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Spectropop V#0027

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 12/6/97

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            Volume #0027                                 12/07/97
                 original recordings by the original artists
    Subject:     RE: MONO
    Sent:        12/6/97 3:36 AM
    Received:    12/6/97 8:22 AM
    From:        Marc Miller, marXXX@XXXXXXom
    To:          '',
    Jamie, re:
    >>I've been talking with a friend about mono mixes lately, and with all the  
    posts about the stereo 19th Nervous Breakdown, I thought it might be  
    interesting to mention rare mono mixes that particularly differ from  
    their stereo counterparts. I remember a great find was a UK pressing of  
    the first Traffic album in mono. A completely different animal. One album 
     that I have never heard in mono is Axis: Bold As Love. I imagine that is 
    pretty unique, too.<<
    Axis is very different, RU EXP is very different.  The Who Sell Out not 
    only contains different mixes, but a few different takes!  Surrealistic 
    Pillow and the 1st Buffalo Springfield LPs are completely wonderful in 
    mono (and truly awful in stereo). In the early days of stereo, it was not 
    uncommon to have jazz groups cut songs twice, once for stereo issues, 
    once for mono.  A great example of this is Duke Ellington's Indigos (in 
    case any of you care...).  Then there's Sgt. Pepper....
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    Subject:     RE: Ronnie Spector/Eddie Money
    Sent:        12/6/97 3:41 AM
    Received:    12/6/97 8:22 AM
    From:        Marc Miller, marXXX@XXXXXXom
    To:          '',
    Mike, re:
    >>  I saw a Christmas cd when I was in a music store last night by Ronnie  and 
     Eddie Money. Has anyone heard it and is it worth buying. Any  comments 
    would  be appreciated.<<
    I don't know that one, but there's a version of Rockin' Around the Xmas 
    Tree w/ Darlene that's on "A Very Special Xmas Vol. 2".  Also, I have an 
    amazing tape of Darlene, w/ Jimmy Vivino's big band (who played at my 
    wedding!), singing/playing stuff from the Spector Xmas LP, if anyone's 
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    Subject:     Re: Sequel
    Sent:        12/6/97 3:24 AM
    Received:    12/6/97 8:22 AM
    From:        James K Cribb, jkcrXXX@XXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    Jack wrote:
    >>Sequel Records are my heroes!  They put out a most awesome series of  
    girl-group anthologies called "Here Come The Girls," and they also have  
    reissued several of the Tony Hatch-Petula Clark albums.  Sequel Records  
    rules, as far as I'm concerned.<<
    And let's not forget they also reissued Donovan's early Pye/Hickory 
    material last year.
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    Subject:     Re: Sequel Records
    Sent:        12/6/97 5:09 PM
    Received:    12/6/97 11:56 PM
    From:        BashPop, BashXXX@XXXXXXm
    To:          Spectropop  List,
    From:        Jack Madani,
    Spectropop List,,Internet writes:
    > Well there's been a recent  compilation on Sequel Records, 
    >by a group that fans of The Flower Pot Men  Will Love.  
    >It's called "You've Got To Be Loved" by The Montanas...
    <<Sequel Records are my heroes!  They put out a most awesome series of  
    girl-group anthologies called "Here Come The Girls," and they also have  
    reissued several of the Tony Hatch-Petula Clark albums.  Sequel Records  
    rules, as far as I'm concerned.>>
    Hi Jack,
    They'll be bigger heroes after I tell you that they have yet two other 
    great reissues: a 2 CD set of The Ivy League and a 2CD set of Pinkerton's 
    Assorted Colours and the group they became, The Flying Machine (yes, 
    *that* one, of "Smile A Little Smile" fame).  For those of you who don't 
    know these groups, The Ivy League were headed by the excellent 
    songwriting team of Carter/Lewis, and they wrote and performed the 
    original version of "My World Fell Down". The Ivy League sound falls 
    somewhere between the Beach Boys and The Four Seasons, with a decidedly 
    British slant.
    Pinkerton's Assorted Colours is very Hollies-esque, which is emphasized 
    by their cover of "Hard Hard Year" (previously unreleased).  The Flying 
    Machine is more in that Tony MacAuley vein, no surprise given he co-wrote 
    a lot of their songs.
    These comps are definitely worth the price of admission!
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    Subject:     Joe Meek - The Pye Years
    Sent:        12/7/97 12:25 AM
    Received:    12/7/97 12:27 AM
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Sequel Records is a label under Castle Communications Group. I believe 
    Castle is something like a British version of K-Tel-meets-Rhino reissue 
    Two past Sequel releases have become great favorites: "The Joe Meek Story 
    - The Pye Years" and "304 Holloway Road - Joe Meek - The Pye Years Volume 
    Two." Sequel also released a few other Meek titles, but these two are the 
    best. From Glenda Collins to the Riot Squad, these volumes give a nice 
    overview of Meek's later productions. 
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    Subject:     Re: The Last Ronnie Spector Recordings?
    Sent:        12/6/97 7:12 AM
    Received:    12/6/97 11:56 PM
    From:        Darian Sahanaja ,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >Subject:     Re: The Last Ronnie Spector Recordings?
    >Sent:        12/4/97 9:18 PM
    >Received:    12/5/97 2:08 AM
    >From:        Brad Elliott,
    >To:          Spectropop Mailing List,
    > According to the book, she recorded four Marshall Crenshaw 
    >songs for Alan Betrock.  I nearly flipped!  I love the 
    >Ronettes, and Crenshaw is one of my absolute favorites!  
    >And two of the songs -- "Communication" and "For His Love" 
    >-- are otherwise unreleased!
    >Do these recordings exist?  Does anybody have copies?  Does 
    >anybody know ANYTHING about them?!
    Hey Brad,
          Darian here, I'm sure we've crossed paths somewhere in our 
    respective 6 degrees of seperation (Domenic, Bob, David, etc). In case I 
    never told you, I've always been a fan of your output (for a couple a 
    years there the "Surf's Up" book may as well've been put out by Webster 
    or Gideon for me). At any rate, being the huge Ronettes fan as well, you 
    could imagine my near-death (good) experience when I found out that my 
    girlfriend Lisa (who's Ronnie-esque singing voice was what attracted me 
    to her in the first place) was a member of a girl-group in New York 
    called the Pussywillows who just happened to sing back-up vocals on those 
    Ronnie Spector demos. Well, after a year of my constant nagging, she 
    finally gave Alan Betrock a call and yes. . .he FINALLY sent us a copy. 
    You may e-mail me for details.
    		       Darian (
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    Subject:     Zombies' stuff
    Sent:        12/7/97 3:13 AM
    Received:    12/6/97 3:51 AM
    From:        David R. Modny,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi all,
        First up, knowing of all the 'Zombies' fans on the list - Run, don't 
    walk to get the new box set - it's FANTASTIC!!!. Second, I was wondering 
    if anyone has ( or has heard ) the late 70's re-recordings ( not 'New 
    World'!! ), that were done for the Canadian 'Cruisin'' series. They 
    featured the original line-up ( w/ Tim Renwick on guitar ). These are the 
    elusive missing links to my Zombies collection, and I was wondering what 
    they sounded like ?.
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