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Spectropop V#0205

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 01/01/99

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       Volume #0204                                 January 2, 1999   
    For maximum enjoyment store in protective envelope when not in use
    Subject:     More...
    Sent:        01/01/99 6:02 am
    Received:    01/01/99 7:55 am
    From:        Carol Kaye,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Claudia, yes, I worked for Jerry Fuller in the 60s. I did a lot 
    of different kinds of rock dates for him. He usually used John 
    Guerin on drums, who is still here in LA. Not sure about the 
    other name, it sounds familiar and is probably in my log. I will 
    get back on that one.
    Yes, I worked a great deal in the 60s for the very nice Bobby 
    Goldsboro, really a great guy as well as a good singer. Did his 
    big hits with him (listed on bass credits on my site) at Columbia
    I've known Herb Alpert since he was working at Keen Records with 
    Bumps Blackwell; he and Lou teamed up early on, but they went 
    their own separate ways when Herb's 1st hit happened (Lonely Bull).
    I did a lot of nice dates with Herb, not all but quite a few 
    on guitar -- am on 12-string guitar for his hit, Mexican Shuffle,
    and quite a few others. I played bass on his Whipped Cream album, 
    cut at Gold Star where all the rest were done also. He is an 
    EXCELLENT producer, really knows his craft.
    I even did a "jazz gig" (it was a bar mitzvah, but the band was 
    pure stone-jazz) with Herb on trumpet, and well.......he's great 
    at producing! He's a very nice guy too, a very gentle soul. His 
    brother and his partner really helped him with A&M, and Larry 
    Levine designed his famous studios where so much was cut too.
    Ian - very sorry to hear about Dusty Springfield, she is a very 
    kind beautiful lady -- I enjoyed working with her in the late 60s, 
    with Paul Humphrey on drums. It was at a sad time of her life, 
    and I think she liked the way we kidded and cheered her up. I 
    was very impressed with her as a person. Such talent! I hope she 
    beats this thing, my daughter did, and it was a tough row to hoe.
    Happy New Year to you all, and thanks,
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    Subject:     Jerry Fuller
    Sent:        01/01/99 6:49 am
    Received:    01/01/99 7:56 am
    From:        Warren Cosford, rXXXXXXXXNet
    To:          Spectropop,
    Hi Folks:
    I believe the song Claudia Cunningham was trying to recall by 
    Jerry Fuller was "Goodnight Pretty Girl". Don't believe it was a 
    hit, except perhaps regionally, but it was a great song. The 
    ultimate "dreamy ballad".
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    Subject:     Bobby Russell/ Jerry Fuller
    Sent:        01/05/19 12:05 pm
    Received:    01/02/99 11:18 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Claudia wrote:
    I am wondering if any of you, particularly Carol Kaye, knows 
    anything about Bobby Russell's contributions to producing music 
    and Jerry Fuller's. Russell was married to Vicki Lawrence at the 
    time and produced "The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia" for 
    her in the early Seventies. I know he produced for other people. 
    Anyone know who?
    I have been researching Bobby Russell for years and never really 
    centered on his productions as he was better known as a 
    songwriter of Honey, Little Green Apples, The Joker Went Wild 
    (Brian Hyland) and others. In the 60's he operated out of 
    Nashville and along with Buzz Cason, and D Bergan White were 
    (among other things) the group that recorded "Little GTO" in 
    Nashville. Lots of people think the record was from California. I
    have hundreds of records recorded by Russell as sound-a-likes for 
    Hit Records of Nashville. His first wife was Honey (that's where 
    the song title came from). His biggest solo hit was probably the 
    novelty record 1432 Franklin Pike Circle hero, even though he had
    some chart success in the 60s (mostly MOR charts) with Better 
    Homes And Gardens and others on the Elf label.
    Claudia wrote:
    Jerry Fuller produced many acts in the early to mid Sixties.
    He had a song out which he sang on in '64 or '65 which was a 
    ballad. It was very haunting and I can't recall the name. Does 
    anyone know?
