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Spectropop V#0265

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 05/16/99

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       Volume #0265                            May 20, 1999   
          The utmost reproduction of the original sound       
    >From: "Marc Wielage">
    To: Spectropop List 
    Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 12:57:47 -0700
    Subject: Re: Stereo/mono/phasing
    Doc Rock  commented on the Spectropop List:
    > Last, play a stereo record or CD or tape. Anything will do,
    > but it is best of the lead vocal is in the center of the
    > stereo mix. First, listen with the stereo mono switch in
    > the stereo position. Sounds normal, eh?
    > Now flip the stereo mono switch to mono. Voila! The lead
    > vocal (or whatever was in the center) disappears!
    Actually, there's a much more-effective method:
    Get a Dolby Pro-Logic surround decoder, run it in the
    "Surround-3" mode, and you'll get three separate channels
    out of it:  left, center, and right. [Such decoders aren't
    necessarily expensive; I once bought a used one for under
    a hundred bucks.]
    Though surround decoders are intended for use mainly with
    movies, you can sometimes get some interesting results
    with music.  With most stereo rock songs, you'll hear
    music-only on the left, vocals-only (and generally drums)
    on the center channel, and music-only on the right.  If
    you have even a cheap mixer, you can do a lot of tricks in
    order to *expand* the apparent stereo separation, boost
    the vocals, reduce the vocals, or do whatever you want.
    Another nice trick is for "2-track" mixes where you have
    all the vocals in the left, drums (or whatever) in the
    center, and instruments on the right, you can at least
    swap the drums and vocals to put them back in the center,
    where they generally belong.
    I know of some syndicated oldies radio show producers who
    use techniques like this to improve stereo mixes.  It
    takes some practice to do it right, but the results can be
    -= Marc Wielage      |   "The computerized authority     =-
    -= MusicTrax, LLC    |       on rock, pop, & soul."      =-
    -= Chatsworth, CA    |         =-
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    >From: Carol Kaye 
    Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 16:30:00 -0700
    Subject: Backbeat...The Earl Palmer Story...
    BACK-BEAT...THE EARL PALMER STORY (pub. Smithsonian
    Institute).  Quotes from the Rolling Stones -- 
    BACK-BEAT...THE EARL PALMER STORY (pub. Smithsonian
    Institute).  Quotes from the Rolling Stones --  
    >From Keith Richards: Earl Palmer was the drummer who first
    made me want to play in a band.  He had the sympathy, wit,
    soul, and a great back-beat".  
    >From Ron Wood: "The amazing thing about this book on Earl
    Palmer is that it points out the superb array of so many
    different drumming styles on so many great songs and a lot
    of them caught me by surprise".  
    >From Charlie Watts:  "If you want to know who Earl Palmer
    is, read the discography in his book".  
    Many more reviews coming...see the rave "Publisher's
    Weekly" review of this great book on where you
    can order Earl's book also.  In LA, the only bookstore so
    far carrying it is VROMAN BOOKS in Pasadena - it's just
    getting out to bookstores and reviewer here in LA.  
    Also, Earl is recording this coming week with B.B. King
    who told him "if you don't do this album with me, I'll
    come and SIT ON YOU!".  It's some Louie Jordan type of
    music.  And I asked Earl about Duayne Eddy credits, he did
    record a LOT of Duayne Eddy stuff, he's not sure if that's
    him or Hal on "Wipe Out", but will let you know soon, he's
    getting a transcript of some of his sessions of that
    period from Russ. 
    And btw, Earl had a great successful book-signing sell-out
    in New Orleans recently, and played the Jazz Fest there
    too w/Dr. John.  He's about to open at RIX in Santa Monica
    on June 1st also, (not at Chadney's anymore), check it out.
    No cover.
    And....Earl's name was supposed to be on the book as
    "co-writer", so just Tony Scherman's name is on the cover
    fyi, you'll love the book. OK, over and out, tho't you'd
    all like to know! 
    Carol Kaye
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    >From: (Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel)
    To: Spectropop List 
    Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 14:19:53 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: Re: Pizzicato 5/Burt Bacharach
    Jack Madani wrote:
    >>and Pizzicato Five's cover of the Beach Boys' "Passing By".
    >Har!  I wish I could hear THAT.
    You *can*, Jack! You can find it on P5's "Sister Freedom
    Tapes" EP (take "EP" with a grain of salt, in the world of
    P5 it means nine (9) songs on this 'single') which came
    out in 1996. It's available in most record stores. I can't
    think of an other band who has based its entire career on
    Roger Nichols and Burt Bacharach....
    Speaking of ol' Burtie....picked up a V/A compilation LP
    called "Tribute to Burt Bacharach" today. It's very
    interesting 'cos some of the artists and cover versions
    aren't the usual Warwick/Pitney types you always get on
    every other BB tribute. There's Roger Nichols doing DGBMH
    (I assume you know what song that is :)), Herb Alpert's
    "To Wait For Love", Alan Copeland Singers' brilliantly
    reworked easy/soft rock version of "This Guy's In Love...",
    and many more.
