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Spectropop V#0278

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 06/22/99

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       Volume #0278                                 June 22, 1999   
    Classes meet on the grooviest beach by the sea - Tuition is free
    Subject:     Re: Bob Crewe
    Received:    06/22/99 1:22 am
    From:        Diane renay, CEIInvxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Regarding: Bob Crewe
    I was under contract to Bob Crewe by the time the Four 
    Seasons recording "Big Girls Don't Cry" hit the top of 
    the charts. I attended not only my own recording sessions,
    that Bob wrote most of my songs for, and produced, but all 
    of the Four Seasons, as well as the many other artists 
    that Bob wrote material for and produced. He was truly 
    Gifted, as he could not read a note of written music and 
    was not a musician, all his producing ideas came right 
    from his head, and he knew how to instruct everyone from 
    his arranger, down to every musician and singer to give 
    him exactly what he heard in his head! Bob wrote many 
    songs even before he was a well known record producer. I 
    believe one of the songs he wrote before his rise to hit 
    maker was "Silhouettes."
    I sat many hours in his home, watching him create at the 
    piano with Bob Gaudio, when they would write songs and Bob
    would talk about the feel and sound he wanted to create. 
    Bob belongs in the Rock n Roll Hall of fame. Not too many 
    people have the talent that he was born with. A Natural!
    Diane Renay <[:>)
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    Subject:     Re: Malibu U
    Received:    06/22/99 1:21 am
    From:        Michael "Doc Rock"  Kelly, docroxxxxom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Will said:
    >and the flip is one that's new to me--"Malibu U". (It says
    >"from the TV show Malibu U" --did I miss this one?)
    Malibu U was a misguided attempt by ABC TV to program rock
    and roll for kids. It was a Summer replacement show in 1967. 
    Rock and Roll had experienced the British Invasion, 
    Motown, Acid Rock, Viet Nam. So ABCs answer was a show 
    hosted by (then a has-been) Ricky Nelson! Rick should have
    hosted a rock show in 1961! Guests whom I recall seeing on 
    Malibu U included Annette (a real contemporary rocker in 
    1967!), the Four Seasons (past their prime, too), Leonard 
    Nimoy. Don't get me wrong, I loved Annette, Ricky, the 
    Seasons in their day, and still do, and I was a fan of 
    Star Trek from September 8, 1966, the day it premiered. 
    But rock and roll in 1967? They expected good ratings?
    Malibu U was done on the beach with bikini go-go dancers, 
    right when feminism was beginning. There is a reason, Will, 
    why you never heard of Malibu U. It flunked every test of
    good judgement and taste in 1967! 
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    Subject:     Ace, Malibu U, Christie
    Received:    06/22/99 1:21 am
    From:        Tom Waters, shangrixxxxom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Here's a reply to some various topics:
    Malibu U was a teen rock show aired in 1967. Rick Nelson 
    hosted the show and presided over the fake college Malibu 
    U. The guest professors on the show were actually rock 
    singers who performed their hits under the guise of 
    "lecturing" to the students. What subjects did the students
    take? Surfing, sunbathing, girl-watching, and they even 
    took a field trip to to a bikini factory. I've never seen 
    this show but it sounds like quite an oddity. I found 
    this stuff out via "The Complete Directory to Prime Time 
    Network TV Shows".
    About the Tammys backing Lou Christie, don't forget the 
    Angels backed him on his biggest, "Lightning Strikes"!
    Finally, a few months ago, I e-mailed Ace Records to ask 
    what new girl group CDs are scheduled to be released this 
    year. They stated Where the Girls Are Vol.2 and 3, Early 
    Girls 3 and (I think) 4 and a Rosie and the Originals CD. 
    I'm really looking forward to Early Girls 3 and 4 and the 
    Rosie CD. I love Rosie and I think the Early Girls series 
    has been very good so far. I thought Where the Girls Are 
    Vol. 1 was about half good, mainly the first half. I hope 
    the next two volumes have a more consistent choice of 
    great cuts. If not, I'll stick to the Early Girls series.
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    Subject:     Re:  Malibu U
    Received:    06/22/99 1:22 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB, DJJimmyxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 6/20/99 12:09:00 PM, you wrote:
    >Side A is HB's version of Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" 
    >and the flip is one that's new to me--"Malibu U". (It says
    >"from the TV show Malibu U" --did I miss this one?
    I think we all must have, but here's what I have on 
    "Malibu U". "At ol' M.U. you can earn a degree, in bein' 
    groovy.." It was written by the Addrisi Brothers ("Never 
    My Love"). The song "Malibu U" was the theme of the ABC-TV
    series of the same name which lasted from July 21 through 
    September 1, 1967. Malibu U was a summer music show hosted
    by Ricky Nelson. As "Dean Of The Drop-Ins" at this mythical
    college, Ricky invited guest professors--all popular 
    singers--to lecture (sing their hits) to the student body.
    And there was a LOT of body to lecture, mostly bikini-clad 
    young girls known as "Malibeauties" and the summer school 
    included such subjects as surfing, sunbathing, 
    girl-watching, and a field trip to a bikini factory. 
    Sounds sort of like an earlier version of "Bi-Watch"...