    His biggest success was with Gary Puckett & The Union Gap. He 
    produced and wrote all their hits. When Gary Puckett walked out 
    of a Fuller recording session, that ended his relationship with 
    Fuller and ended his hits. If you listen to Fuller's solo album 
    you can see Puckett was basically impersonating Fuller's sound on
    demos. I had Fuller's solo album on MCA once but gave it away to a
    Gary Puckett fan.
    Paul URbahns
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    Subject:     Jerry Ross and April Young
    Sent:        01/01/99 5:56 am
    Received:    01/01/99 7:55 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >April Young Gonna Make Him My Baby (Anders/Poncia/Calvert)/Life 
    >(Madara & White) Columbia 4-43285, released 6/65. 
    >Both sides produced by Jerry Ross. I understand that April and 
    >Jerry were once an item, and that she passed away a while ago, 
    >but don't take it as gospel. All her records are worth looking 
    >for, she never made a bad one.
    Jerry and April were married during her recording career. I was 
    surprised to learn about April's "To Be Loved By You," record. I 
    saw that both names were the same, but the voice on "Gonna Make 
    Him My Baby," seems to be different from the one on "To be Loved." 
    Is this just me?
    I'd love to find more of April's songs. Jerry Ross' best 
    productions can be found on "Here Come The Girls Vol 9" the North
    American edition. 20 great songs including the Sapphires' "Slow 
    Fizz," Candy and the Kisses' "The 81," Honey and the Lovenotes' 
    "Mary Ann," which, correct me if I'm wrong Barbara, was recorded 
    but not released by the Crystals, and others!
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    Subject:     Another Mary Ann
    Sent:        12/29/18 11:15 am
    Received:    01/01/99 11:18 pm
    From:        Frank Youngwerth, FXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    >Mary Ann is an interesting record because there seems to be no 
    >Spector version of this song anywhere (at least none that I'm 
    >aware of).
    The song "(I Just Go) Wild Inside" by the Barons (Imperial 66057)
    is credited to Spector-Poncia-Androeli, and it strongly resembles 
    "Mary Ann" in part. I'm not aware of Phil's being involved with 
    the Barons (and wasn't that the name of Jan & Dean's original 
    group?) other than that they recorded this song.
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    Subject:     Carol Connors
    Sent:        01/01/99 3:29 am
    Received:    01/01/99 3:33 am
    From:        David Feldman,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jamie asked:
    >Does anyone have a Carol Connors discography? Everything I've 
    >heard is just great, and much is smack dab in a Spector-less 
    >Teddy Bears style.
    Wish I could help, but I can't. But as a native Angeleno, I 
    distinctly remember her appearances on numerous local TV shows 
    (among many that they could be -- Lloyd Thaxton, 9th Street West 
    (Sam Riddle), Shivaree (Gene Weed?), one of Casey Kasem's?, one of
    Wink Martindale's local shows?) -- and that she was a singular 
    presence. For a songwriter, she sure was pretty! And she had the 
    bad girl group look down cold, even though the songs were, er, as
    you say, Teddy Bearish.
    What I remember most about her performances, though, was an 
    extremely unusual (for its time) post-modern ironic attitude. 
    Whether she was making fun of the lip-synching, making fun of her
    material, or was awkward about being on camera, I don't know. Her 
    heart didn't seem to be in performance.
    Dave Feldman
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    Subject:     Stereo Ronettes/Jan And Dean
    Sent:        01/05/19 7:05 am
    Received:    01/02/99 11:18 am
    From:        Paul Urbahns, PaulurXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Jamie wrote
    >Still prefer the single mono mixes to both stereo mixes
    Good luck, the only way to get the original mono mixes is on the 
    original release 45s. Or possibily on original Philles albums. 
    Seems like everytime Phil reissues stuff he remixes it and the 
    fights have been legendary. I remember when Rhino anounced they 
    were issuing the Phil Spector box set, that eventually came out 
    on Abkco (after Rhino spending a ton of money on it). Phil was 
    pissing off everybody in the studio during remixing to digital, 
    They called on Larry Levine to come in and help because he was 
    used to working with Phil. And I would imagine Phil trusts him 
    more than most engineers. The Abkco remixes list Jody Klein (is 
    this Allen's wife or son?) and Larry Levine.
