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Spectropop V#0252

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 04/06/99

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       Volume #0252                           April 7, 1999   
                      Music Everywhere You Go                 
    Subject:     For LA Spectropoppers
    Sent:        04/03/19 6:53 am
    Received:    04/06/99 11:48 pm
    From:        David B Ponak,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Sorry to use this this list for self promotion, but LA 
    Spectropoppers in Los Angeles might enjoy this.
    My band, the Mello Cads, is opening up for LA greats The 
    Negro Problem this Thursday (4/8) at Luna Park. (Robertson, 
    just south of Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood)
    The Cads will be doing covers ranging from Paul Williams 
    to Burt Bacharach to the Free Design.
    TNP are one of LA's premiere bands. Imagine Jimmy Webb 
    meets XTC meets Zappa.
    We're on at 9:15.
    Sorry again for the personal plug,
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    Subject:     It's OK
    Sent:        04/06/19 8:33 pm
    Received:    04/06/99 11:48 pm
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    It's OK Brian, the public is just very uninformed. 
    Actually, there were many fine women jazz musicians back 
    when I started (1949 and well into the 50s), something 
    again the public has little idea of. I just was 
    interviewed on a note-worthy project film by a great woman
    director "Women in Jazz", about the many women of the 40s-
    50s etc. that only played with men, like I did (jazz 
    guitar in the 50s way before studio work). Lucky I was a 
    guitar player and said "yes" when asked to do stuio work 
    for Bumps Blackwell for Sam Cooke in Dec. 1957.
    None of our names got on all the huge amount of work 
    studio musicians did for everybody back in the 60s, the 
    Union didn't insist on that until 1973. We really didn't 
    care, there were so many lies being printed in trade mags 
    anyway, and we didn't want our business to stop (making as
    much money as doctors) so we kept quiet, didn't care, could
    keep from traveling on the road and be home with our 
    families, all of us raising our kids about the same time.
    As far as "females" go in the biz, yes, I was the only one
    in the rhythm sections in the studios in the 60s but a few 
    came along early 70s etc. But there were many many 
    respected women in jazz (yes the male musicians loved 
    working with them....contrary to the later rock era 
    generation bias) where you have to be hugely talented to 
    be able to play good's not a "boob" business 
    nor entertainment like the current phase where so many 
    women are working but the great professionals are still 
    unheard of.
    >Jerry lives in Arizona, and still performs regularly 
    >in Phoenix. 
    I'm glad to hear that about Jerry Riopelle...if anyone 
    runs into him in Phoenix, please give him my LOVE, he's a 
    dear person, fine to work for. Glad to hear he's alright, 
    doing good. 
    Carol Kaye 
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    Subject:     one other
    Sent:        04/03/19 10:43 am
    Received:    04/06/99 11:48 pm
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    There was one other woman who was a guitarist, Mary Osbor, 
    doing some studio work in NYC in the 40s and 50s before 
    she moved out here to Bakersfield in the late 60s....
    wonderful player, like Charlie Christian style guitar. She
    was respected by all the regular studio musicians. But I am
    the most-recorded bass player in the world (male or female)
    and I don't think she came close to working the 10,000 plus
    recording calls I did. Still she is not known to the public
    at all.......the "image" lie problem. 
    Carol Kaye
    PS. I spoke to guitar legend Johnny Smith about her and he
    said "yes, she was a fine studio guitarist in NYC, took 
    care of business!". I've met Mary (who is deceased) and 
    hung out with her once in the 80s, great gal....we had fun
    together going to the jazz club.
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    Subject:     Mike Berry
    Sent:        04/07/19 6:45 am
    Received:    04/06/99 11:48 pm
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurbXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > Two of their biggest hit singles in Winnipeg were Shakin' 
    > All Over (Johnny Kidd and The Pirates) and Tribute To 
    > Buddy Holly (Mike Berry).