    Jimmy Botticelli 
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    Subject:     Re: Bobby Rydell
    Received:    06/22/99 1:21 am
    From:        Marc Wielage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Doc Rock  wrote on the Spectropop List:
    > First, it was only a few elitists revisionist rock writers
    > from the post-Beatles era who dissed Bobby Rydell. During
    > his days, he was a star.
    Too true! Because of the difficulty in obtaining Rydell's 
    Cameo-Parkway hits, I hadn't heard 'em in many years. He's
    another artist who is almost _never_ played on oldies 
    stations, which is a real shame.
    When I finally did get ahold of most of his material a few
    years ago, on some radio syndication CDs, I was surprised 
    to realize that he's a far cry from the other "
    manufactured" Bob Marcucci artists like Fabian and Frankie
    Avalon; I think Rydell actually had some talent, and it's a
    shame that he's relatively forgotten-about today. 
    -= Marc Wielage      |   "The computerized authority     =-
    -= MusicTrax, LLC    |       on rock, pop, & soul."      =-
    -= Chatsworth, CA    |         =-
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    Subject:     Bobby Goes Lounge?
    Received:    06/22/99 1:21 am
    From:        Brian, LesToilxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi gang, I haven't contributed much lately to this 
    wonderful dinner table of doo lang-driven family members, 
    but here I am now to do so.
    Having read the couple posts regarding the ever-smiling 
    Bobby Rydell, I have to express how surprised I was when, 
    a year or so ago, I looked at a collection of old 
    scopitones (old music videos) I had ordered out of 
    Goldmine, and one of them was of Bobby singing Volare. 
    That was arguably THEE lamest scopitone I had ever had the
    pleasure of viewing. Go-go dancing girls with Bobby at a 
    ski resort. Seen it? Beyond description. Anyways, having 
    seen that and an old performance of him on Hullabaloo 
    (some song about the joker wins again?), I had no idea he 
    made a leap into that rat pack, loungy genre of music. 
    Personally I didn't know WHAT became of this character, 
    but putting on the Frankie/Deano tux and singing Sammy 
    Kahn standards was the last thing I thought he would have 
    done. Especially since, a year or so earlier, I saw an old
    commercial for some failed TV pilot in which he played a 
    young (20-something) beach bum guitar player travelling 
    around in a van with a wacky, wild rock &roll band. 
    I guess I just find it fascinating that, unlike today, 
    when a pop idol hits 25 or so, he's either put out to 
    pasture or he's given a tuxedo and told to sing Mack the 
    Knife for the older crowd in Tahoe. Dion , Paul Anka and a
    host of other teen screams did it (though it seems like for
    guys like Paul and Jimmy Darin it was their destiny to be a
    junior rat packer). I wondered why someone like Bobby 
    Rydell DIDN'T steer more towards the rockish stuff the 
    Beatles and other British poppers were blowing up the 
    world with. Was it just a personal choice to go loungy or 
    did they really believe they saw no future in rock for a 
    guy pushing thirty? 
    Yours curiously,
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    Subject:     Bobby Rydell
    Received:    06/22/99 1:22 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns, Paulurbxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jack Madani wrote:-
    >Bobby Rydell's version of Volare,
    >with the yacky/waily backing girl vocals that could
    >almost have been the Tammys.
    Bobby is still in good voice and I saw him at last year's 
    Kentucky State Fair. He said that the backgrounds on his 
    records were by some little old grandmothers. And I 
    believe he made a similiar statement in the television 
    special of the Golden Boys Of Bandstand a few years back 
    which aired on PBS stations. 
    Paul Urbahns
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    Subject:     Connie Francis
    Received:    06/22/99 1:22 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns, Paulurbxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Has Phil Spector's production with Connie Francis of 
    Second Hand Love ever been released or is it lost forever.
    According to a Goldmine interview a few years ago, Connie 
    Francis said Phil did the original record and it was 
    rejected by the company so they recut the song and that 
    was the version released. The recut also appears on Phils 
    own" Phil Spector's Greatest Hits" on Warner-Spector (US 
    two record set, with the parade cover). I know recently 
    there has been some Connie Francis reissues so I wondered 
    if the Phil Spector version ever came out. How different 
    is it from the "country type" version released.
    Paul Urbahns
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    Subject:     Joanie Somers
    Received:    06/21/99 1:11 am
    From:        CLAUDIA CUNNINGHAM, TPxxxxnet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    What has become of Joanie Somers, she of "Pink Shoe Laces"
    and "One Boy"? 
    The last I heard she was on a Coke jingle about 25 years 
    Also, I'd like to ask Carol Kaye if she knows who played 
    electric bass on the Earth, Wind and Fire songs. Some 
    monster guitar work done there.
    Regarding Bobby Rydell: I caught him with Frankie and 
    Fabian a few years ago and was impressed with his still 
    strong voice. The trio spoke reverently of "The Prince" - 
    Bobby Darin, who was their idol. I often thought that 
    Bobby was a mini Darin who would morph into something of a
    tuxedoed Sinatra in mid life. Ah, the fickle world of show 
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Me too
    Received:    06/21/99 1:11 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Somehow, Dave Feldman said:
    >>Ellie Greenwich/Jeff Barry, for all their great songs. I'm
    >>also a sucker for their songs.
    >When I meant to say:  "I'm also a sucker for Ellie's voice."
    Oh, I thought you meant that you are a sucker for their 
    songs too (as am I). 
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