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Spectropop V#0190

  • From: The Spectropop Group
  • Date: 12/03/98

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       Volume #0190                        December 3, 1998   
       Flavour that lasts and lasts through a stack of pops!  
    Subject:     Collectables label
    Sent:        12/02/98 1:01 pm
    Received:    12/03/98 7:26 am
    From:        JM,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hello.  I'm new to this list so I hope this is an appropriate topic.
    I am about to order music for a radio station where I work, from 
    the Collectables label. I know much of their catalog has dodgy 
    sound quality and oftentimes is mastered from vinyl etc.
    I'm wondering if there are particular titles to avoid, or 
    especially good ones, or if I should be wary of the entire 
    Collectables catalog.
    Here's what I was looking at, tentatively:
    	Jimmy Briscoe & the Little Beavers (CD)
    	Ebonys - Golden Philly Classics (CD)
    	Jesse Belvin - Golden Classics (CD)
    	The Exciters - Tell Him (CD)
    	Patti La Belle and the BlueBells - Golden Classics (CD)
    	Curtis Lee - Pretty Little Angel Eyes (CD)
    	The Jelly Beans and Friends (CD)
    	Orioles - For Collectors Only (3CD)
    	Sheppards - Golden Classics (CD)
    	The Best of Impact Records (Detroit) (CD)
    	Constellation of Chicago Soul (CD)
    Can anyone assess the quality of the Little Peggy March CD they 
    have? Are there any other Peggy March compilations available in 
    the US?
    Also, does anyone have a phone number/e-mail address for the Relic
    label? Are they still active?
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    Subject:     Cookies/Cinderellas, Things Are Changing
    Sent:        12/03/98 5:25 am
    Received:    12/03/98 7:26 am
    From:        IAC,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Hi John:- Yes, I agree with the comments about the Cinderellas
    "Please Don't Wake Me" - it's a killer. I've always regarded it as 
    a "sister" record to "I Never Dreamed", and of course even more so
    now that it's confirmed that Margaret Ross was the lead on both. 
    Russ Titelmann certainly knew how to write 'em, didn't he? (What a
    great CD that would be - "The Russ Titelmann 60s Songbook", 
    featuring the Cinderellas/Cookies, Margaret Mandolph, Honeybees, 
    Darlene McRea and others!)
    Wstos: I learned about the session tape through a friend who's 
    compiling the CD on which it will appear. He was given access to 
    tapes from the EMI-owned vaults, which currently includes 
    Dimension, Colpix, Roulette, Dynovoice, Jamie/Guyden and a whole 
    lot of others. Regarding the Cinderellas, no, there's no other 
    songs on the tape, just various stages/takes in the making of 
    "Baby Baby" - and quite a bit of studio chat. One take has that 
    great sax break missing. The CD is due out early in the new year -
    I'll post any relevant info as I get it.
    I know the photo you mean. There were actually several groups 
    called the Cinderellas at one time or another. One was a late 50s 
    outfit who recorded for Brunswick & Philips in '59/'60. Then there
    was the Dimension girls we all know and love. Then in '64, another 
    set emerged on Tamara, with "It's a Wonderful Night", followed in 
    '65 by a set on Mercury (these could have been the same girls as 
    the Tamara group). The Mercury Cinderellas issued "Fairy Tale"/"Mr
    Happy Love Joy" - it's nice, worth picking up if you see it. 
    Mercury gave these girls a little promotion, and it's they who are
    in the photo you're referring to - the pic appeared in an issue of 
    the teen mag "Teen Stars Yearbook" in '65. (And just to add to the
    confusion, somewhere along the line were the Cindarellas on the 
    Escapade label!)
    Scott: The Jay & the Americans version of "Things Are Changing" is
    available on their EMI Legendary Masters CD. There was one more 
    version aimed at the Hispanic community by Julio Angel & Lucetita,
    which nobody has ever managed to yet find! Although Phil Spector 
    gets credited as producer, he actually handed the project over to 
    Jerry Riopelle in the studio. It seems Jerry cut the song with the
    Blossoms, which was then the "guide" version if you like, that was 
    sent out for the other artists to overdub their own vocals.