    The one big surprise, though, is The Sandpipers' "Where
    there's A Heartache (There Must Be A Heart)" ---- Burt
    Bacharach obviously pulled off one of Brian Wilson's
    tricks of ripping off not others but *himself*! The music
    to "Where There's A..." is literally the same as Come
    Touch THe Sun (and its variations) on the Butch Cassidy
    soundtrack!!  Has any other artist recorded "Where There's
    Trainspotting Tobias
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    >From: Carol Kaye 
    Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 14:22:47 -0700
    Subject: The new Beach Boys/Brian Wilson CD
             w/Royal Philharmonic Symphony
    The great Bob Alcivar (Manhattan Transer, vip w/tons of
    credits etc.) he and I hadn't talked in years, it was
    wonderful to re-connect with this beautiful talented
    gracious man.  And we exchanged music recordings....he
    loved our new "Thumbs Up" album-tape (Ray Pizzi, jazz
    sax/studio legend, Mitch Holder guitar legend) cut live
    recently on our concert-gigs, and I put the new Symphony
    Sounds of the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson on....whew!  
    So powerful, such depth of beauty which proves once and
    for all the timelessness and greatness of Brian Wilson's
    music, god bless you Brian and the BBs did a good job
    singing on there too.  Bob Alcivar faithfully powered the
    music with his sheer understanding of where Brian was
    coming's the quote:
    labor of love for the great arranger Bob Alcivar,
    recording with the Royal Phil. Orchestra in London. 
    This CD opens with one of my all-time cut favs of the BB's,
    Sloop John B, others which grab your heartstrings right
    away. Kokomo is OK, then it gets back to the deep waters
    of God Only Knows. 
    Bob's arrangements dutifully captures the genius of BW
    gracefully, one complementing the other. Mr. Alcivar told
    me on the phone the other day when we re-connected, "when
    we recorded these tracks in London (Bruce Johnston
    producer, alright Bruce!), I was thinking about you all
    who recorded these great tunes Brian produced originally
    in the 60s and it brought goose-bumps to me". 
    He added "I've been recording so much with synthesizer (TV
    shows, movie scores etc.) that the beauty of live strings,
    especially the Royal Phil brought it back home - how
    wonderful it is to record with live musicians". 
    Well Bob you did it! When I first worked for you,
    recording your lovely music for the movie, "Butterflies
    Are Free" with the wonderful Jeff Porcaro on drums, I knew
    you were exceptional, and it was such a pleasure to work
    for you.
    BW has never been heard before in the splendor of emotions
    this produces, with Bob Alcivar completely complimenting
    the BB music, proving their place in history (has the
    right vocal authority w/some of the BB's singing on this),
    and the great music of Brian Wilson which Alcivar
    dutifully adorns with the Royal Phil -- a masterpiece. 
    The gorgeous strings on "In My Room", the exciting suite
    of God Only Knows, Surf City (this will get you dancing),
    Wouldn't It Be Nice, Help Me Rhonda, the full-plate Heroes
    & Villains, all the beauty that the great Bob Alcivar
    wrote, arranged, and conducted on this marvelous CD with
    total dedication and honor towards the BB's and Brian
    Wilson's music - it's all there - the grace, the love, the
    humbleness, the sensitivity. 
    Bob captures the real Brian, further proving his
    contributions to the music business, genius in history -
    what a great tribute to BW & BBs to usher in 2000 with,
    thanks Bob Alcivar for your gorgeous CD. I am so honored
    to have played on so many orig. BB hits for Brian Wilson
    and am doubly honored to hear your gorgeous CD of this
    timeless music, thanks for your beautiful soul.
    Well, time to get the clothes out of the dryer. 
    Carol Kaye
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    >From: Warren Cosford 
    Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 13:54:50 -0400
    Hi Folks:
    Early last year, I began e-mailing with a chap in Las
    Vegas named Shelby Riggs who has promoted a number of
    "Oldies Events" in Vegas over the years.  I had heard of
    him because he had brought Jack Scott into sign
    autographs at one of them.
    His ambition has been to promote a huge Oldies Concert in
    He's tracked down a lot of people and says he has
    commitments from many of them.  Based on the  list with
    e-mail addresses he has sent me, and that I've given him
    a little of help with, there is the potential of over 80
    performers.  Most of them from the late 50's to mid 60's.
    Individually, the names by themselves may not mean a lot,
    but thanks to Oldies Radio their music is still often
    Shelby hopes to stage the event this summer, over a 3-4
    day period, at one of the larger Casinos.
    I think this has potential, particularly if the promoters
    have a great group of musicians to back the singers, and
    the marketing is well thought out.  To that end, my
    interest in this is to organize a radio promotion in the
    U.S. and Canada similar to what many of you have worked
    with me on in the past.
    I'll be in Las Vegas May 24-27 to meet with Shelby's
    group.  Please check out his WebPage
    It is
    best viewed in Explorer.
    If you would like to be kept up-to-date on what is
    happening, please reply to this e-mail.  Your comments
    and suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.
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