    For those of you interested in Mike Berry, he plays in 
    some episodes of an early 70s british TV series "Are You 
    Being Served" he plays the junior sales clerk in Grace 
    Brothers department store. This is from one of the Web 
    sites on the show.
    Paul Urbahns
    Mike Berry played Bert Spooner
    Junior Salesman in Gentlemen's Ready-To-Wear
    1981 - 1985
    In 1963 Mike Berry and the Outlaws were one of the hottest
    bands in Britain. They were headlining at the Cavern Club 
    in Liverpool, when two members of one of the supporting 
    bands offered to write them a song. Unimpressed, Mike 
    turned them down. The two songwriters were John Lennon and
    Paul McCartney.
    When his musical career went into a decline, he took up 
    race car driving for several years, but eventually 
    returned to music and television. Appearing in, among 
    other things,Worzel Gummidge with ex-Doctor Who, Jon 
    The year before he was offered the part of Mr. Spooner, 
    Mike had his greatest hit with "The Sunshine of Your Smile", 
    which earned a silver disc.
    It wasn't until the final episode of Are You Being Served?
    that Mike's musical talent was revealed in the episode 'The
    Pop Star' in which he was backed by the rest of the cast. 
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    Subject:     Pontiacs
    Sent:        04/08/19 6:45 pm
    Received:    04/06/99 11:48 pm
    From:        Dave Mirich, DmirXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > This is off Spectropop topic but....thanks Jack Madani for
    > mentioning the Pontiac GTO--I've got two 1967's! Whenever I
    > dust one off and take it out on a Sunday for a little 
    > nostalgic cruise I always play a tape (8-track of course!) 
    > of The Rascals "Groovin'"---that song sounds like it was 
    > written for that car! The Pontiacs and this-list-type '60's 
    > music are my big time-consumers. Some unkind souls would 
    > say "time wasters" but I don't really think so, do you?
    > Regards,
    > Jim
    Thanks Jim for validating to of my major reasons for 
    existing -- ''60s music and '60s Pontiac cars! My daily 
    driver is a 66 Bonneville (428) and I also have a very 
    quick 64 Grand Prix. In the bone yard I have a 65 2+2 (421) 
    waiting for me to find the time and energy (and money). 
    I've had a few stories published about my Pontiac 
    affliction, one of them entitled "This Search for the 
    Truth about the Beach Boys and Their Grand Prix Cars". I 
    would email these articles to you if you let me know. 
    Happy motoring!
    Dave Mirich
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    Subject:     Re: GTOs/Bonnie and the Treasures
    Sent:        04/09/19 10:23 am
    Received:    04/06/99 11:48 pm
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > I suppose the closest approximation to *anything* that I 
    > can come up with is "If Zappa's LUMPY GRAVY had funnier 
    > dialogue segments and its sections of Varese-inspired 
    > modern "classical" music were replaced with schoolyard 
    > jump-rope rhymes as performed by either the very stoned or
    > the slightly autistic, it would sound like PERMANENT 
    > DAMAGE." Whether you want to hear this album depends on 
    > whether or not you think this would be a good thing. 
    Okay, for those of us who have never heard a Zappa song 
    (and that probably just means me) would a girl group junkie
    like this album? I enjoy pretty much all types of music, 
    but this doesn't exactly sound like music. Any liner notes
    with the reissue? Is it still readily available?
    >  Bonnie and
    > the Treasures made the play lists of very few stations, as 
    > evidenced by a Billboard national chart placing of 77. I 
    > never heard their version on the radio, not once. However,
    > on the stations I listened to, Jody Miller was played a lot
    > and made the Top 10 (#25 nationally).
    What's the difference between the two versions? Is Jody's 
    as produced? The Bonnie version I have is incredibly 
    overwhelming, and I had to listen to it several times 
    before I could make out all of the lyrics. That being said, 
    every time I hear "Home Of The Brave," lyrics (which are
    superb) or not, I think it has to be considered one of the 
    best wall of sound imitations ever! I get shivers!
