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Spectropop V#0266

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 05/23/99

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       Volume #0266                            June 4, 1999   
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    Subject:     Fw: The Fleetwoods
    Received:    05/23/99 9:57 pm
    >From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I posted this to another list but since it is on topic 
    here and with Spectropop so inactive I decided to 
    cross-post it to see if any one else has thoughts on this 
    Forwarded by Jamie LePage 
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     From: Jamie LePage 
     Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 15:41:32
     Subject: Re: The Fleetwoods --
    On Tue, 18 May 1999 22:53:45 James wrote:
    >...considering the threads about EZ vocals like Free 
    >Design et al, give another listen to the Fleetwoods. 
    Yes, the Fleetwoods - my very favorite Seattle group!
    >There is a 28 track EMI compilation... 
    >which contains all the hits....
    It is a great collection. 
    >...better than the Rhino comp of a few years back despite
    >the omission of "Truly Do." 
    Truly Do is truly missed on the EMI comp. I love that 
    track, especially the opening line when Gary sings "Hey, 
    >IMHO these kids seem to have been taken for granted here 
    >as EZ pioneers in the heyday of rock. Sweet, simple, 
    >charming and innocent, except maybe "Lovers By Night,
    >Strangers By Day."
    I had to write in to comment on this. I adore the 
    Fleetwoods, but one thing that appeals so strongly to me 
    about their records is that even though the records all 
    sound "Sweet, simple, charming and innocent," the songs 
    themselves are largely about affairs, trysts and cheating.
    Pretty heady stuff for high school kids. A few examples:
    It's all over town, I was the last one to know...
    I'm Mr. Blue when you say you're sorry then prove it by 
    going out on the sly...
    His future's bright, my future's dim, and all the dreams 
    we shared you share with him...
    With your arms around him, you're so glad you found him, 
    you never once looked up to see me...
    You get the point. Barbara, Gretchen and Gary had a 
    fantastic sense for lyric, and to me, the most appealing 
    aspect of their EZ sound is the way it is juxtaposed 
    against the haunting despair in many of their songs.
    Just one guy's opinion, though.
    One more quick point. The Fleetwoods' sound borrows 
    heavily from the Teddy Bears, so if you gotta give credit 
    to someone for being the pioneer of EZ vocal pop, give it 
    to Phil Spector (who resurrected that sound on his Paris 
    Sisters sides too).
    >[The Fleetwoods are] Great nighttime music. 
    Now THAT I agree with 100%!
    For much, much more on the Fleetwoods - Recommended 
    reading: Liberty Records - Michael "Doc Rock" Kelly (
    Jamie LePage
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    Subject:     BOUNCE Non-member submi
    Received:    03/13/99 8:38 am
    To:          Spectropop List,
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    Subject:     Fwd: Spector's Lovin' Feelin'
    Performing rights organization BMI presented the 47th 
    edition of its Pop Awards on May 18, 1999. "You've Lost 
    That Lovin' Feelin'", the most performed song in the BMI 
    repertoire with more than 7 million broadcast performances, 
    was awarded its 13th Pop Award for writers Barry Mann, 
    Cynthia Weil and Phil Spector (1965, '69, '80, '89-97). 
    The Holland-Dozier-Holland composition "Baby I Need Your 
    Loving" took its ninth citation (1964, '67,‘91-94,
    $B!F96-97) and the 1992 BMI Pop Song of the Year "When 
    A Man Loves A Woman," written by Calvin Lewis and Andrew J. 
    Wright, collected its seventh citation.
    BMI, founded in 1940, is an American performing rights 
    organization that represents more than 200,000 songwriters, 
    composers and music publishers in all genres of music. 
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    Subject:     I AIN'T NO BEATLE
    Received:    06/04/99 1:25 am
    >From:        Paul Urbahns, Pauluxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    For over the last twenty years I have been preparing a 
    discography of the Spar record label in Nashville which 
    included their Hit Records and Country & Western Hits 
    sound-a-like product. The following song has been causing 
    me a problem. I know they recorded the song at least twice, 
    maybe three times. I have two recordings, one not 
    credited to artist and the second by Moon Mullican. There 
    is a 45 listed in most collectors guides by Jerry Foster 
    of the song b/w the Elvis oldie "That's All Right Mama" 
    does a beatle collector or anybody on this list have the 
    Jerry Foster record?
    If so please email me privately. 
    Paul Urbahns 
    6695 I AIN'T NO BEATLE
     Written By: Johnny Elgin
     Issued On: C & W Hits 331, MS 568, MS 1008
    Comment: Novelty song, this recording might be by Jerry 
    Foster as he was credited on Spar single 30014, currently 
    valued at about $15 per copy. Spar also issued the song by
    Moon Mullican on his first album,"Mister Honky Tonk Man" 
    using the same backing tracks. 
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    Subject:     the Nuggets box set
    Received:    06/02/99 2:56 pm
    >From:        Runar Sorgaard,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I'll soon be getting the Nuggets Box Set on tape, the 
    tracklisting looks *very* interesting! I'd like to hear 
    some opinions about the artists....what are the highlights
    on the discs....the whole idea of the box is interesting to
    me...are there actual reasons why most of these bands only 
    released a couple of singles and then completely 
    disappeared? It seems like not many managed to release 
    more than one album!
    Tobias (who does think The Mojo Men's Sit Down I Think I 
    Love is a little bit out of place on Nuggets)
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