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Spectropop V#0275

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 06/15/99

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       Volume #0275                           June 16, 1999   
           The get-with-it sound for everyone who cares       
    Subject:     Spectropop Hall Of Fame
    Received:    06/15/99 4:11 am
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Playing hooky from writing final grade reports.
    Having learned of a number of names that I'd never heard 
    of prior to joining Spectropop, I have begun to wonder, 
    who would we want to put in the Spectropop Hall of Fame? 
    Not necessarily from the *performance* side of things, 
    mind you, but rather, from the *engineering booth* side. 
    Off the top of me head, I'd begin wiht the following names. 
    If you have more to add, by all means please suggest 
    them. If you have a problem with any of my original 
    nominees, go soak yer head--no actually, I'm kidding. 
    Please feel free to disagree with any of these names: 
    Phil Spector
    Brian Wilson
    Bob Crewe
    Jack Nitzsche
    Jimmy Webb
    Now for some of the "spectropop", names, that is to say 
    that are either new to me or that have taken on new 
    significance for me thanks to spectropop:
    David Gates
    Shadow Morton
    Perry Botkin
    Roger Nichols
    Gary Zekley
    Curt Boettcher
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    Subject:     classical airs
    Received:    06/16/99 11:56 pm
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >Till by 
    >the Angels
    Did you ever notice the strings on the last verse? Is it 
    my imagination or is that herkyjerky descending pattern 
    right out of Richard Wagner? (cv. the Bugs Bunny cartoon 
    "What's Opera Doc")
    There's also that Serge Gainsborough tune "Initials BB" 
    with the huge french horn cop from Dvorak's New World 
    And of course the Lover's Concerto's nod to JS Bach.
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    Subject:     girl groups
    Received:    06/16/99 11:56 pm
    From:        john rausch, jxxxxet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I found a few new girl group cds that may be of interest 
    to some fellow Spectropopers: The Essex-walkin miracle and
    easier said than done(2 lps on 1 cd)COLLECTABLES Where The 
    Girls Are vol 2. ACE I haven`t heard the WTGA cd but have 
    vol 1 and there should be more goodies on the next vol.
    They are available at
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of Souxxxx//
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Groovy
    Received:    06/16/99 12:01 am
    From:        Glenn Sadin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Andrew sez...
    >Anyone from the LA area remember the show _Groovy_ with
    >Robert W. Morgan hosting? Ah, to return to the halcyon
    >days of Kam Nelson dancing to "Crystal Blue Persuasion"
    >with the TV camera poised just below the hem line!
    Actually, wasn't that Michael Blodgett hosting? A friend 
    recently scored some videos of that show. BTW, Michael 
    Blodgett is now married to Meredith Baxter Birney.
    Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter for THE BERKELEY SQUIRES:
    Read about JAPANESE POP MUSIC from the '50s to the '90s!:
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Mike(doc rock)Kelly
    Received:    06/16/99 11:56 pm
    From:        john rausch, jxxxxet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Mike
    I saw your rebuttal in the new  ish of DISCoveries:
    Good job,I guess you set that guy straight ;-)
    You would think a person would have it a little more 
    together before taking all that time to prove someone 
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    Subject:     New Randy Newman record
    Received:    06/15/99 4:11 am
    From:        Yggdrasil Ivanisevic,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Surprised nobody on the list has said anything yet...
    Randy Newman has released a new solo album! What is it, the
    first in 10 years or so..? I didn't have time to listen to 
    it in the record store so what are yr opinions about the 
    album? How does it compare to his previous solo albums, etc? 
    Of course, the only album by him that I really *love* is
    his debut, so I probably won't like the new one...most of 
    what he's done since then is boring piano rock to me!
    He's on Letterman tonight (we're a week behind over here),
    though, and that's a performance I'm looking forward to see
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    Subject:     promenade through the park
    Received:    06/16/99 12:01 am
    From:        Harry Spero,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    The "promenade through the park" line is from the movie 
    with one of the top ten endings of all time--"The Producers"
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    Subject:     Re: Bolan/John's Children
    Received:    06/16/99 12:01 am
    From:        Stewart Mason, flamixxxxom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Kana asks:
    >Stewart & Jamie,
    >I was a heavy T-Rex collector in the sixties and seventies. 
