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Spectropop V#0286

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 07/03/99

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       Volume #0286                              July 3, 1999   
    Hearing the world's greatest artists is an everyday pleasure
    Subject:     This is fun!
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        Tom Simon, tsixxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Speaking as someone who only posts here occasionally, but 
    reads the list often, I'd like to say something.
    I really enjoy hearing from Diane Renay, Gretchen 
    Christopher, Carol Kaye, and all the others here.
    This is fun!
    Tom Simon 
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    Subject:     The nerve...
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >then I realised they'd lifted a bio I'd written on Patsy 
    >Ann in "That Will Never Happen Again"! Just photocopied 
    >the whole piece exactly as it appeared in the mag, shrunk 
    >it to fit a CD sleeve, and hey, presto! Instant liner 
    Ian, sorry to hear that about them outright copying your words for a
    pirated recording put out in's just amazing how these
    things are going on, such theft.  
    I've heard (from Hal Blaine) also that they stole many of 
    the Musicians' Union contracts (from our Union? not sure, 
    but I know some are missing from the past, they are 
    re-constituted now from Pension records, dups etc.), and 
    they even printed them on the backs of record vinyl albums
    over in Japan complete with our names and social security 
    numbers! Ian, sorry your work was purloined.  
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     to Carol - Brian's early bass work
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        Big L,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Carol - I've been meaning to ask you this for the
    longest - how do you rate Brian's bass playing on the
    early BBs cuts where he did play? 
    I always loved the way he bent the bass notes, in
    fact, that's what grabs my ear even now when I listen
    to albums like "Surfin' Safari," and "Surfin' USA." I
    especially love "Miserlou." (Hey, there's another
    current TV jingle!)
    I think the way Brian used the bass line in his songs
    was a major component of his sound. I remember a BBs
    special back in the 70s where they asked Todd
    Rundgren what made Brian's music special, and all
    this acomplished musician could say was, "it's
    something about the bass."
    Big L                   Check out my Radio Legends pages at:
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    Subject:     TO: William Stos - From: Diane Renay
    Received:    07/02/99 4:10 am
    From:        Diane renay, CEIInvxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dear Will:
    Thanks for the information regarding some of these oldies 
    magazines publications. I sent an email to the editor of 
    chat Darling, to inquire about buying back issues in which
    I was included. It would be nice for my memories to have 
    the articles! I really hadn't any idea that my music was 
    played outside of the US and Japan, where it was number #1
    for 12 weeks on Japan's National music chart.
    Thanks: Diane Rennet <[:>)
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    Subject:     Re: Gretchen
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        Diane renay, CEIInvxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Dear Gretchen:
    Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved "Come 
    Softly To Me"! I was probably still in Jr. Hi, when your 
    recording was a hit. I remember singing it over and over 
    again with some of my school friends. It was during those 
    days growing up, that I knew I wanted to be a professional
    singer, and dreamed of one day cutting a record that might 
    also be played on the radio. Thanks for such wonderful 
    memories, that hearing your song brings back to me and 
    everyone else who loved it! 
    Sincerely: Diane Renay <[:>)
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    Subject:     to Gretchen - the Fleetwoods
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        Big L,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Gretchen - I always thought the Fleetwoods were a
    British group. At least, they always sounded British
    to my ears. Especially "Mr. Blue." The pronunciation
    of "Mister" - "Meeester." 
    Was there a deliberate attempt to sound a bit
    British, or was it just an accident?
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    Subject:     Gretchen, Barbara, and Gary
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop list,
    Dear Gretchen,
    Welcome to the list!!!
    I am so happy to be able to tell you directly how much 
    Come Softly, Mr. Blue, and literally all the Fleetwoods 
    recordings I have mean to me. What is it that makes the 
    Fleetwoods records so special to me personally? To be sure, 
    it isn't one thing in particular, such as the 
    productions, the arrangements, the musicianship. It is an 
    undefinable emotional reaction I have to the overall sound. 
    If I ever had to make a DID list, the Fleetwoods 28 
    track EMI compilation would definitely be on it, right up 
    there next to Pet Sounds! Have I made my point yet? I 
    absolutely ADORE your records. The Fleetwoods are *always*
    on my personal top ten late night listening chart and have 
    been for as long as I can remember. 
    I will limit myself to two questions for now. Your first 
    recording Come Softly was originally seven minutes long. 
    Is that the version that was used for the single in an 
    edited form, or did you re-record it again in its abridged
    arrangement? (2nd Q:) Teddy Bears - To Know Him is to Love 
    Him was released September 22, 1958. Your record was 
    released six months later on March 9, 1959. Was the Teddy 
    Bears record an influence, or did the Fleetwoods innately 
    develop a soft pop sound similar to what Phil was up to 
    back in LA? If the latter, what was your reaction to 
    hearing To Know Him Is To Love Him that winter of 1958 
    before Come Softly was released? 
    (I know, that's three questions. So I lied!)
    On a related topic, to All - I read somewhere (thanks
    Marc!) that Spector may have borrowed the soft harmony
    style of the Teddy Bears from The Aquatones Top 25 hit
    "You". I've never heard this record. Any comments on the
    record itself or the allegation that Spector ripped it for
    To Know Him Is To Love Him?
    now playing - "Soft Sands" the Chordettes (another soft
    pop fave)
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    Subject:     jingles
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        john rausch, jxxxxet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Back to the oldies as jingles thread... Here`s a few radio
    spots I found while going through my cassettes that are 
    quite interesting: Hi C orange drink, using a reworded 
    "he`s so fine" Chunky Soup ...Chunky`s Back, using reworded 
    "my boyfriends back"... Granola Bars...Granola Whips, using
    reworking of "locomotion" These 3 presumably from mid to 
    late `70`s,maybe early `80`s? and have to be heard to be 
    believed! ridiculously inane, all they are doing is using 
    the melody from the hits with their own words to sell the 
    product. And last is a Macy`s radio ad sung by Ellie 
    Greenwich using the Orlon`s Don`t hang up melody....this 
    one comes from 1986.
