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Spectropop V#0262

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 05/12/99

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       Volume #0262                            May 12, 1999   
         In Your Home...In Your Car...or Wherever You Roam    
    Subject:     Re: 5th Dimension
    Received:    05/12/99 6:56 am
    >From:        A Cross-eyed Puppet Named Igor,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thank you *so much* for the info on 5D, David Feldman, Ian
    Chapman and Paul Urbahns! I went to the website that 
    Jeffrey Thames mentioned, and was surprised to read that 
    none of 5D's original LPs probably won't be reissued. Now,
    this I don't understand...I'm sure you could compile the 
    group's entire backcatalog as 3-4 twofers...would that *
    really* be *that* much more expensive than to release a 30
    song "Definitive Collection"??? The 5th Dimension are 
    probably more influental today (on everything from 
    Stereolab and High Llamas to Pizzicato Five) than they've 
    ever been so it just seems...stupid to hold the LPs back.
    So for this reason...could someone perhaps make me a tape 
    of 5D's "Up Up And Away" and "Magic Garden" LPs...?? 
    Please? :) 
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    Subject:     Bones on the 5th 
    Received:    05/12/99 6:55 am
    >From:        Doc Rock,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Bones Howe talking about the 5th Dimension in "Liberty 
    Again it seems that all of the roles, that of songwriter, 
    producer, engineer, drummer, were frequently co-mingled in
    the L.A. music scene. "This happened a lot. We all worked 
    on things together." This created some problems, though. 
    "I got into a very embarrassing situation when Phil 
    Spector, in front of a lot of people, said, 'You really 
    produced the Mamas and Papas. Now it can be told.' But I 
    didn't produce them. Louie was the producer, he called me 
    and John into the room. That is what a producer does: He 
    didn't have to actually tell everyone what to play. Some 
    producers do, some don't. Lou Adler always had great ideas
    about background vocals. We all made our contributions but 
    it was always understood that Lou was the producer. I felt
    sorry for Lou when John started to take over during the 
    second Mama's and Papas album, because Lou taught everyone
    how to do it. Lou was my mentor, for sure. I still quote 
    him whenever I can.
    "Johnny Rivers, a Liberty/Imperial artists, discovered a 
    group called the Versatiles and he renamed them the 5th 
    Dimension [for his Liberty subsidiary label, Soul City]. 
    John always was a mystical guy. He had this idea that they
    could be the black Mamas and Papas. Lou was producing both 
    the Mamas and Papas and Johnny, so he was around the 
    sessions. The first Mamas and Papas record was going to be
    'Go Where You Wanna Go,' but all of a sudden everyone 
    decided that 'California Dreamin'' was a better record.
    "So 'Go Where You Wanna Go' was put on the back burner. In
    typical record biz fashion of those days, Johnny decided to
    cover that with the 5th Dimension. He called me and said, '
    Look, I want you to get for me everyone who played on that
    session, because I want to duplicate that record.' So that 
    was what we did, we went in and duplicated the record with
    the 5th Dimension. That was the launch of that group. In 
    those days they did not put engineers' names on records. 
    But on the Up Up and Away album with that song, you'll see
    my picture on the back."
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    Subject:     Re: Missing vocals
    Received:    05/12/99 6:55 am
    >From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >>I have a question which occured to me today while I was 
    >>listening to my local oldies station--they were playing 
    >>The Mamas and the Papas "California Dreamin" and the 
    >>vocals had somehow all but been wiped off the track, along 
    >>with some of the backing. This is not the first time I've 
    >>heard this oddity over the years and I've also noticed it 
    >>on some Lovin' Spoonful tracks. Does this have something 
    >>to do with the equipment they recorded on? I sure hope 
    >>someone else has noticed this from time to time as well... 
    The station which plays my show has a problem where 
    sometimes, if a song is recorded in stereo one of the 
    speakers is completely wiped clean. Often I've played a 
    song which sounds perfectly fine to me, only to find from 
    some of my listeners that sound was only coming from one 
    of their speakers.
    Other times, I play someting and I can only hear the 
    instrumental track, or the vocal track. I end up playing a
    lot of vocal records in acapella form. This usually has to 
    do with the station's equipment. The better the equipment,
    the less likely this is to occur. 
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    Subject:     Re: Mamas and Papas Missing Vocals
    Received:    05/12/99 6:55 am
    >From:        Doc Rock,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I don't recall which hit it was, but when I was DJ-ing in 
    Toledo, Ohio, there was one track on my CD of their hits 
    that always came out over the air with missing vocals (but
    it played fine at home). The station engineer said that the
    label had mastered the track of the CD out of phase on that
    song. And thus it was not compatible with the station's 
    It was a mono AM station. I assume that the board was 
    wired out of phase, and he did not want to admit it. 
    Taking an out-of-phase stereo mix and making it mono will 
    eliminate everything in the middle of the mix. Anyway, I 
    feel that is the source of the problem we've been taking 
    and reading about. 
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    Received:    05/12/99 6:55 am
    >From:        Warren Cosford, xxx.Net
    To:          Spectropop,
    Whenever you hear missing vocals or instruments on the 
    radio it is often because the station has dubbed the song 
    to a broadcast cartridge "out of phase". It's one of the 
    reasons why, in the 70's, promo copies of 45RPM singles 
    intended for airplay on AM radio usually had a "stereo" 
    side and a "mono" side.
    I've also heard the problem on many of the "electronically
    reproduced for stereo" recordings that were popular in the 
    70's. RCA's treatment of the early Elvis catalogue is 
    notorious for this. 
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