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Spectropop V#0292

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 07/12/99

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       Volume #0292                           July 13, 1999   
             America's First Family of Fine Recordings        
    Subject:     Al Kooper's Hot 100
    Received:    07/12/99 11:49 pm
    From:        Paul MacArthur,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Take a look at what Rock Legend Al Kooper thinks are the 
    best 100 lps of all time:
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    Subject:     LESLEY GORE
    Received:    07/12/99 11:49 pm
    From:        CLAUDIA CUNNINGHAM,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Can anyone tell me (Carol Kaye?) who the musicians were on
    Lesley Gore's records, particularly the drummer ... Could 
    it have been Hal Blaine?
    Her stuff was always so well produced and, as I have said 
    before, the girl singers backing her were fantastic, the 
    harmonies full and perfect.
    Also, is Snuff Garrett producing anyone these days? Claudia
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    Subject:     Minute Masters - Nancy Wilson
    Received:    07/12/99 11:49 pm
    From:        Paul Urbahns, Pauluxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 7/11/99 10:36:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
    Paul MacArthur  said on the Spectropop list:
    >> Just read a press release on Nancy Wilson that said during
    >> the mid-sixties (no exact dates given) that Nancy Wilson
    >> was the second best selling artist on Capitol Records
    >> behind only the Beatles and that she was ahead of the
    >> Beach Boys. Can anyone provide evidence to support or
    >> refute this?
    MFW wrote:
    > Sounds like a lot of PR hype to me. It's true, Nancy 
    > Wilson had 34 U.S. charted albums over three decades, but 
    > none of them even went Gold, let alone Platinum. She also 
    > had 14 singles, but only two of them made the Top 40 on 
    > the Pop charts (and seven Top 40 hits on the R&B charts). 
    > No Gold or Platinum singles, either.
    Let's look at Nancy Wilson album chart figures during the Beatlemania 
    Yesterday's Love Songs, Todays Blues (Feb 1964 reached  4)
    Today, Tomorrow Forever (June 1964 reached 10)
    How Glad I Am (Sep 1964 reached 4)
    Today - My Way ( Jul 1965 reached 7)
    Gentle Is My Love (Oct 1965 reached 17)
    Touch Of Today (Jul 1966 reached 15)
    That's probably the Mid 60s Paul MacArthur is talking 
    about. And those chart positions aren't bad during the 
    beatlemania period when, if you didn't have a British 
    accent you were ignored.
    I really don't trust charts of the 60s, sometimes they 
    didn't actually reflect public taste because too many 
    people will take Billboard charts as gospel and there are 
    too many unanswered questions about them that Billboard 
    has never answered. Just like some of Project Blue Books 
    explantation of Flying Saucers. I don't believe in Flying 
    Saucers but I don't believe a lot of the silly Blue Book 
    explanations either. Some were fabricated because of 
    security reasons.
    Back to Nancy Wilson, she obviously sold to an older 
    audience than The Beach Boys and The Beatles, but it would
    have been the same audience Capitol knew how to market to. 
    Old Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr audience. 
    These people bought albums over years, not run out this 
    week and buy an album by a rock group that would be 
    forgotten in two years, Nancy Wilson had a staying power 
    and her albums probably sold well over a long period. To 
    show how important she obviously was to Capitols 
    bottomline (where it counts), they made a Nancy Wilson 
    promo album called "Minute Masters" I believe the number 
    was Capitol Pro 2704 (but I could be wrong) Jack Wagner 
    was the producer and it was issued about August/Sep 1964 
    during the height of Beatlemania. The album consists of 
    Nancy Wilson songs from about 6 of her current albums 
    edited down to a little over a minute in length. You might
    wonder why. In those days (1960s) we DJs had to catch a 
    newscast on the hour, and you sometimes had a little over 
    a minute left and no commercial to run. A little over a 
    minute is not long enough for a full song and if you faded
    it early it sounded like a K-Tel edit of the 70s. So 
    Capitol made professional edited versions of songs by 
    apparently their hottest artists. These could be kept by 
    the DJ near the turntables to throw on when you needed 
    something to fill. It got Capitol and its artists extra 
    exposure and airplay, very valuable in those days. Albums 
    I know of were by Nancy Wilson, Buck Owens, and Nat King 
    Cole. I have the Nat King Cole album (Capitol PRO 2991/
    2992, issued January 1966). I had the chance to buy the 
    Nancy Wilson album recently but passed on it, that's how I
    know it exists. They may have made others. I have never 
    found a Minute Masters album issued on the Beach Boys, 
    even though they surely had enough songs in the Capitol 
    catalog to issue one. Her ranking one of these Minute 
    Masters albums along with such then current legends in the
    music like Buck Owens and Nat King Cole, shows how highly 
    Capitol thought of her.
