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Spectropop V#0274

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 06/15/99

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       Volume #0274                           June 15, 1999   
            Radio Caroline - The all day Music Station        
    Subject:     I'm Cryin' too
    Received:    06/15/99 1:04 am
    From:        Ron Bierma, ELRONxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 6/13/99 2:19:33 PM, writes:
    >I seem to recall someone else having a crack at that 
    >tune (Crying) in the late 70's (?) and also turning 
    >in a feather-weight version. It became a hit I think. 
    That was ole Don "the day the music died" McLean's entry 
    into the country charts. It may have even crossed over to 
    the pop charts.
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    Subject:     John's Children again--Stewart & Jamie
    Received:    06/15/99 1:04 am
    From:        haoleboy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jamie LePage wrote:
    > btw, love the White Whale single by Brit band
    >John's Children "Smashed! Blocked!"...
    Stewart & Jamie,
    I was a heavy T-Rex collector in the sixties and seventies. 
    I had "Smashed! Blocked!" in my collection for a time 
    until another collector gave me an obscene amount of money
    for it. Why do I keep thinking Marc Bolan & John's 
    Eddie Would Go! 
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    Subject:     John's Children
    Received:    06/15/99 1:04 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Stewart Mason wrote:
    >I own John's Children's THE LEGENDARY ORGASM ALBUM, a 
    >reissue on Cherry Red of an album released by White Whale 
    >in 1968. ORGASM is 12 studio cuts covered with tapes of 
    >hysterical screaming (legend has it that the screaming is 
    >from A HARD DAY'S NIGHT) to simulate a live album. 
    I have this Cherry Red release as well. It is such a 
    dismal album. Its "legendary" status seems to have been 
    achieved through the stories of Napier Bell using screams 
    from the Beatles' movie soundtrack and the fact that this 
    obscure British band's sole LP release was only released 
    in US on White Whale. When I wrote "I know little about 
    White Whale," I actually had the Orgasm album in mind. How 
    in the heck did White Whale end up with John's Children?
    >Cherry Red reissued the album, with both sides of the 
    >"Smashed Blocked"/"Just What You Want, Just What You'll 
    >Get" single appended.
    But I am nearly certain the B-Side on the US White Whale 
    single was not Just What You Want..., it was something 
    out-of-character for the band, almost a novelty song. 
    Anyone recall the title? I don't think I have seen it on 
    any CD reissues.
    >...listening to this song twice in a row right now, no 
    >way is this Hal, Carol and company.
    You are right; this is NOT a typical Hal Blaine, Steve 
    Douglas, Carol Kaye Gold Star sound. I agree with your 
    analysis of the production, too, but I DO believe the 
    "legend" that this particular example of freakbeat came 
    from the session players of Los Angeles (this part of the
    legend is congruous with Napier Bell's faking a live album 
    due to his belief that the real band was incompetent). I 
    have seen both stories printed as fact several times; 
    particularly in Brian Hogg's unambiguous telling of these 
    stories in the liner notes to JC's "Midsummers Night's 
    Scene" comp.
    >Whoever is playing this record is either extremely stoned 
    >or borderline incompetent. This is not a bad thing, as 
    >it's a wonderful example of freakbeat, as appealing in 
    >its way as anything by the Creation. 
    I always heard the extremely-stoned-to-the-point-of-
    incompetence feel of the record as contrived and 
    orchestrated. I guess I reached that conclusion by 
    comparing Smashed! Blocked! to recordings by REALLY stoned
    and incompetent musicians. ;-) Also, as endearing as the 
    rest of the John's Children recordings are, nothing else 
    the band did approached the production sensibilities in 
    Smashed! Blocked! I really hope someone on the list can 
    provide a bit more background on this unique recording.
    Finally, I have to agree with Stewart again. John's 
    Children and Creation have similar yet distinctive appeal. 
    Each of these bands produced only a small body of works, 
    but each in its own way was among the best of the genre.
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    Subject:     Landlocked
    Received:    06/15/99 1:04 am
    From:        Ron Bierma, ELRONxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 6/13/99 2:19:33 PM, writes:
    >The person selling Landlocked claims it's pristine vinyl
    >from Brother Records. How? I didn't think any of them made
    >it to production. A cleverly disguised boot?
    I have this album. It is definitely a boot. It may say 
    Brother on the label, but it is not a legit release. 
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    Subject:     Re:  Soft rock essentially Californian?
    Received:    06/15/99 1:04 am
    From:        DJ JimmyB, DJJimmyxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    In a message dated 6/13/99 3:20:13 PM, you wrote:
    >BTW, is it a coincidence that soft rock essentially is a 
    >Californian type of music?
    On one hand I'd have to agree. But preparing a broadcast 
    devoted to this sound has made me think about that one 
    hand washing the other. I see Soft Rock as having a 
    pendulum-like application. On the Left Side (repping the 
    Left Coast) you see the Folk-Rocky Mamas & Papas type and 
    on the Right Side you see the Blue-Eyed Soulful type like 
    Keith, Buckinghams (admittedly from Chicago), even SOME 
    Four Seasons. The sound seems to run the gamut between 
    those two types of sound with Pure Pop influenced by rock
    right in the middle. I have found the best stuff to be the 
    obscure albums by failed groups trying to cash in with 
    both a soft rock sound and an alternative culture look, 
    with overly-hippie type song titles.