    I once had a tape of the original Ronettes stereo mixes and liked
    them best. The European releases had quieter backgrounds and the 
    voices out front. I always felt he took that approach because he 
    was always critisized for burying the vocals in the original mixes.
    But I thought the European releases (I have most of them) lacked 
    punch. Guess it's one person's opinion, but you got it.
    Paul Urbahns
    PS As I type this I'm listening to Jan & Dean's "Save It For A 
    Rainy Day" CD on Sundazed. I think they did a good job on the 
    stereo mixes there, when comapared to the original mono mixes on 
    the CD from the original mono album tapes. The mono almost sounds
    like you're listening through a pipe of some kind, a metallic sound.
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    Subject:     Girls Can Tell - Bev Warren - Joanie Sommers
    Sent:        01/01/99 11:15 pm
    Received:    01/02/99 11:18 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi Ian,
    You wrote:
    >the Ronettes version wasn't on their Greatest 
    >Hits Vol. 2 in the PSI Box Set. 
    Thanks for confirming that. You mentioned in an earlier post that
    Polydor lost the tape To Girls Can Tell. It always sounds so 
    permanent when it's reported tapes are stolen or lost. Surely 
    Phil has a safety, or he must have the multi-track tape. Or maybe
    Anyway, if Girls Can Tell went missing...well just think; Polydor
    UK must have had nearly all the Philles masters for that first PSI
    series. The same group of people that incorrectly credited Girls 
    Can Tell to the Crystals. Yikes!
    Thankfully the Spector masters are in good hands now. ;-)
    >Beverly Warren - Let Me Get Close To You (Goffin/King)/Baby Baby 
    >Hullabaloo (Margo, Margo, Medress, Siegel) Rust 5098, released 64. 
    >Beverly had a couple other releases on BT Puppy...
    So is Big-Time Productions another Token credit? Did they do Let 
    Me Get Close To You? Surely Baby Baby Hullabaloo's their B.
    >Anyone noticed the striking similarity between this song 
    >and Mann/Weil's "I'd Be So Good For You", as done by 
    >Joanie Sommers?
    I listened to the Joanie Sommers side after you wrote this. What 
    are you hearing, Ian? They both use the hook at the end of the 
    verse approach rather than verse/chorus, and to that extent, both
    hooks come at the same place and have a similar lyric, but outside
    of that, I'm not hearing it. On the other hand, Barry & Cyn's I'm 
    Gonna Know He's Mind by Joanie Sommers sounds awfully close to 
    Sapphires' Who Do You Love, doncha think?
    All the best,
    Jamie LePage <>
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    Subject:     Xmas tune
    Sent:        01/01/99 3:28 am
    Received:    01/01/99 7:55 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docrXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    I heard a "new" Xmas tune on the radio this year. The DJ did not 
    give the title or artist, but it was a GG-type record, probably 
    titled "Christmas Kisses." Sounded a bit like Joanie Sommers. 
    Anyone know the record, either from the early '60s or from a new 
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    Subject:     Boss Soul
    Sent:        01/01/99 6:49 am
    Received:    01/01/99 7:55 am
    From:        David Marsteller,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi All!
    Yesterday, I bought a copy of a compilation on Del-Fi, "Boss 
    Soul-The Genius Of Barry White" which is a collection of tracks 
    by various artists (best known are Viola Wills and Mr. White 
    himself) which were produced by Barry White in the mid-60s for a 
    Del-Fi affiliated label, Bronco. Apparently the idea was for 
    Del-Fi to create their own Motown. The liner notes mention Carol 
    Kaye as being on the recordings, as well as Jim Messina, with 
    Patrice Holloway, Edna Wright and Darlene Love as background 
    singers. No information on individual sessions, but some of those
    tracks do sound pretty good! Carol, do you remember those sessions
    at all?
