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Spectropop V#0196

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 12/16/98

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       Volume #0196                       December 16, 1998   
                        where the action is                   
    Subject:     Nuggets
    Sent:        12/15/98 12:51 pm
    Received:    12/16/98 12:53 am
    From:        Jamie LePage, le_pageXXXXXXXXties.com
    To:          Spectropop List, spectrXXXXXXXXties.com
    JM wrote to the Spectropop List:
    >...the new Nuggets box on Rhino... 
    >sound quality is great and unlike some recent comps on Sundazed 
    >they used the same takes as the original singles. 
    Glad you brought this up Jonah because the Nuggets box is 
    essential! I've been playing bits of this nearly every day for 
    weeks now. It's an expensive buy no doubt but when you think there
    are over 100 tracks on here and singles used to cost a buck, well, 
    it's a good investment. The mastering, production, research and 
    extensive liner notes/essays on this set are textbook examples
    of how to do a reissue. Kudos to the Spectropop list members who 
    contributed to this set.
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    Subject: Re: Dovers
    Sent: 12/15/98 12:30 pm
    Received: 12/16/98 12:53 am
    From: Alec Palao, pXXXXXXXXs.com
    To: Spectropop List, spectrXXXXXXXXties.com
    >One song in particular caught my ear: "What Am I Going To Do" by
    >the Dovers, which the liner notes say were a Santa Barbara
    >band. This beautiful track has a really ethereal blue-eyed soul
    >sound, kind of Rascals-cum-Phil Spector (strangely appropriate...
    >because Jerry Wexler's autobio points out that Phil wanted to sign
    >the Young Rascals but was outclassed), and haunting vocals. The
    >liner notes suggest the Dovers recorded more work of this kind
    >but... Where can I find it? I can't seem to find any more info
    >about this band at all. Any Santa Barbara locals out there?
    The Dovers are probably the holy grail of 1960s garage/folk rock, 
    and there's a lot of reissue bozos - myself included - that would 
    jump at the chance to legitimately release their stuff. I'm pretty
    sure that both sides of all four of their 45s have been included on
    bootleg garage comps, starting with the second volume of Pebbles in
    1980. Without exception all their recorded output is outstanding, 
    whether it be folk pop like "I Could Be Happy", "Your Love" and 
    the aforementioned "What Am I Gonna Do", British Invasion-type 
    sounds ("About Me"), freaky proto-psych punk ("The Third Eye", "
    She's Not Just Anybody") or just indescribably cool ("She's Gone").
    Lead singer/songwriter Tim Granada had an odd, quavering singing
    style and there's judicious use of 12-string on all their records, 
    along with an underlying manic energy. All I can tell you is that 
    they typically began as a surf band, recorded at Gold Star and 
    were obscure in Santa Barbara even at the time. Supposedly there's
    unissued material, but their producer has disappeared off the face 
    of the earth, and the few collectors that have tracked down 
    members of the band certainly aren't sharing any info.
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    Subject:     Fowley/Dovers
    Sent:        12/15/98 2:51 pm
    Received:    12/16/98 12:53 am
    From:        Frank Youngwerth, FXXXXXXXXom
    To:          Spectropop List, spectrXXXXXXXXties.com
    "To my very pleasant surprise, the (Nuggets) box concentrates on 
    rockin' tunes and there are only a handful of "novelty" singles 
    (like Kim Fowley's "The Trip," which is really annoying)."
    I've always preferred a (sorta) cover version, "Let's Take a Trip,"
    by an L.A. dj named Godfrey. He delivers the "rap" with more 
    gusto than Kim's fey original. And if you don't like the latter, 
    by all means steer clear of the recent Outlaw Superman comp 
    (Bacchus Archives/Dionysus), which brings together all sorts of 
    bizarre and obscure Fowley-related 60s/70s singles.
    "One song in particular caught my ear: "What Am I Going To Do" by 
    the Dovers...The liner notes suggest the Dovers recorded more work
    of this kind but... Where can I find it? "
    There were 4 Dovers singles, according to the liner notes of 
    Essential Pebbles v.1 (a double CD on AIP, dist. by Caroline), 
    which contains another seductive Dovers classic, the Byrds-ish 
    "She's Not Just Anybody." I think all the band's sides have been 
    scattered across the Pebbles series of LPs and CDs, but I've never
    seen more than 2 tracks on the same comp (that being the original 
    v.2 LP, which has "What Am I Going to Do" and "She's Gone"--
    obviously not the Hall & Oates song--wonderfully haunting as well). 
    The Nuggets booklet has way more info on them than I've seen 
    anywhere else.
