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Spectropop V#0259

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 04/23/99

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       Volume #0259                          April 23, 1999   
                        The Dealers Choice
    Subject:     Re: Beach Boys Article
    Received:    04/23/99 12:42 am
    From:        Paul MacArthur, Rtxxxedu
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Beach Boys fans, check out my article on them in the 
    Houston Press.
    - Paul MacArthur
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    Subject:     Re: Ray Davies
    Received:    04/23/99 12:42 am
    From:        Big L,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >For those who like the 60's-Anglo stuff, might I recommend 
    >Ray's 'Storyteller' most highly?  It's the history of The 
    >Kinks, as we came to know them, in a lovingly-etched, sepia 
    >detail: the family saga, the little green amp, the tweedy 
    >Python-ish managers, it's all there, as only Ray can tell 
    I completely agree with your take on Ray. I think part of 
    the reason his work has not gained the acceptance of, say,
    Brian Wilson, is the way he presented it. As late as 1969, 
    the Kinks were little more advanced musically than "You 
    Really Got Me." Even a gem like "Shangri-La" is couched in
    mid 60's beat-combo fashion, Mick Avory's manic drumming, 
    Dave's crashing guitar chords, etc. Ray was against 
    orchestration. He said he loved "a horn" but was against 
    horns in general. Thus, you have that one trombone 
    noodling through "Dead End Street." 
    One need listen only to "Waterloo Sunset" to grasp Ray's 
    lyrical skills , though even it features loads of the 
    Kinks' off key harmony singing.
    I find that period of Kinks music fascinating. There is a 
    quaintness about it that rock in general lacked.
    BTW, it is in Ray's VH1 "Storytellers" show where he tells
    the story of "fag" and the reception in S.F. It surprised 
    me a bit, because I didn't think that term was in common 
    use even in the US as early as 1965. 
    Big L                   Check out my Radio Legends pages at:
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    Subject:     Re: Lenny Waronker/Tracey Dey
    Received:    04/23/99 12:42 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docxxxcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >Doc Rock asks:
    >>Stewart Mason, flaxxxcom wrote
    >>Tobias' mention of Harpers Bizarre reminds me that I 
    >>recently bought their THE SECRET LIFE OF HARPERS BIZARRE
    >>Who is listed as the producer?
    >That would be Anna and Joey's dad, Lenny Waronker.
    Ah, Good Old Lenny! He gave me a good interview about his 
    Dad's label, Liberty! His first production job was with 
    Jan & Dean, when he was 14, as I recall!
    john rausch,xxxnet wrote:
    >Can anyone tell me about Tracey Dey? I know she was 
    >produced by Bob Crewe, had an answer song to the 4 Seasons 
    >Sherry, etc...There is a cd i came across with some more of 
    >her material, and one song in particular is called Ska Doo 
    >De Yah and is simply irresistible, one of those songs you 
    >hear once and it is stuck in your head forever. Has anyone 
    >on the list heard this song? Where is it from, and where is 
    >Tracey now?
    Now THAT's a 45 I've had for a long time! It was Amy 908. 
    The flip side, "Hangin' On To My Baby," written by Eddie 
    Rambeau, is "A" side quality itself. But "Ska" is supremo!
    ""Double decker Chubby Checker!"
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    Subject:     Tracey Dey
    Received:    04/23/99 12:42 am
    From:        Ian Chapman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Yes, "Ska Doo Dee Yah" is great.....girl-group meets 
    blue-beat! Song is a Bob Crewe/Charlie Calello 
    collaboration, but I don't know if it's based on a 
    traditional certainly has that kind of feel. 
    Practically all of Tracey Dey's records are great, 
    particularly "I Won't Tell", and her original version of 
    "Blue Turns to Grey", both on Amy. Her earlier answer to 
    "Sherry" was "Jerry (I'm Your Sherry)", on VeeJay, (same 
    tune). And later, on Columbia, she recorded with Bob Crewe, 
    as Dey & Knight.
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    Subject:     Ronnie Spector tour date
    Received:    04/23/99 12:42 am
    From:        john rausch,xxxnet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I found this on the net and thought I would share it with 
    everyone: Ronnie Spector will be touring this USA this 
    summer. She will be appearing with Chuck Berry, Little 
    Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis on a bill called The History 
    of Rock'n'Roll. Some shows will be outdoors, some indoors,
    and Ronnie will also be doing some club dates of her own. 
    More details as they come in! You can also see Ronnie on 
    the VH1 Special Behind The Music, the edition about Cher. 
    Has anyonr seen the VH1 special? I am looking for a 
    John Rausch
    Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes at
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    Subject:     Treasure Island Oldies Show
    Received:    04/23/99 12:41 am
    From:        Michael Godin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi all,
    I've very much enjoyed reading the postings in Spectropop 
    these last months and I appreciate the invitation I 
    received to join the list. It's wonderful to see so many 
    folks truly interested in oldies music. For me it has been
    a lifelong passion. Briefly, I began my career in radio in 
    1969 in high school in Montreal when I managed to get a 
    telephone interview with John Lennon when he and Yoko were
    at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel for their Bed-In for Peace. I 
    eventually worked for a number of stations as both music 
    director and DJ. In 1975 I joined A&M Records in Toronto 
    and headed up their A&R Department. During my tenure (75-
    86) I discovered and signed Bryan Adams to the label.
    But the reason for the posting today is to invite you to 
    join me in celebrating the 2nd Anniversary special edition
    on Sunday, May 2nd of Treasure Island Oldies Show on the 
    Internet. The show is accessible via the Treasure Island 
    Oldies Show web site at
    and airs live every Sunday from 6 to 10 p.m. Pacific time. 
    A key element of the program is the Lost 
    Treasures I play, oldies rarely heard anymore on typical 
    oldies radio stations. And every song I play is from my 
    personal music collection. I've had over 750,000 vists to 
    the web site and thousands and thousands of listeners live
    and also listening to the weekly archived shows. I've had 
    guests such as Paul Evans and Bobby Curtola on the show as
    well. I also often have theme shows such as "Weekend 
    Weather"-songs with a weather theme (sunshine, rain, wind,
    etc.), "Trains Planes and Automobiles" - songs with travel 
    in the title, "The Numbers Game" - songs with a number in 
    the title. On this show I had listeners keep track of the 
    running total of the songs and the first person to 
    correctly email the total at the end of the show won a 
    'Vinyl Six Pack' 6 mint condition original release 45s.
    Listeners are very involved with the show. EJ Phillips 
    from North Carolina emails his Real Audio Oldie of the 
    Week which I then play; Larry McDonald, a listener in 
    Seattle, emails his McDonald McChallenge song of the week,
    a hard to find 45 which he challenges me to have and play. 
    There's also the Treasure Island chat room, toll free 
    request lines from anywhere in the US and Canada, and 
    instant email requests. As you can probably tell, I'm 
    having a ball doing the show and am also very proud to 
    host what has become a pioneering internet radio show, 
    which since December, also airs in one hour segments every
    weekend on shortwave radio, SWRS in based in Germany.
    Hope you'll join me in celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of 
    the show and thanks for taking the time to read this. 
    All the best,
    Michael Godin
    Treasure Island Oldies Show
    Michael Godin
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