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Spectropop V#0203

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 12/30/98

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       Volume #0203                              January 1, 1999   
      An endeavor to epitomize great stars in the recording field  
    Subject:     April Young
    Sent:        12/30/98 1:18 am
    Received:    12/30/98 9:20 am
    From:        john rausch, XXXXXXXXnet
    To Billy Spradlin:
    Here`s a little info on the songs you asked about:
    Gonna Make Him My Baby - April Young / Columbia#43285
    Produced by Jerry Ross and written by P. Andreoli, V. Poncia and 
    J. Calvert. I'm not sure of the date though. Andreoli and Poncia 
    also wrote some songs for Spector, for example: Best Part Of 
    Breaking Up, Strange Love, Stumble And Fall, Do I Love You). 
    Let Me Get Close To You - Beverly Warren / Rust#5098
    Written by Goffin, King. The label says produced by "Big-Time 
    Productions." Date unknown.
    Sorry about the dates but hope I have been of some help.
    John Rausch
    Presenting the Fabulous 
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    Subject:     Re: Girls Can Tell
    Sent:        12/30/98 2:08 am
    Received:    12/30/98 9:20 am
    From:        WILLIAM STOS,
    Someone mentioned another girl group covering this Spector song. 
    The Dixie Cups recorded a version for one of their albums I 
    believe. It is pretty weak compared to the Crystals version which
    I've heard. Almost like a lullabye. Still enjoyable.
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    Subject:     Girls Can Tell/Beverly/April
    Sent:        01/01/99 1:46 am
    Received:    01/01/99 2:37 am
    From:        IAC,
    Hi Jamie: - No, the Ronettes version wasn't on their Greatest 
    Hits Vol. 2 in the PSI Box Set. I know what you mean about 
    assuming Phil was doing another "Hot Pastrami" or "The Twist" 
    with that track - I think we all did until the "real" Crystals 
    version became known - after all, just think how many different 
    girls have appeared as leads on tracks credited to the Crystals: 
    Barbara, Pat, Lala, Darlene, and Ronnie!
    Hi Billy: - The Ronettes and Crystals versions do use the same 
    backing track. The other version you mention was by the Dixie 
    Cups, and I agree, it does sound a bit wet next to the Spector 
    productions. E-mail me if you want to hear the Ronettes and we'll
    see what we can do (same goes for anyone else).
    The label info you require for those two 45s is as follows:
    April Young Gonna Make Him My Baby (Anders/Poncia/Calvert)/Life 
    (Madara & White) Columbia 4-43285, released 6/65. 
    Both sides produced by Jerry Ross. I understand that April and 
    Jerry were once an item, and that she passed away a while ago, 
    but don't take it as gospel. All her records are worth looking 
    for, she never made a bad one.
    Beverly Warren - Let Me Get Close To You (Goffin/King)/Baby Baby 
    Hullabaloo (Margo, Margo, Medress, Siegel) Rust 5098, released 64. 
    Beverly had a couple other releases on BT Puppy, and half an 
    album - a back-to-back affair shared with Andrea Carroll (BT 
    Puppy 1017 - produced by the Tokens) None of Beverly's other 
    stuff quite matched the brilliance of the Rust single, I don't 
    think. She's still performing around the NY area, I believe. 
    Skeeter Davis also did "Let Me Get Close To You". Anyone noticed 
    the striking similarity between this song and Mann/Weil's "I'd Be
    So Good For You", as done by Joanie Sommers? Also, there was a boy
    group called the Horizons who did a song called "Hey Now Baby" on 
    Regina, which is also almost identical in structure to "Let Me 
    Get Close To You", but I have no writer credits for that one, 
    though the producers are Vega/Dreyer.
    And John: I echo your enthusiasm for the picture-sleeve website. 
    There's a Robin Ward pic sleeve there of a single I never even knew 
    existed - also the only time I have ever seen a pic of her.
    Happy New Year to all,
    Ian Chapman
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    Subject:     Spector, Barry, Christians & Carols
    Sent:        12/29/98 12:40 am
    Received:    12/30/98 9:20 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
    Billy G. Spradlin wrote:
    >Did the Ronettes version [of Girls Can Tell] use the same
    >backing track as the Crystals version...?
    Yes, it is the same track.
    >I remember hearing another girl group cover the song
    >(I think it was the Jelly Beans) but their simple version
    >pales when compared to Spector's.
    That would be the Dixie Cups, right? Could've been Jelly Beans,
    considering both groups shared essentially the same writers/ 
    producers/sound. Still, Barry's East Coast records are 
    charming in their own way even if they lack the power and LA 
    groove of similar LA sides.
