and it sounds great. Phil Spector always seems 
    to produce my covers, which is pretty nice. Thanks Phil. (By
    the same token there's many songs that beg to be left alone
    --the definitive version has been done already..e.g. 
    "You've lost that lovin' feelinxxxxxhould not be done 
    by anyone but the Right.Bros. (and this includes our own 
    Dionne IMHO, as great as she is.) In any event,does anyone
    have a song that just needs a different performer to kick 
    it up from Bubbling Under to Top Ten favorite in the 
    desert island disc list?  
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    Subject:     Darlene Love at Stratford
    Received:    07/15/99 1:55 am
    From:        Ian Chapman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jimmy Cresitelli wrote:
    >Thanks, Ian! I appreciate that, and loved your info re
    >Darlene Love: my supreme vocal goddess of all time.
    >Speaking of things Spector, I've got photographs of you
    >and Carol and Ronnie somewhere... posed In England, I
    >think. I believe Ronnie's wearing a black hat. Ian, my
    >regards to Mick Patrick and the rest. Hear that, gang?
    >Xerox copies of PSAS stuff now available.
    HI Jimmy......
    Not me in the photos, Jimmy - I've never yet got to meet 
    Ronnie. I do have great memories of meeting Darlene, 
    however, which I'd like to share. It was when she came 
    over to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in 
    Stratford-upon-Avon as part of the musical version of 
    "Carrie" (yes, the horror film - don't ask!) If you've read
    Darlene's book, you'll know what she thinks about the show 
    in retrospect, but at the time, it was something different, 
    and I enjoyed it. Although, still buzzing from having 
    met Darlene before the show, it could've been the musical 
    version of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" for all I cared! 
    Darlene, who played Carrie's teacher, was in superb vocal 
    form. The show was choreographed by Debbie (" you 
    want Fame") Allen, and Michael Gore wrote the songs. The 
    cast was an unusual mixture of UK and US performers, from 
    the famous to unknown local talent. Apart from Darlene, 
    there was Barbara Cook, Gene Anthony Ray (aka Leroy in 
    "Fame") and Sally Ann Triplett, who had represented the UK 
    in the Eurovision Song Contest, in a duo called Bardo. In 
    Darlene's dressing room before the show, a group of us 
    (myself, Mick Patrick, Malcolm Baumgart and Keith Beach) 
    had had a great time laughing and chatting about things 
    like "Lethal Weapon" - how she got teased about her 
    cooking after that movie, how easily she got along with 
    Mel Gibson (but found Danny Glover a little more aloof), 
    and how the cast of "Carrie" would every now and then get 
    together and have "Lethal Weapon" parties. We talked about
    the special FX in the show, especially Carrie's 
    "levitations" (I won't say what we said about levitating 
    Barbara!), and the songs. Darlene's big number was 
    "Unsuspecting Hearts", sadly never to make it onto a 
    recording as the show was so short-lived.
    We spoke of the Spector days of course, and especially 
    "He's A Rebel" - Crystal Dee Dee Kennibrew had been 
    interviewed in "Goldmine" around the time, and had been 
    misinterpreted as saying that Darlene never sang on it. I 
    think what she actually said was "Darlene never sang lead 
    with the Crystals". However, Darlene did say that Dee Dee 
    did seem to have a problem with "He's A Rebel" and had 
    approached her at the funeral of Shirelle Micki Harris to 
    say something to the effect that the Crystals had done it 
    too, but Phil had overdubbed Darlene's voice (ahem!)
    We then looked at some 45s I had taken along to prompt a 
    few recollections, and Darlene remembered them all - even 
    sang us a few bars of the Blossoms' "Lover Boy"! I also 
    gave her a tape I'd made of Darlene & the Blossoms under 
    various guises (Wildcats, Rebelettes, Allisons, Birdies, 
    Young Cougars etc.) - some she knew, others were surprises. 
    She said that often when the Blossoms did a session 
    vocal, they never got to know how it was eventually put 
    out or what name the producer had dreamed up. Also on the 
    tape were a few tracks which featured very prominent 
    Blossoms back-ups, like Steve Alaimo's "Gotta Lotta Love",
    and we even got a few bars of that too! But the one that 
    really excited her was Sharon Marie's "Runaround Lover"...
    "Brian Wilson!!", she yelled, "Where did you get that?!!"