    Paul Urbahns
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    Subject:     Re: Eden Ahbez!
    Received:    07/12/99 11:49 pm
    From:        Jeffrey Thames, Kingoxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    A quick addendum: *Eden's Island* is nothing short of 
    superb, and we have a 5-second (or so) wavefile of 
    "Mongoose" as the startup sound on our computer...
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    Subject:     Re: AMC POP
    Received:    07/12/99 11:49 pm
    From:        Michael B Kelly,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Paul MacArthur, wrote:
    >I don't know how many of you get American Movie Classics, 
    >but last week they showed the Girls on the Beach as part 
    >of their AMC POP series. Here's the rest of the month's 
    >Saturday, July 10 10:00 PM  Pajama Party
    >Saturday, July 17 10:05 PM  The Endless Summer
    >Saturday, July 24 10:00 PM  Easy Come, Easy Go
    >Saturday, July 31 10:05 PM  Tickle Me
    >Right up the Spectropop Alley!
    >- Paul
    Yes, and last night after "Pajama Party,"' they showed the
    videos of "Little Miss Go Go" and Misirlou!" I seldom watch
    the flicks, but I try to catch the videos!
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    Subject:     re-issue labels
    Received:    07/11/99 11:40 pm
    From:        Ron Bierma, ELRxxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 7/9/99 10:10:37 AM, writes:
    >The new Buddha seems to have so little in common 
    >with the old Buddah, why didn't they just come up with a 
    >new name? 
    I think that the law states that a label retains an 
    affiliate names unless it lies dormant for 13 years. That 
    may be why this name has popped up. (tho in the case of 
    Buddah, I believe that BMG purchased the Buddah tapes and 
    name from Essex Entertainment-the NJ faction of the famous
    and sorely missed Chicago Rose Records family and is using 
    the name, not only for re-issuing Buddah tapes, but also 
    as a catch-all name for it's re-issue/liscenced material; 
    ala Rhino) Other names that come in and out of use are 
    Portrait and Okeh (both Columbia/Sony owned). Notice that 
    most of the major labels have liscenced divisions, like 
    Rhino. BMG has Buddah, EMI has it's Right Stuff label that
    is putting out the HI and Philadelphia International 
    material (among others), Universal has Hip-O and Varese 
    Sarabande, and WEA has the original, Rhino. Must be a 
    profitible enterprise, no?
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    Subject:     Soft rock on TV
    Received:    07/12/99 11:49 pm
    From:        Barrington Womble,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    This isn't as off-topic as it may sound, but does anyone 
    watch "Nightstand", the phoney talkshow, starring the 
    equally phoney Dick Dietrich, which makes fun of real 
    talkshows like "Jerry Springer"? There were a series of 
    references in tonight's show to The Grassroots and several
    songs by Gary Zekley!
    That was a one-off though. However, if the Spectropop-list
    is represented regularly on TV, it's on "The Simpsons", a 
    show *everybody* should watch! The music of Burt Bacharach
    has appeared frequently since the show started ten years 
    (and, thus, years before Burt became 'credible' again), and
    you have all kinds of subtle references to sixties' culture. 
    One of the funniest moments was when Apu's nephew did a 
    semi-indian vocals-and-tabla version of Jimmy Webb's 
    "MacArthur Park". You only got to hear the last five 
    seconds but the sight of the audience fallen asleep and 
    Crusty the Clown saying in his raspy whiskey-voice "Oooohh
    .....I thought that song would never end...." is priceless!
