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Spectropop V#0228

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 02/17/99

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       Volume #0228                       February 18, 1999   
               Contains previously unissued material          
    Subject:     Diane Renay
    Received:    02/17/99 7:14 am
    From:        Alan Warner,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    FYI, my notes show that Diane cut three sides with producer 
    Gerry Granahan for UA in May 1966. Two of those tracks: PLEASE 
    GYPSY c/w DYNAMITE were released on a single (UA 50048) and one 
    title (MY HEART STOOD STILL) was never issued. Arnold Goland was
    the arranger on all three songs.
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    Subject:     Full Cyrkle
    Received:    02/17/99 7:14 am
    From:        Frank Youngwerth, FMXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Someone in Japan made a cassette for me awhile ago of bands 
    hailing from there including Flipper's Guitar (which spawned the
    USA-touring Cornelius). Curiously enough, to my ears the Cyrkle's
    distinctive wimpy (in a good way!) harmony sound seems to have 
    directly influenced some of these fairly recent Japanese bands.
    No doubt Sean Lennon is hip to some of those groups (probably 
    through label and producer affiliations), and wouldn't you know 
    that Cyrkular sound pops up in one of the catchier songs on his 
    so-so CD of last year.
    I wonder if Sean realizes his father is said to have named this 
    group that sure sounds like one of his musical influences! 
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    Subject:     Re: Carol Kaye/Toni Fisher
    Received:    02/18/99 1:03 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > I do have the Marvelettes marked down in my log on some dates, 
    > so yes, I did do some Marvelettes' dates. But James Jamerson was
    > the innovator of the Motown bass styles, played on so many dates,
    > I'd have to listen to those recordings some more to tell you if 
    > it was myself or not. 
    Thanks for all the information. I've read a lot about James 
    Jamerson. Motown, whether in Detroit or LA had some great 
    musicians. Even today most of the material sounds so fresh! The 
    Marvelettes tracks in question were "The Hunter Gets Captured By
    The Game," "Here I Am Baby," "When You're Young And In Love," and
    one of my personal favourites "My Baby Must Be A Magician."
    > I have just been informed of the passing away of
    > Miss Toni Fisher. She recorded "The Big Hurt" in
    > 1958.
    Believe it or not I haven't heard "The Big Hurt, but on one of 
    the Early Girls compilations she sings "West Of The Wall," a 
    great rocking song.
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    Subject:     Miss Toni Fisher
    Received:    02/18/99 1:03 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I loved both "The Big Hurt" and "West of the Wall."  Stan Ross of
    Goldstar told me the story of the studio accident that resulted in 
    the phasing effect on "The Big Hurt."  So long, Toni!
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    Subject:     TIMELESS
    Received:    02/17/99 7:14 am
    From:        Steve Stanley,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Javed Jafri wrote:
    >The recent discussion about Eternity's Children prompted me to 
    >listen to their self titled second album.... 
    Steve Stanley wrote:
    Javed,  Eternity's Children's second and last LP was a Canadian 
    only release entitled "Timeless" and, thus, was not self-titled.
    However, their first LP on the Tower label was self titled. 
    Mother's Records in Japan booted both of their albums and they 
    sound pretty good. On this subject, does anyone have the solo 
    single Linda Lawley did for Tower? 
    Does anyone have anything by a GG artist by the name of Mary 
    Sneed. I have a single, "When I was 17,"  that she put out on 
    Capitol and it pretty amazing- most definitely Hal Blaine on 
    drums. I would love any info on her. 
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    Subject:     Timi Yuro
    Received:    02/18/99 1:03 am
    From:        Shelby Riggs,
    To:          spectropop,
    I have been informed today that Timi Yuro passed away. She was 
    a resident of Las Vegas for many years. I will send more details 
    when they available.
    Shelby Riggs
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