    >I had "Smashed! Blocked!" in my collection for a time 
    >until another collector gave me an obscene amount of money
    >for it. Why do I keep thinking Marc Bolan & John's 
    Marc Bolan was briefly in the band, before Tyrannosaurus 
    Rex but after his days as a male model. I'm not sure where
    Bolan's 60s solo work fits into the JC saga, but unless I'm
    remembering this entirely wrong -- and I may well be, I 
    like Marc Bolan fine but I've never cared enough to learn 
    much about his career -- Bolan was briefly managed by 
    Simon Napier-Bell, who threw him into John's Children 
    either before or after his solo singles (also reissued by 
    Cherry Red) were recorded. Perhaps Jamie has more details.
    The other member of John's Children who went on to better 
    things was singer Andy Ellison, who reappeared in the fine
    punk-era pop band The Radio Stars along with ex-Sparks (a 
    band that nowhere near enough people are suitably 
    worshipful of) bassist Martin Gordon. Their SONGS FOR 
    SWINGING LOVERS (the sleeve features a couple dangling 
    from nooses -- it was 1977, remember) on Chiswick is 
    good-to-great guitar pop with a handful of brilliant songs, 
    my personal favorite being "Macaroni and Mice."
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    Subject:     Re: Total Heart Throb True Confessions
    Received:    06/16/99 12:01 am
    From:        Big L,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >I also saw that Patty Duke reunion 
    >show... I thought it was pretty dismal, sad to say. That 
    >totally sophomoric script! How labored. 
    Actually, I saw it as an attempt to remain true to the
    somewhat campy premise of the original show. Didn't Nat
    Hiken produce that? If he did, it was actually somewhat
    tame when compared to his prior efforts (Sgt. Bilko, Car
    54.) 60s schtick just doesn't come off as well as it once
    It was definitely Cathy for me, too..... 
    Big L                   Check out my Radio Legends pages at:
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Smashed! Blocked!'s flip!
    Received:    06/16/99 12:01 am
    From:        Frank Youngwerth, FMxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    A reference book I have indicates it's "Strange Affair."
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     a sign of the times
    Received:    06/16/99 12:02 am
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    N.P. Colour My World, Pet Clark singing a Trent-Hatch 
    slice of brilliance. Cor, this is groovy.
    Tonight on TVLand I've seen again an awesome retromercial,
    for Papermate "Ops & Pops" decorated pens. I date it at 
    1965 or maybe 1966 because of the sound of the softrock 
    music, plus the reference to "Tom Jones shirts", which a 
    later generation raised on Seinfeld will recognize as a 
    puffy shirt. What's spectropropriate about this commercial, 
    however, is the MUSIC--totally BrianWilsony, 
    CurtBoetcherry. A slice of midsixties heaven. Do you dig a
    wild child in a miniskirt?
    Which brings me back to recent discussions (caused by me, 
    I'm afraid) of the groovy chicks of sixties tv. And you 
    know something? I think it IS related to our topic here.
    I'm not totally "baby boomer." Being born in '59, I'm more
    like a boomer's kid brother. Jazz writer Paul MacArthur 
    once referred to this as being a "Brady Boomer." So I was 
    alive and kicking in the sixties, but I was more of an 
    impartial observer, too young to be involved in the youth 
    movement but still aware enough to know that it was boss. 
    I had a transistor radio and I had it tuned to 1380 WAMS 
    out of Wilmington Delaware, where my family lived in the 
    mid and late sixties. All around there were girls and boys. 
    It was a swinging place, a cellarful of noise.
    And when it comes to the music of that period, the music 
    that we celebrate here, I can't help but make cultural 
    associations. I think Katy Douglas, Agent 99, Ann-Margrock, 
    Patty Lane (a hot dog makes her lose control!!!!), Pussy
    Galore, Mrs. Peal, the UFO Moon Maidens, the Silver Bikini 
    Chick from The Gamesters of Triskelion. Take a look at a 
    late episode of the Dick Van Dyke show and notice that 
    Laura is wearing white vinyl go go boots and sporting a 
    Clairol Flip. Look at an episode of a Sherwood Schwartz 
    sitcom and see what the joke-hippies are wearing (think 
    Jethro as a hippie, or the Mosquitoes on Gilligan's Isle--
    straight outta Sonny & Cher's wardrobe).
    What is it about the girlgroup trax, or the softrock cuts,
    that I adore so much from that time? What is it that 
    connects them to the look of the '65 and '66 Pontiac 
    Widetrack and midsixties Papermate Ops&Pops retromercials 
    on TVLand?
    I've been searching for a word or phrase, and the best I 
    can come up with is that they were all so, so... coifed.