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    Subject: I Wonder
    Sent: 12/16/98 12:16 am
    Received: 12/16/98 12:53 am
    From: john rausch, XXXXXXXXnet
    To: Spectropop List, spectrXXXXXXXXties.com
    To Jimmy Cresitelli:
    Which version of the Ronettes "I Wonder" are you referring to: the
    mono mix that starts cold or the stereo with the extra drum intro? 
    Also I would like to welcome Carol Kaye to our group "Hi Carol." 
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    Subject: Re: I Wonder
    Sent: 12/15/98 9:05 am
    Received: 12/16/98 12:53 am
    From: wXXXXXXXXtyenet.com
    To: Spectropop List, spectrXXXXXXXXties.com
    I remember the thrill we all got years ago when
    the Crystals' "I Wonder" hit the circuit... effectively blowing 
    all other known versions / permutations out of the water... though,
    personally, I think it's a tie with Ronnie's version; I love the
    way "I Wonder" begins on the Ronettes' LP.
    I have to disagree with you here Jimmy. I'm a big Crystals and 
    Ronettes fan, but I think the best version of "I Wonder" has to 
    be by the Butterflys on Red Bird. The majestic slow start takes my
    breath away every time. In fact, Barbara, you can correct me if 
    I'm wrong, but I've heard rumour that the Butterflys actually 
    featured Mary of the Crystals on lead vocals or backing vocals 
    along with Ellie Greenwich. The version of this song on the two cd
    set The Red Bird Story is the best one to hear. It's crystal (no 
    pun intended) clear, and positively thunderous. The Crystals 
    version ranks second by a narrow margin, and the Ronettes place 
    third. What other versions are around?
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    Subject: Re: Barry Mann, Schizo Genius
    Sent: 12/15/98 11:45 am
    Received: 12/16/98 12:53 am
    From: Mark Landwehr, msXXXXXXXXbs.com
    To: Spectropop List, SpectrXXXXXXXXties.com
    Many moons ago, Columbia issued to radio stations only an LP 
    called "Mann & Weil: Solid Gold." It contains:
    "Bless You " - Tony Orlando
    "He's Sure the Boy I Love" - Crystals
    "Hungry" - Paul Revere & the Raiders
    "I Just Can't Help Believing" - B.J. Thomas
    "I'm Gonna Be Strong" - Gene Pitney
    "Just a Little Lovin'" - Dusty Springfield
    "Kicks" - Paul Revere & the Raiders
    "Magic Town" - Vogues
    "Make Your Own Kind of Music" - Mama Cass
    "My Dad" - Paul Petersen
    "Soul and Inspiration" - Righteous Brothers
    "Uptown" - Crystals
    "Walking in the Rain" - Ronettes
    "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" - Animals
    Just looking at the wide variety of music presented, all hits, 
    boggles the mind.
    Mark (Philles Phanatic)
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    Subject: Lower the Flame
    Sent: 12/15/98 10:28 am
    Received: 12/16/98 12:53 am
    From: Doc Rock, docrXXXXXXXXcom
    To: Spectropop List, spectrXXXXXXXXties.com
    Does anyone know of a GG song, by the Shirelles I think, called 
    "Lower the Flame?"
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    Subject: Ultimate Ronettes
    Sent: 12/16/98 12:49 am
    Received: 12/16/98 12:55 am
    From: john rausch, XXXXXXXXnet
    To: Spectropop List, spectrXXXXXXXXties.com
    Marc Wielage asked:
    Tell me more about the ULTIMATE RONETTES disc. Does anybody know 
    who's selling it in the U.S.?
    Marc, Ultimate Ronettes has some but not all of the Colpix lp in 
    stereo and all the Presenting...lp in stereo, also includes their 
    other cuts in mono plus I Can Hear Music, Baby Let's Be Lovers 
    and the 3 xmas songs (mono) 29 cuts total.
    here are 2 sites I get alot of my imports from -
    Rock Classics
    They both had the "Ultimate" cd at one time. It may be out of 
    print now but good luck.
    And to Carol Kaye:
    Just saw your interview in the new issue of Discoveries magazine.
    It always amazes me how many hits you have played on! You mention 
    playing on "River Deep, Mountain High" and mention Tina 
    overdubbing her voice...there is a part in the song when she sings
    "Oh I Love You Baby....Baby....Baby and it sounds like a choir is 
    singing with her (especially prominent in stereo). Is that Tina 
    overdubbing or was there a choir there or were they the regulars 
    who always sang on all Phil`s hits? It's always been my favorite 
    part of the song.
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of SoXXXXXXXX://members.tripod.com/~rauschj/
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