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Spectropop V#0221

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 02/03/99

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       Volume #0221                        February 4, 1999   
                 Free on request at your dealer's             
    Subject:     Association and Tokens CDs Are Here!
    Received:    02/03/99 1:07 am
    From:        David Bash, BashXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Everyone,
    Well, they've finally arrived! Warner Brothers Japan, after what
    appeared to be a lengthy US embargo, has released CDs of the 
    first four Association albums, "And Along Comes The Association," 
    "Renaissance," "Insight Out," and "Birthday," as well as the 
    Tokens' "It's A Happening World" album. The release of the 
    Association albums is a dream come true for me, as "Along Comes"
    and "Birthday" have long been favorites and the other two aren't 
    exactly chopped liver. The Association is a band who hasn't 
    gotten the respect due them, mainly because they've long worn 
    that "singles band" tag. The truth is that all four of these 
    albums are worthy of praise, not only showcasing the bands 
    patented six part harmonies, but their arranging and songwriting
    skills as well. Each one of these discs hang together well as 
    albums, and "Birthday" is an absolute soft pop masterpiece! I 
    can't recommend these albums enough to the people on this list!
    As for The Tokens, while their career output had been somewhat 
    sporadic and spotty at times, their "It's A Happening World" 
    album is their centerpiece. It's another great example of soft 
    pop, sprinkled with their lighthearted urban sensibilities. This
    Warners reissue also has 12 bonus tracks which are comprised of 
    singles they released for the label in the late 60s. All in all,
    The sound quality on all 5 discs is amazing as well. Being 
    Japanese imports, they'll cost a pretty penny, but they're worth
    Spectropop Rules!!!!!
    Take Care,
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    Subject:     Soft rock/Neon Philharmonic
    Received:    02/03/99 1:07 am
    From:        Stewart Mason, flamiXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Agnes writes:
    >>which makes one question the compilers' taste (better than 
    >>Odessey & Oracle? Pet Sounds? Roger Nichols?).
    >I've never been able to get into that Zombies record. It's 
    >regarded as a masterpiece by many, no?
    Including me! I think it's absolutely brilliant, possibly the 
    greatest album to come out of the UK in the late 60s (yes, 
    including SGT. PEPPER, which I don't much rate at all). I 
    understand entirely why some would consider it too "arty," as 
    Frank put it, but for me the offbeat-but-friendly song 
    structures, lyrics and arrangements hold up considerably better 
    than a lot of the more overtly experimental works of the era.
    One of the bands on my label, Chrys&themums, released a 
    song-by-song cover of the entire O&O album in 1989. I think it's
    one of the few albums deserving that kind of tribute.
    Jamie LePage wrote:
    >One aspect of so-called "soft rock" that makes it so relevant to
    >this discussion group is that it evolved directly from the 
    >Brill Building/Girl Group school. Riopell from Spector to Parade, 
    >Usher from Hondells to Sagittarius, David Gates from Girlfriends
    >to Bread, and like that. But by 1968, the old school music makers
    >were perceived by the new Rock movement as going in a decidedly 
    >unhip direction. The real time prejudice against love american 
    >styled pop music is sort of irrelevant now, especially for those 
    >whose discovery of this music is recent. And while appreciation of 
    >music is always subjective, certainly the schooled musicians' and 
    >arrangers' work of this period is far more structured than much of 
    >the Rock music that came out at this time. Anyone heard of Blue 
    This brings up an observation and a couple of questions: What do
    folks here think of the Neon Philharmonic? I admit that my first 
    interest in them came from being fascinated by the Tupper Saussy
    story (former musician becomes leading figure in the right-wing 
    anti-tax militia undergound and goes on the lam for several 
    years before being caught and imprisoned -- sorry, but that's 
    *way* more interesting to me than anything you're going to see on
    VH1's Behind the Music).
    But when I heard the albums (THE MOTH CONFESSES, 1969, and THE 
    NEON PHILHARMONIC, 1970, both WB), I became absolutely entranced
    with them. The orchestral arrangements and the strong 
    Bacharach-Wilson influences of the melodies are amazing, and 
    Saussy's bizarre lyrics -- they're like paragraphs of prose that
    happen to scan, sometimes complete with dialogue -- add a whole 
    different level of interest. I just think these records are 
    endlessly fascinating.