    Sorry about the off-topicness --- but this *is* summer 
    after all! :)
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    Subject:     Spector`s Today`s Hits lp
    Received:    07/12/99 11:49 pm
    From:        john rausch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Jimmy,
    Here are prices I found for the lp you mentioned:
    wlp = 400.00(in vg+) and 1000.00(in near mint)
    blue/black label = 150.00(vg+) and 400.00(near mint)
    red/yellow label = 80.00(vg+) and 200.00(near mint)
    These prices may be a bit outdated,from Goldmine lp 
    price guide 4th edition.
    John Rausch
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of Sxxxxxp://
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    Subject:     Re: VDP/Loss Leaders
    Received:    07/12/99 11:49 pm
    From:        Stewart Mason,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Don Richardson wrote:
    >Here is the correction to my previous post:
    >1. Come to the Sunshine (Parks)/Farther Along (Hopi Indians) (Traditional
    >Adapt. Parks) MGM-T-9982 (1966)
    >**Numbers 1A/B and 2A/B are not likely to be released 
    >unless MGM is in a benevolent mood. Number 2B Has not 
    >appeared anywhere to my knowledge
    "Come to the Sunshine" appears on the Warner Brothers Loss
    Leader sampler DEEP EAR, released in 1974, or a version of 
    it does anyway. Barry Hansen's liner note reads: "'Come to
    the Sunshine' was written by VAN DYKE PARKS and recorded by
    him in 1966, six months or so before Harper's Bizarre cut 
    the WB single that established Mr. Parks as a Hit 
    Songwriter. It was Van Dyke's second record (the first was
    a rock arrangement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony). Since 
    then he's recorded and written and/or produced a great 
    many others, including one heard elsewhere on this sampler
    [Little Feat's "Spanish Moon"]. Thanks be to MGM for the 
    loan of this track and to Van Dyke himself who personally 
    re-edited it for inclusion in DEEP EAR."
    Having never heard the original, I have no idea how this 
    version differs. The label gives the length as 2:32.
    ***************************FLAMINGO RECORDS***************************
    Stewart Allensworth Mason     "My hair always looks like it's 
    Box 40172                      listening, in some private way,
    Albuquerque NM 87196           to a disco album called DANCE         CRAZE '97."
    *********************HAPPY MUSIC FOR NICE PEOPLE**********************
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    Subject:     The Warner/Reprise Loss Leaders
    Received:    07/12/99 11:49 pm
    From:        Charles G. Hill,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    The eminent Don Richardson proclaimed in #0291:
    > For those that don't know, WB issued about 30 Promotional
    > Samplers between 1969 and the early 1980s. They usually
    > had about 30 Warner/Reprise artists on each one and the
    > songs were normally unreleased or newly released singles
    > for their camp of artists. They are terrific compilations
    > and are not real hard to find in a used record store. They
    > were nicknamed "Loss Leaders" because the experimental
    > style of many of the current WB/Reprise musicians they had
    > in the stable were requiring a lot of red ink in the
    > balance sheets.. In the early '70s, the compilations and
    > liner notes were created by Barry Hansen, who you may
    > recognize better as Dr. Demento.
    > About two years ago, I asked Bob Merlis, Vice President at
    > WB, if they had ever considered re-issuing some of the
    > early samplers. His response was that it would take to
    > much time and effort to track down licensing and
    > copyrights to make it worthwhile to the company. Too bad,
    > because they are all pretty interesting.
    I'd like to think it might be possible to put out a Best 
    Of set, maybe two CDs full, but as we all know, these days
    the Accounting Department runs the record company.
    > Here is a link to a website that has the complete details 
    > on the Warner/Reprise Samplers: 
    And glad am I to see that you have the new URL (well, new 
    since March, anyway), since I'm about to close out the 
    referral page at the old address. I might also add that 
    there are few things quite as tedious as scanning 12-inch 
    record jackets on a legal-size (8 1/2 x 14) flatbed 
    Thanks for the plug, Don. As with anything on the Web, 
    this is a work in progress, so comments and corrections 
    are always welcomed....cgh
     Charles G. Hill  |  |
          "Now is the Windows of our discontent." - Richard 3.0
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