    >I would love to hear the Ronettes version.
    It would be interesting to compile a list of what we would 
    consider a comprehensive set of the formerly or currently 
    unavailable Spector tracks. Somewhere between 74 and 148 minutes 
    of music. ;-) Any ideas for such a set? (Oops, I mean "list?")
    Re: Touch the Wall of Sound 60-track faux Spector set (TtWoS)
    Billy G. Spradlin wrote:
    >April Young-Gonna Make Him My Baby
    Arranged by Joe Renzetti and produced by Jerry Ross, "Gonna 
    Make Him My Baby" was written by Anders and Poncia, along 
    with J. Calvert and I believe M. Wecht.
    Also on TtWoS is "Mary Ann" by Honey Love & the Love Notes. 
    Written by Anders and Poncia with Spector, Mary Ann is an 
    interesting record because there seems to be no Spector 
    version of this song anywhere (at least none that I'm aware 
    April Young has one other track on the TtWoS set "To Be Loved By 
    You" (Kenny Gamble, Jerry Ross Joe Renzetti), and it too was a 
    Jerry Ross production. This one might be a bit wild for some (not 
    for Doc!), and I must admit smiling as April grunts and moans 
    through the choruses. :-)
    >Beverly Warren-Let Me [Get Close] To You
    Ah, now this is a great favorite!. A classic Goffin/King song, 
    the "Come on Bay-be" just before the title line is a Killer! 
    Released on Laurie subsidiary Rust Records, it's is credited to 
    Big-Time Productions. I wonder if Bright Tunes may have something
    to do with this disc. Sure sounds like the Tokens; they were 
    close with Laurie... Anyway, it sounds too embellished to be 
    a typical Goffin production. One irritating thing about the TtWoS
    series is that there are no liner notes. Grrrr! Can anyone shed 
    some light on Big-Time?
    >...Sonny Bono...go-phering for Spector at the time...brought 
    >his then girlfriend.... Sonny had her audition for Spector and he 
    >liked what he heard. Cher sang along with the voluminous "choir" 
    >of Spector singers on "Lovin' Feelin'," amongst others Spector 
    "Ringo I Love You" is another Spector record worth mentioning here 
    because it is, I believe, Cher's first release (Annette 1001). It
    too was co-penned by Anders & Poncia (with additional writer 
    credits to Spector and song plugger Paul Case). A Beatle novelty 
    single, it was released under the name Bonnie Jo Mason.
    Another early Cher single, although it is not a Spector side, is 
    "Dream Baby" by Cherilyn and it IS on TtWoS set mentioned above. 
    Produced and written by Sonny Bono, the disc was engineered by 
    Stan Ross and arranged by Gene Page. This track is as close to 
    wall-of-sound as faux Spector can get, replete with thunderous 
    Hal Blaine fills resounding in the Gold Star reverb chamber, 
    Teenage Steve sax break and prominent tubular bell riff. Carol 
    Kaye undoubtedly played on this. It's Imperial 66081; any 
    "Liberty" stories on this, Doc? Who backed this early Sonny 
    production? Pala, it says. Anyone?
    While writing this note I am listening to TtWoS and one track 
    that always catches my ear is "My Baby Looks, but He Don't Touch"
    by Carol Connors. Carol co-wrote the song with LA-DJ Roger 
    Christian; the arrangement is by Richie Podlar (sic: really 
    Podolor?) with Marshall Lieb production credit. Castanets accent 
    the 4th beat over a quietly droning vibraphone. Magic! I love the
    little aco-Spanish guitar fills (ref: Uptown). Amazingly, the 
    first melody lines of each verse sound EXACTLY like those in 
    Brian Wilson's Don't Worry Baby, which, surprise, was co-penned 
    by Roger Christian!
    Does anyone have a Carol Connors discography? Everything I've 
    heard is just great, and much is smack dab in a Spector-less 
    Teddy Bears style.
    Finally, a big thank you to Carol Kaye for sharing your rich
    history with us and especially for answering all our questions so
    Best wishes to all for a great 1999,
    Jamie LePage 
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    Subject:     Thanks, Carol
    Sent:        12/29/98 3:13 pm
    Received:    12/29/98 7:29 pm
    From:        David Feldman,
    > Anyway, hope this answers your questions. Happy New Year to you 
    > all; you're a nice group of people
    We are pretty nice, come to think of it!
    Seriously, Carol, I can't thank you enough for these detailed 
    posts. I was ignorant about the magnitude of Motown sessions done 
    by West Coasters. And I'm thrilled that it was YOU on "Bernadette,"
    one of the most beautiful Motown records ever.