    Sundazed did an exceptional reissue of THE MOTH CONFESSES a few 
    years ago. Does anyone know if the self-titled album is 
    available on CD? It's overall maybe slightly weaker than the 
    debut, but "Forever Hold Your Peace" is possibly the best tune 
    Tupper Saussy ever wrote.
    Having Mary Wilson in your night class. Wow! I was impressed 
    enough when it turned out that my first English course at Texas 
    Tech University in 1987 was taught by Dr. Bruce Clarke, whom 
    most of you here would have known as Bruno in the original 
    lineup of Sha Na Na...
    ***************************FLAMINGO RECORDS***************************
    Stewart Allensworth Mason
    Box 40172			"Book says fie to over-oaked
    Albuquerque NM 87196		 Chardonnay."
    *********************HAPPY MUSIC FOR NICE PEOPLE**********************
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    Subject:     from Carol K
    Received:    02/04/99 1:30 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    John, I think I did work for Bob Crewe (or with him), name is 
    familiar, but can't think of who he is off-hand, sorry.
    Sad news: JULIUS WECHTER, whose band was the Baja Marimba Band, 
    died yesterday (Sunday) -- he lost his brave fight with lung 
    cancer, nice man, great talent, as good as they come. Funeral 
    services are Wed. On another sad note, we lost LEW McCREARY 
    (fine trombonist, worked on the Simpsons TV show for years and 
    years, did 1,000s of great record dates, wonderful guy, great 
    humor, fine jazz trombonist too -- we worked together with Page 
    Cavanaugh early 60s) the week before from cancer also.
    Carol Kaye
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    Subject:     Bel Air Bandits
    Received:    02/03/99 7:28 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docroXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Just think how many things went on behind the scenes in the 60s 
    that we will never know about!
    For example....
    Bones Howe told me this story. (Bones engineered Jan & Dean, 
    Gary Lewis, and much more at Liberty Records; created the 5th 
    Dimension to be "a black Mama's and Papas," and was VP at 
    Columbia Pictures for music.
    "One of Jan's projects was the big orchestral one, Pop Symphony.
    Lou had an idea that there could be a rhythm section called the 
    Bel Air Bandits. He tried it several times with various people 
    including me. Later other sections existed, and it would have 
    been the Los Angeles equivalent of the Atlanta Rhythm Section. 
    Lou never got it together, but it was a great name, 'Bel Air 
    Bandits,' so the name ended up being used for Jan & Dean's 
    football team and later their touring back-up band. But it was 
    going to be a back-up session band called the Bel Air Bandits. 
    We made an instrumental recording once, never released. Chuck 
    Britz was the engineer for that."
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    Subject:     It's My Party/Favourite Covers
    Received:    02/03/99 1:07 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > I recommend them highly. New grist for our mill! Write John at 
    > impXXXXXXXXom, and tell 'em Doc sent ya'! It won't do you any 
    > good, but I've always wanted to say that!
    Hey, hey. Doc, remember who told you about It's My Party In The 
    first place! Just kidding. I recommend them too! I like their 
    first single better than their new one, but that's because I've 
    heard "That Boy John," and "The Boy Next Door," by the orginal 
    artists more often..
    By the way, It's My Party hit number one on my station CKLU in 
    Sudbury last week with "I'd Much Rather Be With The Girls," and 
    "Can't," at number three. This week the hits flipped, "Can't 
    tops the charts, and "The Girls," falls to number five. If these
    gals can make it to the top off the charts on a station which 
    plays mostly alternative rock, they can do it elsewhere too!
    Favourite album cover: The Toys Sing A Lover's Concerto and 
    Attack! Classic artwork, and very seductive posses.
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    Subject:     Rare Brian Wilson-Gary Usher recordings
    Received:    02/02/99 8:41 am
    From:        Ron Weekes,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    NOTE: If you know of any other lists or newgroups that might be 
    able to help me with my quest, please feel free to post them 
    In doing research for my Gary Usher web page, I've come across 
    some information that a few days before The Beach Boys entered 
    the studio in April 1962 to start recording Surfin' Safari, 
    Brian Wilson and Gary Usher went into Western and recorded 
    several tracks. If my information is correct, Brian sang lead 
    vocal on some of the tracks and Gary sang lead on the others. 
    Sorry, I don't have any information on the titles from what I've
    been able to find thus far.
