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Spectropop V#0225

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 02/11/99

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       Volume #0225                       February 12, 1999   
                       Represented globally                   
    Subject:     The Minx
    Received:    02/11/99 9:01 am
    From:        Keiko Kondo,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Andrew,
    I saw your note about Minx, so I watched video again last 
    night (it's made from poor condition film). The story 
    was so strange but the music was good. Reminds me of Serge 
    Gainsborough films. 
    I saw the Cyrkle playing HARLOW'S night club "Murry the Why"!! 
    Sounds like Monkees "I'm a Believer". Especially organ. I should
    get soundtrack album but cannot find it. 
    btw, my friend played me your CD. I like it and sounds like 
    Byrds sometimes.
    You now working on Monkees and Beach Boys reissue? I hope you 
    make Cyrkle reissue CD someday.
    Soft Rock rules! (Vanda too)
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    Subject:     Hello! & a teensy addition to The Cyrkle/what about them?
    Received:    02/11/99 9:01 am
    From:        Michael Coxe,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    First of all, hi!! I've been a Spectropop reader since Sept. 98,
    but only now am I making my inaugural post. You all have 
    assembled quite a crew here. I'll do my best not to diminish the
    signal-to-noise ratio.
    Bio stuff: I run another mailing list called the Audities-List, 
    of which many of you here are longtime members, and which was an
    outgrowth of the former pop/power-pop magazine called Audities 
    (RIP). Born in the early 50's in North Carolina, raised primarily
    on southern soul/beach music and 60's rock-n-roll and 
    transplanted to San Jose, CA in 1978 in time to catch the * new*
    wave of bands emerging from punk's carcass.
    Not a musician, though I flirted with trumpet while managing my 
    high- school friends' soul band (does anyone remember "Love 
    Power" by The Sandpebbles? - our band played that). Not a writer
    or specifically a collector, mainly a fan of the music and the 
    stories surrounding it.
    Much of the music mentioned on this list is new to me, and I'm 
    sure I don't have to tell you how exciting it is to discover 
    (and rediscover) new music that just happened to be recorded and 
    released 30-40 years ago. A most humbling but exhilarating 
    To add only a little to Mr. Sandoval's in-depth account, I had 
    remembered a story of the Cyrkle being Simon & Garfunkel's 
    backup band on at least one tour. To verify, I turned to my 
    sometimes trusty friend the internet and found this to be only 
    partially true. The fact (as cribbed off this web site: 
    < >) is that Tom Dawes alone 
    accompanied them (on bass) in '65 and out of that arose the 
    offer of "Red Rubber Ball".
    Thanks for reading,
     - Michael Coxe 
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    Subject:     The Cyrkle
    Received:    02/11/99 9:01 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Andrew Sandoval wrote:
    >Terrific records like...Reading Her Paper rank above and 
    >beyond the great "soft pop" of the era and are very classy 
    >productions a la the Left Banke (great arrangements and 
    Couldn't agree more. Reading Her Paper is a great personal 
    favorite, for precisely the reasons you mention. 
    >Producer Charlie Calello was in charge of their later singles 
    >which included some great early Bee Gees covers (Turn Of The 
    >Century/Red Chair Fade Away).
    Just wanted to point out Charlie Callelo's involvement here is 
    another link between Diane Renay/Four Seasons/Girl Group sound 
    and the music of the so-called soft rock genre to which so many 
    of the Brill era writers/producers/arrangers migrated.
    ...and yeah! Those Bee Gees covers are indeed very good!
    Thanks for posting, Andrew.
    All the best,
    Jamie LePage
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    Subject:     Millennium's "The Begin"
    Received:    02/11/99 9:01 am
    From:        Ron Weekes,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I've got the Sony issue of this CD, the complete LP with four 
    bonus tracks. I know Rev-ola has reissued this CD but I think it
    has 22 track's instead of Sony's 16 tracks. Can someone tell me 
    what the additional tracks are? I'm not sure if I want to pay 
    big bucks for six more tracks. 
    I know Gary Usher and Curt Boettcher are discussed from time to 
    time on this list. This is my preferred order of Usher/Boettcher
    Sagittarius:  Present Tense
    The Ballroom:  Preparing for The Millennium
    The Millennium:  Begin
    I also have a copy of Sagittarius' "Blue Marble" on cassette. 
    Wish someone would release it on CD. Not having the liner notes,
    I'll assume that Boettcher was involved. Am I wrong? My favorite 
    Usher "pop" release has to be Celestium's "Sanctuary."  That's 
    another one I wish was on CD. My cassette from vinyl dub is okay. 
    I'd like to find the liner notes to this one.
    For those you know me, I got through an Usher related message 
    without talking about his surf and hot rod era...oops, I lied!
    Ron Weekes
    The Surf and Hot Rod Sounds of Gary Usher Web Page
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    Subject:     One Flat Jan
    Received:    02/11/99 9:01 am
    From:        James Cassidy,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Doc Rock wrote about Jan & Dean:
    >Jan also had trouble singing high notes. So he would slow down
    >the track for songs such as "You Really Know How To Hurt A Guy"
    >while recording his vocals. That made the high notes easier to
    >reach. Then for the release, the normal speed was restored, and
    >Jan sang higher!