    /**   "It used to be a pleasure, a comfort and a treasure"             **/
    /**                                             Diesel Park West       **/
    /**      David Marsteller                       **/
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    Subject:     a couple other 45's
    Sent:        01/01/99 11:26 am
    Received:    01/01/99 11:17 pm
    From:        Billy G. Spradlin,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Thanks for the information on "Girls Can Tell" and the Beverly 
    Warren and April Young singles. You guys know your stuff.
    Now I have a couple other 45's that I need information on. I have
    both of these records in my collection, and I picked them up over 
    the years at thrift stores. (Cheap!)
    Toni Jones
    Dear (Here Comes My Baby) (P.Spector)
    Love is Strange (E. Smith-M. Baker)
    Smash S-1814
    Produced by Lester Sill & Steve Douglas 
    Arranged by Jack Nitzsche
    Carol Shaw
    Jimmy Boy (Edwards-Weiss)
    Please Don't (Carr-Shuman)
    Atco 45-6278 (white promo copy)
    An Award Music Production
    Supervised By Artie Ripp
    Matthew Reid
    Lollypops Went Out Of Style (Crew-L'Heureux)
    Cry Myself to Sleep (Crewe-Gaudio)
    Topix 45-6006V (Promo Copy...Distributed by London Records)
    Produced by Bob Crewe
    "Cry" arranged and conducted by Sid Bass
    I hope you find these 45's interesting. I listed the Matthew Reid
    because it has a lot of interesting "effects" (echo, reverb, 
    maximum compression on the drums) that Bob Crewe loved to use on 
    those classic 4 Seasons productions. I almost threw this 45 back 
    in the bin at the thrift store in Wichita Kansas in 1995 where I 
    discovered it in because it had a bad break in the vinyl and 
    thought it wouldnt play. Glad I didnt!
    Have a great 1999
    Billy G. Spradlin
    29 Rim Road
    Kilgore, Texas 75662
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    Subject:     Supremes
    Sent:        12/28/18 11:43 am
    Received:    01/02/99 11:18 am
    From:        john rausch, XXXXXXXXnet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi All
    Wishing everyone a happy New Year.
    While surfing, I stumbled across a Supremes website some may 
    Out of the U.K. and should please some on the list, however 
    I didn`t
    stay very long as it was taking too long to load and I am very 
    impatient :-)
    John Rausch
    Phil Spector`s Wall of SoXXXXXXXX://
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    Subject:     Hot Pastrami
    Sent:        01/02/19 5:23 am
    Received:    01/02/99 11:18 am
    From:        john rausch, XXXXXXXXnet
    To:          Spectropop List,
    The Ronettes as Crystals:
    I love to hear Ronnie sing "Phil Spector Yeah..." and then 
    "Jack Nitzsche Yeah..." on Hot Pastrami and that got me to 
    thinking about 2 other Crystals songs sung by Ronnie:
    The Twist and Mashed Potato Time. They all sound as if they 
    were recorded in one or two takes, especially on Mashed Potato 
    Time, there's a part when it sounds as if Ronnie is mumbling the 
    syllables to the words 'cause she didn't have them all memorized,
    and the drummer makes a mistake toward the end of the song. All 
    said and done,I still enjoy listening to these cuts.
    Also ...I am making a Spector instrumental "b-side" compilation 
    and was wondering if anyone has heard "Winter Blues", the B-side 
    of the hard to find issue of Christmas, Baby Please Come Home? 
    Is It an Instrumental or does Darlene sing?
    John Rausch
    Presenting The Fabulous 
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    Subject:     Fees and Royalties re Motown
    Sent:        12/27/18 6:15 pm
    Received:    01/02/99 11:18 am
    From:        Doc Rock, docrXXXXXXXXcom
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Carol, I am confused. You mentioned getting $25 or $35 per 2 
    tunes. You also mentioned people back in Detroit getting 
    royalties. Are these "people" the artists on the label, or are 
    they the session musicians who did not play on the tunes but who 
    would have had the sessions been back East?
    And you mentioned Motown songs being in films. Do session players
    get royalties for that? I never thought they did, but do they?
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