    Digressing slightly, but fascinating nonetheless:- In the liner 
    notes to the above-mentioned Jay & the Americans CD, it emerged 
    that the original Jay (Traynor) was approached by Phil to appear 
    on the "Christmas Gift" album. His track was to be "Little Drummer
    Boy", and they actually got as far as rehearsing it. But for some 
    reason, Phil changed his mind.
    Ian Chapman
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    Subject:     Harpers Bizarre and the "Burbank" Sound
    Sent:        12/02/98 8:43 am
    Received:    12/03/98 7:26 am
    From:        Don Richardson,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    Recently Van Dyke Parks was asked to comment on his early 
    recording years, and in particular about Warner Bros. and what 
    came to be coined "the Burbank Sound." I recall a few months ago 
    that there was a discussion about this on the list.
    As far as I know, this particular piece doesn't appear anywhere 
    else in print or on the web and I asked him if I could put it on 
    his website. It is at:
    It is wryly humorous and perhaps because so it may be perceived as
    being a little self-serving, but it is a capsulated first-hand 
    account of his early Warner Bros. years in the words of the man 
    who lived it. Enjoy!
    I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to hear and visit briefly 
    with the Kingston Trio. Yes...they are still performing after 40+ 
    years with two of the three original members---Bob Shane and Nick 
    Reynolds. I wouldn't have traded the experience of hearing them 
    live, but it is time they let some younger musicians carry on the 
    name. Bob Shane spent nearly half of the concert telling jokes 
    (which I know is part of their history), but there were many vacant
    seats after intermission. Nick Reynolds' microphone and guitar were
    turned off nearly the entire performance. The youngest member, 
    George Grove, seems to be carrying the majority of the music and 
    vocal burdens. Don't get me wrong! I recognize the influence and 
    opportunities that were made for many folk and folk-rock groups in
    the early '60s as a result of the Kingston Trio. The Beach Boys' 
    Pendleton shirts emulating the Kingston Trio is a perfect example. 
    Peter, Paul, and Mary, Roger McGuinn, John Sebastion, and even 
    Bob Dylan owe some of their success to the inroads made by the 
    Trio. Most of the record companies would have probably balked at 
    giving them contracts had it not been for the "cash cow" success 
    that the Trio gave to Capitol Records. However, it might be time 
    for them to take a final bow and accept the accolades they rightly
    Would I pay to see them again? Yes, but only because of the 
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    Subject:     RE: Things Are Changing
    Sent:        12/02/98 1:12 pm
    Received:    12/03/98 7:26 am
    From:        Mark Landwehr,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    > I was even more surprised to find that not
    > only is Phil Spector listed as the producer of the track, but he
    > is also listed as the sole author! Do Brian Wilson's lawyers know
    > about this?
    Brian's lawyers can't do anything here, Scott - Phil wrote the 
    track & produced it...From what I've heard, as the backing track 
    for an unreleased Spector production (which one?), Phil gave it to
    EEOC to use on their public service announcements - Brian then 
    picked it up as a backing track (which he slightly altered) for 
    "Don't Hurt My Little Sister." Brian USED it, he didn't write it. 
    Chronologically, it was Phil's, then EEOC's, then Brian's...
    A small-hole 7" platter was produced for the Supremes version, as 
    well as the Blossoms & Jay and The Americans, and, reportedly, a 
    pic sleeve came with them. Mucho $$$ for any of these (especially 
    the Blossoms and Supremes versions).
    Mark (Philles Phanatic)
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    Subject:     supremes
    Sent:        12/02/98 1:17 pm
    Received:    12/03/98 7:26 am
    From:        john rausch,
    To:          Spectropop List,
    to Scott Bauman:
    what 2 disc  anthology of Supremes do you have? I have a 2 disc set
    called Anthology and Things Are Changing is not on mine...
    Phil Spector`s Wall Of SoXXXXXXXXp://
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