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    Subject:     Re: Hey MRS Kotter
    Sent:        04/03/19 6:43 am
    Received:    04/06/99 11:48 pm
    From:        Paul MacArthur, Rtf_XXXXXXXXedu
    To:          Spectropop List,
    RE: Mrs Kotter
    > I absolutely love this nicely produced pop song and I 
    > found it amusing that she sung JUST >as bad as she acted.
    Yeah, but she was kinda cute.
    - Paulie Mac
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    Subject:     re:pyche pop list and gtos...
    Sent:        04/08/19 2:31 am
    Received:    04/06/99 11:48 pm
    From:        Rough Trade Shop,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    i've got the gtos album and its kinda primitive......
    chanty kiddy sing songy stuff.....a bit like skinned teen 
    but older!!! the lyrics are all kinda in jokes stuff to do
    with who was hanging out with frank z. etc at the time... 
    theres a book by pamela barres (i think thats her name....
    ) called 'i'm with the band' about her time as a groupie 
    (not sordid...just funny and interesting....) and how frank
    formed the gtos (she was in em...) 
    i nominate:
    nirvana-rainbow chaser, and 
    anything by jason crest for the psyche pop list...
    is anyone else as happy as i am that they're reissuing all
    that lee hazlewood stuff???????? first two release are ' 
    cowboy in sweden' and a new release called 'farmisht, 
    flatulence, origami, arf and me'
    	 xxx delia xx
    >Subject:     Re: Psyche-Pop Song List
    >Received:    04/01/99 12:56 am
    >From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    >To:          Spectropop List,
    >Being a girl group nut, how about the Chiffons' "Nobody
    >Knows What's Going On (In My Mind But Me)" It's considered
    >one of the first psyche-pop records. Has anyone ever heard
    >of Girls Together Outrageously (the GTOs). Frank Zappa's
    >girl group? A little off-topic, but I'd like to know. I've
    >never heard anything by them, although they recorded an
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    Subject:     Ideas at Liberty
    Sent:        04/03/19 2:45 am
    Received:    04/06/99 11:48 pm
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    All the talk about Spector label variations brings to mind
    my discussions of the Liberty label with founder Si 
    Ideas at Liberty
    A lot of thought went into most projects at Liberty, from 
    the albums to the record labels. Si Waronker and his staff/
    friends used to sit for hours and hours and try to think 
    of new ways to merchandise and record. There were two rows
    of little stars on the top of the album covers, which made 
    it much easier to find Liberty LPs in those tight record 
    racks in the stores. "The stars were made for that. We 
    built our own two-track machines at the end of 1957 when 
    we moved into our first big office, at La Brea, because 
    the studio did not have them and we couldn't afford to buy
    them! So we built them. All I did was take two recording 
    heads and place them together, hooked up to two different 
    microphone systems. We recorded that way, on one quarter 
    inch tape.
    "As soon as I got the idea for Liberty records and got 
    clearance, we used the Statue of Liberty. The first label 
    was one color because we couldn't afford full color 
    printing. The rainbow was something I added to give it 
    more 'oomph.' But when we were pressing the Chipmunks' 
    record, they ran out of colored paper, and it was pressed 
    with no Liberty logo at all! As time went by and we saw 
    what we could do for an extra nickel, we did the rainbow 
    color version.
    "Our first label, I ordered green paper. I told them to 
    keep it on hand, we would be around a long time. Then I 
    found records with a black label! They told me that they 
    had run out of green. First Capitol pressed for us, then 
    RCA. Then a couple of independent pressers. They had to 
    get their paper, and very often it was different. We 
    wanted our own pressing plant, but I had to stop somewhere
    ! A lot of Liberty labels are bootlegs, you can see them 
    because the colors are not reproduced so well. When I was 
    in New York and the Chipmunk record was so big they were 
    hawking them on the corner like knock-off watches, I saw 
    them in black labels and yellow labels. They were bootlegs!"
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