    John Rausch
    Presenting The Fabulous 
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    Subject:     Re: Bob Lind
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        Michael "Doc Rock"  Kelly, docroxxxxom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >From "Liberty Records":
    [Bob Lind
    A Liberty distributor discovered Bob Lind, tells Lee 
    Mendel. "We had a distributor in Denver named Bill Davis 
    who found Bob Lind and really liked what he did. Bill 
    brought Bob Lind over to the office and had him sit in 
    Al's office playing 'Elusive Butterfly.' Everyone liked it
    and felt it was kind of Dylan-ish and kind of flower-power,
    mid-late '60s. It was great, but he was a one-hit artist. 
    One record and off he went." 
    The numbering system for World Pacific followed the 
    pattern that had been begun when Liberty started out with 
    55001 and that had been continued when the acquired 
    Imperial numbering system began with 66000. "Elusive 
    Butterfly" was numbered 77808. The follow-up later in the 
    year was 778---22. Both folow-ups charted out of the top-
    40 range, with "Remember the Rain" (#64) doing very 
    slightly better than "Truly Julie's Blues (I'll be There)"
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    Subject:     Bob Lind - Bruce Botnick - Sunset Sound
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        WASE RADIO, wxxxxorg
    To:          Spectropop List,
    To DJ Jimmy Bee:
    I have the original Bob Lind album on World Pacific. On 
    the back it lists Bruce Botnick as the engineer. I 
    believed at the time he was working out at Sunset Sound in
    L.A. He was the gentleman who engineered all the Doors 
    albums. The first Doors album was recorded on four track 
    at Sunset. If you listen to it, you will notice that it 
    has the same cavernous echo as the Bob Lind song. Sure it 
    may sound like "Elusive Butterfly" may have been recorded 
    at Gold Star, but that studio's echo was more distinct. 
    For example the drums there had a more metallic echo, like
    someone beating on a pipe. The drums at Sunset has an 
    almost distant echo. Listen to the opening drum slap on "
    Light My Fire" and hear what I mean. By the way Jack 
    Nitzsche not only arranged on "Elusive Butterfly", he 
    produced Bob Lind's two albums on World Pacific. By the 
    way Bob Lind did have a third album released on Verve 
    Folkways. It was not produced by Jack Nitzsche and it is a
                           Michael Marvin
                            Wase Radio
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    Subject:     Re: VDP/Pet Sounds
    Received:    07/02/99 4:10 am
    From:        Stig O'Hara,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Chuck wrote:
    >my favorite [VDP] song [...] is the Datsun car commercial 
    >off of a Warner Bros sampler album in the early 70's.
    Oh yes, that's a brilliant song! I'm looking for another VDP commercial 
    for Ice Capades (or something like that), has anyone heard it?
    Jamie: is the stereo remix of Pet Sounds the same as on the 
    PS box set?
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Top Ten
    Received:    07/03/99 3:25 am
    From:        Richard Globman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    First of all, I've really enjoyed seeing everyone else's 
    list. I've said "wow...what great songs" more times than I
    can remember (and at my age sometimes it's awfully hard to 
    remember getting up in the morning).
    My own personal list:
     1. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight - Dionne Warwick
     2. My Girl - Temptations
     3. With This Ring - Platters
     4. Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy - Tams
     5. You're More Than A Number In My Little Red Book - Drifters
     6. Slow Boat To China - Ronnie Dove
     7. Thank You, John - Willie T
     8. Both Ends Against The Middle - Jackie Moore
     9. Everything's Tuesday - Chairman of the Board
    10. 39-21-46 - Showmen
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    Subject:     BOUNCE Non-member submi
    Received:    03/13/99 8:38 am
    To:          Spectropop List,
    ========= Start of forwarded message =========
    Subject:     Fourmost Singer O'Hara Found Dead
    03:55 PM ET 06/30/99
    Fourmost Singer O'Hara Found Dead
     	   LIVERPOOL, England (AP) _ Brian O'Hara, former
    singer and guitarist with the Fourmost, a 1960s Liverpool
    group that shared a manager with the Beatles and had hits
    with songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, has
    been found dead, police said. He was 58. Liverpool police
    said O'Hara was found hanged Sunday at his home in the
    Wavertree area of the northern English port city. An
    inquest will convene Thursday. Formed in 1962, the
    Fourmost was managed by Brian Epstein, who also managed
    the Beatles. The group had half a dozen hit singles from
    1963-65, including ``Hello Little Girl'' and ``I'm In
    Love'' by Lennon and McCartney, and ``A Little Loving,''
    by Russ Alquist. They made their public debut still using
    their original name, the Four Jays, at Liverpool's famous
    Cavern Club in 1961, just three weeks before the Beatles'
    famous first performance there. By the time Epstein
    signed the Fourmost, the group consisted of Billy Hatton
    on bass, Mike Millward on guitar and vocals, Dave
    Lovelady on drums and O'Hara. The band played top venues
    like the London Palladium, where they shared the bill
    with Frankie Vaughan, Cilla Black and Tommy Cooper. In
    1966, they played on a bill topped by the Beatles and the
    Rolling Stones at the Empire Pool in Wembley, London.
    Funeral details were not immediately known.
    ========== End of forwarded message ==========
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