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    Subject:     Re: Randy/Elephant 6/etc.
    Received:    06/15/99 1:04 am
    From:        Stewart Mason, flamixxxxom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Tobias asks:
    >Oh yes! Again, Harpers Bizarre did a wonderful version of 
    >Snow as well, but I haven't heard anyone else's recording 
    >of the song. Hey, why did so many artists cover Randy 
    >Newman in the sixties? When you think about it, he was 
    >totally unknown until Nilsson recorded his album of Newman
    >songs in..was it 1971? Newman must've had a lot of music 
    >industry contacts because his first album sold only a 
    >thousand copies when it came out!
    Specifically, Harpers Bizarre recorded Randy's music 
    because their producer/mentor, Lenny Waronker (son of 
    Simon, head of Liberty Records, and father of Joey, Beck 
    and R.E.M.'s drummer, and the lovely Anna, former singer 
    in That Dog) has been Randy Newman's best friend since 
    they were kids.
    More generally, so many people covered Randy Newman's 
    songs because that was his job -- he wrote songs for 
    Metric Music, which I believe was owned by Liberty Records
    (his pal Lenny's influence again). 
    has a great article elaborating Randy's 60s career, at 
    Metric and elsewhere.
    >BTW, I've been spinning non-stop the new Apples in Stereo 
    >CD recommended on this list (by I forgot who?). It is a 
    >fantastic example of the 60s sound, and the song 
    >Strawberry Delight (I think it's called, it's out in the 
    >car) would have been a smash FM song in 1967-69 era - WOW!! 
    >I LOVE this kind of stuff! This Schneider fellow from 
    >The Apples produces Olivia Tremor Control, and other music
    >from his studio in Denver named Pet Sounds. He also has an 
    >early, adorable sounding, pre-Apples CD called Marbles.
    That was me -- glad you're enjoying it! The Apples in 
    Stereo and Olivia Tremor Control are only the start of it.
    Other bands in the Elephant 6 Recording Company collective 
    include: Neutral Milk Hotel, The Minders, The Music Tapes,
    Beulah, Of Montreal, Secret Square, and Black Swan Network,
    along with Robert's solo CD as Marbles. The music ranges 
    from Apples-like psych-pop (Secret Square, starring Apples
    drummer/singer Hilarie Sidney, The Minders and Beulah) to 
    more challenging stuff (OTC, NMH) to fringey experiments 
    that either work or don't (just about everything else). If
    HER WALLPAPER REVERIE catches your fancy, the other three 
    Apples CDs, The Minders' HOORAY FOR TUESDAY, Beulah's WHEN
    YOUR HEARTSTRINGS BREAK, Olivia Tremor Control's BLACK 
    FOLIAGE: ANIMATION MUSIC and Neutral Milk Hotel's IN THE 
    AEROPLANE OVER THE SEA are the next most accessible 
    And I cannot believe a conversation about 60s hotties has 
    gone on for days and not one person has mentioned 
    Elizabeth Montgomery! What is *wrong* with you people? 
    Oh, and one final note: if the people who own the 
    publishing to Love's "She Comes In Colors" don't sue the 
    pants off Madonna for her current single, then copyright 
    law is officially meaningless.
    ****************************FLAMINGO RECORDS**************************
    Stewart Allensworth Mason     
    Box 40172                     "How many 'He's Dead, Jim' headlines
    Albuquerque NM 87196           do you suppose we'll see?"        
    **********************HAPPY MUSIC FOR NICE PEOPLE*********************
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    Subject:     Total Heart Throb True Confessions
    Received:    06/15/99 1:04 am
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli, Jimmyxxxxm
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Patty or Cathy, you ask? Definitely Cathy. Somehow she was
    ... prettier. Sweeter. I've got a couple of Patty's LPs, 
    too... really couldn't sing, so they quadruple-tracked her
    ! Her description of the records she made, in her book "
    Call Me Anna," are hilarious. Shelley and Annette weren't 
    much better, but back then we were buying dance records, 
    not voices... go figure! I also saw that Patty Duke reunion 
    show... I thought it was pretty dismal, sad to say. That 
    totally sophomoric script! How labored. And Pop-o looks 
    the same; good old Uncle Martin! It's nice to know that 
    some things never change. 
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    Subject:     Tuesday Weld...
    Received:    06/15/99 1:04 am
    From:        Robert Charles-Dunne,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hey, hey y'all:
     About 25 years ago I did an interview with Alice Cooper, 
    in which he used the word 'sexy.' I asked for his 
    definition, to which he IMMEDIATELY replied: "Tuesday Weld
    in a dirty slip." Some things are hard to forget...
     Check her out with James Caan in "Thief." Her character 
    was a hard-as-nails babe who'd been around the block a 
    number of times, but she still conveyed the same guileless
    beauty... even without the dirty slip. 
        Robert Charles-Dunne
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    Subject:     Kam Nelson
    Received:    06/15/99 1:04 am
    From:        Andrew Spellman, spellxxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Anyone from the LA area remember the show _Groovy_ with 
    Robert W. Morgan hosting? Ah, to return to the halcyon 
    days of Kam Nelson dancing to "Crystal Blue Persuasion" 
    with the TV camera poised just below the hem line!
    Sorry for retro un-PC-ness! :)
    >What is this, True Confessions? I nominate Barbara Eden..
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