    My question is if anyone on the list knows of any recordings of 
    these very early Brian Wilson-Gary Usher sessions that are 
    floating around in collector's circles. If so, I'd sure like to 
    get a copy of them. I'm even willing to trade some of my 
    material for a cassette of these rare recordings. Any help would
    be appreciated.
    Please contact me privately at: 
    Ron Weekes
    The Surf and Hot Rod Sounds of Gary Usher Web Page
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    Subject:     To: Doc Rock ~ From: Diane Renay
    Received:    02/03/99 1:07 am
    From:        Diane renay, CEIInvXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi There Friend!
    Whatever became of the 2 or 3 HOUR telephone interview we did 
    last year? Sure hope you were able to do something with it, 
    after all that time we spent chatting over the phone! Please let
    me know what happened.
         Sincerely: Diane Renay <{:>)
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    Subject:     To: Jack Madani ~ From: Diane Renay
    Received:    02/03/99 1:07 am
    From:        Diane renay, CEIInvXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Jack:
    So glad that you liked my old songs, especially "I Had A Dream"!
    ! What a time I had in the studio hitting those HIGH, HIGH, 
    NOTES!!!!! If you recall, there was a man's speaking part that 
    said "Do You Take This Man For The Rest Of Your Life"? Well, for
    your information, that was Bob Crewe on my recording, ha, ha!!!
         Sincerely: Diane Renay <{:>)
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    Subject:     To: Jimmy Cresitelli ~ From: Diane Renay
    Received:    02/03/99 1:07 am
    From:        Diane renay, CEIInvXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Jimmy:
    Thanks for your welcome. Funny, but when I was 12 years old, I 
    would hang out on a street corner in South Philly with a few 
    boys, and I would sing lead and they would sing the background 
    for me! Those were the good old days for sure, what fun we all 
    had in the 50s and 60s as kids. So glad you enjoyed my music!!
         Sincerely: Diane Renay <{:>)
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    Subject:     To: John Rauch ~ From: Diane Renay
    Received:    02/03/99 1:07 am
    From:        Diane renay, CEIInvXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi John:
    How can I describe "Please Gypsy"? It's different from a lot of 
    the Bob Crewe songs that I had recorded before I moved to the 
    United Artists record label. Maybe someone out there that has 
    the recording could make and send you a tape of it.
         Sincerely: Diane Renay <{:>)
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    Subject:     Re: Spectropop V#0220 Del-Fi Girl Group 
    Received:    02/04/99 1:30 am
    From:        Steve Stanley,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    William Stos wrote:
    >p.s. that new Del-Fi Girl group comp sounds great! what other 
    >artists can we expect to hear?
    Steve Stanley wrote:
    The Del-Fi GG comp will feature the following sides:
    The Ladybugs  It's the Last Time    Del-Fi 4233 
    The Ladybugs  Sooner Or Later     Del-Fi 4233
    .......Does anybody know about other tunes of theirs?
    The Sisters   All Grown Up     Del-Fi 4300 (Spector cover)
    The Sisters   Ooh Poo Pa Doo     Del-Fi 4302  
    The Sisters   Gee Baby Gee     Del-Fi 4300  
    The Sisters   Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home  Del-Fi 4306  
    The Sisters   For Sentimental Reasons   Del-Fi 4306 (BEAUTIFUL!!)
    The Sisters   His Name Was John    UNRELEASED 
    The Sisters   Happy New Year Baby   Del-Fi 4302
    Pippy Shannon  My Love For Thee    Del-Fi 4179  (GORGEOUS!)
    Pippy Shannon  He Is       Del-Fi 4179  VERY PATSY CLINE. COOL
    Pippy Shannon  Shade of Red     UNRELEASED
    Pippy Shannon  Pretend      UNRELEASED   
    Lori Martin  The Home of the Boy I Love  Del-Fi 4201 (A BARRY MANN TUNE & 
    Lori Martin  Mine Til Monday    Del-Fi 4201 (A BARRY MANN TUNE & PROD.)
    Mary Sawrey  Those Memories of You    Mustang 3022 ........(FEAT. BARRY 
    Mary Sawrey  A Lover's Plea     Mustang 3022 (written by Barry White!! 
    Desda   Splish Splash Twist    Del-Fi 4174 
    Brenda Holloway  I'll Give You My Life    Donna 1370 (PRE- MOTOWN, 
    -Steve Stanley
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