    Dave Feldman
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    Subject:     Bobby Russell/Jerry Fuller
    Sent:        12/30/98 10:42 am
    Received:    12/30/98 6:15 pm
    From:        CLAUDIA CUNNINGHAM,
    I am wondering if any of you, particularly Carol Kaye, knows 
    anything about Bobby Russell's contributions to producing music 
    and Jerry Fuller's.
    Russell was married to Vicki Lawrence at the time and produced 
    "The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia" for her in the early 
    Seventies. I know he produced for other people. Anyone know who?
    And Jerry Fuller produced many acts in the early to mid Sixties.
    He had a song out which he sang on in '64 or '65 which was a 
    ballad. It was very haunting and I can't recall the name. Does 
    anyone know?
    One question for Carol: Did you ever play on any dates with Bobby
    Goldsboro or Herb Alpert? Thanks so much. Claudia
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    Subject:     BOUNCE Non-member su
    Sent:        12/31/98 3:28 am
    Received:    12/31/98 10:38 am
    ========== Start of forwarded message ==============
    Wednesday December 30 8:52 AM ET 
    Love co-founder Bryan MacLean dead
    By Phil Gallo
    HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Bryan MacLean, a roadie for the Byrds who went
    on to co-lead the 1960s pop group Love, died Christmas Day of an
    apparent heart attack at a Los Angeles restaurant. He was 52.
    Love -- with MacLean and Arthur Lee as the key songwriters, 
    guitarists and singers -- was one of Los Angeles' most famous 
    bands on the Sunset Strip in 1960s, popular for its original 
    mixture of psychedelia and show tune sensibilities with a 
    punk-rock ethos.
    With MacLean, the band recorded three albums for Elektra Records,
    the last of which, 1967's "Forever Changes," has been critically 
    hailed as one of the most significant records in rock history. 
    MacLean wrote "Alone Again Or," one of the band's best-known 
    songs, and was often credited with bringing melodic qualities and
    professionalism to the act. He led his own Bryan MacLean Band in 
    the 1970s, which featured at times his half-sister Maria McKee, 
    who went on to lead Lone Justice before embarking on a her solo 
    career. MacLean wrote and performed Christian-oriented music 
    after leaving Love and reunited with Lee for some L.A. gigs in 
    the late '70s.
    One of MacLean's songs, ""Don't Toss Us Away," was recorded by 
    Lone Justice in the 1980s and became a top 10 country hit for 
    Patty Loveless in 1988.
    He is survived by his mother, Elizabeth McKee.
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    Subject:     Dusty Springfield
    Sent:        01/01/99 2:13 am
    Received:    01/01/99 2:37 am
    From:        IAC,
    Thought readers might be interested to hear the latest on Dusty's
    ongoing battle with breast cancer, as there seems to be all kinds 
    of rumours going around. In November, she issued a message via 
    her secretary to the subscribers of the Dusty Springfield 
    Bulletin to the effect that, although she is very ill, she is not
    at death's door. The chemotherapy has stopped the cancer from 
    spreading, but that's not to be taken to mean she is on the road 
    to recovery. Latest news appeared in today's papers (New Year's 
    Eve) announcing the Queen's New Year Honours List. Dusty is to be
    awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire) medal, and she 
    issued a message saying, "I'm deeply and genuinely honoured. This
    is the biggest surprise of my life" It's doubtful whether she'll 
    be well enough to collect the medal from Buckingham Palace in 
    person, but her secretary says if she can, she will, and the 
    award would give her added incentive to beat the disease. Here's 
    hoping she does just that.
    Ian Chapman
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    Subject:     Re: I Wonder
    Sent:        01/01/99 2:27 am
    Received:    01/01/98 24:20 am
    From:        Jamie LePage,
    In Spectropop V#0198 john rausch wrote:
    >Jimmie wrote:
    >>I was referring to the mix that has that extra "ba-RRUMP RRUMP
    >>RRUMP, ba-RRUMP RRUMP RRUMP" at the beginning of "I Wonder" by the
    >That is the stereo version.
    I double checked my Capitol Records Club original stereo pressing, 
    and indeed, the extra drum fill at the top is there too.
    How strange! Now I realize I am more used to the stereo mix(es) 
    than the mono on the non-single "Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes" 
    I still think the original stereo mixes (as on the Capitol 
    Records Club pressing) are more separated than the later PSI (and
    Marginal) pressings. After I have the chance to A/B again, I 
    will post my renewed findings...
    Still prefer the single mono mixes to both stereo mixes...
    All the best,
    Jamie LePage 
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