    Unfortunately, not high enough on that particular number; "You 
    Really Know How To Hurt A Guy" features one of the flattest 
    notes ever committed to tape on the last word of the line "the 
    ones that you like are really not your *kind*"!
    Jim Cassidy
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    Subject:     Playin' Hard To Get
    Received:    02/11/99 4:04 pm
    From:        Jack Madani,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Have purchased "Playin' Hard To Get: West Coast Girls" (Ace 
    CDCHD 559), an Ace compilation of 28 tracks from the Challenge 
    label. Includes six Blossoms tracks and two Donna Loren tracks; 
    and then the unexpected treasures begin popping up. Groups I'd 
    never heard of like the Galens (who at times sound remarkably 
    like the Paris Sisters), Dorothy Berry, Renee Medina, Yvonne 
    Carroll, the Delicates, and the Francettes. Tracks that are full
    blown faux-spector, or which clearly are meant to sound like 
    Lesley Gore, Barbara Lewis, Skeeter Davis, or Connie Francis. My
    personal favorite is Chinese Lanterns by the Galens, which has 
    this groovy "oriental" riff that reminded me a little bit of 
    Nancy Sinatra's You Only Live Twice. Some of these recordings 
    sound like they could only have been recorded at Gold Star.
    I've played this disc a zillion times in the past four days but 
    have only glanced at the booklet. This disc is a total winner. 
    Anyone else heard of this compilation?
    Jack Madani - Princeton Day School, The Great Road,
       Princeton, NJ  08540
    "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred." 
     --Henry Cabot Henhouse III
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    Subject:     Re: Curt Boetcher (was: Eternity's Children)
    Received:    02/11/99 9:01 am
    From:        Ron Weekes,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Tobias wrote:
    On the Sagittarius "Present Tense" album (Sundazed's CD reissue), 
    Usher is credited as session producer along with Curt 
    Boettcher. He is also credited as musical arranger along with 
    Boettcher and Keith Olsen. 
    Gary is credited with one tune from the LP, "The Truth Is Not 
    Real."  He also has one of the bonus tracks that he penned, 
    "Mass #586."
    Ron Weekes
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    Subject:     Records at Goodwill
    Received:    02/11/99 4:04 pm
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurbXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Scott wrote:
    > I don't own a phonograph anymore & gave all my records 
    > away to Goodwill some years ago. I'm a true believer in the 
    > superior sound quality of CDs, but have found too many great 
    > songs have been forgotten and aren't readily available on CD.
    I like Cds too (at least they are the right shape....round) but 
    I kept my records because the record companies continue to put 
    the wrong versions and leave great songs off the reissues on the
    market. If you lived in KY I may have bought some of your records
    at Goodwill. I stop at every one I see.
    Paul "Glad he kept the records" Urbahns
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    Subject:     Sonny & Cher
    Received:    02/11/99 9:01 am
    From:        john rausch, jXXXXXXXXnet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Anyone seen the commercial on the tube for the Sonny & Cher 
    movie (Feb/22)? I have posted about this before, The actors 
    really look/act like S&C, and looks like a great pic! Hopefully 
    there will be a bit on the Spector years for us all!
    John Rausch
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of SouXXXXXXXX://
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    Subject:     The Gordian Knot
    Received:    02/11/99 9:01 am
    From:        Matthew Kaplan, TweeXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    The other day I was listening to a very cool new indie group, 
    who will remain nameless for reason that will come to understand. 
    The group's new album is filled with cool beats, indie vocals 
    and some really nice samples. Well, after listening to one of 
    the tracks I was sure that the sample used was an early 8Ts song
    called "Box Set Go" by a British band called The High, when I 
    asked one of the members of the band they assured me that I was 
    wrong and rather it was by a group called The Gordian 
    my question is...who were the Gordian Knot?
    Matthew T. Kaplan
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     Wonderful Summer
    Received:    02/11/99 4:04 pm
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurbXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > The classic girl record that was speeded up was Robin Ward's 
    > (real name Jackie) "Wonderful Summer."  Since she was a 
    > full-grown woman with a daughter (named Robin, btw), to make her
    > sound like a teen, her voice was speeded up.
    There's differences in the mix between the stereo album version 
    (commonly on reissues) and the hit 45 version. Hint. Listen to 
    the surf and when it enters.
    Paul Urbahns
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    Subject:     Havin' fun here
    Received:    02/11/99 9:01 am
    From:        Tom Simon, tsiXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hey, Diane Renay ...
    You sure have made things a lot of fun around here! We love 
    hearing what you have to say. Please keep your stories comin'...
    I love it.
    Tom Simon
    --------------------[ archived by Spectropop ]--------------------
    Subject:     For Diane Renay
    Received:    02/12/99 6:53 am
    From:        Jimmy Cresitelli, JimmyXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Ms. Renay! In a recent post you mentioned Jean Thomas singing
    background for you, along with two other women... could they have
    perhaps been Darlene Love and Fanita James, aka [all together] a 
    trio called the Blossoms? 
    Jimmy Crescitelli
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