    It was an unforgettable meeting - Darlene was warm and 
    welcoming and had a great sense of humour - she made us 
    all feel like long-lost friends. Some of the guys met her 
    next day for breakfast - unfortunately I had a prior 
    engagement and couldn't make it - but they taped an 
    interview, which later appeared in "Philately". They then 
    went around Stratford, pausing, so I was told, to look in 
    a shop that sold novelty teapots - some slightly erotic in
    design, if you get my meaning - which Darlene apparently 
    found hilarious!!
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    Subject:     Lesley Gore
    Received:    07/15/99 1:55 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns, Pauluxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 7/12/99 7:27:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
    > Can anyone tell me (Carol Kaye?) who the musicians were on
    > Lesley Gore's records, particularly the drummer ... Could 
    > it have been Hal Blaine?
    > Her stuff was always so well produced and, as I have said 
    > before, the girl singers backing her were fantastic, the 
    > harmonies full and perfect.
    > Also, is Snuff Garrett producing anyone these days?
    I think most all of Lesley Gore's stuff was done in new 
    York with Quincy Jones producing, I maybe wrong though. 
    Many of the background vocals do feature Ellie Greenwich 
    of Barry & Greenwich writing fame.
    Paul Urbahns
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    Subject:     Lesley Gore - Eden Ahbez
    Received:    07/15/99 1:54 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Claudia, not sure which sides of Lesley Gore's they played
    on but both Hal Blaine and Earl Palmer did do dates for 
    Lesley (separately altho' they both played on some Jan & 
    Dean things together). Those credits will be out in Russ 
    Wapensky's studio musicians' credit book (Greenwood Press,
    no title yet) due out end of this year.
    I met Eden Ahbez at Fife & Nichols Music Store in 
    Hollywood (long-gone, used to be across the street from 
    Woolworths), about the 1st of 1952, standing there with 
    guitarist Howard Roberts, discussing music and philosophy.
    I was just a kid and it impressed me....
    Eden Ahbez was nice, looked a little unkempt (he said he 
    lived in a tree-house in the Palm Springs area) and he 
    sort of looked the part - hate to say this, but it was 
    hard to get close to him, sort of an out-doorsy aura. 
    His hair was a little tangled and long, had a beard, the 
    typical 60s hippie look in the 50s, he was thin as I 
    recall, very animated yet "cool" and extremely nice in got the feeling that he didn't associate 
    with people very much (sort of reticent in a way) but was 
    enjoying talking to the affable Howard Roberts. He struck 
    me as being a very good person, very intelligent but just 
    loving to live "away" from civilization....enjoying a 
    solitary life he said. 
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     RE: BOB ALCIVAR & 5D's
    Received:    07/15/99 1:55 am
    From:        Bob Alcivar,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I'm at a slight loss. Although I arranged for The 5th 
    Dimension over a 5 year period, and worked on around 10 
    albums for them, starting with 'Stoned Soul Picnic', I 
    can't recall a song called 'There Never Was A Day', or 
    even a song with those lyrics. Could you be thinking of 
    another group? Or am I going bonkers? Check out the album,
    group and title again and let me know. Maybe I did it, but 
    can't remember. I must have written over 80 or so charts, 
    vocally and instrumentally for them during their hot years.
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    Subject:     Ronnie Spector
    Received:    07/15/99 1:54 am
    From:        john rausch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    The new issue of Goldmine Mag has a blurb for the 
    September American release of Ronnie`s ep cd She Talks To 
    Rainbows. This release is supposed to have 2 live tracks 
    added to the other 4 tracks that came out in the UK. AND 
    what`s even better is Ronnie will be gracing the COVER of 
    Goldmine in December, which will have an interview 
    John Rausch
    Presenting The Fabulous 
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    Subject:     Today's Hits
    Received:    07/15/99 1:54 am
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli, Jimxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    John Rausch-- Thanks very much! Mine's not in the best 
    of shape by any means, but I was curious.
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    ADMIN NOTE: Spectropop would like to welcome Ms. Kaye 
    Krebs of Pixies Three to the list. Since 1995, after a 27-
    year hiatus, Pixies Three are performing once again on a 
    regular basis. In her letter to Spectropop Admin, Ms. 
    Krebs wrote:
    "I'm looking forward to reading the Spectropop digest, and
    perhaps contributing a word or two occasionally."
    There you have it! Welcome Kaye Krebs of the fabulous 
    Pixies Three!

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