    I dunno. Something about the flip hairdos, the gogo boots,
    the Betty & Veronica fashions, the black stripe around the 
    nose of the Chevy Camaro. Robert Wagner in It Takes A 
    Thief. Culp & Cosby in I Spy.
    The creamy purity of the primary colors in the AIP beach 
    The echo of Goldstar.
    Gawd, I miss them days.
    jack "wasn't made for these times" madani 
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Re: The Older Generation
    Received:    06/16/99 11:56 pm
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >.....seemed all 
    >the "oldies" had at least one shot at the younger sound in
    >the 60s. A few of my personal faves and recommendations 
    >would be:
    >Phil Crosby - Where The Blue Of The Night Meets the Gold 
    >Of The Day - Reprise (probably not as old as he sounds, 
    >but yep, it's Bing's tune, only a Jack Nitzsche-produced 
    >stomper version with a killer sax break - has to be Steve 
    >Douglas. Carole, I'd bet you were on this, from '63?)
    Didn't Robin Ward do this number also?
    >I'll stop there, apart from adding all of the Steve 
    >Lawrence Brill Building numbers from the 60s
    > and of course Eydie did her share
    >Can anyone offer any additions? 
    Well, Ian, for some unknown reason your mention of Steve 
    Lawrence made me think of Bobby Rydell's version of Volare, 
    with the yacky/waily backing girl vocals that could 
    almost have been the Tammys. I always liked Rydell's voice, 
    and thought that it was a little unfair that he got 
    tagged with that "no-talent Philly Pretty Boy" label. 
    Wildwood Days and Wild One are fun tunes even if they ARE 
    sort of manufactured, but Volare seemed to me to be more 
    like what Rydell should have been singing all along: right
    on the knife-edge balance between two generations, slightly
    swinging, yet with a pounding beat. Like the best of those 
    Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra ca. '65 or '66 cuts that 
    were supposed to reach down to the younger rekkid buyers.
    Or like another of my favoritest songs *ever*, Mel 
    Carter's Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me.
    Okay, enough fooling around. I have to finish those final 
    grade reports by Thursday so's I can enjoy the Brian 
    Wilson Philly show with a clear mind. Second row, left 
    center. Sweet!
    Archived by Spectropop
    Subject:     Playlist for "Jimmy's Easy"
    Received:    06/16/99 12:02 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB, DJJimmyxxxxm
                 Spectropop List,
    	"Jimmy's Easy" airs on 88.1 WMBR-FM, Cambridge on 
    Tuesdays 6-8 am
    WMBR-FM can be heard at its
    JUNE 14--All Sunshine Soft Rock Special
    Ray Conniff Singers     Love Can Make You Happy
    Rose Garden     Next Plane To London
    Johnny Mann Singers     Up Up And Away
    Astrud Gilberto     Windy
    Strawberry Alarm Clock     Tomorrow
    Left Banke     Coca Cola Commercial
    Bryan Hyland     Run Run Look And See
    Jay & The Americans     Got Hung Up Along The Way
    Keith     Ain't Gonna Lie
    Sandpipers     The Drifter
    Orpheus     Leslie's World
    -Glen Campbell     Where's The Playground Susie?
    -Richard Harris     Paper Chase
    -The Forum     The River Is Wide
    -Fifth Dimension     California Soul
    -Innocence     A Lifetime Lovin' You
    -Petula Clark     Coca Cola Commercial (English)
    -Chris Montez     I'm Glad There Is You
    -Spiral Starecase     Sweet Little Thing
    -The In Crowd     Questions And Answers
    Ray Bloch Singers     Georgy Girl
    Peppermint Rainbow     Don't Wake Me Up In The Morning Michael
    Spanky And Our Gang     Making Every Minute Count
    Petula Clark     High (request)
    Laura Nyro     Flim Flam Man
    Magic Lanterns     Shame Shame
    Buckinghams     Back In Love Again
    Gary Lewis & Playboys     Green Grass (request)
    Harper's Bizarre     Malibu U
    -Blades Of Grass     Just Aaah
    -Music Machine     Some Other Drum
    -Danny Hutton     Roses And Rainbows
    -Pozo Seco Singers     I Can Make It With You
    -Vogues     Coca Cola Commercial
    -Tommy Roe     Paisley Dreams
    -The Sugar Shoppe     Skip Along Sam
    -Status Cymbal     Takin' My time
    -Love Generation     Let The Good Times In
    -Tokens     It's A Happening World
    -Cowsills     We Can Fly
    -Dino, Desi, & Billy     Spray-Colored Glasses
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